Thursday, May 16, 2019

O'er The Lands of the Realms: Iron Kingdom

by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Description by Matt "Thon" Morris

Orc legend tells of a FirstHome, a Bastion-in-the-Rock, a name as old as the Orc race itself, one that our oldest ancestors called home, and to which our last descendants will return.  That name is Blackmount.  It was here from which our ancestors departed for the stars, so long ago, to conquer worlds they’d never seen.  But conquest isn’t our Clan’s way.  We have returned to seek our roots and gather likeminded recruits from other Clans - from Pinkskins, too.  We welcome all who understand we’re stronger when we coexist.  This city-in-relief carved like an ant colony deep into the rock where our history began is both a hub and jumping-off-place for relief missions off-world.  The RiftAltar offers us the means to make a difference in the larger battles happening Out There.  This world remains our secret, our fallback position, and most of all our home.

Orcish culture can be offputting, at times, to the uninitiated.  As such, at the mouth of Blackmount Valley, the town of Windmere often serves as a first point-of-contact for those born elsewhere, looking to engage.  Take this local’s advice and try the herb-roasted potato wedges at the Staggerin’ Dragon, Windmere’s pub.

Finally, if trade goods are your reason for pathfinding to the West, the Blackmount Portal Transit Authority has granted licenses to a number of off-world merchants to set up at Rhakansia’s bazaar, just North of town.  You’ll find things there that aren’t native to this world, along with almost any legally traded commodity.  Feel free to carry your purse open on your person.  Its contents are safe from everything but silver-tongued merchants, thanks to the watchful eye of Blackmount’s elite BlackGuard corps keeping everyone honest.

Off-World expedition permits and job applications can be dropped off conveniently at Windmere’s academy, by those who feel a call to do more with their lives or feel the light of other suns.  All other business may be taken to the Warchief, personally, the first two days of every week, when they force me to set aside useful work and dust the throne off to hear petitions.  Bring me something interesting, will you?  We love a challenge, in the West.

We Hold All Powers To Account,
~JustCallMeThon no, seriously, no titles.  Also stop taking dictation. This part’s supposed to be a signature.  Just… guh….