Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I Can't Even, Strange Words

I Can't Even...
 By Sara "Zarrine" Jessop
...Strange Words

            I've noticed something lately. Perhaps it's been happening for a long time and I had not yet observed it as I don't tend to listen to your useless prattling. As you have all begun to take my advice I have found that opening my ears to you has become far less painful than in the past. However you all have such a strange way of speaking and it must be contagious because sometimes I even catch myself spouting the same ridiculous verbiage.

            I suppose we could call most of these words “slang”. Words that we have made up in place of other, more proper words. Even the world itself sounds so distasteful. Slang. Seriously, dear reader, say it a few times. Doesn't it begin to sound stranger and stranger? We must rid our vocabulary of such vulgar displays of nonsense. I have compiled a list of words and phrases which are either slang, used entirely incorrectly, or just straight up utter rubbish that are constantly being bandied about. Obviously there are more than the few listed, but my editor is a real stickler for his time schedule, so you'll just have to settle for the ones that annoy me the most.

            Cars: What even are those, you ask? Apparently they are some advanced form of transportation. Like a carriage, but without the need for those pesky (and smelly) horses. A horseless carriage, if you will, which is the appropriate terminology. They move quite quickly, which is how we manage to get to events in far off lands and then back home again all in one day. But why do we insist on calling it a “car”? It's such a harsh and unimaginative word. If we are making up words they ought to be fantastically extravagant like 'auto carriage' or 'magimobile'.

            The odd names you use for your jobs: Why can't you just be honest. I don't go around telling people that I am a masseuse do I? I mean, I do massage things, but I am pretty sure that would still make me a liar. And the way you elaborate upon the lie! It's like you actually believe that you really work in these boring, made up professions when your actual occupations are so much more interesting. Who wants to hear you talk about your imaginary job where you crunch numbers or serve tacos when they could instead hear about your adventures as a member of your national militia? Math versus bloody battles to the death? Only losers would chose math. So you might want to keep that in your back pocket because the Realms is full of those. But the people actually worth your time to talk to want to hear about your real accomplishments in the real Realms. I talk about mine all the time. “But Zarine, aren't you ashamed of what you do?” Goodness no! Who would be ashamed of being a Doctor?

            Calling out people's character:  So there is a phrase that I apparently don't quite understand. “Staying in character.” I always assumed that it was some kind of back handed attack on someone's actual character. Like when you do something that's expected of your “type.” If I were to say, be a complete bitch to someone, and someone said “stay in character”, I would think they were saying “keep being a bitch, bitch.” Much like telling someone to “stay classy.” it's not really a compliment. But whenever I get uppity with someone for saying such a thing, I get “that's not what that implys.” Well, by all means, enlighten me. What the bloody hell does it portend?  No one seems to know because instead of explaining it to me when I ask they roll their eyes harder than I do when someone else wins best dressed. Perhaps it's an inside joke. If so, I don't wish to be part of whatever clique came up with it. Actually, I do, because it's awesomely snarky, but only if they really mean what I still think it means.

            Television, movies, and “Netflix”: I assume all of these things are similar, as they are often interchanged casually in conversation. There are thousands if not millions of different sub genres of the base topic. They reference stories being told with some sort of illusion magic, like the living embodiment of books. We all talk about them, but I've yet to have ever see any of them nor spoken to anyone who has. So what are they and how do we know about them? Perhaps they are simply shared vivid dreams. Or perhaps more powerful magics are involved. Whatever it is, there is always someone, or a group of someones, who claim that talk of these things “breaks their immersion”, whatever that means.

            Which brings me to the last one I have time for, breaking immersion: Another curious phrase that seems to have some hidden meaning. To get to the bottom of this we first have to look at what immersion is. My dear friend Miriam tells me that it is a state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption. Usually this phrase is uttered after other strange words, so perhaps it is simply that even the simplest of plebs finds the massacre of the common tongue to be distracting from whatever task they were performing. Yet it seems to be deeper than that. It seems to bother people on a purely physiological level. Now, I am not that type of doctor, but I know that if something preventable is bothering someone the easiest treatment is to stop doing the thing! These cockamamie expressions are clearly unhinging some of our ranks. So perhaps we should all be a bit more considerate and use proper dialect. Being more aware of our parlance is the very least we can do to help alleviate breaks in others immersion in whatever was they were heretofore immersed in.

