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Fresh Face- Sawyer Judkins/Jericho

Photo by Angela Gray
1.How did you learn about Realms? 
I learned about Realms when I was a student in high school. For a brief stint there were practices in Suffied, CT. I was mainly brought to it by Mike Doherty, and at the time, a few other friends attended practices as well.

 2.How many events have you been to? 
 At this point I have been to nineteen.

 3. Have you ever LARP’ed before? If so tell us about it?
The most I had done was a couple low-key nights of Vampire the Masquerade. It wasn’t one of the big events that they do, but just a small group of five of us. It was fun, but something that wasn’t too appealing to me.

 4. What is your character like? Where are they from? What is their race? What is important to them?
 Jericho is a pretty laid back person. He tried his hand at spell casting, but has found being a fighter to be a bit more fun at the moment. He strives to make sure his nation members have fun, and are enjoying themselves. Jericho isn’t quite sure where he came from. Anytime he tries to think back too far, things start to get a little fuzzy. The only clear thing is that it was very cold. Jericho is a human. The most important thing to him are his nation members. He is proud of how far they have come in such a short time.

5. What do you remember most about your first event? 
My first event was The Event Which Must Not be Named II. I was actually an NPC for it. The most memorable part of it was during the night quest on Saturday night. We were acromantulas, and waiting at the bottom of a hill in the dark. We waited for the PC’s to get within ten to fifteen feet of us before announcing our presence. We did this by making the spider eyes on our heads glow red. So the players suddenly saw seven or eight sets of spiders eyes light up in front of them. The surprise in their reactions was awesome.

6.What things have helped to make you feel welcome in game? 
 The biggest things that have made me feel welcome to this game is the community as a whole. Almost everyone I interact with has made sure to introduce themselves to me, and to make sure I can show up to an event, and always know someone there.

7.What parts of the game do you find most challenging?
Photo by Angela Gray
 I think the most challenging this so far for me is getting caught up on the Realms history. With so many things that happened in the past that shape the game, it isn’t a surprise. When I first started, Bedlam was a huge threat, and now that I am an active player a few years later, it doesn’t seem to be an issue any more.

8. Do you have any game related goals (as either a player or character)?
 My own goal is to make sure that this game lasts for a long time. I really do have an amazing time at events, so I want to make sure others new players have as amazing an experience that I did. IC, Jericho wants to be a knight. Since I also bring so many new players to the game, he also wants to be able to make new players to the game feel welcome, and be a familiar face to them.

9. What advice would you give other new players?
The best advice that I could give is to get involved. Whether that is being on the front lines thrusting away with a pike, or bringing the dead back to life. No matter how many times you die, you will learn something every-time. Another thing would be to remember that it is a game. While tensions may run high at times, we are all there to have fun.

10. What have you enjoyed most about the game so far?

So far I think I have enjoyed how different all the events can be. One weekend I can be fighting against some zombie horde, another weekend I could be stuffing my face in the tavern as course after course comes out. And yet another weekend I could be proving myself on the tourney field.

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Question of the Week and Responses

Question of the Week #6

Hello again everyone to this week's question and a display of what was answered last week. We're excited to share with you what everyone had to say. Especially Slade who, as usual, was very enthusiastic about answering many, many, many times. Thank you for all of that great participation, Slade!

The question answered below was: What is your character hoping to find under the Yule Tree this year?


Duke Syruss O'Leary
LTD whiskey, A key to this Giant Blue Box, a new magnifying glass for my detective agency and maybe some new pogs oooo and Whiskey did I mention whiskey?

Sir Blacky of Neden
LTD Whiskey so Syruss will stop drinking my good stuff everytime he breaks into my room. That and a new guitar I love the way the Neden halls sound when I shred.


Dith Gemstar

I need new murder gloves for punching things. A new Neden Tabard not soaked in blood. LTD Whiskey because I am sure our leadership uses it to heat the castle that or they have god like livers, either way keeps them from my bourbon.

