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Why I Want to Go- The Event Which Must Not Be Named

The Event Which Must Not Be Named: A Peculiar Invitation
August 3, 2012 (Friday 6pm) - August 5, 2012 (Sunday 5pm)

Harry Potter. One of the most well-known book and movie series within the genre of fantasy. Now is the chance to live the stories! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world of Harry Potter this event will be the place to find out. This is the start of a new series of events so if you are looking for a new plot to become a part of this would be the event to go to. Just make sure you show up for Friday night as that is when the Sorting will take place.

This event site is designed for questing...and they just had a site clean up/building weekend two weeks ago so you can be among the first to see what has changed at the site. The staff are extreme fans of Harry Potter so they will make sure to do things right by the story. The world of Harry Potter is huge and has a lot of room to game within.


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Question of the Week - 51

Have you ever done something In-Character you Out-of-Character knew was "stupid"?

Friday, July 27, 2012

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What You Missed - Last Return to Mythdrannor

Photo by Bethany Tozier - 2012

Photo by Bethany Tozier - 2012

Photo by Bethany Tozier - 2012
Photo by Natalie J Killeen - 2012

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Around the Realms - Ashenmark

This is part of an ongoing series that takes a look at the website homes of some of the groups and nations that make up the Realms.

While a relatively young nation, Ashenmark has really made a name for themselves, both as excellent fighters and as reliable to have with you on an adventure. Likewise, their website is new, but it is still full of good information on their nation. If you have ever wondered what Ashenmark is or who their people are, this is an excellent introduction.

From their Arcanum heading under Lore...
"As of 1010 when Ashenmark was founded little is known about the Emberwood.  This large section of forest is where Ashenmark gets its name, for the acres of burning trees.  Flames can be found scattered across the some of charred trees where leaves once grew, and other trees glow with appear to be embers in the nooks of the blackened bark." 

Their People heading has some excellent character histories...

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Why I Want To Go - Blackwood Tournaments

Blackwood Tournaments
July 27, 2012 (Friday 5pm) - July 29, 2012 (Sunday 5pm)

This looks to be a laid-back weekend of fun. There will be tourneys, light questing and a feast. Thus there will be something for everyone. The tourneys will include some for the Order of the List rankings, so make sure you show up for those to gain some points in the rankings for this year. The feast will feature a pot-luck dinner, so bring something and expect to feed on a variety of interesting and unique dishes (Blackwood will still be providing some basic foods so there should be no shortage of food). This looks like an excellent weekend of fun.

This event site is for the exclusive use of Realms so you will able to go knowing there is no one there but us. This should help everyone relax and escape the "real" world for the weekend.

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Question of the Week - 50

Is there any plotline you wish would come back?

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What You Missed - Festival of Val Dara 3

Photo by Charles Davis

Photo by Charles Davis

Photo by Charles Davis

Photo by Charles Davis

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Freesia by Douglas "Metron" Fisher

Art by Douglas Fisher - 2012
Photo by Matt Norris - 2012

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10 Questions - Neil "Mekrien" Tozier

Neil "Mekrien" Tozier

Photo by Frank Rapa
How long have you been playing?
Sir K (Ben) and I have talked about this a couple times [recently] mostly because my memory is non linear at times.  I believe that my first event was called Four Winds or Tournament of the Four Winds or something really close to that.  I think it was at UMass Amherst but I cannot find it on realmsnet.  My second event was Gladden Fest.  I believe that was in 1993, but could have been in 1994.
How has the game changed since you've been playing?
I feel like there are a couple ways that I could answer this, so I will attempt to organize them into several separate points.

- Roleplaying: The level of roleplaying when I first started the game was immersive.  Rarely did I ever encounter anyone who broke character except during breaks, or out side smoking, etc.  Garb was more prominent in some ways.  I probably had the worst garb of the people attending, and although no one gave me a hard time for it, I knew immediately that I would need to figure out something better.  No one had to tell me, I just sort of knew it was inadequate. Back then there were a lot more people talking in "funny" and exotic accents, and as a whole I feel that roleplaying your character was a lot more important then it appears to be today.

