Friday, January 29, 2016

Happenings on the Emerald Path

Derek "Dystar" Eddy of Mayerling married Noreen Hughes (a non-realmsie) on January 2, 2016, at St. Thomas the Apostle in Bloomfield, NJ. We send congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!

 After a while of looking from temporary job to temporary job, gaining experience, volunteering, and bulking up the résumé, the temp agency that Gabriella "Gunny" Leon has been working under was able to procure her a concrete position at a regional office doing clerical work. Congratulations on the new job!
Photo by Jesse Gifford

 Janna "Iawen" Oakfellow-Pushee is proud to announce that she has completed a writing course at Mount Wachusett Community College.  Congratulations and kudos!
Photo by Dustin Mack

Earlier this month Angela "Phoenix" Gray testified before the Vermont State Senate in support of the pending earned paid time off bill. If you are interested in learning more about why she supports this piece of legislation, which would mandate businesses with more than 4 employees providing 40 hours of paid time off, you can read one of the previously published pieces she's written: here and here

Jason Gray is transitioning back to doing massage full time. He will be working out of BBetter, Inc a personal training gym in Brattleboro VT. You can like his Facebook page to get useful tips and information about massage -

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Order of the List 2016 Update by Tucker "Temorse" Noyes

We would like to thank everyone who participated or hosted tournaments for the 2015 season, it was a great year with some excellent competition. We would like to thank Creathorne for hosting the 5th Order of the List Invitational, as well as congratulate Justin “William” Burchell on his win this year and induction into the order.

 Additionally the Order of the List would like to formally announce our annual update for the 2016 season. There will no changes to the structure of how participants interact with events. We will continue to limit the total number of sanctioned tournaments per year, however this restriction will not be based on just the nation or group throwing it. Event-holders looking to run Order of the List sanctioned tournaments will now need to fill out the attached form in order for their event to be approved to award points for the Order of the List. We will make considerations primarily on the size and purview of the tournament being run, as well as the history of quality of the tournament and event holders. We will also consider diversity of the groups throwing tournaments, but it will no longer be a primary factor in that decision. 

We look forward to another great season ahead of us, and we hope that all of our competitors this year are ready to step up to the challenge and train hard in hopes of taking home the coveted title of 2016 Order of the List Champion!

The form can be found here.

2015 Top 16

2015 Top 16

2015 Winner: William (R); Runner-up: Guilliam (L)

 Photos by Ben Hamilton

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Feast of Leviathan Art Contest Submissions

2015 Theme: Unrequited Love 

(in honor of Sir Gwen and Sir Nighthawk)

"Severus Snape and the Doe" by Charwindle of Mayerling

"There is a story of adventurers fighting an unstoppable beast. The duck-billed centi-crab. The adventurers fought and fought, making no progress against the beast. Finally, one attuned with nature cast upon it, and it was revealed that the duck-billed centi-crab  only wanted hugs. So the nature-attuned hero stepped forward and hugged the beast. It was a mighty hug. The beast was appeased, the realms was saved."


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bardic Circle: Jean-Baptiste's Winning Bardic from Feast of Leviathan 18

"Baby Wars"

The realms was peaceful for a time
 The home of Tuilli, finest speaker of the nine
 He was famous as a bastard and he wore that title well 
A hit with the kids and the denizens of hell 
Now Neden was a questing town, loaded up with loot 
And robbing it would be quite the bastard thing to do 
Syruss found a letter, Neden will host a event next fortnight 
And it’s called the Baby Fights 

 So register early and don’t forget to prepay 
Or you may miss the most gruesome event yet to date, 
Tulli the bastard’s coming, the man will never quit 
And he’s after Neden’s shi…stuff! 

Now Neden’s well defended, but Tuilli had a trick 
You see he’s well respected by all those under six 
And though they have few spells, they are all awfully cute 
And beneath those sparkling eyes is a cold hearted brute 
So they came in droves, but the guards just let them pass 
A few seconds later those guards just breathed their last 
Tuilli knew he had a chance, he already knew he’d win 
'Cause what monster kills a kid? 

 So register early and don’t forget to prepay 
Or you may miss the most gruesome event yet to date, 
Tuilli the bastard’s coming, the man will never quit 
And he’s after Neden’s shi…stuff! 