The Staff of Power

Cabby petitioner of Neden
Really all I need is Nymbous to give me some time off, that or higher a second Guber Driver.... But I guess I new kart would be nice, or another horse so I can go twice as fast. Though a horse under the tree might make a mess.....I guess just a bottle of LTD and some O'Leary Cider to mix with it.

The Spider

Lord Sir Nymbous O'Leary

Slade (again)

Are there multiple days of yule? Id like gold winnings every night

Slade (yet again)
A new back

Tao Ya Kang
A fully formed shield.

Cronin the Barbarian
Something sharp and deadly. Or adorable. He’s a weird guy.


Jericho Axelthorne
Cool looking weapons

Fire or bacon

A golden acorn

Slade (Once more,  in case we missed the last one)
Duke Syruss O’Leary


Sir Therian
A good bottle of whiskey.  maybe someone to drink it with.  However if they are under the tree, they are probably tied up, and I am not into that, so...

Elric of Rathkeale
A singing skull


Thank you once again, everyone, for your participation. The question for this next week is, again, seasonally appropriate. Please don't forget to answer right away... and maybe multiple times... depending on who you are...

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An Amateur’s Guide to Healing like a Pro 3

An Amateur’s Guide to Healing like a Pro: Part III

By Gerry Chartier

[Editor's Note: to catch up on previous portions of this series, click here for Part I and here for Part II]


It may surprise people to see the Necromancer path equated with the Healer path, but both paths do a fundamentally similar thing – the restore nonfunctional characters to functionality.  One may think the main utility would be turning enemies into minions, but in our system NPCs are a resource too valuable to eventholders to allow some PC to turn them into zombie flunkies, so Necromancy is better used keeping PCs going, and it can be very good for that.  Again, not all the spells in the path are relevant to our topic, but a surprising amount are, so we’ll discuss those.

2nd Circle: Animate Limb

Animate Limb is the necromantic version of Heal Limb, but it only works on undead, and it has limited (though relatively numerous) castings, though it does reanimate all an undead’s limbs rather than just one.  Generally speaking, Heal Limb is better, and unless I’m missing something works on undead anyway, but you can’t buy down for Heal Limb with this slot.

3rd Circle: Animate Lesser Undead

Animate Lesser Undead is basically a more limited version of Raise Dead, with a side of compulsion thrown in.  It’s better than being dead, but a lesser undead can’t use armor or cast spells, so it doesn’t restore a character to full functionality, but castings do become handy as they interact with other Necromancer spells.  It’s also worth noting that the Animate spells don’t have weapon sensitivity the way Raise Dead does.

5th Circle: Animate Undead

Animate Undead is Necromancer’s version of Combat Raise Dead.  It’s not as fast to rattle off, but the subject of the spell can use all their abilities – thus, fighters can use armor, and casters can use spells.  They just have to obey the Necromancer when animated.

6th Circle: Animate Undead General

Animate Undead General is Necromancer’s version of Circle of Healing – it’s a source of unlimited lesser undead animation.  However, unlike a circle of healing, an undead general can move around, fight/cast spells, and generally do everything a PC can do.  Plus, the Necromancer is fobbing off the animating duty to his undead general, rather than having to do the work himself.  Finally, the Necromancer can revive their undead general to full undead general functionality with an Animate Lesser Undead spell.

The main downside is that an undead general can only have three lesser undead going at a time.  Also, as lesser undead can’t use armor or cast spells, the caster doesn’t get full-functionality minions, but having minions that can be reanimated unlimited times has vast utility.  Fighters provide a better return on the investment than casters, but the MC for the lesser undead can be transferred, so if casters are all that’s available, they’ll do till more useful fighters can be obtained.