- Spell system: The spell system has gone through several major over hauls.  I think three major changes in the spell system since I started.  I feel like the system we have now is the best of them,  although I always liked the concept of caster guilds.

- Rules: While I feel the over all basics of the rules haven't changed all that much over the years, the specifics have.  If you get hit you take it unless told otherwise.  We do have a lot more attention to smaller details of how things work together, and things are written in a much more black and white "rules" style then they used to be.

- People: The turn over rate is pretty astounding.  A lot of the people who were playing when I started now only make cameos every few years at select events or are gone entirely.  The same goes for how many nations have come and gone. 

Who have you learned the most from?
The most?  Huh, I've never really thought about it like that.  I've learned a lot from so many people I'm not sure that I could single out just one person.  Dave/Sir Callin taught me to go for the quick head shot kill.  Bethany/Dame Freesia reminded me how much fun the game was.  Kevin/Cinnabar taught me that the loudest voice on the field gets listened to, and to not be a schmuck when it comes to smoking at events.  Terry/Kugan and Lawrence/Jabben taught me to be more aggressive of a fighter. Countless newbies taught me that I'm not as bad a combat teacher as I thought I was.  Kevin/XT taught me marn.  Several nations (and their leaders) taught me what I like and what I dislike about their nations rules/guidelines [many that I blatantly stole for Idaris, and later Blackwood].  I don't know if it was from someone else, but I think that it was Tom/Sir Blade that I first heard saying "don't ruin other peoples fun".  And last but not least would be Paul/ Arch-Duke Nigel convincing me that I could get up at Feast of Chimeron and give an IC (NPC actually) speech, even though I was terrified of speaking in front of people. [I believe that was the same feast that Lady Dee was stolen by Fae.]
What was your best moment IC?
Oh that's a hard one.  It's hard to put it into words but, I would have to say the moment that Sir D sacrificed himself to save his love Quazar [of Folkestone].  The ultimate sacrifice of everything to save another is the epitome of being a true hero to me.

Second best I think was achieving my own goal of finally rebooting Blackwood.  Standing in front of most of the event site and declaring myself the new Arch-duke of Blackwood and having no one challenge me.
What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?
Once again it was as my character came to his end.  I was playing essentially the same character all these years, and the finality and depth of RPing and real emotion surprised even me. I admit it I was crying as it happened.

Seeing people cry at the reading of the Last Will and Testament, and at the funeral pyre, and being sang into the summer lands by Bethany/Dame Freesia [sort of his nemesis of circumstance]... the whole thing. It was more then a little bizarre at the same time.  Ben/Sir K and Jana/Jinx really out did themselves with the corpse prop, hair and all.

I also really enjoyed running the Queen of Hearts: Mages Tourney the couple years that I did it.
Photo by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?
Several things.  First I would like to see more elaborate costuming and special effects, including makeup.  Secondly I would like to see more role playing and more staying in character when at events.  I would love to get a coalition of EHs to run an uber plot that literally runs 6 months or a year where every event for that time period would have the same over arching story plot.  I think that the sense of continuity that it could add would be interesting to see how players react to it.  I would love to setup a non-profit entity whose sole purpose is to purchase game wide insurance for event holders.  Perhaps these two things could go hand in hand.
What advice would you give new players?
There are many great resources (people) in the game who can teach you all kinds of things: from foam smithing; to armor smithing; to spell casting; to simple garb creation. Don't be afraid to talk to the oldbies, their bark is way worse than their bite, honest!  If you like someones armor or garb ask them where they got it.  A lot of the gear we utilize was hand made by someone, and most will be happy to assist you tell you who/what/where and a many of the craftspeople may just assist you in making your own.  Another great resource is the newbie garb bin(s) where people donate old garb.  I'm not real sure who the keeper of it is right now but last I heard it was Kelly/Twenaria. Lastly, finding a nation is like finding a good guild in an MMO, they need to make sure that you are a good fit for them and you need to make sure that they are a good fit for you.  That means take your time, get to know people then decide where you think you fit in and want to be.
What do you love most about the game?
That's sort of a two edged blade right there.  The thing that I love the most about the game is the openness of the rules and flexibility of the system.  That being said sometimes that is also the worst part of our system.  Over all I think I think that it is the community that keeps me playing.
Who would you like to see the next interview be with?
I'm torn between answering: Chris/Jaha of Grimloch or Illyana/Illy also of Grimloch.
Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
Over the years many people have asked me for the recipe for Warsaw.  I usually say something like "sorry I dont give it out" or sure I'll email it to you later (and usually forget).  For all those people that want it here it is:

