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Happy New Year

We at the View from Valehaven would like to wish all of our loyal readers a joyous and successful 2020 (1020?). Thank you for your patronage and engagement throughout this past year. Have a happy New Year and we'll see you with a new post on Thursday!

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Meme Mondays

by the Meme Team

Friday, December 27, 2019

Spirit of Steel: Glamdring

With Jason "Aeston" Rosa

It was a long time ago in, literally, a land far away when my first and most treasured magic weapon came into my possession. Glamdring, the Foe-Hammer. The story of how it was presented to me is one of my most cherished memories, but like many things that happened in the distant past I can’t dismiss the possibility that my telling of it will be colored by my perceptions and the passage of time.

It was my first time in Middle Earth, a land that had been adventured to by the heroes of the Realms for many years. In those years for which I was not present there are many and varied accounts of what had occurred and I would not be so presumptuous to try to explain the totality of that history. My impression at the time, however, was that the evil lord Sauron had all but completely wiped out the heroic armies that opposed him and that some of the most powerful adventurers of the Realms had decided to join him.

For those of you who are not as aged as myself, this might be hard to understand, but it really is the crux of this tale. In those days, magic items were incredibly rare and valuable to the point that they often caused conflict. The lord Sauron had convinced several adventures to turn to his side by presenting them with the gift of a very powerful items. Rings that granted their wearers armor, and sometimes powers even greater than that. The bearers of these rings were often called Wraiths. They caused you to have to be servile to Sauron in the deal but, again, items were rare so it was a forgone conclusion that acquiring one was always worth the cost.

There were, of course, adventurers who had never given in to Sauron’s temptation and chief among them were Baba and Ranger, largely my inspirations for traveling to Middle Earth myself to aid the cause of Good. There were many other heroes that were caught in between the two sides. And the conflict and muddled loyalties and friends standing opposed to one another had caused years of hurt feelings and an effective stalemate in many respects.

And so into that situation I arrived along with some of my fellow Chimeronians who had agreed to take up this quest together. Bright, Rel, and Theus. I’m not sure I knew exactly what to expect when I teleported into those lands but there was no way I would have predicted what actually transpired. Almost immediately after arriving, I was set upon by several Wraiths and, struck dead, was teleported to the throne room of Sauron.

There Sauron spoke directly into my deceased mind, keeping my spirit awake and bound. He offered me the same choice he had offered to so many other heroes before me. A magic ring in exchange for servitude. I remember very clearly how shocked he was by my immediate refusal. In punishment for my unwillingness to capitulate, he declared that I was to remain dead and in his possession for all time. Several times afterward he reattempted his temptations, through different tacks and different deals, none of which were the least bit appealing. So it was my fate to lie dead and defeated while my compatriots did all they could throughout the day to win a losing battle and also somehow find their way to rescue me. In the end, however, they did not need to.

As evening set upon the land and little hope remained, all of a sudden my spirit was surrounded by the brightest and warmest light I had ever experienced. My body was restored to life and I had found myself, teleported and made whole, to the side of my friends. There before my kneeling form was an elf. Beautiful beyond my ability to describe, powerful beyond my ability to comprehend. When she spoke her words were pure like the very white light that had enveloped the both of us and I understood that fate had deemed there a purpose to everything I had endured that day.

Her name was Galadriel, and in her outstretched arms she held a sword, glowing blue with white ruins. She told me it was named Glamdring, the Foe-Hammer and that it was my duty to wield it in defense of Middle Earth and its people. With that gesture and that gift I resolved to spend the following years fulfilling my given task. I was a young adventurer and I hadn’t truly found my way in the world yet, but with Glamdring in hand I learned how to lead and army, I came to understand the joy and the heartbreak that follows you along on every quest you undertake, I learned the prices that you have to pay to live the life of a hero. And though we were eventually and overwhelmingly successful in ridding Middle Earth of the scourge of lord Sauron, it was not without cost.

