Monday, November 30, 2020

Meme Mondays

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Among Us Bonus Comic Part 7

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!


On behalf of all of us here at the View from Valehaven, we'd like to wish you all a very happy holiday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Morning Coffee Break

 Got your morning cup of coffee and a few minutes? Great! We're trying out a new feature at the View - we're going to be asking a series of questions and we want to know your answers! The question is posted below. So while you sip your morning beverage of choice, ruminate on this one:

Fill in the blank:

Thanksgiving is best with ___________________.

Head on back to the Facebook page and drop us a comment to let us know what you're thinking!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Oh My Omens 2

 In three nights you have three dreams, each dream is different, and you can barely remember it the next day. 

After the first night, you wake and you're all itchy like you've slept in the sand of your favorite beach, and you remember this scene:

and it reminds you of a concert from your younger days. 

After the second night, you awake with the horror of pins and needles all up and down your body, and this haunting image etched in your mind. 

After the third night, you wake up with the pleasant sensation that you've just gotten away with a terribly smelly, but uncomfortable fart, and no one noticed, and this image tickling the back of your mind. 

Shaking it off you know you're late for market, and rush get to the road. As soon as you open the door to leave, you're greeted by the knocking fist of a lady and her five adventuring companions. She's got a Mary Sue about her, and you're sure she did the ropes course better than you in your academy days. With her is a Creature you're sure is made of fur alone. A person that can only be described as a crooked nose. The wild. Someone who's eating and that's the important bit about them. And the infamous Taco Goblin. 

Mary Sue Speaks for the bunch. "You are an Oracle! They told us, but I wasn't convinced, but you must have known we were coming, you answered the door before I could even knock. So it's true then, it will kill us all if you don't help us...please, tell me what we have to do?"

You know her words to be the truth. It's not even Market day, it was three days ago, and you'd gotten your favorite spice. You know your dreams to be the omen. What do you tell them?

Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Meme Mondays

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Bonus Among Us Comic Part 6

Friday, November 20, 2020

Home Questing: Taking a Break!

by Christopher "Janus" Donnelly

Home Questing is going on a hiatus until the new year.  Use the break to hone your questing skills!  See you in 2021!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

A Distant Blessing

 An original song by Mark "Sakalai" Villanueva

A Distant Blessing
Traditional Brighton War Hymn
Contributed by: GR Sakalai Barnhart

Verse 1:

On the long dusty road far away from my home,
As I lie with my blade by my side,
I look back on the crossroads that brought me this way,
And I wish that you all were near by.

But until I come back to your comforting presences
Soft, murmured prayers must suffice

May the rays of the dawn break through blackness of night.
And the moments of sorrows be few.
And although for awhile space and time must divide,
Please remember my blessings for you.

Verse 2:

I look back on the smiles and the laughs that we shared,
We were brothers and sisters in war,
And I smile at the thought that we someday may be,
Re-united from places afar.

But for now I will pray that your honor precedes you 
And follows wherever you are.

As the stars up above, may your fortunes shine bright,
May your words and your sword blows strike true,
Even though for the while you are not by my side,
Please remember my blessings for you.

Verse 3:

May the kindness of others be easy to find,
In the difficult battles you face,
May the peace of the Ancients envelop your mind,
And your footsteps be guided with grace.

I will join you again on a new field of battle,
Til then I’ll be with you in mind.

May the rays of the dawn break through blackness of night.
And the moments of sorrows be few.
And although for awhile space and time must divide,
Please remember my blessings for you.

As the stars up above, may your fortunes shine bright,
May your words and your sword blows strike true,
Even though for the while you are not by my side,
Please remember my blessings for you.

Don’t forget my blessings for you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Small Pleasures: Winner / Coffee Break

 And here it is, after many grueling rounds of small pleasures competition, the final results of the bracket!

The Realms has spoken and it has decisively chosen "A communal campfire on an evening with a slight chill" as the ultimate Small Pleasure that brings all of us joy at Realms Events. Though some ballots are still being hand recounted the small-pleasure-elect is sure to remain the victor even if flush toilets are refusing to concede the race.

In celebration of this small pleasure championship, please reply on facebook with a short comment telling us what your favorite moment around a campfire was from all your time in Realms.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Small Pleasures - Final Round

So it seems it wasn't that close of a contest after all in our last match. When it comes to gathering together in character or gathering together out of character I suppose in character was always going to prevail. With the entire bracket almost finished heres where it stands.