Warsaw: version 1a

shopping list:
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 red onion
1 box fettuccine
1 jar Olde Cape Cod Honey Mustard
3lbs. bar of Hillshire Farms Kielbasa
dried or fresh basil.


cut up the peppers (I try to cut them in uniform size) and put them in a bowl.

slice the kielbasa into rings, then in half. (or in half first then in half rings)  Throw them right into a large frying pan with high sides. Put it on a lowish heat.  I usually put them on 3 to 4. (stir occasionally).  The fat will turn to grease and they will start to brown.
cut up the onion.  I cut it in half and then use the angle to make the onion pieces uniform size(ish).  Add them to the kielbasa, and add the whole jar of honey mustard.
Add basil to taste.  I usually put a lot.  Cover the mixture and let simmer stir occasionally.

Once the kielbasa starts to brown up add the peppers.  Leave it covered for a little while.  You should start the water for the pasta at this point. Once the peppers start to cook down you can uncover it.  This will give the fluids a chance to cook down a little. Once you feel it's done shut the heat off, cover it and wait for the pasta to finish.

note: Original version of this did not include Basil.

WarsawB  (war-saw-B)

shopping list is identical except add:
Some fresh broccoli (or frozen broccoli)
Crushed red pepper

Preperation steps are identical.
When you would add the basil also add the crushed red pepper.
When you would add the peppers also add the broccoli.
(Yes this is a play on wasabi since its spicy)

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Why I Want To Go - Last Return to Mythdrannor

Last Return to Mythdrannor
July 20, 2012 (Friday 6pm) - July 22, 2012 (Sunday 3pm)

This capped event looks to be an exciting, intense challenge for those tough, clever and strong enough to make it to the end. From the start of the event until the end, there is no downtime, no dinner breaks, no leaving, no stopping. It is designed to push the mental and physical boundaries of the players and their characters. If you are looking for a challenge this is the event to go to.
There is a distinct possibility the event will be full on PCs by the time this article is posted. Check the event write-up on realmsnet.net as they have been updating it with a list of participants. However, even if the cap has been reached it is still possible you could NPC and make this event even better. Check with the staff and see if they can use you to NPC. 

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Question of the Week - 49

Do you think its too easy or too hard (or just right) to come back from being dead?

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Happenings on the Emerald Path

A news and announcements section of what Realms players are doing outside of the Realms. If you know of any news feel free to let us know at aearlegray@gmail.com

Michael "Panther" Pulumbo made his stand up debut, performing a 15 minute set at Pub 32 in Storrs, CT.

Rosemary "Roselynn" Campbell has been accepted for the PreMed program @ Springfield Technical Community College, she begins classes in the fall.

The list of EMTs in game has grown as Andrew Karcz was certified yesterday.  Congratulations Andrew!!

Dave "Vawn" Hayden will soon be starting a new position as Senior Technical Trainer for TOA Technologies.  This new position will provide him with more opportunities to utilize his technical skills and travel.