            Too long? Did not read?
            Don't be a twit.
            See you next Tuesday.  


Zarine is the proprietor and Madam at Alchimia Lupanar, a magic marshal approved practitioner of medicine, an award winning author, and has 36 years of experience in giving her unsolicited opinion.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Arc Sphere Distortions

Arc Sphere Distortions

by Steven "Therian" Matulewicz

Friday, January 27, 2017

Baron Diamonds Tale, Tale 1 of the 50 Tales of Arioch

Turnabout is Fair, Play!
by Daniel "The Baron" Diamond

A demon lord once made a fair-sounding offer to a group of questors. “My vault is infested with imps. Rid me of the imps, and you can have the treasure in return.” As said questors were in the middle of searching for an item needed to avert hellish consequences, they accepted.  They made their way deep into the vault, overcoming first a death ward, a disease ward, and endured a pick your own poison. Progress was slow but steady, as Crystal brought up the rear with a seed of life keeping anyone from falling behind. Providentially, young Thorgar had brought a disease-curing slug which was most helpful.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

You Will be Missed

You Will Be Missed, Meatshield 
by Casey "Karhma" Lemay

 So Meatshield was a good friend of mine,
 As many of you know or have heard my rhymes. 
He would wander off with me far and wide, 
To see what far-off places had to hide. 
Infernal weapons I learned how to make, 
But little did we know what was at stake. 

Gathering all sorts of material in hell one day, 
Please forgive me for some of the things I’m about to say. 
We stumbled upon what I thought was a rumor, 
And once again, please excuse my humor. 
It was the infamous IMP PORN!!!! It does exist!!! 
We couldn't help it, had to look, we couldn't resist.

 It was awful and gruesome, they were goin’ at it like rabbits! 
And that right there is where Meatshield picked up some habits. 
That’s it, the trip was over, after that horrible sight, 
If we left right then we be back at the shop by night. 

Weeks went by I thought things were dandy, 
But Meatshield was slowly becoming less handy.
 Investigating his room I found it more “scummy,”
 I think he was giving JB a run for his money. 
He would disappear for days and weeks at a time,
 Again, sorry this isn't the most PG-rated rhyme. 

Disappointed, I knew my Meatshield was hooked, 
All because of that cursed day we just had to look. 
After much thought about what to do, 
I knew the only thing to get him through. 
Send him to Shadow he always knows best! 
He would fix him right up and Meatshield would pass the test. 

For Shadow always knows what to do with magic things, 
This right here folks, is why I call him my king! 
So let this cautionary tale be a fair warning, 
For my dear Meatshield, I am now somewhat in mourning. 
He is in time-out off and safe in the Shadow Plane, 
And maybe one day will return to me a little more tame. 

When looking for materials within hell, 
This one time and one time only I will tell: 
The item for infernal weapons you are looking for is IMP HORN, 
I pray to shadow you do not find yourself viewing IMP PORN.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why You Should Go - Viper Trials by Nataliya "Shader" Kostenko

What up homies? 

You know why you should go to Viper Trials? It’s cause we cool, yo. Our event-throwing skills are WHACK. But this time, I mean whack in a good way. Plus, we’re gonna feed you and sh*t. And also, there’ll be a quest, maybe. (I mean definitely, but you know I don’t know that sh*t in-character) I’m braindead, I haven’t slept in three days because I’ve been crafting for this event, so it must be good, right?? Please come. It’s only ten bucks. Rachael (or do I put Katya? I don’t know) will cry if you don’t. 

 For realz, though. There will be gambling, fighting, food, plots most foul, monsters most … I guess, also foul(?) and unblightening. Hit us up! 

 --Viper Trials event throwing squad out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Can't Even,

I Can't Even...
by Sara "Zarine" Jessop 
… Outfit Changes

            After a few weeks of exploring other topics, this week I'll be returning to my favorite one: Fashion. There seems to be confusion among the people of the Realms as to when it's appropriate to change outfits, and what is the appropriate outfit to change into. So once again I shall educate you all on how to do the right thing. Fashion-wise of course... I'll leave morality to more qualified people.

