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10 Questions - Neil "Eldritch" Kusleika

Neil "Eldritch" Kusleika 

Photo by Mike Palumbo
How long have you been playing?
Reaching back in the mists of time, I believe my first event was in the fall of ’84.

How has the game changed since you've been playing? 
Radically. When I began playing there was no ‘Realms’. There was a very loose community of people playing the game and throwing events. Fifty people was a big event. Rules changed significantly from event to event. The magic system was quite minimal: magic missile, raise dead, heal limb, with EHs putting out items, scrolls and potions to facilitate their plots. No one had armor and if you did it didn’t usually help out much as you were the only one and there was no way to fix it. No one knew the first thing about fighting or strategy.

Who have you learned the most from?
Swan. He introduced me to the game and taught me to fight before my first event and has been my truest companion through the years. However I believe that for good or ill we have something to learn from everyone.

What was your best moment IC?
The Glendale dungeon built and run by Shannon Slate and company, hands down. It was genius. Pure… evil…genius.

Photo by Mike Palumbo

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?
It’s been a long career and there have been many. Most of which I can’t discuss due to, shall we say, …contractual obligations. As an NPC/player I enjoy witnessing the use of strategy to good effect. On one such occasion I was playing a demon that the players were challenging to honorable combat…so I got to choose the terms of combat ;)  Single combat to the death/scalp, no armor, 5’ swords, in private. There was a line of able knights and fighters. It was night and I was wearing a big fearsome demon mask which reduced my vision to minimal. Just by odds one should have beaten me quickly. But I arranged the fighting area so the minimal lighting favored me, and when lay on was called I didn’t hesitate before attacking (if someone circled I was doomed). Soon I had a dozen or so scalps and knightly belts in my possession (get it? Possession?), and several accusations of ambushing my opponents, due to simple elegant strategy. It’s that sort of thing that makes me deeply happy.

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?
I would like to see a higher level of theatrical special effects to support mood and atmosphere (read: scare the bejeezus out of people). Achievable permanent character death.

What advice would you give new players?
Develop your character with quirks, but pick quirks that give you reason to interact with other players in some interesting way.

What do you love most about the game?
Scantily clad women, getting paid to kill people and take their things, hanging by the fire with old friends and making new ones.

Who would you like to see the next interview be with?
Wrath/Mike Doherty

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?

Question of the Week - 38

Has the weather ever affected your attendance at an event? Have you ever not gone to event you really wanted to attend because of bad weather (or left early)? Have you ever gone to event you didn't really care for simply because it was a nice day out?

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Omnibus Cover Artwork by Douglas "Metron" Fisher

Cover for Complete Creathorne Chronicles Edition

Cover for Main Book-View From Valehaven Edition

Cover for The Spell System-View From Valehaven Edition

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Fresh Faces - Justin "Syroc" Pluff

Justin "Syroc" Pluff

Photo by Angela Gray
How did you learn about Realms?
I first learned about Realms from my friends Kevin, and Deb Weldell (Lord Leo and Lady Lina of the Templar Eternis)

How many event have you been to?
At least 11 that I can think of off of the top of my head.

Have you ever LARP’ed before?  If so tell us about it?
I have not been in an official LARP before Realms, however I have been to a few SCA events and I have Boffed a few times before hand.
What is your character like?  Where are they from? What is their race? What is important to them?
Syroc is a kind hearted noble rogue. His methods may seem shady at times but he always holds true to his own sense of honor. He is a protecter and will go all out to save those he cares for. He has sworn an oath of the Guardians and puts his task above all else, above friend, family, nation, or god. He seeks to always do the Greatest good, not just the greater good.

What do you remember most about your first event?
My first event was TOC. I was amazed so see how many people were involved in Realms. That first event I started to make friends with some of the most amazing people I know. I also learned a valuable lesson that event.  When I first arrived I was asked to help someone unload their car. I was rewarded with some gold. What I failed to realize was just how much gold. It amounted to 150 Gold. I thought it was just a few silver and not worth much.... So naturally I spent it all on dancing girls and only realized much later just how much I gave away haha.
Photo by Deb Weldell

What things have helped to make you feel welcome in game?
The wonderful people I have met along the way. I have received great encouragement from people. I have felt very honored as a newbie to have received a significant amount of recognition from others in the realms for the amount of effort I have put into my character and the level at which I play.