7th Circle: Embrace Death

Like Power Potion, Embrace Death isn’t strictly speaking a “healing” spell, but it does have relevance due to its interaction with other Necromancer spells.  An Animate Undead or Animate Lesser Undead spell with revive a character enchanted by Embrace Death to full functionality.  An Undead General can cast Animate Lesser Undead an unlimited number of times, an Undead General, in addition to being able to keep three lesser undead functioning indefinitely, can also heal an Embrace Death-enchanted character an unlimited number of times.  In return, the Necromancer can revive their undead general as many times as the Necromancer can cast Animate Lesser Undead, which for a 2-path Necromancer can be quite a lot of times.

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Arc Sphere Distortions

Arc Sphere Distortions

by Steven "Therian" Matulewicz
The monsters, having no cartoonist to "talk to", decide to make one themselves.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the View Staff!!!

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Bardic Circle: Yule Poem

by Renee "Mouse" Booke

Winter’s come to claim the land,
With icy breath and frosted hand.
Our crops are gone, our fields are cold,
No birds are singing in the wold.
Drained of light, our flowers die,
Hid by snowflakes from the sky.
But the noble song of Yule has come,
To lift our spirits from the glum.

Great Paeter Yule reminds us all,
The golden sun has yet to fall.
His words of hope do Spring inspire,
Whilst we gather by the fire.
Warmed with love, and friendship true,
We celebrate and sip our brew.
Worry not of fights and foes,
It is outside the harsh wind blows.

The wheel will turn, things will go on,
Winter to spring, cygnet to swan.
Recall the person you once were,
As you breathe in incense made of myrrh.
Reflect on conflict deep inside,
Get swept up in the changing tide.
From death comes life, woven as one,
Tis from many colors our world’s spun.

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Question of the Week and Responses

Question of the Week #5

Welcome back, everyone, to see the answers to last week's question. We certainly received some interesting responses and surprisingly enough all of them were family-friendly enough to publish.

One personal request from the editors. Slade, you're only allowed to answer the question once no matter how many compelling things you have to say!

Please check out everyone's responses (especially all of Slade's) below then make sure to answer this week's appropriately themed question as well.

The questions was: What is the most interesting thing in your character's home?

My pink and purple onsie.  It’s soooooooo cozy.

Duke Syruss O'Leary
Living in the Neden castle you see plenty of weird stuff... But I would say the contents of Lord Nymbous's private vault are pretty wacky. He showcases just a select few at the feast inside his personal Museum, but there are some really out of the realm stuff in there.

A small time dragon

Slade (again, apparently?)
A set of antique china left to me by my dear departed grandmother. How I miss Nanna.

Cronin the Barbarian
An assortment of musical instruments from the distant lands Cronin has visited/conquered. Also a strange doll that looks eerily like Cronin...

Jericho Axelthorne
How fuzzy everything is when he tries to think of it

Vaguely threatening notes from the risen kingdom I picked up in a cave once

Probably the set of demonic looking horns I won at a Neden carnival; they make for a really nice conversation piece.

Nhadala of Grimloch 
There are a lot of unexplored tunnels, caves, and caverns in my home. People laugh when I say I live in a Salt Mine, but it’s really quite beautiful, and a strange twist of reality that there are so many kinds of salt in one place... In fact, that’s a little strange now that I think about it... 

Sir Therian
The home itself.  It is a series of house sized metal spheres mostly subterranean.  To the unfamiliar approaching the home, it would look like a clearing with some gentle rolling hills..  The interior of the spheres are created with a series of stairways and levels, held together with both living trees, lumber and mortar.  The upper levels have a kitchen, tannery and even a garden.  The mid levels are sleeping chambers, and the lower levels have an ice cellar, a waste removal room and some practice areas.

It's a toss up between the Armor of Borst, an Orb of Power, or the Positive Energy stone that I never used after beating Zermarx.

A lock of Lord Dark's hair

Slade (yet again I guess?)
My old love letters... well, letter. Okay one post-it-note from an ex girlfriend. 