            Dear reader, changing your outfit can change your life. It can turn you from boring wallflower to the bell of the ball, from a bloodstained warrior to a dashing gentleman.  Below I will outline several reasons for changing, and how you should handle each situation.

            Shedding your traveling gear: If you are like me, you prefer to travel in more comfortable clothing than you will be wearing on the tournament field or at a fancy dinner party. But when and how should you change? Chose traveling wear that makes it easy to change at or in your mode of transportation. First impressions are important. You don't want your grand appearance on the field or in the feast hall to impress upon your fellow man that you are a bedraggled ragamuffin. You want everyone to turn, look at you, and see a put together bad ass. Or so I assume. And before someone misinterprets this and I have to see you buck naked and go blind, I am not saying strip in the carriage lot. I am saying to wear clothing that makes it easy to change without showing the whole world that which they would rather not see. Though I suppose in some cases that would be your face, so maybe it's unavoidable.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Arc Sphere Distortions

Arc Sphere Distortions

by Steven "Therian" Matulewicz

Friday, January 20, 2017

Soft's Lullaby

Soft's Lullaby
written by Swoop and Pilpus

As dusk turns to dark and night blankets the world
Come lay your sweet head, listen close to my words
In lands full of danger with monsters abound
My cold sweet embrace will keep you safe and sound

I'll keep you protected oil your final rest
For blood of the cov'nant lasts even through death
While glamour and glitter turn to dust in time
The love of a family will always survive

So choose your friends wisely they'll help you survive
For in the hearts of family mem'ries never die
While glamour and glitter turn to dust in time
The love of a family will always survive 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

What You Missed: Arisia

written by Rachel Downing

Hey, guys! I’m back. Did you miss me?

… Do you remember me? I wrote that one What You Missed post two years ago about the Arisia event, The Mountain Citadel. Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait.

Done? That was pretty quick. You really expect me to believe you read that? You know what, here’s the gist: I’m the person who wrote a View post about a Realms event without participating in said event, or participating in any other Realms event, or knowing any of the people who ran the event, or being involved in Realms in any way, shape, or form. Because Pi asked me to.

Okay, that’s out of the way. Now strap in, because this account of “Excursion to the Boundry Summit”, this year’s Arisia event, is going to be absolutely amazing. Despite the sleep deprivation from only getting five hours of sleep the night before because there was an unavoidable party in my room until 3AM, and needing to be awake at 8AM, and missing most of the event due to prior commitments I hadn’t fully understood at the time but couldn’t back out of, and… Yeah, this is gonna be great.

It started out strong, with a whole gaggle of children excited to run around whacking each other, before the scheduled start time of 9AM. Of course, it was necessary to train them all in basic Realms combat, i.e., lightest touch, take your hits, don’t put anyone’s eyes out. All this explanation was made much more interesting by the interruptions of a very small and very energetic child with a helmet and molded foam sword, who would become crucial to the PCs later. Probably. For some value of crucial, anyway. For now, he was simply very, very bad at taking hits.

While the PCs were getting themselves sorted out, and hitting each other with things (probably crucial to the getting-sorted-out), the combat NPCs huddled ominously in a corner, probably plotting something really evil. One of the PCs lost his lemon, and then found it again; we
discovered that the very small child was also very bad at the concept of lightest touch. The PC lost and found his lemon again.

The time was now 9:45AM, and the plot was trying to start happening. Some goblins were mad at the PCs, and were trying to air their grievances, but someone still needed to be combat trained. Fortunately (ironically?), the very small child cut through the distractions and raised the alarm, shouting, “GOBLINS!! YOU GUYS!!! GOBLINS!!!!” The goblins departed without battle, but with a threatening parting shot - “Be ready!  … er, please don’t be ready.”