What parts of the game do you find most challenging?
In my experiences I have found different aspect challenging. When I first started out I recall being frustrated at being at events with nothing but a mundane weapon and not being able to affect anything. Other things I have noticed is sometimes at events there are groups who only focus on their own people and others get left behind. I recall being at one event trying to raise a group of four or more people that everyone had left behind. I was using a 200s seed of life while I was fighting off three demons by myself. Needless to say it didn't end well. But I have also seen groups go out of their way to help others so I think there is hope. :)

Do you have any game related goals (as either a player or character)?
Currently Syroc is deep into On the Brink Plot, and seeks to do what ever it takes to stop the primordial of Light from destroying everything he has come to love. Also at some point I would like to establish a Guardians Guild.

What advice would you give other new players?
I think the best advice I can give is that if you want to be recognized and get into plot, you should take your character seriously. Obviously remember this is a game and you should have fun, but the more in character you get and the more you put forth the effort the more you will be noticed.

What have you enjoyed most about the game so far?
Honestly I'd say its the people I have met. Many of them I now call friends.

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
Realms is a wonderful opportunity to break away from the stress of the ordinary lives we all have to live. Take time and enjoy the company and the many adventures your super hero alter ego has.

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What You Missed - Feast of Creathorne 2012

Photo by Angela Earle Gray - 2012

Photo by Angela Earle Gray - 2012

Photo by Dustin Mack - 2012
Photo by Casey Lemay - 2012

Photo by Dustin Mack - 2012

Book of Moons - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Single Grain of Sand by Leanne "Faelinn" Hoffman

Greeting, Heroes of the Realms,

One fact of the times we face ahead is that ours is not the only plane threatened by Bedlam.  All intelligence from World Horizon indicates that they have lost their battle against the black tide, and the plane is in its death throes.  If we had any chance of helping them, I would have written you sooner.  Though we cannot save World Horizon, we may be able to stop it from becoming a greater threat to our own existence.

As lead agent on Project Bookwalker, I am authorized to organize a party and make one final expedition to World Horizon.  Several of our agents are currently using the Oracular Engine to try to establish a link by which we can travel, and I will contact you as soon as that link is established.  My goal is to enter World Horizon, learn what we can, and try to stop the further spread of Bedlam from that plane.

I have enclosed specifications for craft that should be able to safely navigate the black seas of World Horizon. Expect to hear from me again once our gate is ready.

Light shine upon us,

Samuel Cowperthwaite

The letter from Samuel Cowperthwaite was the topic of much debate, despite its seemingly simple statement. World Horizon was a place where some would rather forget about, and still others used as an example of so-called heroes owing the denizens of the land for past transgressions.  If the world was indeed dying, what could they do?

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Why I Want to Go- Tournaments of the Blue Rose VII

Tournaments of the Blue Rose VII: Remember the Rancor (A fundraiser for a fallen friend)
April 27, 2012 (Friday 7pm) - April 29, 2012 (Sunday 5pm)

This event has consistently been all about the tourneys. And there will a lot of them. However, there will also plenty of other things going on throughout the weekend. There will be a poker tournament on Friday night, as well as stories told around the fire. And there will be some light questing going on during the weekend. There will also be a bbq and auction for real cash with the proceeds going to the family of Jason "Rancor" Massey.

And that is the real reason why people should attend this event. Jason was a member of our community for many years and this is an opportunity to give something to his family that he left behind when he died earlier in the year. Even if you only come for an hour or two it could mean a lot. And you will have some fun.

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Question of the Week - 37

Have you ever worn your garb in public even when there wasn't an event that day or it was Halloween?

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The Grimloch Tribune

By Callahan “Syruss” Marsden

LEAD STORY – Undead Undercover Bust a Huge Success

Syruss of Grimloch recently helped T.H.U.G.S agents track down local delinquents selling their blood to succubus’s for “Adult Company”.

Years of living in Grimloch have given Syruss a good sense of how undead women dress and behave. So being the crafty guy he is, he quickly through together an outfit good enough to fool the most seasoned veteran of Grimloch. In fact Grimloch member Teddy Quill tried to stake him on two separate occasions; unfortunately for him this highly trained operative was quick to show this boy that he was Grimloch Undercover- BY BEATING HIM OVER THE HEAD REPEATEDLY SCREAMING “YOU IDIOT IF YOU BLOW MY COVER I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!!!!” in a high falsetto voice.

