Thursday, July 28, 2011


The View from Valehaven has always survived and grown through the content provided for it by the players. There are no professional writers churning out the articles found here; it is all driven by submissions from the players. We welcome and encourage submissions by everyone and anyone. Here are a few points to remember...

-Please send all submissions in a .doc (Word) or .txt file. These can be sent as attachments to or
-Pictures will be added to each article, unless the author of the article requests we not do this for their article. If you have a specific picture in mind feel free to send it along with the submission.
-All submissions will be published as sent to us. However, if you are worried about typos, spelling and grammar errors the staff can do some editing if you request this. If you do request the staff to look over your article the edited version will be sent back to you for approval before it is published. (We may discontinue the offer to edit articles if our work load gets to be too much.)
-Our goal is to publish no more than 1 article a day. With regular features this may mean some time will pass between when your article is sent in and when it is published. If it has been some time since your article was sent in let us know and we can let you know when it is likely to be published. (In all honesty, this is not likely to be a problem until we really start to get rolling.)

-What are we looking for? Articles relevant to playing a character, event holding, artwork, poetry, stories, etc. Pretty much anything is acceptable. We do however, request that these articles are somehow related to the Realms. While a really good picture of a warrior may look cool, we prefer it to be of a Realms character (PC or NPC).

Thanks and we eagerly look forward to your submissions!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Welcome to the latest iteration of the View from Valehaven. Back in the day this was a print magazine put out in a monthly format. Its intent was to inform the community of Realm’s players as to what was going on within the community. It listed upcoming events, contained works of fiction, art and insights into the game we all play. While times have changed, including the format used to publish the View, the intent of this website is to do the same things the View from Valehaven has always done. Promote the game we all play.

This website will be run “blog-style”; i.e. there will be updates to the site during the week with new content that will hopefully be of value on some level for everyone. There will be interviews, fiction, art, and articles looking into the game we play. Our goal is to make this a place where people want to come to often and check out what the latest offering is.

This is a place is for all of us and, as such, most of the content to be found on this site will be produced by you, the players. Check out the Submissions note to find out how you can add to the content here. The View will only grow and continue with help from everyone.

We are excited to be bringing the Realms the latest version of the View and we hope this will become a place where the players of the Realms can come to for insight and information about our game.