Glamdring, however, was my faithful companion all those years and afterward. To this day, in fact. It’s long been disconnected from the lands of Middle Earth, no longer accessible to us through normal means, and it’s power has faded. Nonetheless there is no other sword that I would rather carry and it will remain at my side for the rest of my career.

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What You Missed- A Very Merry Yule at Uncle Cecil's Crazy Tavern 3

by Adrian "Cronin" Cronin

A fire crackles in the night, cold in the woods, the howls of wolves and chants of Druids echoing through the surrounding hills. Tis the eve of the solstice, and Voranians gather in the lands of Chimeron to make offerings to their gods for protection from the winter and all of its challenges.

Our customary ritual complete, we made our way to shelter to exchange gifts and revelry in keeping with the spirit of the weekend. When no more laughs could be had nor tales to be shared we rested our heads knowing of course… nothing could go wrong on Yule.

I rose quite late on Saturday but suited up for battle nonetheless as is my way. Upon arrival, there were large toys spread out through the field and adorable elves who needed our help to save Yule spirit.

After battling the beeping toys, I was asked to defuse a bomb. Knowing not what a bomb was, nor how to defuse I relied on bravery and trust to see me through and a bit of Yule magic of course…

 I woke up smelling like tinsel and barbecue, how peculiar and was informed that though valiant my effort was… I went boom.

With the robot toys defeated and the Yule spirit meter still so low, my confidence in saving yule began to diminish. Tales of an enthusiastic “kool-aid man” smashing through walls and a song or two got me right back into the spirit… until of course, the goblins came.

Immediately remembering all Kindrianna had taught me about Yuletide spirit, I began to sing to the well-armed goblins to try and warm their hearts. They seemed less hostile and even decided to tell us about their problems. Brothers fighting over weapons, another who just wanted a friend and all of which needed jobs. We managed to get them to wrap up presents and repair the damaged workshop - all the while singing and laughing in true Yuletide fashion.

The big boss Goblin Grumpo-Grungus was embraced in an insane hug all while singing at the top of our lungs and we saw the yule spirit meter rise to the top! Our mission was done. Time for snacks.

We returned to the tavern to tell nonsensical tales of robots and goblins and share in comforts of this grand party. The first toast was splendid with many adventurers from across the land sharing in the warm magic of the season.

Many drinks were shared, toasts and boasts were made, a bit of old toby was even welcomed in Chimeron for the first time. The night was electric, with gifts exchanged in secrecy, an appearance from the legendary father yule and a friendly dagger bear pit that I in no way started… 

There were arguments over dinosaurs, long walks in the cold, hugs, hugs and so many hugs.
In my foggy mind, I think I remember a wedding too? Anything can happen at Yule.

What you missed was merriment, community and a wild time. You missed an epic occasion with so many fine people. You missed toasting with Barbarians, gambling with pirates, smoking with nobles and commoners alike. You missed a fine night, and if you are reading this… I hope to see you there next year.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Happy Holidays from all of us here at the View

Wishing our Realms community a safe and happy holiday!

See you on Thursday!

- The View Staff

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Meme Mondays

by the Meme Team

Friday, December 20, 2019

What You Missed-Nedengiving 4

Photos by Michael Zajac

Nedengiving 4 was another smash hit! The community was able to raise over 600 cans for veterans in need while sharing in laughter, love, and of course, delicious food. We reached out to the people to see what their favorite part of the event was in this special edition of What You Missed!

“I always love ending out the year in my beautiful homeland of Neden, being thankful with all my Nedenonian brethren.  Company, booze, auctions and entertainment all just feel better in the Green Apple,  and this year I was so fortunate as to be a greeter to the revellers as they came to set qualms aside and bask in the glory of the season with their favorite chaotic bunch.  The booming carnival, charity auctions and food auctions all added up to make the experience feel even better, because who doesn’t love a good time that also helps those in need.  Ultimately, there’s no better way to celebrate unity and thankfulness than with the Neden Boys, and next year I hope everyone is enjoying that unity from within the Meat Ball.  Love and seasons greetings”


“I enjoyed the camaraderie and the auction.  DaniDanger enjoyed the dessert contest and the carnival games.”