Well the event was supposed to begin at dawn so it started at 12 of course. 
All the questers were silent, not sure what was in store 
They yelled “Tuilli come on out, beat us if you can.”
 And that was when the rattling sounds and the crying all began 
An army of toddlers soon swarmed, 20 strong and 3 feet high
 Each of them had armor, and murder in their eyes. 
They had the players surrounded, there was doubt on every face 
But oh well, they already paid! 

So sorceries to the front and let those javelins fly
When has ethics ever stopped us from having a good time?
Tulli ran away, so the armies disorganized
and you’re gonna win this fight

That's right!

[Guitar solo]

Now wipe the blood of your tabards and drink to forget
You just murdered a child, are you proud of yourself yet
Baptise will be busy, veal’s on the menu tonight
And you won the Baby Fights!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

10 Questions with Steve " Torolf/Red" Nelson

10 Questions with Steve “Torolf / Red” Nelson

How long have you been playing?

My first event was the Queen of Hearts in 2010, and I went with my
oldest kid. At the time, I had been going to the Methuen fight
practice with both my children for a while. But we were completely
blown away by that QOH. The funny thing is that I initially started
going to the Methuen practice and some events mostly as an activity to
do with my kids. But somehow over time, it grew into a thing that I
did, and one or both of the kids sometimes come with me.

How has the game changed since you've been playing?

Probably the most visible change since I began is in the construction
of weapons and its effect on combat. When I first started bamboo was
an experimental material and not allowed by all event holders yet. The
real reason that I adopted it back then was not for the speed and a
fighting advantage that most people consider. I started using bamboo
to lighten weapons so that my kids would be able to participate more
fully. At the time, they were roughly 9 and 11 years old, and the
weight of the PVC weapons made it very hard for them. I think that
this is the real benefit to the game of lighter materials for things
like weapons, shields and armor.

The Order of the List was also founded around the time that I joined
the game. I feel like it has served to drive more focus on excellence
in fighting. I know that personally it has given me more tangible
goals to strive towards from year to year. It’s also gotten me to some
more events, particularly in the last few years.

Who have you learned the most from?

I’d have to say without a doubt that I’ve learned the most in Realms
from Steve Johnson. In fact, I wouldn’t have even found out about
Realms if he hadn’t put out fliers at a local pizza place for the
Methuen practice that he ran years ago. So it was from him that I
first learned to fight and make weapons and everything else that goes
along with being a newbie. Then over the last handful of years I’ve
helped Steve and Dave Hayden start and run the Riverhawk group. From
both of these pillars of the Realms, I’ve learned a lot about
mentoring and giving back to the community. Their viewpoint of
building this group while empowering the Riverhawks to run it
themselves rather than run it for them I think is profound. I’m also
frequently amazed by how active Dave is in the community and honestly
don’t know how he does it. I’ve fought under Dave’s generalship a
number of times now and am beginning to understand the dynamics of
field leadership and tactics as well.

What was your best moment IC?

In general, I love the large scale war maneuver kinds of events. Big
field or bridge battles with lots of people and castle battles really
get my blood flowing. Also, any event that one of my children go with
me is still a real highpoint. Like the night quest at that first QOH
with my oldest kid stands out in my memory. But one moment from the
past year that I especially enjoyed was at the Tournament of
Creathorne. For the war of nations, Swoop entered the Riverhawks to
compete despite being the only Riverhawk on the field at the time. The
sheer brass of that impressed me, so I offered to join him and put on
a tabard for the first time in my Realms career. Clearly it was not
about winning but about standing boldly against whatever storm may
come. Two fighters potentially facing an army on the field. That was
epic, and there were some great pictures taken of it too!

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?

I haven’t held any events, or even NPC’d yet. Although NPCing is on my
short list of things to do in the near future. But there have been a
lot of really great moments acting as one of the mentors of the
Riverhawks. It’s been a real pleasure seeing them grow as a nation and
branching out into the larger community as individuals. They’ve come a
long way from where they started, which was just us old guys sparring
on the UMass Lowell quad trying to suck in anyone who showed an
interest. We weren’t even sure back then that security would let us
stay, but we always tried to be friendly with them, and they never
chased us off. Then the Riverhawks reached a core size and membership
to go through all of the processes with the school to attain
recognition as a club that got them things like a budget and indoor
practice space.

