Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The View's Gauntlet Throw Down with Pat Bobell

The Inspiration: There are a lot of things I love doing within and for the Realms community, but I can say without a doubt my favorite creative tasks have been making unusual in-house plot items - typically for Father Yule requests. Sometimes they're simple foam and duct tape props. Occasionally, they'll include a little mischievousness. (See Exhibit A.) Or animatronics. (See Exhibit B.) Sometimes they're a magical document that players can write in and get responses to in real time during events, or a one-of-a-kind board game designed to answer a question that was asked. Anyway…

The Throwdown: I bet you, the community of the Realms, that I can create your suggestion for an in-house item with an unusual physical or mechanical twist.

The Parameters: The item I create will actually physically exist. It must be reasonably safe to have within a Realms questing environment (though I reserve the right to make it breakable - safe does not always equate to durable). I'm not going to spend a ton of money on materials, so if you ask for gold leaf plating you'll be getting gold duct tape or aluminum foil with yellow sharpie on it. The item will also, in some fashion, have more to it than one might regularly expect from an average Realms prop.

As a bonus, if I can reasonably transport it back across the country I'll include it in one of the various events I staff (once I'm able to safely run in-person events again).

How You Can Help: On the Facebook post for this article, comment suggestions for something your character wants to do, know, or have and I'll build an in-house item that makes it possible! I'm not going to constrain your imagination, I'll just pick whichever suggestion sounds the most interesting to make.