With T.H.U.G.S agents on the ready Syruss went right to work on a known trafficking area in Down Town Compton Grimloch.  He was there for more than 2 minutes when he was proposition by what T.H.U.G.S agents are dubbing the Compton Creeper.

Upon offering him a mere 15 minutes of sucking Blood from his thumb, the outraged and offended Syruss began to spray the assailant in the eyes with a liquid silver compound that Seer Dell developed for combating werewolves.

Syruss was beating him over the head and back with a mace dagger for 2 minutes before T.H.U.G.S agents could get there to get the man into custody. He was reported to have been screaming, “stop resisting STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING!” To which the assailant replied,  “Blaaagurgle gurgle”

The Compton Creeper is currently in a coma and Grimloch General and the doctors are not certain of his recovery.

People With Issues- What Do You Mean, I'm Not Mentally Stable

Ms. Fausat Ogunbayo, 46, filed a federal lawsuit against Grimloch's Administration for Children's Services because it took away her kids (aged 13 and 10 at the time) in 2008 for questions about Ogunbayo's mental stability. At the time she was seen dressed in a black cape trying to suck the blood from her kids through a straw.

After inspection Grimloch deemed she was not a Necromancer or Undead just mentally unstable.
The lawsuit asked for 900,000,000,000,000 (trillion in Silver) for damages both physical and mental from T.H.U.G.S agents and to prevent further harm to Lycanthrope Species of Ducks.

District Attorney Randolph had this to say. “She is crazy and will not see one silver, T.H.U.G.S agents may have different, somewhat edgy, techniques in handling these situations but it is usually always for the greater good".

Grimloch Going Green- Only Trees and Tigers Can Prevent These Forest Fires

In Northwood Grimloch, Local T.H.U.G.S Agents Sir Rohde and Sir CENSORED and Priest Syruss were following a trail of undead Lumber Jacks from recent events.  Strangely all of these Undead Seemed to have their heads crushed and their bodies mauled.

It was until further investigation that the trio realized which Woods they had traveled into.
Without warning a giant tree branch came crashing down towards Syruss. If it was not for the quick actions of Sir CENSORED and his shield Syruss would have joined the Lumberjack Liches. Sir CENSORED's Shield cracked in two and the three quickly drew arms.

The three formed up and flanked this foliage only to discover their weapons were dealing no damage. Rohde came down on a tree branch with a mighty slam and in normal fashion for Rohde his single short shattered everywhere. Syruss rolled under the slow swing of another tree next to an Undead Lumberjack, and with a quick motion grabbed the Undead’s axe and tossed it over to Rohde who was frantically dodging tree limbs.

Rohde caught the axe mid air and brought it swiftly down on the tree's trunk as he ducked under the pines mighty swing. Suddenly with a giant creak the base began to splinter. Rohde had discovered how to affect these lumbering tree menaces.

As all three T.H.U.G.S picked up axes from their fallen foes and started to make head way in repelling the terrifying trees they heard a GROWL that sent chills up their spines.

The woods Guardian, a FURocious Tiger, had made his way to the scene, dedicated to decapitating any who would harm the Trees of Northwood.

The three made a tactical retreat so that they could get back to Grimloch with the knowledge on how to combat the trees.

The trees seem to be under control of some sort of new Necromancy being called Tree-o-mancy. T.H.U.G.S agents want to bring in Bright Oakfellow for his professional opinion.

T.H.U.G.S agent Rohde had this to say, “Aside from that crazy good looking tiger I say the battle with the trees went GRRRRRRRREAT.”

Up Coming Fun for The New Adventurers- Going to Feast Of Creathorne? New to these lands? Then do we have some fun for you!!! 

Phoenix and Gavin of Folkestone is going to be running Series of tournaments for Newbies first of which is being run at Feast of Creathorne.

Each will contain activities in six categories- combat, knowledge, observation skills, scavenger hunt, puzzles/problem solving, role playing.  The specific activities for each category will be different at each event.

Adventurers Can enter one or all categories. When they enter they'll get more info on what the specifics for that day will be and can then start to prepare for the specific tournament being run.

