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Question of the Week - 138

Have you ever had an in-character relationship with a player's character and you were not dating them out-of-character?

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10 Questions - Pete "Meerkat" Brillinger

Pete "Meerkat" Brillinger

How long have you been playing?

My first event was Kiltavia, the first event ever thrown by Lackey, back in November of 1991.  Colin Campbell and Amy Reed had been talking the game up to me, Alex Newbold, and Jesse Perry as well as dragging us to practices where we met the folks who would become the original Royal House of Chimeron.  After a month of that, I was sold on the game, but unfortunately couldn't make it to an actual event until that November.  And now, here I am, 22 years later, wondering how my LARPing career got old enough to by me a drink.

How has the game changed since you've been playing?
Well, there are the big things, of course:  the magic system is radically different from what it was when I first started playing, I don't believe we use any of the old sites that we as a community rode so hard back then (Perriden, Blackavar,  and Darkvale, how I miss you), there are a lot more PC nations these days, and the number of people throwing events has positively skyrocketed.  There are more subtle differences too, though.  Back then, there were a lot more day quest and bardic events being thrown, and it used to be possible to hit two and sometimes three different events in a weekend and not miss any content.  Given the relatively small number of event holders back then, continuity was easier to achieve as well, which was nice. There also seemed to be a much stronger sense of belonging to a community when I first started too, although that is more difficult to quantify, and to be honest, it could just be because Chimeron threw tons of parties at the Bar and Wench back in the day, so your mileage may vary.

Before I start to sound too much like the old man on his porch yelling at you punks to get off his lawn, I do want to say that there have been a lot of positive changes to the game over the years.  The spell system is far more robust than it was when I first picked up spells - not being stuck as either just a mage or a healer any more?  Priceless!  Also, combat has gotten a lot faster and the fighters now are a lot more skilled.  Given the heavy martial focus of our game, it is nice to know that we as a community keep raising the bar on that front.  Oh, and event production values have gone up a lot since my first event.  Again, we as a community are always pushing at the boundaries of what was done before and seeing how things can be improved upon.  The fact that we often do this all on shoestring budgets just makes it a much more amazing and wonderful thing, in my eyes.

Who have you learned the most from?
I'd like to think that everyone I've ever played with has taught me something, but my top 4 (in no particular order) would be Dave Dolph, Carrie Dolph, Lacky, and Randy Gordon.
- Dave taught me to really examine my combat style and determine how it could be improved by almost constantly beating me down at every practice ever.  As a side effect, I also learned how to block like a madman.
- Carrie taught me a lot about role playing and helped me to find Meerkat's true voice.
- Lackey taught me the all important skill of critical thinking and just how useful it can be while questing.
- Randy taught me just how important it is to let everyone play and not just cater to a select few players.  Giving everyone a chance to change the world was of immeasurable value in helping to build my confidence as a player and it is a lesson that I hope I will never forget.

What was your best moment IC?
It is actually a toss up between being knighted as a Knight of The Crown and becoming a Reality Mage.  For the former, it took me completely by surprise - I had pretty much become convinced that I was going to be a perpetual squire, and while I wouldn't say I was comfortable with the idea, I was at least resigned to it.  So when King James appeared in a cloud of smoke (and accompanying explosion) and field knighted me, I was all sorts of amazed, overjoyed, and generally just feeling awesome.

For the later moment, I had been working (okay, bargaining) with a cultist of Dionin to achieve a particular goal.  The price of her help was me getting the part of her soul that was given over to Dionin back to her, which was a tall order to say the least.  As I was wracking my brain for how to do this thing, I managed to literally stumble over a unicorn horn (for those of you reading this who never played at a Randy event, unicorn horns granted you one wish and were stupidly rare things).  While I really wanted to use the horn for selfish gain, I knew that this was the solution I was looking for, so I used the horn to get the cultist her soul back.  After a heartfelt conversation with the cultist who was incredulous that I had actually blown a unicorn horn on her and given her her freedom, I was wandering back to my tent and stumbled over yet another unicorn horn.  Needless to say, I used it to become one of the first Reality Mages since there was no other way to do so at the time.