-Sir Iawen

“So the first thing that came to mind for my favorite thing at Nedensgiving was Gumbo's Gumbo. It's a rare occasion when the soup course is the best dish, and the rest of the food was really tasty, too. But man, that was some great gumbo. 

The prizes were pretty epic as well. Cal and Co. continue to knock it out of the park with their crafting efforts. And there was a lot of prizes, too.”
-Sir Osa

“My favorite part of Nedensgiving is always getting to see the new prizes and props that are made for the event. Such high quality props are rarely seen elsewhere. Also seeing and helping collect cans for the veterans is a great feeling.”
-Sir Avendar

And...the award winning limerick by Madam Zarine!

This Madam came here to talk 
About all of the things I can mock 
I'll give you a lashin'
About your poor fashion 
But I'll never be a peacock

Thursday, December 19, 2019

What You Missed at Tournaments of Artemis

By: Kersten "Ypnn" Prince

(*) Pictures taken by the author
(#) Pictures taken by Aaron "Laird Sir Magus Rel Zhirah" Metzger

As a starting note, I am amongst the newest adventurers of the Realms, with Tournaments of Artemis being my second event. Bear in mind I am still learning a lot about the verbal and written language, however this is written as accurately as I can manage!

Upon arriving in my carriage with my team members for the tournament and entering the tournament's building, we were quickly guided to the arena area for the tournament. Having arrived a bit early, we had plenty of time to unload our equipment and get armor on the fighters. From various training sessions, myself and my team members had met a few other teams participating in the tournament that set up with us upon arrival, leading to friendly chatter and fighting warm ups during set up as well. Those leading the tournament announced as various enjoyments opened such as the casino as well as when those participating had to sign off on being present.

# Some of the Earliest Preparations for Team Ttnn, Crazy Cats, and Cimone's Wyverns.

* Practice between Drifter and Garen before the Tournament.

Come the sun's highest point, the tournament began with Huntresses such as myself being called to the tournament's organizer. She announced the first event - a grand melee - as well as informed us that following the fight we would be speaking of who our teams were and announcing our team names. Us Huntresses returned to our teams to announce the ongoings, and we soon began.

# The Huntresses and Supporters Were Randomly Organized into a Circle for the Grand Melee.

As it was very early in the day, I missed out on learning the identity of who won the grand melee, however after the rather quick fight we organized ourselves into teams. With a mention to there being a contest on who had the most creative team name, each Huntress was called upon to share their name, the names of their supporters, and the team's name. It was also announced that there would be an ongoing side event of archery, where each participant could gain points through testing the aim on circles.

# Cimone's Wyverns during the Team Announcements.

# Team Ttnn During the Team Announcements.

# Crazy Cats During the Team Announcements.

Following the events announcements, we began classic 4 v 4 team battles, going through a series of fights against the other teams.

# The Crazy Cats against Cimone's Wyverns during the 4 v 4's.

After the 4 v 4 tournaments, the next challenge was announced to the Huntresses - Each team, beginning on three spaces of a massive depiction of a to-be-owned island's map display, would slowly expand throughout the map and fight those they challenged of the opposing teams. The Huntress of the team that won, no matter the results of the Tournaments of Artemis, would be the Duchess of this island.

# A Moment During the Island Competition.

After a break following the island competition, the Huntresses and their supporters were split up. While the supporters played games in another room to win lives for the upcoming competition, the Huntresses engaged one on one combat. Switching from single shorts, through the three popular combos, to each Huntress' preferred combos or whichever combo the Huntress wishes to use for a particular fight.

As these fights came to a close, the supporters, having completed their games, had began a gaming of strength that involved attempting to use a rope to pull the opposing team to their side while the opposing team attempted the same. Following this event and a break for the Huntresses, a new game was introduced involving attempting to have your foot inside of a box for as long as possible. Huntresses began with a single short while the supporters ran searching for the solutions to clues to get a better combo for their Huntresses.