It’s at about this point in time that I was forced to depart the event, because I was working tech staff for a separate event rehearsal at the convention. Luckily for you, dear reader, your intrepid reporter (that is to say, yours truly) has an account of the ensuing events from a confidential informer, who will remain nameless. Back to the action, from my notes:

The PCs discovered that the goblins were mad that the humans built a giant tower in their land. (SPOILER ALERT for the impatient reader - it wasn’t a tower after all! It was a spaceship!) The PCs encountered a traveller who spoke gibberish. They beat up a dragon. I’m not sure where the dragon came in, but I’m sure it made sense at the time. They eventually got into the spaceship, née tower, and discovered some real weird things behind glass doors in the cargo bay, including an ithilid, and a giant worm from three years ago. They beat up the weird things. Some scared strangers, speaking gibberish, shot at the intruders--er, I mean, the PCs. Who were totally not intruding. 

The PCs got into an electronics room with a closed-off reactor giving off radiation. I think the radiation is what was bothering the goblins. The PCs solved some puzzles to turn on the room’s computer, which was then able to translate the gibberish. The PCs fixed the spaceship, which was apparently broken, and flew it home. The end, probably.

(Now, personally, I feel like if the goblins hadn’t wasted their time being so mad about everything and blaming stuff on innocent people, they could have fixed their own problem and not bothered anyone at all. But hey, that’s just my opinion.)

To sum up, it seems like it was a pretty good event, and you should have been there, but you weren’t. We’re all very disappointed in you for not showing up. But I’m sure you can join your fellow nerds running around hitting each other with foam-covered sticks another time.

And that’s what you missed in Realms!

What You Missed - Feast of the Leviathan XIX (photos)

Friends and comrades brave the cold and gather together in Rhiassa (Staff)

Spending time (and coin) at the Chimeron Casino (Dustin Mack)

The new carnival game, Knock the Knights (Staff)

Sir Lysis tries out the Castle Siege carnival game (Dustin Mack)

Playing giant Carcassone (Dustin Mack)

Intrepid adventurers tackle the Gau Dring Big Game Hunt (Dustin Mack)

The Guild of Honorable Service at court (Dustin Mack)

Aeston and Areni present their firstborn son, Aeryk Stromgate (Dustin Mack)

The feasthall at large (Dustin Mack)

Heroes of the Western Flank auction - useful NPC gear plus magic items (Staff)

Camaraderie and gaming (Staff)

Perusing the quests available through the Adventurers Guild (Staff)

Merchant tables laden with goods (Staff)

Making some amazing wire sculpture (Staff)

The Chimeron table (Staff)

Very intent on these papers (Staff)

Shader, First Lieutenant of the Huntress Guild, accepts a View Award (Staff)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recipe Box: Feast of Leviathan Macaroni and Cheese

Recipe courtesy of Lani "Sir Gwen" Grayson

 Baked Ricotta Macaroni and Cheese
  • 8 ounces fresh mozzarella, grated or cut into small cubes 
  • 1 1/2 cups ricotta  
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon Italian Seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon fresh parsley 
  • 8 ounces farfalle pasta 
  • 1/4 cup bread crumbs 
  • ½ cup finely grated romano cheese
  • ½ cup butter, melted
  • ¼ cup milk

  1. Preheat oven to 375F. Butter the bottom and sides of an 8x8 baking dish.
  2. Mix together the shredded mozzarella, ricotta, ¼ cup of the romano, and seasonings.
  3. Boil and drain pasta. Mix together in the prepared baking dish.
  4. Bake for 10 minutes. As the dish is baking, prepare the crumb topping by mixing together the rest of the romano, bread crumbs, and melted butter. Add the milk to the pasta dish and stir. Then add the crumb topping. Bake until heated through and topping is browned.

 Leviathan twist: served with variety of toppings and mix-ins so each guest could customize their plate -
  • Marinara sauce
  • Sausage crumbles
  • Chopped fresh basil
  • Chopped artichoke hearts

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I Can't Even

I Can't Even...
 by Sara "Zarine" Jessop
… Dinnerware

            This weekend, like many of you, I traveled to the lands of Rhiassa for the annual Feast of The Leviathan. I was pleased to find a plethora of good manners and fancy dress. People were on their very best behavior it seemed. I even overheard many people who you would never expect speaking of fashion! I was having a wonderful time catching up with friends and listening to people enjoying themselves. I could see and hear my influence all around me and I felt such pride in you all, but mostly in myself for being such a good purveyor of advice.