Each contestant can score up to 100 points, which will result in prizes

In addition to standard certificates and/or prizes given by the land that the tourney is being held in, each entrant will get a report card with personalized feedback (and Gavin is giving a custom cowl as an extra prize to the winner at Feast of Creathorne!!)

At the end of the year those with the highest scores will receive special prizes at Uncle Cecil’s Yule.

Other upcoming festivals where the Newbie Grand Prix will be run include Min's Backyard Bash and Blackwood Tournaments.
Well that’s it for this edition; I am investigative reporter Syruss signing off saying “Stay Classy Realms.”

Happenings on the Emerald Path

A news and announcements section of what Realms players are doing outside of the Realms. If you know of any news feel free to let us know at

Congratulations Greg "Curley" Krauklin!! Curley, a member of Grimloch, has been living in Orlando, FL and attending the Motorcyle Mechanics Institute since 2010. He is graduating today and will be headed back to New Hampshire next week. 

Congratulations to Kevin "Kwartz" DeSousa and his wife Shauna. She gave birth to their first son, Kamron on 4/17/12. He weighed 7lb 5oz and both he and mom are doing well.  Kwartz of Folkestone, KoEF, currently lives in Colorado and was last back to visit Realms at the Oaken Guard Invitational in 2011.

Cinnabar is a Grandpa!! Kevin "Cinnabar" Betie's son Greg "Greg" who used to join his dad at events has grown up.  He and his fiance Chrissy Patterson had a daughter, Alice Faye Betie, on 4/18/12.  She weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and was 19 inches long.

Infinite Dark by Phoenix Rose

Soooo, for those who have no idea what this picture is about: Bedlam, that blackness there, is what happens when you overlap the planes of Fae, Oblivion and Hell. (So I was told.) It's a sentient plane that's seeking out the lights that left it. It only awoke when adventurers went into it to save an ally...who then became the Queen of Fae.

In game, it's always been portrayed as black tarps with purple glowsticks, so it's "inky blackness that glows an eerie purple." To me, that's not quite right. More like, the blackness has the faintest edge of purple to it, but only when masses of it are overlapping, like an outstretched shape against more darkness.

So have some hapless, nameless adventurers being scared mindless.

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Update of the List by Josh "Shandar" Learned

Hello all. The Order of the List has been happy to kick off the new season with a pair of great opening events. We look forward to continuing another amazing season leading up the Invitational. We will attempt to update those who were unable to attend certain tournaments, as well as others who may be interested. During this issue, we will give an overall view of some of the happenings at the past two events. In the future, we will try and recap key points from the tournaments that have just past.

This past weekend, at the tournaments at 'We Got Your Back', there were a total of 13 Order of the List tournaments run, so plenty of points to be had. The pace was very fast, especially in the early portion of the event, and the fights were very clean and competitive. This is the type of competition we hope to see for the rest of the season.

Big Dog 

Photo by Jay Bonci- 2012
The point’s winner for the tournaments this past weekend is someone familiar to the top 16 standings; William, Dog of Grimloch. William got off to a strong start at the Knights of the Eternal Flame tournaments last season as well, but faded and was unable to gain many points for the remainder of the season. Due to an unfortunate incident that turned him into an aspis, he was the only competitor who made the top 16 who wasn't able to compete. So, we don't really know what he would've done with the chance. Now cured of his affliction, and a newfound friendship with the dark one, he's ready to make his run at the championship. William used the tournaments at WGYB to serve notice to the other competitors. He not only won 4 tournaments, as well as placing in many others, but he was able to win the first and last tournaments of the day. This showed that not only does he have the skills to win hard fights, but the endurance to keep up with a hard day of fighting. The points he was able to gather from the tournament was enough to push him into Third seed, but only time will tell what is in store for this very young fighter. Was this a fluke hot streak or has he put the other competitors on notice?

Fight for First

Early this season there seems to be a strong battle for first brewing between Sir Guilliam and XT, both of Grimloch. XT is in a familiar position, sitting near the top of the rankings, holding 2nd place for virtually the entire season last year. He fell short of his goal at the invitational placing 5th overall. This season he's setting himself up to take it all by holding first place through the first two tournaments. Right behind him is Sir Guilliam, who was absent from the rankings for the early portion of last season but made a very strong push going into the invitational. He used that momentum to show up big in the final tournament, placing Third overall and being only 1 point out of the final 2. He seemed to continue ride it into this season with strong performances in both tournaments. They ended the KoEF Tournaments with only 9 points separating the two. Both showed up motivated this past weekend and won many fights and at the end of the tournament. They gained an equal number of points, neither able to gain any advantage over the other. This should prove to be a very entertaining fight for the top seed over the course of this season, pitting one of the great veteran fighters versus a rising talented warrior.