As the time since the sun had departed grew longer, we moved from fighting to feasting as Huntresses and supporters alike participated in a very complicated "pun" game. This involved being given two hints to find a joke version of a word or phrase relating these hints. Following this game and a short break, we moved along to our final challenge: A "King of the Hill" challenge where each team was attempting to have as many members on a large box when time was randomly called. Having been quite tired by this point, myself and Huntresses I knew prior to the event, Aoife and Cimone, agreed to work together to find some success during this challenge.

# A Moment during the Final Challenge.

Following this challenge, the winners were announced and prizes chosen. Many of us took the time to talk to the other teams, congratulate winners, and enjoy the vitality of the event. A thoroughly enjoyable event, I believe we all traveled home exhausted but happy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Why I Want to Go- A Very Merry Yule at Uncle Cecil's Crazy Tavern 3

by Lani "Gwen" Jones

Uncle Cecil’s is one of those rare events that brings the Realms community together at a time of year when everyone is so ready to celebrate each other and the wonderful things each of us has to offer. As I sit down to share with you why I think you should come to this event, I spent time reminiscing about my favorite Uncle Cecil’s memories, and as I did, I realized that what has made this event special for me over the years is the time I have shared with so many individuals from across the Realms. We’ve shared hugs and gifts, drinks and food, photos and I love you’s. I’m so very grateful that we’ve had those moments to share--and I look forward to sharing them again with all of you this year.

I suspect that many of you already appreciate the immense amount of work that the event staff puts in to making this event fun for everyone who attends, but I also want to honor their labors of love by sharing with you the wide variety of activities that are in store for us this year. The buzz of Friday night as everyone decorates and prepares for the following day’s festivities is not to be missed. Enjoy a warm beverage as you decorate an enormous tree, and watch as the auction items for War Dogs Returning Home are lovingly curated for our generous bidding pleasures. In your cabins or on your way in on Saturday, prepare yourself for some exceptional questing experiences. In year’s past, I’ve loved questing with the heroes of the Realms while snow paints the sky and our cheeks, coming in briefly to warm up in the tavern and snagging a grilled cheese that hits the spot perfectly. As the sun sets, you can expect to watch your friends transform into the fanciest people in the Realms, preparing themselves for the pictures and party to come. Children will delight in meeting Pater Yule and receiving presents and participating in their very own kids swap. Adults anxiously await first toast, and the buzz in the room fuels the love and excitement for things that are to come. Share presents with your friends, and maybe meet someone new in the gift swap. Gamble away your savings, and enjoy the delicious food prepared by expert hands. Smile and talk with someone you haven’t seen in a while, and redouble your efforts to share just how much you care about each other at this event and beyond.

This event will always hold a warm place in my heart, and I know that if you go, you’ll enjoy that same warmth and love that breaks down barriers of time and place. It’s a feeling that I hope will carry us all very happily into the New Year.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The View Retrospective - Nobility and Titles

Scan by Jeremy Grayson. Originally published in The View from Valehaven, 2nd Ed, Vol. 3, Issue 9. November/ December 2006.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Meme Mondays

by the Meme Team

Friday, December 13, 2019

Rumors for December 1019

[Across the Realms]

Supposedly a kenku by the name of Quill has discovered a way to make a portal using a single spaghetti hoop. Or was it hag and yeti soup?


After a small revelry in one of the nearer villages to the western border, a 'magical light show' took place in the evening this week. Although it looked like fireworks to the naked eye, there was little to any sound (what sound could be heard was extremely muffled 'booming'.). The villagers were amazed and the figures that gave said light show hurried on that evening over the borders.
With the help of units from the Chimeron Militia, many of the newer farms across the countryside are fully prepared for winter. The detachments which had been deployed to the farms are now being recalled to their home stations before more snow sets in.