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?
I feel like any time I have helped other players better enjoy the game would qualify as a best moment, and to single one out as the best, would sort of cheapen the rest.  With that said, one of my favorite things to see as an NPC or EH is that "Oh yeah!" moment, when the players finally put together all the info they have learned about a plotline and 'solve it'.  It is always

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?
There are two things I'd love to see change or be further developed in our game:
1.  Better costuming for everyone!  I know that when you are first starting out, getting outfitted with proper garb can be expensive and sometimes hard, but I die a little inside when I see people who have been playing for a long time still rocking the "tabbard over jeans" look.  It may seem like a trivial complaint, but better costuming can lead to increased game immersion, which brings me to my second point.
2.  More roleplaying!  My theatre roots might be showing, but some of the best moments in my LARPing career have been the ones where everyone stayed in character and and was engaged in the scene.  I'm a big proponent of game immersion as I feel that an increase in it can only help our community make our game better and better as the stories we tell become more intricate and involved.

What advice would you give new players?
Have fun!  There is a lot to our game, so find out what you love about it and embrace it.  Also, get involved and learn everything you can from the players around you.  Compared to many of the other LARPs out there, the Realms community is open and inviting and there are plenty of people who are more than willing to mentor you if that is what you are looking for.  And most importantly, develop your critical thinking skills.  While there certainly are plots being thrown that are exactly what they seem to be on the surface, I know that there are many event holders who write deeply nuanced plot which only a small handful of players seem to ever engage with.  If you want to be considered a "power quester" learning how to look beneath the surface of a plotline and determine what is really going on, will be of immeasurable help to you.

What do you love most about the game?
I absolutely love the fact that we have a well developed notion of service to the game/community.  I have played in several different LARPs over the years and we are unique among them in that we actually honor our members who give back to the community via IG/OOG orders and just generally being awesome about acknowledging folks who go above and beyond to make our game a better place for everyone.  As far as I am concerned, this is one of our greatest strengths.

Who would you like to see the next interview be with?
I'd have to say Angela Wood, Dan Diamond, or Jonathan Fontaine.

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
This question seems to be my eternal nemesis.  Every time I am asked if there is anything else I'd like to add, or know, or any further questions I have, my mind goes blank.  So I'm certain there is something I'd like to put here, but alas, it would appear that I can't think of anything.

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Picture Puzzle - Who Is It?

Today's challenge is to tell us who this is? After the break is the full picture but before that we only provide a small portion of that picture. So give us your best guess in the comments and then check the answer for yourself. 

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Realmscraft:Chimeron by Gary "Dagger" Heinstrom

Blog Spot Highlight (Chimeron)
When Mad Tom was defeated Bedlam retreated from the Realms taking everything it had covered with it.  This means Lady Dee´s Ye Bar and Wench Tavern and, on the second floor, Lady Cassia´s Keep of the Scarlet Torch:  Gone.  Heron´s rebuilt marble Castle of Chimeron:  Gone.  The city of Chimeron Proper, the walls, the buildings, the roads and villages:  All gone. 

Figure 1:  Ye Bar and Wench

Figure 2:  View of the Walls of Chimeron Proper from the Balcony of the Keep of the Scarlet Torch

Realmscraft Project
“For over 20 years [Around 30], players in the Realms have met on weekends and played characters in a fictional world.  We have maps, and imagine that we come from lands with castles, roads, bridges, towns, and everything else that might fit a medieval fantasy theme.  Until now, those lands have lived in our stories, songs, poems, and fertile imaginations.  This project is an attempt to change that.  ‘Realmscraft’ could never replace LARPing, but with the right approach it can be a tool to make our shared roleplaying experience deeper and more fulfilling than ever before.”