But one of my proudest moments in Realms was at the last feast of
Leviathan seeing the Riverhawk Clan receive the 2014 View award for
Best up and Coming Group as well as multiple individual awards.
Achieving such recognition by the Realms community was a real big
milestone for the Riverhawks. This year at the feast of Eagle’s Rook,
I got pretty choked up when they recognized Dave, Steve, and I for our
efforts over the years. The bacon cupcakes were awesome, and I wear
that belt favor into battle with pride.

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?

I would like to see more plot lines like Bedlam that cross over
events. While I can see how hard it is to make something like that
happen, I find that very immersive. Currently, I like the Norlund plot
a lot and would like to see it seep into some other events. And not
just because it’s a Norse plot, but the idea of a bleeding over of
problems from another realm is an interesting notion.

What advice would you give new players?

Just ask! Whether it’s: How do you keep hitting me in the head? How
did you make that? Or what’s a good build for a particular path. In my
experience folks in the Realms are always happy to explain what and
how they do what they do. And fighters love fighting, so don’t be
afraid to ask someone to spar with you even if they’re a lot more
experienced. And if you’re going to fight wear kneepads! You may be
surprised to learn that knees don’t last forever.

What do you love most about the game?

It’s probably no surprise to hear that I love the combat. As I said
before, I really like the big war maneuver kinds of scenarios. But for
me, it’s not about winning and losing, because let’s face it most of
us get killed a lot. I love to challenge and push myself to do better.
And maybe I tend to favor the war events and tourneys because I’m
surer that the person I’m facing is actually trying to win. When you
fight an NPC, while this is often the case it’s hard to be certain.
I’d much rather lose a great fight than win an easy fight. In fact,
some of my favorite moments in combat were fights that I lost but felt
like I did well against a much more experienced opponent. It’s also
the reason I enjoy the North-South wars so much even though the
outcome is usually the same. There are always some fantastic

Who would you like to see the next interviews be with? Please list three people.

Pi Fisher, Ben Pepper, Adam Landry

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?

As a parent of kids who have been active in Realms, some years more
than others, I’d like to remark on how the community has interacted
with them. When they were fighters they were treated like any other
fighter, when they were casters they were treated like casters. While
they may have occasionally struggled for a position in the action it
never seemed like more than any other newbie might encounter while
trying to find their role or voice. When they had questions, people
were always very generous in taking the time to explain or give
advice. Particularly about the spell stuff that I couldn’t help them
with at all. And the couple times that one of them sustained minor
injuries people were quick to step out of character and help out or
voice concern. This speaks very well for this community, and I’d like
to thank you all for that.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What You Missed: Feast of Leviathan 18 (photos)

 [Editor's Note: pictures marked with (*) by View Staff; pictures marked with (#) by Jesse Gifford]

Two fancy hats at the High Table*

The hall is bustling #

Hard at work under Gwen's watchful eye*

Someone's job was to make sure these didn't burn*

Gwen really wants Nighthawk to marry her...he eventually agreed#

One of Nighthawk's gifts...not that he needs anything in writing to think he's right*

Sir Shean tries his luck at Castle Siege while Rawlin photo-bombs*

The national cakeolis are filled*

The giant Risk board gets some action*

Gau Dring's Big Game Hunt#

Course the Second: three types of pizza with marinara and ranch dipping sauce*

Course the Fourth: Cheesy Garlic pull-apart bread and zesty jalapeno pasta Alfredo*

Sir Jinx is belted as a KoEF#

This was a solid punch#

View Awards are presented by the awesome and totally rad View Staff#

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why You Should Want to go to the Player's Meeting (and What It's Like)

By Angela "Phoenix" Gray

[Editor's note: originally published on Tuesday, February 3, 2015. Reprinted due to pertinence of topic]

One of the things that makes Realms unique is that we don’t have "a" person in control of the system. Instead, everyone has the opportunity to shape and influence the future of the game. While the final decision-making power is held by the Event Holder’s Council (EHC), initial decisions made at the Player’s Meeting limit what options event-holders will be able to vote on for the upcoming year. So the Player's Meeting votes do matter.

In addition, participating in the process at the Player’s Meeting helps people learn about game design and balance, as well as what works and what doesn't in terms of proposals and submissions. So if you have an interest in submitting proposals or plan to someday participate in the EHC, I highly recommend you make it to a Player’s Meeting to learn about the process and how people think.