[Eagle's Rook]

After the snow and rain, some last-minute autumn 'clearing' is taking place to prepare for the realities of winter. The people, still mourning the loss of their Knights and quieter members, wear the plainest, muslin garb they have or black (for the more wealthy types), when not in working gear for their livelihoods or trades. The black flags with the white rooks are still flying.


Talk around the Neden grounds is that one of their new petitioners is capable of talking to cats, snakes and even penguins.


After a small revelry when the governor returned home, a 'magical light show' took place in the evening this week. Although it looked like fireworks to the naked eye, there was little to any sound (what sound could be heard was extremely muffled 'booming'.). The people were amazed and then began to use the unusually warm weather to take advantage of last-minute autumn preparations against the winter.
A convoy from the Chimeron Militia has left the town of Wendmor and is returning to Chimeron City. Despite their lighter load, they expect to make slower time on the return trip due to the early season snowfall. The mountain pass on the Eagle's Rook border is expected to particularly treacherous.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

What You Missed - Tournaments of Artemis - Picture Edition

All photos by View Staff

The Huntress Guild banners hang with pride

Shader explains some tournaments to the Huntresses

Teams lined up for the Grand Melee

Cimone's Wyverns, led by Cimone 
Rani's Rolling Rangers, led by Sayeh

Crazy Cats, led by Aoife

Three's Company, Four's a Crowd, led by Charlotte

Ya' Gotta Eat the Whole Thing, led by Bree

Team Titan, led by Yppn

Charlotte attempts the archery range
The Live Risk map 
More Live Risk 
Code Names in Guys Being Dudes

Oven Mitt and Crayon Pictionary in Guys Being Dudes

Tug of War

Combat during the Huntress Melee

More Huntress Melee

Duncan's Challenge but with People

More Duncan's Challenge but with People
Furiously figuring out clues during Scavenger Skirmish

Guarding the center point in Scavenger Skirmish

Savage combat in Queen of the Hill

The prize table

The awards ceremony

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Instant Replay: Huntress Guild Word Smash

Competitive Realms From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

How to Play

Competitors are presented with descriptions of two words or phrases. The correct answer is a "word smash" of the two words/phrases (i.e. the end of the first word/phrase is the same as the beginning of the second word/phrase).

For example:

A single piece of lawn vegetation and an insect known for leaping

Answer: Blade of Grasshopper (Select the black text to see the answer. Answers will also be posted at the bottom of this article.)

Ready? Lay on!

Round 1

A fall event popular among new players and dancers and what a Knight of the Realms wears.

Answer: Black and White Belt              


A high level spell that can keep you alive in most circumstances and the elite soldiers of the god Garm.

Answer: Resist Death Knight               


A long weapon that can be wielding in one hand a a small stout race of humanoid.

Answer: Hand and a Halfling


A spell used to protect oneself from enchanted attacks and a projectile thrown by spellcasters.

Answer: Resist Magic Missile

Round 2

A garment denoting one's nation and a competition of singers and storytellers.

Answer: Tabardic Tournament


A nation in constant conflict with the undead and a useful set of tools for a thief.

Answer: Grimlochpick Set


A basic spell used to mend a fighters protection and armor that can always comes back.

Answer: Repair Armored Cloak


A landmark winter event held in Rhiassa and a combat call when struck while holding a sword.

Answer: Feast of the Leviathand on Weapon

Round 3

The goddess of light and a spell that negates special calls.

Answer: Aurora of Protection


A northern nation whose heraldry features a pair of swords and an hourglass and an automaton made of rock.

Answer: Folkstone Golem


A vendor of goods and what is required to cast Ward: Undead and Ward: Enchanted Beings.

Answer: Merchanting


A type of orb used by seers and fortune tellers and the rank of many nation leaders.