Elric of Rathkeale 
A couple of skeletons in the closet, and his still beating heart.

This mysterious life-sized clown statue I don't remember buying

Tao Ya Kang
My wife. 


Iawen Penn
A black & purple field favor, with a black rowan branch across it, three different spell components that all claim to work in Shadow/Armont Magic, letters from various folks that have since gone underground, and, of course the Lending Library.  If you're asking "worth stealing", though, it's the tea. 

And now the eagerly awaited next question of the week! Remember, if you're going to troll Slade by answering for him make sure you submit an answer for yourself too, we want to know what you have to say!

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Gifts from Uncle Cecil's 2017

"This was my first year attending Uncle Cecil’s Crazy Tavern, and I had such a lovely time! Seeing my close friends and reuniting with old adventuring buddies is always a blast. I didn’t sign up for the gift swap because I didn’t want to get too overwhelmed with this new event experience, but I did receive a few gifts from some beautiful people! Firstly, Mouse gifted me a box with delicious homemade sweets. It included cookies, fudge, fruit leather, candies, red velvet cheesecake, and my favorite, peppermint bark! It must have taken forever to make all of those decadent treats, and it was so incredibly kind. (I don’t have a photo of the treats but they were amazing!) Secondly, I received a gift from Zoh'ken. We struck up a conversation about our spell paths, then he asked me if I like moons and trees. I said yes, I do and he presented me with a small treasure box containing some pretty jewelry! There was a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. It was a lovely surprise!

Finally, my dear friend Bj√∂rn (or as I call him, Bear-yorn) presented me with a gorgeous leather belt favor, engraved with the name Blackthorn. He explained that this is the name that the stars and the Great Spirit Bear have gifted me. That Blackthorn is a beautiful and rare plant found in the northern forests that he called home. The petals are typically brewed into a tea that is said to sooth weary minds, but its roots can be distilled into a sickeningly sweet poison. And that his interpretation of my name is that I have so much room for love in my heart, but I cannot truly open up until I resolve the tragedies from my past. This gift is especially meaningful to me. You see, when I was forced to flee from my homeland, I left my surname behind for my protection. Now I have a beautiful name to call myself, and the thoughtfulness that went into this gorgeous present made me tear up. Oh, and I heard that a powerful dracolich at Rathkeale Labs is responsible for the laser engraving! I am very lucky to have such lovely and thoughtful friends, and I am looking forward to next year’s Cecil’s!"
–Evitta Blackthorn (Sarah Fournier)

Photo courtesy of Sarah Fournier
Photo courtesy of Sarah Fournier

"I received many gifts at UCCT and love every one of them, but there are 3 gifts that I think deserve special mention. One of them was from Tyler John Chase in the Yule gift swap where he delivered on my "if anything was possible" answer by getting me a bear head piece. Hygar (Derek Booke) really surprised me in the Voraniss group gifting we did on Friday after the IC ritual. Where he hand crafted many gifts for everyone. The two gifts I received from him really surprised me and were tailored to my character. An amazing white fur mantle with blue and black cape that helped keep me warm during the questing in the snow and a great looking wood-burned staff that he handmade. As someone new to realms the generosity really blew me away, and not just from those I directly received gifts from. I'm very happy to have met so many great people at the event."
- Justin Mitchell (Artair)

Photo courtesy of Justin Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Justin Mitchell

Photo courtesy of Justin Mitchell


"I received the most incredible gift. This gift represents who I am represents those that are closest to me and who I see as family. This was gifted to me by John Berrini, who took my absurd gift idea and made it happen EXACTLY as I asked."
-Matt Butler (Mathies)

Photo courtesy of Matt Butler


"Here ya go, Yule 2017: Fighter's Cloak WITH POCKETS (Yule Swap gift from Mayumi), new Leather Medallion (from Karmha Creations), and a Draw-String Shirt w/Vest (Gilded Lion via Pater Yule!), all Iawen heraldry colors!  <3 p="">

Photo courtesy of Janna Oakfellow-Pushee

It's WASHABLE, with a HOOD!