3 of 6

Photo by Jay Bonci - 2012
There is currently a three way tie for Sixth seed in the standings. One of them Grindin of Ashenmark made his way, barely, into the top 16 last year with a few strong performances late in the season. Unfortunately, the poor seed set him up with some very difficult fights throughout the day and he was unable to advance. With that lesson learned he's ready to position himself higher in the standings before the invitational. Tied with him is Killian of Ashenmark, who didn't attend many tournaments last season and was only able to gain 1 point for the season. This season seems different, as he was one of the more impressive competitors this past weekend. As the day went along, he seemed to perform better, gaining the majority of his points later in the day. Finally, there is a new name to the list: Sir Callin of Folkestone. Although he was only at the tournaments for the early portion of the day his impact was definitely felt. Although this may have been the first tournament he's amassed points at, Callin is no stranger to fighting and showed the other competitors that this past weekend. He only participated in a few tournaments and was able to place in 3 of them, winning one and placing second in two others. One of the second places came from a brutal round robin, which kept being reset, between Callin, Guilliam, and William, the second and third seeds. He places himself as one of the most interesting names among the current top 16. Will he actually be attempting to compete for points over the season? If he does gain enough points will he actually compete in the invitational? How well could he do if he made it? These are some of the questions we've already been hearing. He is one of the most experienced, talented and respected (maybe even feared?) fighters in history. I think everyone will be curious to see what's going to happen going forward. 

[Editor's Note: The Feast of Creathorne this Saturday will be running tournaments that will be part of the Order of the List rankings, so go and get some points! In addition, we have a link to the Order of the List website on our Realms Links (on the right) so you can easily go and check out the standings whenever you want.] 

10 Questions - Josh "Shandar" Learned

Josh "Shandar" Learned

Photo by Melissa Fitzgerald
How long have you been playing? 
I started at Feast of Min 12, in 2002, so about 10 years in a few months. I was brought in by Joe Sims/Rillan. He had been trying to get me interested and to try it out for months before I went to my first event, but I didn't like the idea and refused to try it, go to a practice or anything. He asked me to go to an event that was basically a party and pig roast (Min). I packed a few pairs or normal clothes, no tent. Wasn't at all prepared for staying a weekend at Creathorne. On the car ride up to the event he handed me the Omnibus and told me I should start reading it, I had no idea what I was doing when I got there and sat around for the majority of Saturday and just watched the fighting and tried to learn. I fought a few times later in the day and during dinner break and NPCed the nightquest. My first event as a PC was a few weeks later at QoH and I fought with team Artex against team Radstar.  

How has the game changed since you've been playing? 
This is a hard question. Because it's always easy to think back to how good the old days were, but I'm not sure how true that is. I don't think it's changed all that much, I think the people have changed more than the game. Since I spent the majority of my time in the game focused on combat I've noticed combat changes a lot more. With gear becoming lighter, face and more readily available I've seen a big upswing in combat. Getting the best weapons and a good suit of armor isn't what it used to be. Also spells are quicker and easier to learn so it makes jumping from caster to fighter not as hard. I think it's a good thing having people try their hand at fighting. I also think that with spells being easier to learn we've seen more fighters attempt to learn some spells. I think it's great seeing more people try new and different things. 

Who have you learned the most from? 
I've been very fortunate to have a lot of great people willing to help and work with me over the years. A lot of different people who've contributed in small and great ways to help me become the person/play I am.

I have to start with Joe Sims/Rillan, who originally introduced me to the game a showed me how to fight and really introduced me to everything. He showed trained me on the first weapon style I really learned well (Shield) and has been with me the entire time I've played, always willing to give me advice, tips or when I eventually passed him by, beat up on. I wouldn't be writing this without him.