So it all comes down to this, a clash of two titans. Prometheus versus the porcelain god. Which one will emerge as the supreme small pleasure of our community? It's a classic tale, as old as time of fire versus water. Only you can decide the victor!

Option A: Flush toilets on site.
Option B: A communal campfire on an evening with a slight chill.

Determine this contest once and for all on Facebook!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Meme Mondays

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Bonus Among Us comic Part 5

Friday, November 13, 2020

Home Questing: Task 20 Results!

by Christopher "Janus" Donnelly

 Hello, and welcome to Home Questing, the 20th task.  We received 3 submissions this week where people attempted to make the most impressive throw of a piece of paper into a bin.  So, as always, in order of submissions, here they are:

First up is Cressida with what she dubs the “drop it like it’s hot”  maneuver:

Next is DelHemar, let’s see what idea he developed and implemented:

(and the final result is here:

And finally from Janus is this epic throw:

So, for something like this, I was wondering who would be a good person to to ask, and Rekees immediately came to mind for how often her steady hand has solved puzzles have left me in awe...and really, isn’t that dexterity essentially the same as I’m asking for here?  Take it away Rekees.


1st: Cressida (5 points)

Adherence to instructions: Paper to bin, as requested.

Efficiency: 2 seconds to paper disposal, highly efficient.

Coolness factor is at “too cool to look at explosions”

2nd: Janus (4 points)

        Adherence to instructions: Paper to bin, as requested. Some points lost for not recycling.

Efficiency: 20 seconds to paper disposal, fancy magic tricks slow it down a bit.

Coolness factor is “oooo was that maybe some magic levels?”

3rd: DelHemar (3 points)

        Adherence to instructions: Is a photo a piece of paper? Is a pan of liquid a bin? Darn those mages and their “creative interpretations” of the mission.

Efficiency: 76 seconds to paper disposal. Tsk, tsk

    Coolness factor: the surprise development is cool but possibly unrelated to throwing paper.

Thank you so much for that Rekees.  You definitely took more aspects into account than I did (efficiency never even came to mind).  Oh well, I suppose it’s now time for me to reveal my side of things:

In first place (5 points) is DelHemar.  The throw was the most impressive, along with the surprise development that came along at the end.

In second place (4 points) is Cressida.  The throw was unfortunately more of a drop, but knowing paper, I was actually impressed that it managed to land in the pin.

And finally, of course, Janus gets disqualified once again.  It appears that there was no throw, and it was all done via trickery.  Poor form Janus.  Poor form.

That brings the totals for the week as 10 points to Cressida and 9 points to DelHemar.

Since it’s an even week, let’s take a look at the total scores:

DelHemar - 195.5

Cressida - 177

Laika en'Naur - 39

Saka - 22

Iawen - 20

Aeston, Areni, and Gwen - 18.5

Kovaks - 15

Orion - 13

Bart - 19

Vawn - 10

Syruss - 10

Jerrick Jerrickson - 10

Luc-Dubois Coupant - 9

Osa - 8

Keras - 13

Kwido - 6

J'reth - 5

Nalydros - 5

Rosetta - 5

Sagart Hawkshade - 5

Tarun Ul-Sikar - 5

Thayet - 5

Vanduke- 4

King Alexander Cecil - 2.5

Jace - 2

Kara Nithisdottir - 1.5

Thoril - 1.5

It appears that there is a strong race between first and second, as well as 3rd-5th being competitive as well.  As a reminder, there will be a prize for the top 5 finishers, so there is still a chance for next time.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Rumors for November 1020

[Across the Realms]

The Black Dagger thief was recently reported captured and locked up to await trial, however recent rumors state that guards are on the hunt again after a possible escape. It's likely the thief is now laying low, guards have asked for citizens to report any suspicious behavior.


A strange symbol seems to keep appearing around Gabriel's Tavern, depicting a circle bearing a diamond inside and a line running vertical through the center.

This same symbol seems to be frequenting a nearby library and a few merchant stalls. Talk of the symbol states that it appears and disappears shortly after.

However, there is one location where the symbol hasn’t been disappearing and with it stands strange lettering that no one can seem to translate.

[The Dreaming]

A strange melody seems to be passing through the dreaming. It holds no lyrics but those who claim to have heard it feel like they know the words. 