Photo by Jason "Hat Dad" Rosa

            I was a little disappointed when I first got to our table to discover that there was already a sprinkling of crumbs and globs of various butters smeared across the tablecloth. The general population has made vast improvements on their attire but clearly not in their ability to masticate without making a mess. Of course matters were not helped by the lack of a bread plate. My spirits were lifted when the first course arrived: breakfast. I love breakfast foods. Every meal should be breakfast. Sir Gwen knows what's up.

Monday, January 16, 2017

2016 View From Valehaven Award Winners

Best Special Effects
  Winner: Feast of Blackwood VII
  Runner-up: G.O.F.E.R. T.W.O., Rhiassa Presents: Echoes of Ragnarok 2
  Honorable Mention: The Event Which Must Not Be Named V
Best Props/Costumes
  Winner: Monster Island, Rhiassa Presents: Echoes of Ragnarok 2 
  Runner-up: Feast of Blackwood VII
  Honorable Mention: G.O.F.E.R. T.W.O.
Best Night Quest
  Winner: The Event Which Must Not Be Named V
  Runner-up: Folkestone Questing 2016
  Honorable Mention: Feast of Blackwood VII
Best Plot
  Winner: Risen Kingdom
  Runner-up: Echoes of Ragnarok
  Honorable Mention: Daemons (Blackwood), Hell (Folkestone)
Non-feast Event for Great Food
  Winner: A Very Merry Yule at Crazy Cecil's Uncle's Tavern 2
  Runner-up: Black & White 2016
  Honorable Mention: The Event Which Must Not Be Named V
Best Feast
  Winner: Feast of Blackwood VII, Rhiassa Presents: Feast of the Leviathan XVIII
  Runner-up: Feast of Highbridge IV
  Honorable Mention: Nedengiving

Arc Sphere Distortions

Arc Sphere Distortions

by Steven "Therian" Matulewicz
There's no kill, like overkill. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Letter to Sir Tao

Sir Tao Ya Kang, Lord of Clontarf,

Thank you for your letter Sir Tao.  I managed to find a new employer who was, and still is, in need of mercenaries to supplement her efforts to become the Nyame des Nordens.  This enables me to earn enough pay for general expenses such as armor repair, new weaponry and travel cost.  Every little bit of coin I get from Blackwood assists a great deal.

Despite the steadily full purse, the work I am doing here is considerably dangerous.  I am in the employ of Liandra zu Wolfenau from House Qu’ellar Xarann of the Protectorate of Gales Morgan in the Northern Seal region of Mythodia.  She wishes to replace the current Nyame des Nordens, Kasha´lee Zress.  The position is similar to that of an Empress given the position by the grace of the Elements which are like gods here.  Through this work, I am fighting their wars in armies the size of which I have never seen.

Rise of the Ratio and the Realm of Roses
When I started my work within Mythodia three years ago the war against the armies of the counter elements, Schwarzes Eis, Öligen Pestilenz, die Leere, and der Untote Fleisch, had just turned in a new direction.  The final seal to Kelriothar, the mirror world, had been broken the previous year allowing for the rise of a new threat, the Army of Doubt and the Ratio under the Primordial Skeptics.  I participated at first in the war against the Schwarzes Eis or Black Ice in the border regions of the Realm of Roses.  Later, my first employer the Archon Karl Weber took his gathered Lion’s Guard and mercenaries and attempted to assault an enemy position in the North but our Air Portal was corrupted by Vin´Shar of the Leere which landed us in lands of Southern Seal under the control of the Untote Fleisch.  The effort to pull ourselves out of the trap was substantial and our small force of just under six hundred paid heavily for it.  Yet we managed to free ourselves and return to our respective Seal Regions or places of work.  That is when I met Liandra zu Wolfenau, my current employer.

Work with Liandra and the War against the Ratio
With the war between the Reich der Rosen, or Realm of Roses, and the Schwarzes Eis dying down some, work dried up.  With some luck, however, a new employer came along with a lot to gain.  Liandra zu Wolfenau was in the capital of the Realm of Roses to get her children that had been kept there for protection when she announced that she would be undergoing the tests to become the Nyame des Nordens a position that was already filled by Nyame Kasha’lee Zress.