Alex "Gavin" Sokolowski has been promoted to the position of Director of Public Safety at the Hampshire Mall.  Sadly his job will require working weekends and we'll see less of him.  He says he'll miss us all and we know we'll miss him.

Ian Struckoff was recently hired to be the "Senior Service Desk Analyst" at Homesite in Boston.

Kevin "Leown" Weldell started his new job at the American Medical Assistants Association on July 7th.

Steve Yazinka transitioned from being a temp at Whaleback Systems to working for them as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer.

Outside the Realms - Realm of LARP

There is a new Unscripted Reality Series About LARPing. The Nerdist Channel, a youtube channel, has created a documentary which follows the characters of 5 players as they interact at events. It looks fairly interesting thus far. Why has no one done this in the Realms before...and why aren't plans in motion for it?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fresh Faces- Carol “Charwindle” Eddy

Photo by Linda Weldell
How did you learn about Realms?
Pure, blissful accident.

It was fall of 2004. A friend of mine walking across the UCONN campus called me up and
said, "CAROL! There are people with swords! You must come!" I turned up the next week and stood
by the lamp-post just in time to watch Aeston win a 3-on-1. He walks over to me, holds out a boff
weapon, and inquires, "Do you want to try?" Silly me, I said yes...

I had stumbled across one of the earliest SMAC fight practices. I never actually made it to an event,
though, and I was a graduating senior, off to college out-of-state. That could have been the end of
my Realms career. Just this past summer, though, I was chatting with a stranger at a wedding and he
mentioned “boffing”. The word sparked a memory, and I had to wonder – did that group at UCONN
still meet? So I just... showed up, 8 yrs later, out of the blue. Surprise! Remember me?

How many events have you been to?
Eight. QoH '11, On the Brink (1 & 2), War of Shadows, Order of the Lists, Tournaments of Artemis,
Feast of Leviathan, Green & Gold '12.

Have you ever LARP'd before?
Never. I have, however, done a lot of OLRP – online literate roleplay – so I'm pretty versed in world-
building and writing a character. Still, living it is an entirely different matter!

What is your character like? Where are they from? What is their race? What's important to them?
With Char, what you see is what you get: she's human, a warrior, a captain, quite practical and no-
nonsense, always concerned with the welfare of her soldiers and above all, the efficient and effective
success of “the mission”. Her most defining characteristic is probably her loyalty to Mayerling –
which is why she's in the Realms in the first place.

Photo by Robyn Nielsen
Mayerling refers to both the kingdom Char hails from, and the plane that kingdom rules – a plane
stacked somewhere “above” the Realms. Char (and the others with her) haven't migrated down to
the Realms looking for glory, riches, or adventure. She came here for one reason: to find and retrieve
Mayerling's prince. Once that happens she will happily return home again. If she can get home. That's
a whole different problem...

Do you have any game related goals (as either a player or a character)?
As a player? Have as much fun as possible! As a character? The best way I can see to answer this is
put up a little first-person spiel I wrote about Mayerling a little back...

This place is foreign to us.

The air, the trees, the night, the people – all of it is strange, and new. The customs and the currency, the magic and the gods of this reality, we see with the eyes of men and women who have never seen them before. Understand: this world, this plane, is not our own.

We hail from Mayerling.

Across many lands and cultures, in all planes and worlds, the myth recurs of a Higher Reality, an
ascendant place of fire and light, overflowing with music and beauty. Such a world is ours, and we
would never have left it, but duty and honor give us with little choice...

Please, allow me to step back and explain.

The place we name home is a world united under one banner and one king. Our nation, Mayerling,
has stood for five centuries, born out of the union of the House of Faë and the Brotherhood of Man.
The dragon has two heads, as the saying goes. The two have intermingled, so that most members of
Mayerling have a bit of faë blood in them somewhere.