In service to the Realms,

- Stephen Johnson, KoR, KoEF


Author’s Notes
Recent additions to server include Shalindar Keep (Blackwood) and the remaining unfinished towns of Eagle´s Rook.  I am currently beginning further projects within Blackwood.  Clontarf´s Hammerstone and the castle town east of it are underway.  I have also marked off the province of Najena and the Bacon Mine!  The Realmscraft server currently sits comfortably at Minecraft version 1.6.2 which includes the mythical long awaited horses… The current status of the server can be found at

Brief History
Disclaimer:  The majority information herein was found in the old Library of Chimeron and may not be completely accurate.  For deviations of what is here written, contact the living members of Chimeron. 

The early 990´s saw the rise of a prominent centrally located nation.  In 991 at the Siege of Rrathchllwyn (3) Princes Meg gave up her title as Princess of Valehaven.  Meg was then crowned Queen Meg of Chimeron by her people namely Lady Anne and Sir Taurdhel.  Chimeron was declared a Kingdom.  In 996 at the 4th Annual Feast of Chimeron Rhiassa swears fealty to Queen Meg and later at KoEF II Clan McKrye is formed.  Later that year at the second Black and White Masquerade, the mages and healers present had a dream that the lands of Chimeron would fall at the hands of fairies:  The Chimeron Militia is formed.  In 999 at the 5th Annual Feast of Rhiassa, Queen Meg grants Nathaniel of Rhiassa a plot of land within Chimeron and the title Lord.  Dan´Glecko is formed. 

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Why I Want To Go - Feast of Highbridge II

Feast of Highbridge II: Once More with Doggy Bags

March 29, 2014 (Saturday 11:30am) - March 29, 2014 (Saturday 11:30pm)
Event Type: Feast

This is an excellent event for those who want to more about the Realms. It offers characters a wide range of different classes that will teach them about the people, places and things they may/will find as they adventure within the Realms. It is made up of two main portions, in-character classes and a feast. The feast portion of the event is pre-reg only and if you have not done so you can not attend the feast. However, the classes are open to anyone (pre-reg or not) so you can decide at the last minute to show up and participate in them. Last year saw the introduction of this event and it went very well. If you missed it last year, you can experience it this year.

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Question of the Week - 137

Does your character worship one of the gods of the Realms? If not, why not?

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Fresh Faces- Joseph "Luke John" Yang

How did you learn about Realms?
Photo by Jesse Gifford
Alyssa “Umbra” Lee introduced it me to the UConn SMAC practice awhile back. Jason “Aeston” Rosa helped me get acquainted with Realms as a whole, and it’s been fantastic since then.  
How many events have you been to?
I’ve been to 4 events so far: Black and White 2013, Order of the List 2013, Tournaments of Artemis, and the KoEF Tournament; but I’m looking forward to going more events in the future.
Have you ever LARP’ed before?  If so tell us about it?
Nope, this is my first experience with it so far. I’ve done other martial artsy stuff and fencing, but they pale in comparison to this.
What is your character like?  Where are they from? What is their race? What is important to them?
Luke John’s pretty normal human, comes from a background of merchants and traders. When asked to go into the family business, it turned out it didn’t suit him so well. Instead of negotiating and dealing with coin, he’d rather hack and slash with a blade. So Luke John simply up and left; that doesn’t mean however, he lacks an eye for gold.
Photo by Jesse Gifford

What do you remember most about your first event?
I remember assembling the Oaken Guard at Black and White for almost everything we did. Someone had a quest for us, go get all of the Oaken Guard. There’s a fight pit, go get all of the Oaken Guard. We’re being told a story, go get all of the Oaken Guard. It was pretty amusing, and I think we all had a great time at the end of the day.

What things have helped to make you feel welcome in game?
The community, everyone here is welcoming and friendly; if there’s questions or concerns I had, there is always somebody i can ask and they’d be more than willing to help.

