Thursday, May 27, 2021

Five Questions about Getting Back

Though we can't exactly predict at this point when we will sit beside one another around the late night campfire, raise goblets together as we feast, or cross swords on the field of war, one thing is for certain, all of us are looking forward to the day where we can safely and responsibly play Realms together again. In anticipation of the hope that better days are ahead, we asked you some questions about getting back to playing Realms. 

Answers by Cal "Syruss" Marsden and Ben "Pilpus" Lacasse

In your time away from Realms, what have you been spending your hobby-time on instead of going to or preparing for events?

Cal: Prop building. Dungeons and Dragons Realms Campaign using The Folkstone Slider premise to explore different worlds with my Neden boys. I switch from Foam crafting swords to foam crafting game boards and buildings.

A Neden Questing Party - Photo by Cal

Ben: With Realms off the table over the last few years feeding my nerd side became much more difficult, as Realms was such a huge creative outlet in so many different ways!  Competitively, I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft with my Realms friends to keep me connected.  Creatively, I started painting/prepping a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army (Seraphon) and that's been a huge endeavor as well.  And without the goal posting of Knighthoods and assisting other community members I honestly felt a little starved of meaning/purpose, so spiritually I got to take some much needed me-time to evaluate and improve my life.  I've been promoted at work twice, lost 80 lbs and got married to the love of my life!

Ben and Danielle at their Wedding - Photo by Lizzy Marie

Accepting as fact that there are lots of things that we have all missed, what have you missed the most about being at Realms Events?

Cal: I really enjoy the physical aspect of eventing. From camping to fires, to the long walks during a quest or the fast movements of war tourneys. If I am being honest with myself I really miss Marshaling Queen of Hearts and seeing the epicness of our combat on full display. But above all, I miss throwing Neden's feast/Can drive and I look forward to when we can do that safely again.

Feast of Neden

Ben: I miss too many things to list, but the chief thing that I find myself longing for are my friends.  I never thought that my wedding would be without a full realms Groomsmen party, or that there'd be a whole year where I've only gotten to wave at my closest friends through a window.  There's few things on this earth that I wouldn't trade to be having a beer at the Nashua studio with my best friends planning Blackwood Tournaments.

Are there are plots or specific events or anything that you are particularly looking forward to for after the Realms gets going again?

Cal: I have always been a fan of Chimeron's open world events. But frankly, I will be excited for the first one that comes our way.

Ben: I was so hyped for last August's Demonic Invasion event and beyond bummed it had to be set back another year.  Rubarb has one of my favorite event holding styles and routinely delivers some of the most fun experiences every time he's at the helm of a plot.  As for NPCing though, I can't wait for That which Escapes Us, Ashenmark and New Blackwood plot as well!  Having a year to event prep/brainstorm has been great but I just want to put it all on the field!

Shameless Plug for Demonic Invasion (photo by Michelle Marie LaPlant)

Have you concocted any grand plans of any kind for once we can get back to Realms? Events you are planning or things you are going to do with your character? Any secret projects you've been working on that you want to give us a hint about?

Cal: I have a few new weapons that need to hit the field. I have been thinking of new stuff to add to the Neden museum and auction table, again very much looking forward to throwing our feast again. But hitting the questing trail with friends and putting smirks on faces is at the top of Syurss's list.

Neden's Fabulous Auction Table (photo by Cal)

Ben: That Which Escapes Us will be back in full swing come next summer, but as soon as realms reopens in any capacity, we have the BGAs from our last event ready to start the hype train rolling again!!  As for hints to what could be coming down the pipeline here are some properties we've drawn inspiration from with our most recent endeavors: Louis and Clark, Heart of Darkness, Alice in Wonderland, Tremors, Starship Troopers, and Return of the King!

Anything else you'd like to say to the Realms about this past year we've spent apart from each other or in anticipation of us seeing one another again?

Cal: I am very thankful for the closeness I have with my countrymen. We managed to stay in contact and got together safely as frequently as was possible. But even with the added distraction of donning garb once a month it did not quite scratch the itch that is being at LARP. While I love my crew I love the populous of the Realms as a whole and I missed all of you. This game has provided me with all my favorite memories, all my best friends, and the people I call family. It was like missing something internal in my life. I can only hope we are back together safely soon. I can not wait to see you all on the field.

photo by Robyn C. Nielsen

Ben: To the Realms at large- I'm so excited to have you all back in my life physically some time soon! 
The year without Realmsy hugs has been long and arduous but a brighter day dawns in the East ❤

photo by Dustin Mack