A new leather medallion to replace the one the Faeries had!

Player 4 approves of Mama's new Gilded Lion outfit (whomever made it, thank you! It's *great* to have something that can be flexible to my shape!). <3 td="">

If anyone would like to get their own stuff like it:  Mayumi is in Teng Hua, played by Kimberly Coffey; Karmha's Creations is run by Casey LeMay; The Gilded Lion is owned by Rhiassa."
- Janna "Iawen" Oakfellow Pushee


"Voraniss is filled with hungry people that happen to have a sweet tooth, so naturally we begged Father Yule to bring us a chocolate cake. We were not disappointed. Not only did we get our cake, but it was adorned with yummy cookie snowflakes as well. Beautiful and delicious! It was so moist that it melted right in the mouth and was devoured by all of us quicker than we'd like to admit. Now our regular diet of meat everything just isn't going to cut it. Thank you, Father Yule!"
- Renee "Mouse" Booke

Photo courtesy of Renee Booke

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thoughts on Speed pt 1

I love the speed of our combat. I love having a good volley with another fighter, where we are both moving faster than either can truly speak, and even think in words, and yet, we are some how able to communicate to each other, enough, that our moves are predictable. We can make blocks, and ripostes. Again and again. It really is my drug.

Sometimes, however, I hear people saying that our combat is too fast. Personally, I don't like that. If I had my way, we would all push forward until we reached the eventuality, of two blurring balls of light smashing into each other repeatedly in some inexplicable clash. And while I understand that is certainly some sci-fi dreaming, like I said, it's my drug, so cut me some slack. So rather than slowing down, and rather than expecting everyone to reach for the light (speed ), I thought it might be a good idea to share my thoughts on speed, and see if I can't help some other folks break any plateaus they think they may have reached.

The break down:

Now, most people think of speed as just this sort of physical thing. Some people are fast, and some people never will be. This idea frustrates me, and probably spurns me forward because I remember when I first picked up a boffer, my friend thought I was slow. And I was. But speed is more than just raw muscle and twitch reflexes. That is certainly an element, but there is a thought element, and an efficiency element as well.

The goal of this miniseries is to break down the elements of speed, so that you will have a different perspective on what to think about, and what to look for when trying to up your speed game. This week, I’m looking at physical speed.

Physical Speed:

This is the speed that we all think of. It's first that comes to mind when watching someone with a good snap to their shots. The unfortunate truth to this is that there is a certain fitness element to this, lighter, stronger, younger people tend to be faster. If you want to up your physical speed it's going to take some work.

Cardio- is an excellent start, whether it's running on a treadmill, jogging through the park, bicycling around town, if you can work it into your life, it's going to help your fighting game in the long run.

Suicides- I hate them. I hate them a lot. For a moment I thought suicide prevention hotlines were for this exercise. The truth is, it's worth it. Olympic fencer's work this exercise specifically into their routine because the rapid change of direction is very important in their sport. It is in our's too. I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to move in, and then decided to back up on the fly because I realized the advantage changed in a hair second. Being able to shift your body weight back and forth rapidly is essential, and this exercise will help you do it.

Over Training- Over Training is when you increase the difficulty beyond the reasonable norm during practice, in order to make the reasonable norm seem easier than it would normally. Probably the most recognizable example of this is in baseball. Have you ever seen a batter throw a weight on the end of a bat for a few practice swings before stepping into the box? That's over training.

How does over training translate into our game? Some people over train by using PVC weapons at practice, and switching to a lighter weapon for actual combat. Conceptually this is an excellent example, for me however, I would actually recommend against doing it this way.