It holds a soft, gentle tone bringing a sense of loneliness, cold rain, emptiness and sorrow, but a glimmer of sunlight. Many agree that the songs title should be "Empty Rain"

Those who attempt to follow the sound are often led to a hidden grove where an old forgotten temple lies. Overgrown with plantlife and its stonework crumbling.

There appears to be some sort of puzzle upon its door that requires an oddly shaped item and two large statues guard it on either side. One standing tall and proud but covered in foliage, the other a crumbled ruin.

The Forgotten Grove seems to call people closer, but denies entry to its temple. 

To those who wish to follow this, they should keep an ear out for further rumors about "Empty Rain."

[New Verai]

Back in February New Verai shut down their borders to all travel due to an outbreak of an unknown disease. Since that time, little news has come out about the situation inside the walls. Those traveling past the borders see smoke from chimneys, sometimes see a sentry at a distance patrolling, and some sounds can be heard of people going about their lives. No one can confirm if this mystery illness has been cured or curbed as sentries stay at a distance or fire arrows at those getting too close to the New Verai borders.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Oh My Omens 1

 In three nights you have three dreams, each dream is different, and you can barely remember it the next day. 

After the first night, you remember the sound of twinkling crystal, the smell of fresh bread, this scene:

and nothing else. 

After the second night you remember a child's laugh the strobe of lightning in the distance and this scene:

After the third night, you wake with the taste of old milk and feathers in your mouth, and this image crisp in your mind:

And as you rise to tend to your necessaries, there comes a knock at your door. Staving off the call of your bladder you answer the door, still bleary eyed, and before you stands 5 youthful adventurers. A brawny steel suited fellow. A lithe wiry haired waif. A jaunty hat thoughtful type. A mashup of a thing. and some guy who must be named Bill, you're sure of it. 

Bill speaks for them all. "We've been sent on a quest to find the Oracle of well..this hovel. And we know it to be you. Our last Oracle told us you would have our answers. Can you tell us how to save our home?"

You know their words to be true. You do have the answers, your words will invariably lead them to save their town, your dreams were the omens for them. But what do you say? 

Answer in the comments!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Small Pleasures Bracket - Round 14

Was it possible? Did not getting rained on truly get defeated? The Realms was resolute in deciding that they'd accept having water over them if they could also make sure they had access to water underneath them. Here's where the bracket stands right now:

In the second match of the semi-final rounds we have another two behemoths facing off:

Option A: Going out to dinner break to that amazing restaurant everyone in your group loves.
Option B: A communal campfire on an evening with a slight chill.

As always, vote and discuss on Facebook!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Meme Mondays

 by the Meme Team

Bonus Among Us meme, part 4

Friday, November 6, 2020

Home Questing: Task 21

 by Christoper "Janus" Donnelly 

Here is the form for you to submit your most impressive feat of strength:

If you would prefer to send something to me directly rather than uploading to youtube or some other video hosting site, please email it to



Hi all, Janus here.  And welcome to Home Questing, the twenty-first task.  This week I am asking you to perform your greatest feat of strength.  The most impressive feat of strength wins.  You have until Friday at noon, and your time starts now.


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Ask Zarine #7

 by Sara "Zarine" Jessop

Dear Madam Zarine

It has been quite a long time since we have all gotten together in our normal questing and feasting fashion. I miss everyone terribly as I had just become accustomed to this new land and culture. Which means it will be even more amazing and joyous when we all gather again! But I am starting to get to my wits end. I have completed all of the tasks I have wanted during this separated time. Improved clothing, weapons, and trinkets. Even taking up journaling. What would you recommend to do to pass the time?


Bored And Crawling Up The Walls


Dear Bored,

I can completely sympathize with your problem. At first I was quite content to stay at home and finally have some time to myself. Constantly entertaining others is quite rewarding work but it can also become a bit tedious. You know what's more tedious though? Listening to Sven and Miguel argue over soup seasoning for the forty-seventh consecutive day. Yes, my household has become stir crazy and they are all acting like fools.

Did you know, my dears, that 'stir' in the term 'stir crazy' is slang for 'prison'? Well, if you were using your recess from normal life to study the etymology of phrases to use while dispensing free advice maybe you would have. Learning new things is a great way to pass the time and as someone who will need to listen to you all on a regular basis when things are once again routine, improving your vocabulary would be a fantastic place to start. As someone who has to read what you all have to say while we are socially distancing, grammar would be an even better place to begin.