For combat, Chris/Jaha, Ben/Rohde have really been there from early on (before I joined Grimloch) to now as not only in some ways rivals, but friends and teachers. We've had a great relationship that's allowed us to learn from each other while also staying extremely competitive. They've always been there to help me learn how to fight better with a group or 1-1. It was really them that pushed me to be a fighter a drive to get better when I joined Grimloch as a rogue.

Henry/Guilliam has taught me a lot in various different ways, he showed me basically everything I know about leatherworking and how to make armor. Also how to be a good teacher to newbie’s, fighter and overall an example of how to conduct myself as a Knight.  

What was your best moment IC? 
In 2006 when I won QoH Champion for team Jaha, it was 4 days after Eris was born so obviously a pretty stressful time and I was going into the event pretty sleep deprived and nervous with everything and wasn't sure how well I'd do. It was also the first time we ran a 'Grimloch' team

Tournaments of Creathorne 2010 I drove up to the event just for Sunday morning to participate in a few tournaments and mainly the War Tournament. We were in the final fight against Folkestone to win the tournament. The marshals just called lay on and we made it about 3 steps when a Hold was called and the marshals started yelling at me I had to go and told me Diana had gone into labor and I had to leave. I had to rush off the field, I remember a lot of people were confused then the word must've gotten around because everyone started cheering and banging shields and stuff. They fought the fight and after I remember people rushing over to help me take off my armor so I could go fast and carry my stuff to my car. Due to the situation it's a pretty memorable moments for me that I don't think I'll ever forget.

Two of my coolest IC moments are focused around my two greatest OOC moments, which make for great memories.

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player? 
EH: The Order of the List Invitational, everything about it. I can't think of many ways for the event to have gone better. And it's all on the players who showed up for the effort they put into the event and the year. There had been a year’s build up to the event and a lot of effort on our part and we knew we were trying to start something long term for the game, so we were all hoping the event would go well as we figured a lot of people would judge the OotL based on that event. When I talked to people about good they think the event went or read some of the reviews it’s pretty amazing.

NPC: I believe it was 'Now to 'scape the serpents tongue'. Matt had asked us a few of us to NPC, I think maybe 8ish of us in Grimloch who weren't attending as PC's. But he specifically asked us to show up later at night and wait in the parking lot for him. We did and Sean Veal met us around 10-11 at night in the lot at the Sterling site. They led us into the woods around the PC's so they wouldn't know we had shown up. They gave us 'Fury' masks explained to us we'd be playing them and the boi's when/if the PC's opened Bedlam. I was the first one the PC's encountered as they came up a bottleneck on top of a hill. They didn't realize who/what I was when the first few people engaged me. It was a very hard, crazy and fun series of fights from then until the end of the event. And the planning behind an EH wanted a second string of heavy combat NPC's to show up late so we could be fresh and rested and have an advantage over the tired PC's was a pretty great idea. I've NPCed for Matt/Bedlam pretty much since then. Also, Beyond the Hag and Hungry Goblin, All of it.

Player: Getting my A in Grimloch and being Knighted as a KoEF are probably the best.

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game? 
NPCing. I think people see NPCing as a lazy way to play when it's not there event or someone they knows event. If you’re going to go and NPC you should understand that the EH has put a lot of time and effort into their event and halfassing your roll or goofing off doesn't help them, the game or the PC's. This isn't to say you shouldn't have fun or goof off behind the scenes. But when they ask you to do something, do it the best you can and make it the best experience you can for the players. Don't get angry and fight angry, remember you’re a monster and have nothing invested in the fights outside fun. Some EH's even pay by person on site (Citadel) so when you show up to NPC they actually have to pay for you to be there. Taking a big break to eat snacks or talk about video games/movies during a heavy fight doesn't help anyone, neither does complaining because you don't like your role/stats. NPCing is helping out, so the person running it should be appreciative of whatever effort you give, but that doesn't mean it's cool to act like an ass just because you’re helping. You wouldn't want people putting that kind of effort in when you were playing or a marshal dropping people or calling whoever and not watching fights in your tournament. If you’re going to give back, have some respect for the game, players and EH's and step up your game.