Her House, Qu’ellar Xarann, was heavily comprised of drow but they mostly worked within the political environment of their world.  If you know anything about my history, working with drow was a bit nostalgic for me.  When I first arrived in Realms some twenty or more years ago, it was a drow house that had taken in my family.  In any case, the house was first heading south, back to the lands I had been trapped in the previous year, but this time with a plan.  The conflicts this year were decidedly more in our favor though for the first time in a long time I had to fall off the front lines due to physical exhaustion.

After the southern campaign, we traveled North once more where we prepared to meet up with the Great Host to march on Kelriothar the home of the Ratio and the Army of Doubt.  As of this time my expenses were well paid and my gear well maintained.  Working with someone like Liandra zu Wolfenau has great potential.  If she is succeed in her mission, she would effectively be one of the two rulers of the entire Northern Seal.  I must admit that the prospects are plentiful.  My primary goal being that I could one day hold a protectorate in the name of Blackwood within the Northern Seal though the money feels as if it may dry up.

War against the Ratio within the Mirror World
When we met up with the Great Host army, the baggage trains stretched for miles.  I had never seen so many soldiers and camp followers before.  It was the largest army I had ever seen and it consisted of kingdoms, principalities, protectorates, baronies, tribes and more all from the seals, the Reich der Rosen and the Freienmark.  The army was divided into several Banners.  Ours was the Banner of Unity.  The Great Host was led by the Banner Council which consisted of representatives from the within the banners.  We were broken down to several quarters within our own banner and each quarter had its own camp and personal palisade.  We were called Veribus Unitas.

As we entered the Mirror World we were beset by endless legions of Schwarzes Eis, Untote Fleisch and the Army of Doubt.  According to House Xarann, we had expected a counter attack of great proportion form the Primordial Sceptics who now controlled the opposition.  Due to uncovered prophesy and strange weather, it became known that the Primordial Skeptics were playing with Time.  This plan was stopped during a large battle that I was not present for when the Lord of Negation, Firin Krähensang was killed by a Sword Bearer who died in the action. I was stuck on a different battlefield attempting to aid in maintaining a presence there as we lost the field after several hours of fighting.

Negatives and Conclusion 
Death is a problem here.  In most cases, it is permanent.  This has been a problem for me here as I have no intention of dying but I have often come close.  I have been poisoned, corrupted, and beaten within inches of death several times since my arrival.  Cleaning out the blood is becoming a daily habit at least when on campaign.  The money I earn from Liandra mostly covers living and repair expenses but does not cover any desires for potential Blackwood expansion.  The allotments that I have been receiving from Blackwood have gone virtually unspent and are instead going into a chest to be used when my name has grown enough.  I will need to be able to fund my own mercenaries should the day come when it is time to form an East Blackwood Protectorate within Mythodia.

Please send my regards to King K, Lord Nos and the people of Blackwood.

- Dagger Arkenstone of Blackwood, Mayor of CrestGrath, Awakened of the Void

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What You Missed: Gamblers' Guild Extravaganza I

by James "Sir Tao" Murphy 

When you missed that draw, or what you missed at Gamblers Guild Extravaganza.

I love this site for small events. The game animals, the wood walls, the view, it really sets the tone. While I was busy with the main tournament up to the end (spoilers), I understood there were also table games going (I may have heard something about Therian getting a blackjack when he made a big bet, and Kara getting a straight flush in Let-It-Ride).

Quick note about this being a damp site: everybody behaved, no one got out of control, good job.   
The food was potluck, and the Realms delivered: turkey, ham, meatballs, pies, cakes, macaroni and cheese, potatoes, etc. Everything was fantastic (and I took home leftovers!)

The main event was good poker from the first hand to the last. The top fourteen players showed up eager for the prizes. The players were invited because they earned points throughout the year in various poker tournaments. 

All year, the various tournament directors held back one buy-in from each tournament which came to somewhat more than 700 gold. Sir Shean announced that the prize pool was increased to an even 1000 gold!