What parts of the game do you find most challenging?
Combat. Even though that’s my favorite part of the game, it’s still challenging. Fighting people significantly better than me gets tough, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. Bit by bit I’m starting to improve, but I’ve still got a long way to go.
Do you have any game related goals (as either a player or character)?
Just be the best fighter I possibly can, with as many weapon styles as I can. Also gold, get as much of that as possible
What advice would you give other new players?
Don’t be afraid to ask people for help, it may seem intimidating or daunting at first but someone will help you. Also learn to call shots, you’re playing a game and if you’re not calling shots it ruins the game for your opponent(s).
What have you enjoyed most about the game so far?
Hitting people with foam sticks. Nothing I do in my spare time really beats that. Learning about combat from those better than myself is great; they may outright slaughter me in a fight, but I learn something new every time. Also crafting new weapons; you have all these materials which you put together and it becomes a sword, I don’t know if I could get that experience anywhere else.
Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
I’d just like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome in the community and helping me with anything and everything

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Picture Puzzle - Who Is It?

Today's challenge is to tell us who this is? After the break is the full picture but before that we only provide a small portion of that picture. So give us your best guess in the comments and then check the answer for yourself. (photo by Dustin Mack)

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Perspectives Gained on Mentoring, Part 1 by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Take it from the more venerable among us; the older you become, the more you find evidence of how skills learned in the Realms are applicable in everyday life. This happens in a myriad of subtle ways and there is little doubt that you have encountered some of them. Many of us have gained a measure of our self-confidence from what we have achieved in the Realms. Many of us have learned how dedication to a goal can produce tangible results through working hard at fight practices. There are also more grandiose examples of how Realms experience translates to real life experience. The organizational skills gained in event holding can often be repurposed towards administrative tasks in a business  environment.
Likewise, the management that goes into leadership in a group gives great insight into leadership positions in a professional situation.

It is also the case that many skills gained in the real world are transferable to Realms. If you've worked in an industrial kitchen before, there is a good chance that you will be able to be successful throwing Realms feasts. If you are an accomplished artist then the props that you make for events will certainly be all the more stunning. If you have trained athletically and are in fantastic shape, you will have an inherent advantage in martial combat.  And while there are a myriad of other examples of how different skills are transferable into the game, I would like to spend some time talking about how things that I have discovered as part of my profession have helped me to become better mentor to some of the younger people in our community.

For those of you who are not aware, I am an educator. I teach 7th and 8th grade science in a suburban middle school in central Connecticut. Teaching is a career that is all about people. It requires a profound understanding of how people learn and develop their talents, and it requires the people in that profession to be deeply invested in the success of those who depend on them. In this series of articles I have brought together some thoughts; things that I have learned about mentoring others in the real world that are immediately applicable to how we as a community mentor people in the Realms. If you are in a position where younger members of our game depend on you for guidance, be that in a formal or in informal ways, then hopefully you can find some insight in what I have collected. Each installment will focus on a different aspect of what I have learned as a teacher.

You must set high expectations for your students.

Every single student has potential. In some young people, that potential is painstakingly obvious. These are the students who come to class each day well prepared, who are eager to participate in the activities of the day, who study hard because they have internalized the fact that success in school is important to them. In some students, that potential is couched behind many obstacles. Their life at home could contain many distractions or they might personally believe that there is no merit to education. They might simply want to be anywhere else besides in school. But the expectation presented to teachers is that, regardless of the obviousness of that potential, all of our students be given the opportunity to be

Helping all students to rise to their potential is about motivation and inspiration. Students can be motivated by grades or other rewards, but of course not all are. Students can be motivated by consequences or fear of punishment, of course not all are. As their teachers, all that we can
really give students are external motivators for their behavior and their academics. True motivation, however, what actually allows people to excel, must be born internally. And while we as educators cannot simply bestow upon others that internal motivation, we can inspire it by keeping our expectations for them high. Setting high expectations for a student's success shows them that you believe in their abilities. If you have a relationship with that student, they respond to that belief by wanting to live up to it.