What advice would you give new players? 
Learn everything you can, from anyone willing to teach you. See someone you know/think is a well known mage? Talk to them about the spell system. Then talk to someone else and see how different of a response you get. See a fighter sitting around? Go ask them to practice and teach you. Then find another one. Don't waste any time at events while you new. Spend them learning and trying to better yourself at everything. Go to local practices, if you’re not comfortable in big fights, ask people to help you 1-1, there will be plenty of people willing. There are usually people at practices willing to help with spells and casting as well. These are great places for people within the community to get together face to face and learn. Also NPC, whenever you can. You can learn from some of our best players who are NPCing and watch on the game flows from the outside by seeing the PC's at a distance. Use the OOC lists for rides/gear if needed as well, there's almost always someone willing to help.

Also, find something you think you wont like doing or enjoy (fighting, casting, singing, dancing) and do it.

What do you love most about the game? 
I can hit people with sticks? But seriously, the community. It's where I've met my best friends, had the most fun and become a better person. It's an amazing group of people unlike anything I've seen anywhere else.

Also, NPCing. I love NPCing. Well first, it's free, which is awesome. But it's a great way to practice, fight without armor, against people in armor or play with spells you may not have, it can be great from a pure selfish perspective. But also you know you’re giving something back and helping out the game be better for other people. I enjoy when I read reviews of events that I NPC'ed and hope I helped that event be a little better.

Who would you like to see the next interview be with? 
Neil Kusleika/Sir Eldritch. Neil is one of my favorite people to be around at events and someone I look to for examples as a good player and knight. And due to his time I'm sure he'll have some pretty cool answers.

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
I've been bitched and nagged at for Months about this, so I guess I'll come clean here. If anyone didn't already get it, my QoH champions bardic this past year was written by Diana with help of themes and ideas from me. She's been mad that I haven't told everyone she wrote it since then. But anyone who's read or heard any of her other bardic's should've been able to figure out I didn't write anything so cool, she wrote it. But honestly,she's also one of the most creative, inspired and motivated people when it comes to the realms that I've ever met. And has for many years put her goals and idea's in the back seat so I can practice and go and win tournaments, championships, start orders and earn a very cool knighting. Without her sacrificing her time and goals for me I wouldn't be able to have done all the things I have over the years. She deserves way more credit that I give her and owe all of my great accolades and accomplishments to her.
(No, she didn't write this, and won’t know it's written until it's been posted on here)

What You Missed- We've Got Your Back

Jay Bonci- 2012

Jay Bonci- 2012

Jay Bonci- 2012

Angela Earle Gray- 2012
Event Holder, Diana "Kiira" LaPierre with the many backpacks collected. In addition, the event raised $250 for youth. To learn more about this fundraiser visit them on facebook

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I Want to Go- The Price of Knowledge

The Price of Knowledge: A Quest to Find the Measure of a Man
April 22, 2012 (Sunday 10am) - April 22, 2012 (Sunday 4pm)

An event for heroes. Heroes are needed to save a small kingdom from a situation that is making everyone act like zombies. Heroes fighting undead, how can you go wrong with that?! Sounds like a good time. As of the writing of this post there were still a few spots left on this capped event, so check to make sure there is still a spot left if you are planning to PC. If it is full, you can still go and NPC as the event holder has asked for a lot more NPCs. [Edit: The event is indeed full of PCs, but there is always room for NPCs!]

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why I Want to Go- Feast of Creathorne 2012

Feast of Creathorne: Back Again (but Liz is not in Creathorne)
April 21, 2012 (Saturday 11am) - April 21, 2012 (Saturday 9pm)

The Feast of Creathorne has long had a reputation for providing good food and an entertaining time, so it is good to see this event back on the schedule for the year. As in the past, this one looks like there will plenty of non-combat games to play and participate in, along with a large amount of combat tourneys to sign up for. In fact, the Order of the List will be here tracking the appropriate tourney results. The food will be run buffet style so there is sure to be plenty of it and likely enough of a selection to satisfy everyone. In addition, there will be some merchants selling their wares on site, so if you are missing some gear you can pick some up here (some only for real world cash). If it sounds like there will be a lot going on, its because there will be!

All of the profits from the event will be going to the Daniel Webster Council Sea Scouts for their trip to the International Sea Scout Cup in California this year. The event site is a Scout Camp and if you have never been here before it is actually a very nice place, especially the hall wherein the feast is taking place. It is a very nice site that we have not used in some time, so it will be a treat for the newer players. One last item of note: there will be a dessert contest so come with your best tasty treat.