Here's why; because our weapons are not standard, the balance between them shifts, and while we can intuit these changes, and compensate for them naturally there is a certain learning curve to that intuition. I find it better to over train using the weapon you intend to use in combat, and I do that by adding weight to my wrists instead of the weapons itself. This had the same effect of being an excellent work out, and also, if you find the right wrist weights, you can adjust them as you go, and increase the weight with practice.

There is a second type of over training that baseball player's use. In order to adjust their perception, and reflexes to the high speed of pitchers, they will actually set pitching machines to pitch at a speed beyond human capability. While I'm sorry to say that I don't have a fancy robot machine that can pitch f slashes at me faster than human ability, I do think I have come up with a reasonable alternative. I do this by combining two of my favorite drills from practice, aggression training, and 2 on 1 fights. For those of you not in the know, aggression training is when you, and a buddy spar for a set amount of time ( my favorite time right now is 2 minutes ) call all of your shots, but take none of them. Traditionally, this drill is to increase the confidence of new players, and to help them get used to calling their shots, by allowing them to continue to fight after they've been hit. It also happens to be an excellent work out. Even in a 1 on 1 scenario, you get the sweat pouring after 2 minutes of this drill. Now throw in a 3
person. Encourage the 2 side
to use traditional tactics of 45ing the 1 side, and likewise, encourage the 1 not to dot the I. Why? With two people constantly throwing shots at you for a two minute duration, you will allow your mind to sort of recalibrate to that rate of shots coming in.  In short, you get used to it. It's over training. Rather than having a fancy robot machine throwing shots faster than a human is able, I doubled the frequency by adding a second person. It's not perfect, but if you do it often enough, you will find the slower rate of shots coming in from a single opponent is just easier to handle.

The other side of physical speed, outside of human ability is equipment. Lighter gear is just faster, period. Lighter armor will let you fight longer without suffering from fatigue, and also allow you to move faster on your feet than heavier armor. Lighter weapons make for faster swings.

Can I say any more? Yes, yes I can.

Weapons- Having the lightest weapon on the field isn't always an option. Actually, while I aim to make light weapons personally, I also try to assume that my opponent's weapon is lighter, and that they have the edge.  But what other components go into a weapon's speed beyond just the weight?

Balance- Now if we've ever spoken about fighting, or weapon making I've probably talked about the balance of a weapon. With most weapons we make in the realms the balance point is just off the center of the weapon, it's the point where you can set a weapon on the edge of your finger, and keep it balanced there on it's own. On a PVC weapon, because the pipe is relatively uniform throughout, the balance will be shifted slightly towards the blade. On a bamboo weapon, where the narrow side of the bamboo is used for the blade, it may be shifted slightly towards the grip. Why should you care? The balance point is essentially the fulcrum to the lever that is the blade. The closer that point is to your hand, the easier it is to lift the blade. You can gain speed on a weapon by shifting the balance point toward the hand. While I would never condone doing something to make a weapon unsafe, understanding what decorations you use, and how they affect the weapon, and the type of stick you're using is something I recommend when you're looking to improve your speed game. Bell guards, hilts, different grips, all have an affect on the weight and balance of the weapon, which have an impact on your speed.
While socks are lighter than duct tape, a sock needs to be tight, otherwise it creates a certain amount of drag. The foam should also be tight to the stick for the same reason, when the foam is loose, it rattles on the stick as you swing it, which also slows a swing down. And maybe I'm super opinionated, or trying too hard, but I swear having a cap on the bottom of my weapon makes a solid difference in swing speed as well.