Five hundred years Mayerling stood strong, and surely it would last five hundred more – or five
thousand, or five hundred thousand. But an old empire is an unchanging one, and the king like his
fathers before him keeps all the reins of power in his hand, his highest duty to maintain the state.
His son, the Crown Prince, is of a different mind. The conflicts between father and son are the stuff of
legend. Not war, no; never anything as powerful and terrible as that... but there is no worse enmity than
that between members of the same family.

Since its inception, Mayerling has been ruled under the absolute authority of the kingship, an unbroken
line of sovereignty passed from father to son. It is this bloodline that joins man and faë, and the
reverence and power in it which unite Mayerling's many nations, regions, cultures, and factions. Yet
the king approaches his seventieth year, and he has but the one son. Should the throne ever sit empty, I
fear to think what fate would befall our great empire.

Such is the uncertainty Mayerling now faces, for the Crown Prince is lost to us.

Of what actually occurred, there are as many rumors as there are voices to speak them. This alone is
true: together he and the faë woman they call Mary have opened a downward gate, and left Mayerling
behind to stray among these strange, shifting planes you call your own.

Some swear the Crown Prince left of his own choice, fleeing his father's traditionalist stubbornness,
and that the chains of court cut too tight; others claim it was not duty that drove him out, but love for
Mary that enticed him. (The world will always have its romantics.) Still others dare to whisper the king
arranged for his banishment – or his quiet elimination. Did he leave of his own free will? Or was he
driven out? Every man, woman, and child of Mayerling will give you a different answer.

As for me: I believe the faë woman, Mary, to be a sorceress. I believe she has ensared the Crown
Prince with her magics, and her false charm; that she has ensorcelled him, and bewitched him into
following her. Perhaps even into falling in love with her. Her ultimate goal, though, is not love, but
Mayerling's ruin. When we find the Crown Prince, there shall we also find her, and I tell you now: my
sword calls out her name, and I will be her end.

For this, too, is where our tale begins – we men and women of Mayerling, so far from home.
We are soldiers all, sworn in undying loyalty to uphold Crown and Empire and to defend the bloodline
that rules it. I am a mere captain, of no special merit, junior to many officers of greater rank and
prestige. But small hands may do great deeds, and change the course of empires.

No man can be commanded to open a downward gate. We chose this of our own volition, propelled by
duty and honor - the honor of soldiers sworn to defend the bloodline of kings; the duty to step into the
unknown, with no certainty that we shall ever be able to return. Descending through the planes is easy,
understand... with that ability all of us are born. It is the power to climb back up again that we lack. We
do not let ourselves be troubled by it too greatly. We will find the Crown Prince, or we will fail, and
should we fail, there is no need to return.

What do you remember most about your first event?
Rain. Lots and lots of rain. It was QoH '11 and we were battling against that fierce tempestress,
Hurricane Irene. Oh, and that I killed two of my own teammates. (Oops.) Going to a pvp war event
when you know 'nobody' probably isn't that wise, because you won't have any clue who's on your team and who isn't once the lines dissolve into the chaos of a general melee... but I remember having a blast all the same! And very wet socks. So I learned my first Realms lesson. Always bring spare socks, if for nothing more than the ride home.

What things have helped to make you feel more welcome in game?
You have some really great people playing this game. I've had folks of all nations reach out IC to ask
where we were from, what our goals and history were, etc. I've had teams happily accept us into their
ranks spontaneously, or even hire us out for war maneuvers... I'm a massive introvert, quite content to
hover on the fringes

There are two people I can't write this without thanking. First, Aeston, without whom I'd never have
gotten into this, and who made such an impression I still remembered seven years later. By extension,
the rest of the crew of SMAC, who taught (teach!) me everything I know about combat, and who turn
up, week after week, and remind me how much I love hitting people with sticks. Second, Ranger, who
dragged me to my first event, stole me from my rightful place in the melee, and taught me how to craft
an arrow that will fly true...