The strength of expectations is immediately transferable to mentees in the Realms. Imagine the difference between these two similar tasks that you could give to a younger player: "I would like you to participate in more tournaments this year." and "This year you will place within the top ten for Order of the List points.". The first is a lukewarm, poorly defined goal. Giving it to someone shows that you don't personally understand what they are capable of and that you're really not expecting them to impress you with the way they pursue that objective. The latter sends a clear signal that you believe in that person's ability to achieve the stated goal. I conveys a deep level of faith in their skills and the dedication
that they can bring to bear to meet that expectation. The only response one can have to that faith is to work hard to justify it. The motivation your mentees have to achieve their tasks is born of the trust you place in them to do so.

Not every person will always succeed at every goal you give them. In fact, if you are setting goals for people correctly, then some of them, sometimes, will be just out of reach. But by setting the expectations high, you are also raising the bar on 'almost' meeting those expectations as well. In the above example, it might be the case that your mentee falls short of the top ten. Maybe they only made it to 14th place. Maybe they were only able to get a handful of points overall. But meeting the goal was
not the most important aspect of giving it. The effort in approaching a goal is also what allows people to grow. If in attempting to meet your expectation, your mentee tripled their attendance at fight practices and moved on past the first round of the majority of tournaments they fought in, then they have made significant progress. But that progress would not have happened if their only goal was to "fight in more tournaments". The progress occurred because their goal required of them the effort to

The world of education is one of assessments and grades. It is a system we have all endured and that we are all familiar with. Grades within the "A" range are considered "excellent". Grades within the "C" range are considered "average". Some brief analysis of that concept begs the question - shouldn’t it be perfectly acceptable for our students to always get C's? But the expectation that we put on students is that they should always be working towards getting 100%. We don’t ask them to study only 75% of the
material, after all. When you set the expectations for the people who are learning from you, therefore, do not shoot low. Don't tell them that a "C" is good enough for you; that it should be good enough for them. Don't tell them that they are simply an "average" person in your mind. Set goals for them that they can achieve only with the full measure of their effort. Then you will see that effort come to the fore. Expecting anything less from them would be selling them short.

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Question of the Week - 136

Have you ever used the Paypal option to pay for events? Do you think this a nice convenience or not something you would ever use?

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10 Questions - Sean "Wil" Veale

Sean "Wil" Veale

How long have you been playing? 
Photo by Jesse Gifford

Defenders or Duckwater  Aka ‘The corn maze event’  -- September 1993. 

How has the game changed since you've been playing? 
I don’t think the game has changed all the much;  Sure weapons tech has changed, countries have come and gone, and the balance of martial ability has swung to various group; but at it’s core the game is still about anyone who has an idea to try it out at an event.
This has lead to some terrible events, but many more great ones and I don’t see it as something that should change. 

Who have you learned the most from? 
Kathy Fae  --   There is great enjoyment in helping others.
Andi Dunphy  -- Showed me a love of cooking.
Jared Buzby  --  Franchise, Honor, and Chivalry.
Kathy Journey --  The ability to inspire folks by word, deed and action. 

What was your best moment IC? 
Squiring to Queen Meg and completing my first task within the confines of that event. 

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player? 
Anytime ideas for events/ hijinks/stories come from the bedlam event.  I actually had to go into the back room a bit at the Sunday of the last bedlam event to keep my composure. 

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game? 
I personally have always disliked the double tap mentality to the fighting.  I enjoy fighting but I rarely double tap as finishing off someone that quickly isn’t fun.  I love to see some sort of evolution where you can’t hit the same location twice in 2 seconds. 

What do you love most about the game? 
Friendships, Fighting, Helping Out, Working Hard so other people can have fun.  Having a platform where we spending years crafting on a plot line that others could tell stories and songs about, and have other event holders create stories from the actions the PCs took. 

What advice would you give new players? 
If you like fighting, watch people fight, study their moves and their form. Ask people what they see after you have sparred with them at practice for a bit.
NPC every  3-4 events to see what it is like behind the scenes. 