While there was some confusion around when breaks were going to happen, or what the next blind would be, the tournament ran pretty smoothly.

Now, poker players have a tendency to be gamblers in general and a few extra bets were also in play. Tao ran a fantasy poker player pick where for ten gold anyone could pick five players. If one of the players came in 5th place or better they earned points (5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, etc.). Tao also put in ten gold on a “field” where if no one picked any winners he would win. Three players tied out for picking four out of five of the final players. 

Jayce also offered up a “last longest” bet where the prize would go to the player that lasted longest, twenty-five gold buy in and six players went for it.  

                And then we started to play.

 Sir Wil was the first out on the first table when his pocket aces ran into a flush. 

RuBarb was the next to go from the first table when he went all-in with a straight draw, but was called with a flush draw. Both missed but the flush draw had an ace for a high card win.

Therian was first out on the second table when his straight lost to a flush.

Z on the second table was the next to go when he went all-in on a pocket pair, but the player who called him landed two pair on the flop. 

(A player was moved from the first table to the second table to balance them out).

Vex was the next to go when his two-pair were behind another player's two-pair.

At this point the tables were combined with nine players left. 

Gordon was the next to drop when his all-in with a straight draw did not fill.

Rillan was the next to leave when his all-in pocket jacks ran into ace/queen with an ace came on the board.

Mestoph was next when he went all-in with Ace three, but was called with Ace Queen and could not find a three.

Karma was forced into an all-in when she did not have enough chips to cover the bigblind and her 10 8, lost to a King five

We were now down to our top five. 

Jayce was next out in a family pot when his queen high lost to a player who played 2 3 and hit a piece.

Daekara was next out in fourth when he went all in with Ace six, but ran into a player with Ace King and he missed.

Last year’s winner Mathies went out in third place when he pushed all in with a suited Queen five, and a small stack, but ran into a player with pocket Queens.

This left just Avendar and Tao for the championship. When it got down to heads up, Avendar had Tao out-chipped 3:1.   But after about an hour of play Tao had built a slight chip lead, and his pocket fives earned him the win. Avendar had raised with Ace King pre-flop, and by the turn he could have won with any, ace, any king, or any heart. It was a classic matchup. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why You Should Go: to Rhiassa Presents: Feast of the Leviathan XIX

 by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Certainly one of the longest running feast events in our community, Leviathan has grown into an important yearly tradition in the Realms which helps us both summarize the past year we had together and prepare for the new one.

Having such a long history is a great honor, but with this long tenure runs the risk of an event that becomes predictable and stale. We in Rhiassa work hard to make sure that there is ample entertainment for all of our patrons and we try to add new things every year to keep people interested and to try new ideas. Allow me to summarize some of that entertainment below.

Returning to Leviathan this year for it's third appearance will be the Gilded Lion Carnival. As always, one gold will buy you three tokens with which you can play a variety of games. Wining these games will get you tickets for a raffle of prizes and gold!

The Chimeron Casino will be setting up this year in order to provide those interested with a variety of table games throughout the day.

The Adventurer's Guild will be up and running for a few hours again this year, so take the opportunity to earn some gold while you use pen and sword to fight for the good of the Realms.

Gau Dring will once again be bringing their Big Game Hunt to challenge those who think they are the match of whatever monsters they choose to unleash.

There will be some board games to play, including a tournament with a giant game of Carcassonne.

A day-long gamed called Merchant Barons of Rhiassa will pit competitors against one another as they politic and trade their way to try and end up with the greatest amount of gold in their bags.

For those who are more comfortable relaxing at their tables rather than looking around the hall for entertainment, each of the dining tables this year will have two small games placed upon it for the purpose of engaging you and your close friends while you relax amongst yourselves.

The View from Valehaven awards will take place, as is customary, allowing us to honor those who have done their best to make our community greater.

Of course, all of that is just a sampling of the different tournaments and entertainment we have put together for you.

The real feature of the Feast of the Leviathan, however, is the food. Sir Gwen has worked hard, as always, to  create a stunning seven-course meal that will keep you full and happy throughout the day while you enjoy the company of your friends and family.

We in Rhaissa look forward to seeing all of you this coming weekend.