How about armor? Or garb? Lighter armor and garb will equate to faster motions and less fatigue. But mobility is also a factor, I know for me, certain types of shirts bunch up in the shoulders of my chain mail and restrict my movement, as well as just being uncomfortable. If you're playing the speed game, try out your armor and garb combinations in advance, and be aware of how they interact. Don't let yourself get caught in a swing you can't do because your motion is restricted unexpectedly. Another factor is considering traction, I know I personally need good traction when fighting, otherwise I go slip sliding all over and end up looking like a fool. As I already said, rapidly switching direction is important, and a key to that is good traction.
Are there other factors that go into physical speed, in our combat system? Certainly. Keep an eye out because I'll have future articles that work on such things, and go into drills that will have an impact on your physical speed, beyond the ones listed above. This is an overview, and is meant to get the gears turning, and lay some ground work for that future where, hopefully, we're all blurs of light crashing into each other in heated combat.

But until then, I look forward to seeing you on the field,

Monday, December 18, 2017

Arc Sphere Distortions

Arc Sphere Distortions
by Steven "Therian" Matulewicz

Friday, December 15, 2017

Question of the Week and Responses

Question of the Week, Week #4

Hello all! Below you will find the plethora of responses we got to last week's question! You're all clearly fans of our woodland friends and want to show it through your effusive descriptions of why they're meaningful to you! After reading these responses be sure to answer our next question, below!

The question answered here was "What type of animal is most meaningful to your character and why?"

The Falcon, it is a symbol of my early years adventuring in the game and long lasting friendships that transcend nations and knighthoods.

The Fox, Kyara has a dagger to my back send help

Kyara Silverfang
Foxes because, well, yes?

Tao Ya Kang
None, they are all pretty tasty

Duke Syruss O'Leary
I have a fondness for bunnies....BECAUSE I HAVE A SOUL

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin
A bear, well they hibernate in the winter,  I like to sleep when i can.  They like to eat, I like good food. When they are angered, they destroy stuff, I like to destroy stuff... And when relaxed they can be very warm even if it is just their hide that is left over... I like being warm. I  also like their strength and courage and their capability of healing wounds fast :)

The Whale! It's my familiar and it was my first word

Jericho Axelthorne
I would have to say a fox, as that is represented by his heraldry

Ponies.  They're so cute!

Snake dogs (Snogs). Because.

Snakes are special to me because they are the symbol of the people of Zimeya, an awesome group of people who helped guide me when i first came to the Realms

The Skrunk. But also, manatees? The Skrunkatee.

It's a close call between snakes and lions, being a Rhiassan who worships snake gods (and has several pet snakes).

All animals are the best but turtles have a special place in my heart unlike snakes which we all know are terrible.

Cronin the Barbarian
The Bull. Cronin can be stubborn and untrusting of new situations. He is rarely idle between combat encounters and can often be seen pacing back and forth like a bull. He also often decorates his armor and clothing with bull symbols as they are a sacred totem of his people and a boon to warriors and cattle farmers. A constant reminder of the raging bull within all common folk if pressed too hard by their leaders.

Anonymous Tutrtleguy
If it's an animal, then it's a turtle.  A turtle carries everything they need to live on their back, and home is wherever they are.  They also have natural shielding... 

Stag. When we created Acteon as a group we decided on the Stag. It was part of one of our Ooc family heraldries, and it was kind of cool. Over the years it's just become intrinsic. The mythologies within Acteon, the graphic potential of the antlers, just everything. 

Drax Creed
Canis Vulpes (Fox) because they are the mascot of my nation and its patron god of which I'm priest

Minotaur, because it's what I made my coat out of.

Looks like we're getting a little personal with this next question! Please answer it right away!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

10 More Questions - Nataliya Kostenko

10 More Questions with Nataliya "Shader" Kostenko

Selfie by Nataliya Kostenko

1) What achievement either in or out of character are you most proud of?

I’m really proud of Snake Cult/Zimeya and how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished (Queen of Hearts team, two events, lots of fun and friendship, etc.). I really like the group because even though we’re all in other nations and have tons of other responsibilities, our Zimeyan friendship transcends the rivalries and drama of some of the rest of the game and our priority is always having fun. I look to that idea, feeling, and friend group whenever I’m bogged down with other stressors and responsibilities. I think it’s important to remember every once in awhile that fun is a top priority too. 