What parts of the game do you find the most challenging?
It sounds a bit stupid – calling armor. I'm used to limited practices, even though I'm a fighter, so being
able to keep track of my hits while still fighting occasionally still trips me up.

I'm also a natural support person. I see what needs to be done but no one else is doing it (because truth
be told, you don't get much glory fighting rearguard, and you miss a lot of the plot) and I do it, because
I love knowing I contributed to the group and shored up a weak point. There's heroism at the back, too.

But again... you can miss a lot of the changes that happen “up front”, the excitement and the magic of
the experience.

What advice would you give to other new players?
Spare socks. Seriously.

Also, bring a friend in with you when you begin. Two newbies going through the same experiences
together double the fun and the surprise, and when all else fails, you'll always have each other to lean
on (or to sit dead in the field with in the middle of the night). Also – remember the point of the game is
to have fun; try many things, but do what you want to do.

What have you enjoyed most about the game so far?
Killing people! Taking that impossible shot and making it. Picking off the enemy healer at JUST that
moment. The squish brigade from On The Brink 1. I'm kidding, I did NOT love the squish brigade,
but it will be a joke among Mayerling till the day we die. So I guess that means, most of all, I love
sharing the experience with friends and family, and the event-chatter on the ride home...

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
Coventry. If you hear this place associated with the Mayerling folks, it's because the OOC town we
come from is Coventry, CT... not because we have any affiliation with the IC Coventry!
A special shout-out to Koshka, who designed the Mayerling heraldry, based, of course, on the imperial-
royal Habsburg eagle. The Dragon looks both East and West.

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What You Missed - The Brothers of Sanctuary

Photo by Dustin Mack - 2012

Photo by Dustin Mack - 2012

Photo by Dustin Mack - 2012

Photo by Dustin Mack - 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why I Want To Go - Festival of Val Dara 3

Festival of Val Dara 3
July 13, 2012 (Friday 7pm) - July 15, 2012 (Sunday 4pm)

This event will have it all. Tourneys, Questing, Court and Fun! Past Festivals have gotten excellent reviews and everyone seems to have had a good time here and with the experience they have gained from previous events, this one is likely to surpass those in the past. Tourneys will run the gamut from combat to games, so there will be something for everyone to do. Of note is that the Order of the List will be on hand tracking specific tourneys, so you can garner some points in the standings this weekend. All-in-all, this should be a fun three days!
This site is excellent for all that is being run here this weekend. There is plenty of parking, plenty of camp space, plenty of open area for tourneys, plenty of woods and trails for questing. There is also a nice river for swimming during the day. Usually there is no drinking at this site, but for this event they will allow it, as long as it is controlled.

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Question of the Week - 48

What do you think of PCs whose race is traditionally a monster race, such as a PC orc?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Team Dynamite Lazer Beam - Part 5

This is the last of the series of this set of cartoons. If you want to check out the original website for these you can do that here.

Copyright @ Team Dynamite Lazer Beam

Thursday, July 5, 2012

10 Questions - Keith "Saegan" Cronyn

Keith "Saegan" Cronyn
Photo by Frank Rapant
How long have you been playing?
Well, it kind of depends on how you count playing. I first picked up a boffer when I was probably 12, because my friend's uncle got into the Realms for a short period around then. In high school, several of my friends were involved in the game, and we all did backyard events at one of their homes, but there was only maybe a group of 10 of as at any give time. Towards the end of high school I went to two actual events, Big Game Hunt, and Tournaments of Creathorne ( 2002 ), but then I stopped playing after that and went on to college. I didn't actively come back to the game until 3 years ago. So depending on how you want to count it, 3-15 years.

How has the game changed since you've been playing?
Fancy new materials. Other than that, not much.