Who would you like to see the next interview be with? 
Andrew Adams, Jony Balboni,  Becky Baron,  Peter Brillinger, Jason Rosa 

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print? 
Stay late and help people clean up after an event if you can.  Nothing is more exhausting working hard for a weekend and then staying late to clean up.  The worst I remember was one QoH where I was there to 11pm and other staff were there past midnight.  Also please review events, Fae staff would always hold a post-mordem meeting after every event where we discussed what went wrong and what went right.  What we should keep and what we should ditch.  Reviews are in invaluable source of information in that process.

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Picture Puzzle - Who Is It?

Today's challenge is to tell us who this is? After the break is the full picture but before that we only provide a small portion of that picture. So give us your best guess in the comments and then check the answer for yourself. (photo by Angela Earle Gray)

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On The Order- Knights of the Tempest

What year was your Knighthood formed? 

What does your knighthood stand for?
The Knighthood stands for not only the betterment of the Realms but the constant betterment of ones self.

Photo by Doug Fisher
What are your tenants? 

They are long and involved. "About two pages worth."

What is your symbol?

Our symbol is still in development as we have not hit our 5 year marker yet.

What do you look for when selecting squires? 

When selecting a squire we look for someone who is willing to work towards personal growth and willing to help the game, not just play it.

What is your squiring process like? 
Our squire process is different for every squire as each person is unique and needs to be treated as such. We evaluate the spots in the person and tailor their training to best help them grow.

Who is your current  Knight Commander?
Sir Lord Elwin O'Bearikin.

Who are your currently active Knights?
Sir Elwin, Sir Avernus, Sir Pewsadef, Sir Senna, Sir Vyx. Karn is currently a Squire to the order.

Do you have any interesting stories from your Knighthoods past? 
Our stories are as individual as each of us. Ask any knight for their personal story.

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Blast From the Past - View September 1992

Here we have September 1992. This had a spate of really good articles that can still apply to the modern Realms; women fighters, how to fight, a list of current characters. Of course, my favorites parts are when two certain adventurers keep hitting on the same girl throughout the issue. [Thanks to Janna "Iawen" Oakfellow-Pushee for the scans.]

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Question of the Week - 135

Have you ever tried another LARP before?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fresh Faces- Ed "Tulli" Drummond

How did you learn about Realms?
I am friends with Effa/Katie from the lands beyond.  She offered me an opportunity to hit people and *not*

get arrested, so I jumped at the opportunity.  I attended a practice at UConn SMAC back at the end of 2012 and have been hooked since.
How many events have you been to?
So far I have been to somewhere around 10 events, including Tourneys of Chaos, Order of the List, and KoEF Tourneys.  I’ve quested at Silver Eye, Festival of Val Dara and one of the Book of Moons plots.  All have had some great parts and I have met some great people.
Have you ever LARP’ed before?  If so tell us about it?
I had sparred with boffers before, ranging from good ol' PVC and 3/8" foam to bokkens wrapped in the same.  Other than that it was mostly tabletop sessions which erupted into fisticuffs.
What is your character like?  Where are they from? What is their race? What is important to them?