Since you mentioned journaling I assume that you like to write. There are many places where your prose could be useful. The folks here at The View are always looking for content and accept all sorts of features in a variety of mediums. You could start your own publication if you desire more freedom, though I warn you with too much freedom comes much postponement of actual work especially if you are easily distracted. I find that having clear goals for writing can help you procrastinate less, which is why I like a combination of writing for multiple publications with varying degrees of expectations and deadlines.

While the above are great suggestions to help battle your ennui (which is pronounced like ahn-wee by the way, you uncultured harlequins) they don't do a lot to battle the loneliness caused by isolation. If you don't live in a home full of vibrant and entertaining people like I do you may find yourself craving social interaction. And even if you do, you might find yourself craving it with different people than the ones with which you have been sequestered. I suggest finding a way to still be social but from a distance.

Have you considered having a pen pal? I know what you are thinking, 'pen pals are for school children'. Well, my darling, you are wrong. Letter writing is an art form, my dears. It is also an excellent way to get to know someone new! Someone should start a pen pal program, like a matchmaking service for aspiring letter writers. Maybe I'll start one if the boredom becomes too much to bear.

You mentioned that you are new to these lands, and what better way to learn more about them and it's people than by helping me with my new project. The Public Information Society is always looking for folks to add to our archives. Many people seem reluctant to gossip lately so we could use a social, friendly person to convince them to do so. Perhaps if they don't like writing and you do, you could offer to write down their information for them. You'd be getting to know people from a distance and helping out with an ambitious new project that could use some more hands.

There have been a number of successful socially distanced gatherings in The Realms in the last several months. We seem to have found a way to project our voices and even our images across great distances. I have no idea how this is done from a technical standpoint, but I'm sure it's some kind of magic. There is one coming up in just a few weeks. The annual Black and White ball will be happening, presumably from the respectable distance once should stand from their dance partner. I wouldn't know, I've never been one to maintain a proper waltzing distance. But while these gatherings may be different than we are used to, they are nevertheless a way for us to maintain some sort of normalcy in a very abnormal time. I plan on attending and you should as well. If nothing else, we should support the folks who are trying their best to alleviate our boredom.

All of this seclusion can be hard on folks. Even introverts need some outside interaction from time to time and can struggle with long term isolation. Those magical means of communicating I mentioned previously have gotten far more advanced in recent years, presumably due to running out of the elves who used to deliver all of our communication. Find some friends to communicate with regularly, and make sure to have a trusted group that you can contact if you are having a really tough time. Visit the Realms Tavern and have a chat with other folks who are likely just as desperate for interaction as you are. You never know who you might meet there.

Just remember, you are not truly bored out of your mind unless you randomly cause a scene on the town common. Shouting obscenities, posting controversial opinions on the job board, removing other people's postings or just tacking your own directly on top of theirs, digging through the trash pile for last years arguments to rehash, and my favorite; reminding people that we should all just get along in the way most likely to cause an altercation. You should try it, it's great fun... I'm just kidding, please don't. In fact, stay away from the common. There isn't a lot of sense there.

I hope that some of these suggestions were helpful. Even if they weren't, reading it took up some time out of your already self described monotony, I suppose. I am nothing if not a reliever of people's dull and uninteresting lives, after all. Happy to be of service. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Small Pleasures Bracket - Round 13

It was a close contest between a moonlit night quest and an evening perfect for a campfire, but the later was victorious through it's second round. You might say that the option is really heating up! Here's how the bracket looks as we move into our semi-final round:

Now things really start to get exciting as the competing options have all been vetted multiple times and are for-sure crowd favorites. It's up to you to decided which small pleasure is the greatest small pleasure and things are about to get real!

Option A: Flush toilets on site.

Option B: There is no rain for the entire event.

Debate and vote on Facebook!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Morning Coffee Break

 Got your morning cup of coffee and a few minutes? Great! We're trying out a new feature at the View - we're going to be asking a series of questions and we want to know your answers! The question is posted below. So while you sip your morning beverage of choice, ruminate on this one:

What is your favorite Halloween candy? (or, conversely, what is the worst possible Halloween candy you would never want to find in your bag?)

Head on back to the Facebook page and drop us a comment to let us know!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Meme Mondays

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Bonus Among Us Meme Part 3