The meeting starts with nominations for the Player’s Representative. The nominations are made at the beginning that so all of the candidates can take notes throughout the meeting. This is important, as the Player's Representative attends and votes at the EHC and is responsible for sharing discussion points and feedback from the Player’s Meeting with the event-holders. The Player's Representative can also, during the course of proposal discussion at the EHC, accept amendments suggested by event-holders to proposals submitted by players.

From there we move to general conversation about how the game is going - what people enjoy and what issues/problems are thought to exist. While there are some items that can be fixed by rule changes, there are also many that can (and have been) impacted by individual or national initiatives (like improving garb, encouraging NPC'ing, increasing the value of currency, etc). We include this broader type of conversation as part of the meeting in hopes that it will lead both to a shared recognition of areas where the game can be improved, as well as to future proposals or initiatives that can help do so.

After that discussion comes the proposal discussion and voting. Proposals that were submitted prior to meeting are discussed and voted on first, followed by all proposals submitted the day of the meeting. After these, all of the proposals that are already slated to go to the EHC are discussed so that the Player’s Representative can understand the Player’s perspective on those and share it with the EHC.

The final step is the candidates for Player’s Representative being questioned and then voted on.

Oh, and did I mention that we all get to snack on potluck food throughout the day, and that we have a huge number of AMAZING cooks in our community? So get planning on what you are going to bring, read through the proposals, and come prepared!

Summary of Player's Meeting Proposals by Mikey "Janus" Donnelly

Players Meeting Proposals

The players meeting is coming up this Saturday, so it might be in your best interest to know what proposals have already been submitted.  I'll try to impartially cover these as well as I can. (note, I am only covering what is in the players meeting section as of the time of writing, which is Tuesday)

Fighter's Stance by James Murphy
The goal of this proposal seems to be to give fighters a small perk, similar to ID creature, but distinct from it.  It allows a fighter to call "fighter's stance" and if an EH/MM is nearby, they are able to find out information about the creature.

Change Dragging by Josh Fitzgerald
The goal of this proposal also seems to be to give fighters a small perk, but this time by adding an additional requirement for casters when dragging.  The simple summary of this proposal is that dragging a body for a caster takes two hands, but for a fighter, it only takes one hand.

Change How Potions Work by Josh Fitzgerald

This is a small series of changes to Alchemist to slightly narrow the props and slightly restrict how they are used.  While I suggest reading this one, it has two category of potions, being potions and scrolls.  Potions have to be applied, consumed, or dumped on the ground with one hand while touching the target to be effected with the other hand.  Scrolls have to be ripped with two hands, and the user must touch the target immediately afterwards.

Clean-Up Undead Caveat by Danny Lykansion
This is a change to move most undead related things into the caveat.  Due to this, there are a few changes though, including heal limb not working on any undead.  I highly recomend reading this one on your own, as a quick summary won't help and there are some subtle changes I may have missed.

Remove Item Mechanic by Pi Fisher
I'll just use his rationale for this: "Some fighters already take a few chain links and connect their armor into one piece. I've seen support casters carry around chains to do this because it's a mundane way to gain the benefit of a spell that almost nobody learns.  Also, chainmail onesies.  While it looks like this is making a few spells better which seems like an upgrade for casters, it's actually a way to up-power fighters, because now your  bracers and grieves will be fixed more often than never."

Verbal Component: Clarify written or not by Christopher Donnelly (author of article)

This is a proposal to clarify if Verbal Components need to be written out or not.  It has both options.  If they do need to be written out, this will allow multiple verbals to be written down (to allow for flavor)

4 Paths of Magic by Andrew Disbrow

This allows a caster to learn 4 paths of magic in exchange for being unable to wield weapons.

Add New Path: Witch by Danny Lykansion
This adds an entire new path of spells to the game.
Witch 2-Resonance allows for regaining 2nd circle spells and lower at the cost of scalping blows.
Witch 3- Empathic Heal Limb is a 3 word heal limb that takes the casters limb in it's place.  It only works on others (effectively)
Witch 4- Sacrificial Warding - 3 uses, 10 word chant that while chanting and touching another player, that player has one call of "protection".
Witch 5- Curse allows cursing an object with a wide variety of curses upon a dead body.  Curses also bestow a small benefits on the player effected by the spell.  It can end by the caster ending it, scalping the target, scalping the caster, or disenchanting the target.
Witch 6- Circle of Life and death - This allows a circle to be cast that works similar to group healing, but also works on create lesser undead.  In addition, all dead bodies in the circle can be scalped at the same time.
Witch 7- Coven - This links three players, one of whom is the caster, so they are all under protect the soul, if one is scalped, the others are scalped, and if they get too far away from each other, they also end up scalped.  The spells call the soul, raise dead, combat raise dead and potion of raise dead  effect all of them, and any one of them can declare themselves dead to raise another as per a ranged combat raise dead.
Also, commune with spirit is available at 3rd circle, and create poison is available at 6th.

