Friday, June 28, 2019

O'er The Lands of the Realms: Stonewood

by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Description by Travis "Elwin" Wilcox

Within the borders of Stonewood there are a few key places of interest. For most of them you will have to see them yourself to be able to truly understand how things work there but I will do my best to give a brief description of each individual location. My best suggestion though is if you want to know more about one of the locations in Stonewood, please feel free to visit and check it out for yourself, but be warned not all is fun and games, there are things out there that would rather kill and eat you then ask you your name. This is just a fair warning to give you a sporting chance.

Stonewood Proper:

This is the location of the Stonewood Castle and most of its inhabitants. This is where Sir Elwin and most of the defenders of Stonewood live. There are also many other houses constructed here to harbor guests and travelers. Whenever traveling in this great land, make sure to check in here so that if you come up missing someone will look for you. Most of the academics are done at this location as well; the school for the magic’s and the vast knowledge of the library are safe housed at this location. If a new discovery is found, chances are it was found here. The walls of the castle encompass all of the residence of this area protecting them from invaders and random wandering undead. The only people who live outside the walls are the farmers who tend the fields.


This once dying community has been brought back to life in the past few years. From a simple town it has grown into a full fledged city. Its overall population nearly equals Stonewood proper. Much of the imports and exports that cross the boundaries of the country pass though this fair city before it is distributed out to the masses and other towns. In recent times the defense of Starhaven has been increased and much effort has been put into the cities repair after years of neglect and attacks. A new perimeter wall has been constructed and many of the older buildings have been brought back to their full luster. The city itself is composed of several different districts that sprawl out over the total cityscape. There are few things that cannot be found, traded or bought in this city. If there is something you need chances are, you will find it here and if you can’t find it there is surely someone who can get it for you, for the right price.

The Tower:

This great sight is located on the other side of the mountain range from Stonewood Proper. The massive obelisk extends high into the sky and has been said to shift in height and width at the desire of the gods. The tower is the home to our patron deities. This residence is for their physical form and not merely their avatars. Many other exotic creatures can be found in the surrounding areas and are generally considered under the protection of the gods. If you want to find out more I suggest you go in and visit, but be warned, speak carefully in the presence of the divine. This is also the only place you can legally obtain the beverage Blue Death. This is a sacred drink to us. Let it be known that if anyone is caught trying to manufacture this drink without the permission of Stonewood, you will be persecuted to the fullest extent of our law, and we are always trying to find new extents.

The Dark Chapel:

There is very little known about the church to the north. Very few have explored it and even fewer have survived the journey to tell the tale of what they found. It appears that all divinatory magic that is cast to find out anything about the place is being blocked as if there were something there to hide. In recent years adventurers have traveled up to The Dark Chapel and breached its blood soaked doors. They met a gruesome fate. Tales tell of an ancient demon who lurks within its walls. Be warned all who venture up to that dark place.

The Copper Mines:

We have set up a mining operation to the South East to mine up a large copper source. This operation is being led up by Asp. Thus far it has proven to be very profitable. It has also provided us with much needed materials that we can forge into new equipment. We have also found a few other items of interest while on the dig. It is simply amazing the kinds of things you find by rooting around in the dirt.

Dig Sites:

There are several dig sites all over Stonewood, excavation is going on everywhere trying to bring back some of the history that was lost in the great war. Many artifacts have been found in these digs along with some priceless information on our country's history. There are many precautions that are taken any time some enters into an official dig site. These sites are usually heavy guarded and defended at all costs. Friend of the nation or foe, trespassers are met with extreme prejudice and will be slain before asked questions, and oh yes the dead do speak. Any who wish to participate in one of the digs should speak with Sir Lord Elwin before making the trek to the sight. It should also be noted that strange magics have been uncovered at these sights so be weary before wandering.


Haven is the floating island that hovers above Stonewood. It his now the home to thousands of undead that have been transported there. The front of Haven is adorned by a massive skull that looks out over the lands. This skull is actually the main entrance into the underground section of the island. In that area is a massive city. The structure of the island weighs in at over six billion tons and harbors over five thousand undead. This number continues to grow each day as they are migrated from the mainland to Haven. The massive floating island is held afloat by a gigantic glowing crystal. This crystal powers the entire island as well as providing light to the lower city. On the outskirts of the island are small towns that are set aside for those undead who wish to have their seclusion. The entirety of the island is ruled by Sir Avernus Delkar. 

Silverglade Forest:

This seemingly enchanted forest is filled with wonder. Very few dare venture in and those that do speak little about what they find. Most find the forest quite unsettling and choose to take the road around the forest when traveling. It is rumored that many mystical and wondrous creatures live within but none have seen or at the very least confirmed this rumor. There has been sighting of bright lights emitting from the heart of the forest but no one knows what is causing it.