Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The View's Gauntlet: Aeston's Challenge

 by Jason (Aeston) Rosa

The Inspiration: Having thrown or been a part of Queen of Hearts for like the last billion years I'm sure it's no surprise that I have some experience designing war maneuvers (insert your Hadrian's Wall jokes here, I didn't event make that one up I stole it from SCA). What should also come as no surprise is my affinity for games in general. You can play the Realms' only Nintendo (Realmtendo) game on the Rhiassa website after all (shameless plug: link here) as well as the many Realms-themed board games available at the Gilded Lion merchant table (also online at this further shameless plug: link here). So, long story short, I love designing both war maneuvers and games of all kinds.

The Throwdown: I bet you, the Realms community, that I can design a balanced, high energy, and engaging war maneuver using any video game or board game as the inspiration.

The Parameters: The war maneuver I create will be suitable for running at an event like Queen of Hearts that have teams that are 20-30 people in size with fights that run from ten to twenty minutes on average. It might be a two-team game or a multiple-team game depending on the inspiration. It might require some unique props but I will try to keep those to a minimum and stick with materials that are easy for anyone to get their hands on.

How You Can Help: Post on facebook under this article your idea for a video game or board game that I can adapt or use as inspiration. Ideally it will be a multiplayer game but hey, you do you and we'll see what I can do with it.

We hope you are inspired to take up your own Gauntlet. If you have an idea for a challenge or skill you’d like to bring to the community for a View Gauntlet of your own, let us know!