Add New Pool Spell: Flashback by Danny Lykansion
This spell allows the caster to rean the use of a spell that just failed, and must be immediately cast.  For example, if the caster enfeebled a creature which called no effect, or a raise dead failed due to weapons, they would gain the use of the spell back if they cast this immediately.

Blacksmith 6 new spell: Enchant Bracers by Pi Fisher
This is a spell that gives a token to one player, such that when any of their armor is repaired, all of their armor on their arms and legs are fully repaired as well.

Blacksmith 6 new spell: Master Fixer by Pi Fisher
For each learning of this, the caster chooses one benefit from a list of benefits that modify their other spells.  These are increasing uses of repair armor by 5, increasing used of repair item by 2, and mystic forge can be moved once if you spend 60 seconds to do so each time you cast it.

Blacksmith 6 remove spell: Reforge by Pi Fisher
This would move the spell reforge into Masterwork Hammer.

Clarify whether Aura of Protection can be cast on others or not by Christopher Hamblett
This has the goal of clarifying if Aura of Protection can be cast on others or not, and changes the wording appropriately for each.

Clarify whether holding a MM prop always counts as wielding it by Christopher Hamblett
This clarifies whether or not magic missiles that aren't planned on being thrown can be held in the other hand, as there is confusion on this issue.

Elemental Bolt/Elemental Missile both by Josh Fitzgerald
I'm listing these as one, because they are very similar, but are two different proposals.  The gist is that rather than "Lightning bolt" or "Magic Missile" you can choose an element you use when you first learn the spell, changing the call to "fire missile" or whatever element you had chosen..  Otherwise the spells act the same.  The list of elements you can choose is "Fire, Ice, Earth, Lightning and Magic".

Embrace Death Requirements by Josh Fitzgerald

This requires Embrace death to look different than the character normally does and have that description in their spellbook.  Part B places a limit on the number of regens embrace death can use by losing 5 scalping blows each time that reset with a spell reset or at morning.  These parts aren't an either/or proposal, and both can go through.

Implement: Add option to cast regeneration without being 10' from weapons by Chrstopher Hamblett

This adds a three point option to implement for regeneration to not hae to be cast with weapons 10 feet away.

Last Words Abjurer 2 by James Murphy
This is a spell that would be added as a second circle abjurer spell that allows the caster to say 5 words when they die, at any volume they wish.  They may choose to activate this upon their death and must speak within 5 seconds of being killed if they activate it.

Moving Aura of Protection to 4th by Josh Fitzgerald
This will move aura of protection to 4th circle, and lower enfeeble being and disenchant each one circle to fill the space.

Remove Most Sashes, and Possible Disenchant Change By Christopher Donnelly (Author)

This would remove sashes from the spells Protection from Boulder, Purity to Disease, Purity to Poison, and Resist Death.  It also adds the disenchant caveat that states spells on the caster are disenchanted to prevent a bunch of the spells from being unable to be ended.  Part B would cause disenchant to only target one effect.

Seed of Life change by Josh Fitzgerald
This turns seed of life into an amplifier for healing rather than unlimited healing itself.  Raise dead will give the 7 uses at 120 seconds, while combat raise dead will give 4 uses at 60 seconds.  Otherwise, the spell works more or less as it does now (chanting has you count by 2s rather than taking half the time.)

Spell Failure by Christopher Donnelly

This is a change to put the Spell Failure caveat where spells can fail, rather than in spells that can cause other spells to fail.

Direct promotion of proposals should be the day before by Christopher Donnelly
This changes the deadline for signing off on proposals from one week before to the day before.

Disenchant by Christopher Donnelly

This removes vague wording that implies all potions are disenchanted no matter what you disenchant.

Disrupt Suspends the Spell, not ends it by Christopher Donnelly
This clarifies disrupt suspends spells, not just ends them.