2) Are you a fighter or a caster? Have you always been? How did you choose?

Fighter! Always. I decided in my youth (and by that I mean when I was in the Oaken Guard) to try to be the best fighter, and I’m not even like a fraction of the way there, so gotta keep fighting. 

3) Have you ever owned an artifact, memento, or magic item that has meant a lot to you, and why?

Nope. Maybe one day I’ll own something cool, but for now all my character owns are a tabard, a belt, and a mug (though those are pretty cool, I guess). 

4) What group of people do you spend the most time with and why?

I spend a lot of time with Ashenmark and a lot of time with Zimeya and the most time trying to smush them together as best I can. 

5) Who is your best friend in character and why?

My best friend is Moriah (Masha) but since she’s not around anymore I’ve replaced her (kinda weakly) with some combo of Kite, Temorse, Asharn, and Eldritch. 

Photo by Jesse Gifford
6) What event or moment had the greatest impact on you as a player?

Hard to pick, lots of good ones. I still remember my first Black and White so well, but there’s also the two champion tournaments I’ve done at Queen of Hearts--those always motivate me to train more and try harder. Another huge impact one would be becoming Huntress First Lieutenant--I’m still trying really hard to live up to that.

7) What event or moment had the greatest impact on your character?

Definitely joining Ashenmark, it has impacted the majority of my decisions afterwards in a big way.

8 ) What is your most embarrassing moment, either IC or OOC?

I mean, every time I talked to or in front of a pretty lady, but really I don’t feel embarrassment anymore--if I did I’d have to be immobilized by it all the time cuz I do so much embarrassing stuff. 

Painting by Alexa Lecko

9) What is the best piece of advice you'd give to other players?

Laugh off whatever you’re mad or sad or stressed about and try your best to remember that you’re here to do a fun thing with a bunch of people you (hopefully) like. Also drink water and bring warmer clothes with you.

10 ) What is the most important thing you've learned through the game?

To improvise and go off-plan when necessary and that your friends will have your back when you most need them.

BONUS QUESTION #1: Who would you like to see the next interview be with?

Kwido or Twenaria I guess if they haven’t done one already.

BONUS QUESTION #2: Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print

I've never had so many friends!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Funny Cecil's Photos

Photo by Megan Matulewicz
Party as hard as you want, he will sleep through it.  No really.

Photo by Megan Matulewicz
"I am worried about you, Tristan."
"Have you ever wondered what would happen if we didn't stick to the ground?"

Photo by Michael Zajac
I do believe that's a tree on his head....

Photo by Angie Gray
 I give you.....Hat-inar!

Photo by Angie Gray
This guy doesn't stand a chance..... 

Photo by Angie Gray
In the immortal words of Socrates, "I ate what?"

Photo by Jesse Gifford
Pretty sure there was bacon on that hook....

Photo by Jesse Gifford
 Battle of...wills?

Photo by Jesse Gifford
                                                                "Oh.  He's back, isn't he?"

Photo by Jesse Gifford
"While their attention is diverted, I can activate my plan."

Photo by Jesse Gifford
And now we know why Gwen slept so well.

Photo by Jesse Gifford
Pure majesty

Photo by Jesse Gifford
"They wouldn't let me sleep in the play house.  Jerks."

Photo by Jesse Gifford
"A lot of touching moments"

Photo by Jesse Gifford

"Cecil, basking in the admiration of the party-goers"

What You Missed: A Very Merry Yule at Cecil's Crazy Uncle's Tavern 2 (photos)

A selection of photos picked by different View Staff members to highlight what you missed at Cecil's this year! The snow added to the winter holiday feel, and though it was a deterrent to some, those who made it to site still managed to have an awesome time!

Photo by Catie Crumb

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Jesse Gifford

Photo by Melissa Fitzgerald 

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Angie Gray
Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Jesse Gifford