Answer: Crystal Ballord

Answer Key

Round 1

Black and White Belt
Resist Death Knight
Hand and a Halfling
Resist Magic Missile

Round 2

Tabardic Tournament
Grimlochpick Set
Repair Armored Cloak
Feast of the Leviathand on Weapon

Round 3

Aurora of Protection
Folkestone Golem
Crystal Ballord

Editors Note: The View From Valehaven does not take any responsibility for the terrible puns in this article.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tournaments of Artemis Results

The Huntresses and their teams this year were:

Aoife leading team Crazy Cats
Bree leading team Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
Charlotte leading team Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd
Cimone leading team Cimone’s Wyverns
Sayeh leading team Rani’s Rolling Rangers
Yppn leading team Team Titan

Tournament Results

Grand Melee
Winner: Rani’s Rolling Rangers

Creative Team Name Competition
Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

1st Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
2nd Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
3rd Place: Crazy Cats
4th Place: Team Titan

Live Risk
1st Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
2nd Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
3rd Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
4th Place Tie: Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd, Crazy Cats

Huntress Individuals:
Single Short
1st Place: Aoife
2nd Place: Bree
3rd Place: Sayeh
4th Place: Cimone

1st Place: Bree
2nd Place: Aoife
3rd Place: Sayeh
4th Place: Cimone

Sword & Shield
1st Place: Bree
2nd Place: Aoife
3rd Place: Cimone
4th Place: Charolette

1st Place: Cimone
2nd Place: Aoife
3rd Place: Bree
4th Place: Sayeh

Single Combatant
1st Place: Aoife
2nd Place: Bree
3rd Place: Charolette
4th Place: Sayeh

Guys Being Dudes
1st Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
2nd Place Tie: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing, Team Titan
3rd Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
4th Place Tie: Crazy Cats, Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Huntress Grand Melee
Winner: Bree

The Gameshow
Winner (Tie): Cimone’s Wyverns, Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing, Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Archery Range:
1st Place: Crazy Cats
2nd Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
3rd Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
4th Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing

Duncan’s Challenge but with People
1st Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
2nd Place: Crazy Cats
3rd Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
4th Place Tie: Cimone’s Wyverns, Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Scavenger Skirmish
1st Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
2nd Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
3rd Place: Team Titan
4th Place: Crazy Cats

Queen of the Hill
Winner: Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Overall Placement:
6th: Team Titan
5th: Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd
4th: Cimone’s Wyverns
3rd: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
2nd: Crazy Cats
1st: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing

And the winner of the Tournaments of Artemis:

Monday, December 9, 2019

Meme Mondays

by the Meme Team

Friday, December 6, 2019

Flashback Friday - Previous Posts

Posts from this week in December from previous years!

From 2018:
10 Questions with Tom "Aven Dar" Gallagher

From 2017:
A collection of favorite Yule memories from the community

From 2016:
An I Can't Even from Zarine on the art of gift giving

From 2015:
The hard-hitting sarcasm of the Silent Scribbler

From 2014:
James "Tao" Murphy talks about his belt in the "Belts of the Eternal Flame" series

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Huntress Guild History

In honor of the 8th Tournaments of Artemis, presented by the Huntress Guild, here is some historic information from the Huntress Guild's past.

In 2002 the original inception of the Huntress Guild was created by Tanja "Katasha" Johnson. It was her goal at the time to give female fighters a forum to practice together and encourage one another. The following is the original email she sent to the Realms OOC mailing list, on February 6th of 2002.

From: *****@aol.com
Subject: [OOC Realms] For the female fighters of the Realms (future and present)
To: oocrealms@lists.the-realms.net

First of all, I would like to say that I do not intend the following as male-bashing or anything of that connotation...  

It is a basic fact that there are very few active female fighters in the Realms.  Period.   I have already have spoken to a few of you about an idea that I have wanted to implement for quite awhile now, and so here I am, attempting to put it into gear...