Remove redundant Protection from Missile Kneel option from Implement by Christopher Hamblett
This removes an implement choice nobody will use, as it's now part of the main spell.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Special Thank-You from the Silent Scribbler

2015 View From Valehaven Awards


Best View Article:
Runner up: "If It Were Easy" by Aaron Metzger
Winner: "On Squireship and Knighthood" by Jason Rosa

Best View Series:
Runner up: Ask Syruss
Winner: An Atypical View

Best View Poem/fiction:
Runner up: "The Charge of Mestoph’s Appetite" (Alex Newbold)
Winner: "Dinosaurs of Saurabia" (Michael Zajac)

Best View Photo:
Runner Up: "Gau Dring Big Game Hunt" by Dustin Mack
Winner: "Rhiassa Advances" by Robyn Nielsen

Best Craftsperson:
Runner up: Jana Greene
Winner: Carol Eddy

Best Photographer:
Runner up: Matt Norris
Winner: Jesse Gifford

Best Artist:
Runner up: Carol Eddy
Winner: Maryanne Betie

Best Bard:
Runner up: Effa
Winner: Swoop

Best Service/Kitchen staff:
Runner up: Elyse Covello
Winner: Jeremy Grayson

Best Dish (tie for 2nd):
Runners up: Breadbowls (Feast of Leviathan)
Buffalo Mac n Cheese (Ashenbounty)
Winner: Apple Bacon Pizza (Feast of Blackwood)

Best Food at a Non-Feast Event: 
Runner upBlack and White
Winner: A Very Merry Yule at Crazy Uncle Cecils Tavern 2

Best Feast:
Runner up: Feast of Highbridge
Winner: Feast of Leviathan

Best Feast-o-crat:
Runner up: Kelly Bonci
Winner: Lani Grayson


Best Special Effects:  
Runner up: Feast of Blackwood
Winner: The Event Which Must Not Be Named

Best Props and Costumes:  
Runner up: Good Old Fashioned Enterpenurial Recovery
Winner: The Event Which Must Not Be Named

Best Group to NPC:  
Runner up: Invictus
Winner: Ashenmark
Best Grunt NPC (tie for 2nd):  
Runners up: Jason Rosa, Illiana Golden
Winner: Mike Doherty

Best Dressed:  
Runner up: Carol Eddy
Winner: Kelly Bonci

Best Roleplaying of a Single NPC:  
Runner up: Jason Rosa “Fred the Octopus”
Winner: JB as “Amaden”

Best Roleplaying of Magic by Spellcaster:  
Runner up: Josh Fitzgerald/ Lako
Winner: Conrad Barnes/ Garharz

Best Roleplaying by a PC:  
Runner up: Conrad Barnes/ Garharz
Winner: The Spider/Tom Gallagher

Best Plot:   
Runner up: Echos of Ragnarok
Winner: Hell Plot (Folkestone)


Best Nightquest: Runner up: The Event Which Must Not Be Named Winner: Folkestone Questing ‘A Dash of the Quill’  
Best One-Day: Runner up: Good Old Fashioned Entrepreneurial Recovery Winner: North/South  
Best Weekend Event: Runner up: The Event Which Must Not Be Named Winner: Folkestone Questing ‘A Dash of the Quill’  
Best Tournament Event: Runner up: Order of the List Invitational 5 Winner: Queen of Hearts 2

Best Quest:  
Runner up: Good Old Fashioned Entrepreneurial Recovery
Winner: Folkestone Questing ‘A Dash of the Quill’


Up and Coming Group:  
Runner up: Invictus
Winner: Gau Dring

Best Trainer:  
Runner up: Henry Giasson
Winner: Josh Learned

Best Combat Marshall:  
Runner up: Josh Learned
Winner: Jeremy Grayson

Best Magic Marshal:  
Runner up: Matt Butler
Winner: Jason Grey

Best Newbie:  
Runner up: Rae Nistler/ Artoria
Winner: Ethan Goldman/ Jean Baptise

Best Mentor:
Runner up: Jeremy Grayson
Winner: Angela Earle Gray

Most Dependable Person to Help EH:
Runner up: Pat Bobell
Winner: Jeremy Grayson

Best Role Model:  
Runner up: Jason Gray
Winner: Jeremy Grayson

Greatest Contributor to the Realms:
Runner up: Jeremy Grayson
Winner: Jason Rosa