Tuilli wasn’t my original name, my first event I was Rowan, but then was informed that there were too many Rowans about (namely one or two who owed money), so I didn’t want to have any confusion. Tuilli roughly translates into the name “The Bastard”, which I’ve have officially earned at Val Dara (specifically Overzealous Bastard) because I was handed a list of tasks for the Rogues Tourney and started right away.  How was I supposed to know that the event was not supposed to start until 3 hours after the Marshal handed me the list…   It also may have been because I negotiated most of the tokens off the Marshals.  (IC)  My son and I are from a place we called the Northlands which geographically seem to match up very similar to the lands of Grimloch, yet are different in many ways.  My son Kyram and I were hunting in the forest, stepped into a dark shadow and found ourselves deep in the swamps of Grimloch, only to be found by Jayne Wrath of Grimloch on patrol.  After confirming we were not dead, undead or necromancers (his methods were odd, they consisted of him poking me with a sharp stick for about an hour), he took us to a nearby village and sent us on our way. Originally Tuilli was interested in getting home, but found the politics (and some of the people) of this land to be more…  interesting.
What do you remember most about your first event?
My first piece of real garb from the noob-garb bins.  It was sadly lost at my next event as it was a relatively thin material-ed shirt, and someone saved me from a misstep into Bedlam by grabbing the back of my shirt.  I had great ventilation for the rest of the event as it split up the back with three shred holes.
What things have helped to make you feel welcome in game?
The help and training from many of my fellow Realmsies, especially many of the members of Grimloch that have helped me out with frequent constructive beatings.
What parts of the game do you find most challenging?
Figuring out the limits of where my limbs end are on the fly.  Its just a matter of practice I know, but figuring out things in combat of whether a shot was hand, arm or wrist is a wee bit difficult.  I've found that tourneys have helped substantially.  Aside from that, working with a lightest touch system when I am used to heavy weapons which handle like baseball bats.
Do you have any game related goals (as either a player or character)?
Order of the List.  I want to be on that top 16.  Aside from that become the most amusing, singing fighting, flirtatious Bastard I can be.
What advice would you give other new players?
Practice.  Practices, practice; practices. At practices, practice.  Also practice. (I've used the word practice so many times in this section that I have achieved semantic satiation (  Practice.
What have you enjoyed most about the game so far?
The varied people, food and fighting styles.  I’m a fan of hitting people with things, and in Realms I occasionally get the chance.
Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
Veni, Vedi, Desuis noncontentus.

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Picture Puzzle - Who Is It?

Today's challenge is to tell us who this is? After the break is the full picture but before that we only provide a small portion of that picture. So give us your best guess in the comments and then check the answer for yourself. (photo by Casey Lemay)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On the Order- Avatars of Chimeron

Photo by Jesse Gifford
What year was your Knighthood formed?
October 17th, 1992

What does your knighthood stand for?
The Avatars of Chimeron are the guardians of  the lands of Chimeron.  Chimeron is seen as an entity unto itself and it is for the Avatars to be the lands champions and  protectors.

What are your tenants?
Look to the protection of the land of Chimeron in all things

What is your symbol?
Sable, in pale a five pointed crown and a rowen branch argent

Photo by Jesse Gifford
Photo by Matt Norris
Did you have a traditional Knightly power, if so what was it?
Their Knightly ability is to be able to absorb the wound from another and take it on to themselves instead. A self sacrificial power, if the Avatar takes on the scalping of someone it is commonly believed that since it was a willing sacrifice, that the scalp of the Avatar would never be retrievable. This has never been tried.

What do you look for when selecting squires?
A person that is willing to learn, and a desire to see the lands of Chimeron hale and thriving.

What is your squiring process like?
This process is different for each Knight.    

Who is your current  Knight Commander?
The Avatars of Chimeron are a collection of peers and do not have a Knight Commander.  It is the right of the Monarch to elevate a person to knighthood.

Who are your currently active Knights?
Sir Wil Craven McKrye
Dame Cimone
Sir Callin of Folkestone

Deceased In Defense of the Realms
Dame Altana Cecil
Sir Valerie Hart
Photo by Jesse Gifford 

Past Beyond
Sir Owen Colteor McKrye

Sir Lucas Harkon
Sir Angus Covile
Sir Dirk Covile

Do you have any interesting stories from your Knighthoods past?
Frequently the Mantle of the Avatar of Chimeon is granted for acts of great courage and self sacrifice.  See  the tales of Sir Lucas throwing himself into a Bain Gate. Sir Callin(Cosmic Ray Gun!)  throwing himself into the Cauldron, sacrificing himself to save the realms. This past year Dame Altana, and Sir Valerie(along with Kiran) sacrificed themselves so the realms could defeat the threat that was Bedlam.