Who have you learned the most from?
For fighting, off the field, Chris Marques fighter's manual, the view from the Valehaven articles on fighting, and some various videos I've found have been very helpful. On the field, anyone who can regularly kick my butt has taught me something. Jamison Bancroft certainly has done a lot in the way of that. That's a hard question, I pick things up very piecemeal. However, notable mentions are definitely, Neil Tozier, Chris Marques, Ben Greene, Dave Dolph, Joe Fantasia, James Murphy, and Kevin Weeks. To be honest, I could keep going. I've learned a lot of tricks from a lot of people.

What was your best moment IC?
Easily, the siege battle that lead to the PCs defeating Iculous. Soooo intense.

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?
I've played a lot of crunchies, and anytime I can draw more than three PCs onto me, and keep them occupied for a decent amount of time ( as far as fights go. ) I'm pretty pleased, as an NPC. But as a player, I had a really rough time a month ago, and the community was really there for me. I can't tell you how many people asked me how I was doing, and offered advise or support in general. It was really nice to see.

Photo by Erin Martin

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?
I feel that we have a community that could successfully support PvP  in character, while not taking it out of character, we just need some In character rivalries to sprout up.

What advice would you give new players?
If you want to be the best at something, be the best at it. If you want the fastest heal limb, practice while you're driving, practice in the mirror. Have your friends through tennis balls at you and practice avoiding them while not moving your feet, and saying your verbal.

If you want to be the best fighter, go to practice. Fight everyone. Over, and over, and over. Don't get discouraged, take it as a challenge.

Find new ways to improve yourself, and then teach them to everyone else.

What do you love most about the game?
The escapism. The competition. The fun.

Who would you like to see the next interview be with?
Neil Tozier

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?

Team Dynamite Lazer Beam - Part 4

Copyright @ Team Dynamite Lazer Beam

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Team Dynamite Lazer Beam - Part 3

Copyright @ Team Dynamite Lazer Beam

Why I Want To Go - Forgotten

July 8, 2012 (Sunday 11pm) - July 8, 2012 (Sunday 8pm)

If you've ever felt left behind by a plotline then this is a good event to go to as it promises to be the start of a new plot; this is your chance to get in at the beginning. Little is known thus far, but there are orcs involved and bashing on orcs is always fun. I know the staff is spending a lot of time on this event and are diligently working on encounters and props. In fact, here is a picture of the extremes they are willing to go to while making props...

I have never been to this event site before and that is a good thing. It means we can explore a new site and be surprised by all it holds; it brings a freshness to the event. RiDacavallo rules are in effect; I'm not sure how many people know what this means, but if you have questions feel free to ask the staff before the start of the event (it involves pre-registering horses).

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Team Dynamite Lazer Beam - Part 2

Copyright @ Team Dynamite Lazer Beam

Why I Want To Go - The Brothers of Sanctuary

The Brothers of Sanctuary: T5C: Druids, Demons and things that begin with D
July 7, 2012 (Saturday 12pm) - July 7, 2012 (Saturday 7pm)

A quest into Hell being run as a slug-fest. Sounds like a good time. This also means that even if you have not been following the plotline there will still be something for you to do; hit stuff. While the event promises lots of combat, there will also be some mental challenges from puzzles and role-playing. However, this will not be a simple day of killing, for there will be a time limit to accomplishing all the player's goals...and as seen in previous installments of this plot, the players can fail.

This event is a public park and thus there will be non-Realms around (joggers, bikers and walkers with pets) and we will want to keep them in mind. Fortunately, the event is planning on staying off the trails, so this will minimize (but not eliminate) our contact with the non-Realmers. The site itself has some excellent and varied questing terrain with a river (no swimming), trails, woods, and hills. As someone remarked recently, the site is huge; you can use it without feeling enclosed and still not see half of it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Team Dynamite Lazer Beam - Part 1

This week we are featuring some cartoons related to LARPing. This is a series Team Dynamite Lazer Beam did called LARP - What Is It? (Reminder- You can click on the picture for a larger version.)

Copyright @ Team Dynamite Lazer Beam

Question of the Week - 47

What do you think of non-English verbals for spell casting?