There are many reasons why some women choose not to fight in the Realms, I won't pretend to know all of them.  But what I do know is that often females are either uncomfortable by practicing/ learning from males (and vice versa), don't have the time to learn different weapon combos outside of events after becoming mages or they don't know where to go to get a little direction.  Some may not understand this, but as a female fighter I know that women need to learn a little differently from men.  The center of balance thing, the extra breastages thing, as well as a general lack of arm strength in comparison to men.  I am not saying that we can not fight just as well, only that often it is easier to lose self confidence when my practice buddy Joe Shmo shows me that I need to swing a one hander with straight bicep and forearm muscle, rather than utilizing more wrist and loosened grip (ask me and I'll show you what I mean..).  Time and time again I have ! ! observed during the One Woman at QoH that everyone takes time to stop and show one another some tricks of the trade for different weapon combos that at least one person has never come in contact with before.  We always talk about how wonderful it would be to expand that interaction, but it never happens.  

In regards to all of the above, I intend to offer the services of the Huntress Guild this season...  the Huntress Guild will be a nonofficial OOC group that is comprised of those female fighters in the Realms that wish to make a concerted effort in the development of more female fighters.  The idea behind this is to provide a period of pre-announced time during events (whether it be part of a dinner break, or the hour before the event officially starts, etc.) where a group of us will make ourselves available for fighter practice and interaction.  The practice itself is OOC, so any females who would like to try new weapon combos or get some practice on old ones will have an option.  
This concept is not based on saying who is horrible or who is better, it is based on a need for production and cultivation of those out there who would like a chance to do something different and have not had the initiative or an opprtunity.  There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with fighting with a dagger all day long, but have you ever wanted to learn something different?  Know what to do if you're an NPC or PC and have a polearm thrown your way to use? How 'bout a sword and shield? Florentine?

This is an option.  Use it if you want, or don't.  We'll still be practicing :)

If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, please email me ******@aol.com
Thanks for your time,

Tanja aka Katasha of Folkestone 

Many years later, in 2011, Alysha "Kyntela" Metcalf relaunched the Huntress Guild for a new era of Realms female fighters. This was her email sent to the OOC Realms list on May 10, 2011.

From: *******@gmail.com
Subject: [OOC Realms] The Huntress Guild
To: oocrealms@lists.realmsnet.net

To the women of the Realms:

At the Knights of the Eternal Flame tournaments this past February I was excited to compete against several women in the One Woman tournament. Again this April, at the Coronation of King Cecil, the One Woman tournament consisted of more than just one round. It is rare that the list for this tournament exceeds a handful of sign-ups, yet the tournament season thus far has already shown promise. In my ideal world, the One Woman tournament would have just as many sign-ups as the One Man tournament, or the lines would be blurred altogether and all combatants would compete in a single One Person tournament.

To that end I am resurrecting the Huntress Guild. Tanja Johnson started the original Huntress Guild to encourage women in combat and foster a positive environment for women who wanted to learn to fight. My goal is the same. Myself and other like-minded women of the Realms want to promote combat among women. We recognize many factors that keep women from involving themselves in combat, and strive to overcome the many obstacles that face women who want to fight.

The Huntress Guild is open to all women, whether you’re a fighter or spell caster. Since the practices will be OOC, you can break your weapon restriction. The Huntress Guild will be about achieving personal goals. Whether you’re a fighter whose goal is to learn a new style, a caster who has always wanted to pick up a pike, or anything in between, our practices will provide the environment for you to do so. It will be a place to learn, as well as to teach, and it is my hope that any woman who joins us will take away something positive from every practice.

The Huntress Guild practices will be held during dinner breaks and other periods of downtime at events. We will be holding our first practice at Green and Gold XIII (May 21-22) during dinner break. I invite all women to join us for this inaugural practice. We will have further information and details available at that time, including a list of events we plan on holding a practice. In the mean time, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you,

Alysha/Squire Kyntela

Alysha Metcalf  *******@gmail.com
Jen DeNardis   ******@gmail.com

One more glance back into history - this is the tri-fold pamphlet that Alysha created and distributed to announce the relaunch of the Huntress Guild. The artwork that appears on the cover of the pamphlet was created by Alysha's father, J.S. Metcalf.

This link will take you to a full sized PDF of the pamphlet