Tuesday, June 11, 2019

O'er The Lands of the Realms: Teng Hua

by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Description by Jason "Malaki"Gray

The ministry of the interior is extremely happy to share with you the many different virtues of our beloved country. It is our hope that you will make the journey and spend time getting to know our people and partake of the many beautiful sites in Teng Hua. For your convenience we have included a short summary of our many wonderful prefectures, and the major city of each.


Located in the northeast of Teng Hua, the prefecture of Sanza, or the Mountain Throne, is home to many beautiful vistas and towering spires. The people of Sanza are hearty, mountain people, and are more often than not involved in working various quarries of many different types of stone, and searching for various gems. The prefecture is also home to several popular monasteries. The city of Koto is where much of the trade happens and where most permanent citizens live as the winters in the mountains can be brutal. 

Kawa no Oza

Just south of Sanza is the prefecture of Kawa no Oza, or the River Throne. Life in Kawa no Oza is laid back and quiet. Due to the mountains and Inochi no Kawa (The River of Life), Kawa no Oza can be difficult to reach except by sea, landing at the port of Junsui. While isolated, life in Kawa no Oza is quite pleasant. The climate is pleasant most of the year, and life is lived at a bit if a slower pace. Harmony with nature is very important in this prefecture.

Kotei no Ude

Moving west we come to Kotei no Ude, or The Arm of the Emperor. This prefecture is one where the citizens work hard at providing for the nation, and are very proud of that fact. The majority of the nations grains are grown here, and all the farms are neat and orderly. Kotei no Ude is also home to the city of Chumon, one of the largest population centers in Teng Hua. Many of Teng Hua’s prominent business people call Chumon home.

Shimai Zaseki

Just west of Kotei no Ude is Shimai Zaseki, or The Sister Seat. Shimai Zaseki prefecture is known for its many natural resources, such as timber, precious minerals, and a variety of wildlife. The citizens of Shimai Zaseki are often seen as friendly contestants in the work ethic, and often try to outdo the citizens of Kotei no Ude.  The city of Shizukana lies at the base of the mountains and serves as a hub for the prefecture. Not far from the city proper are several temples which are often points of interest for visitors.

Umi no Musuko

The south coast of Teng Hua is home to the prefecture of Umi no Musuko, or Son of the Sea. As you may have guessed from the name, there is an ancient tradition of reliance upon the sea. With many small fishing villages along the coast, and the larger city of Arashi no Gake serving as the anchor, sea life is still the focus. This prefecture is prone to large storms sweeping in off the sea, and as such the citizens have learned to weather them. The main city of Arashi no Gake stands atop towering cliffs overlooking a double harbor. A strong naval presence is usually found here to aid smaller fishing vessels in times of especially bad storms.


Koeki-Sho, located in the southwest of Teng Hua is where most mainlanders enter Teng Hua. It is home to the nations largest city, Beokiminato. In fact, much of the prefecture is taken up by the city. It is said that you can find anything in Boekiminato if you know where to look or who to ask. This bustling port is also home to most of the non native people who currently reside in Teng Hua. 

Hana no Okoku

Hana no Okoku, or The Kingdom of Flowers is a must see. It is home to many of the palaces and gardens of the various nobles of  Teng Hua. Each building is designed to be pleasing to the eye, and to enhance the surrounding gardens. Truly the most beautiful prefecture. While here, we recommend visiting one of the many tea houses. Also, be sure to visit Furawabare for the most beautiful gardens,  palaces, and delectable cuisines.

Kotei no Shima

Kotei no Shima, or the Isle of the Emperor, just off the north coast of Teng Hua is home to the Emperor. Should you receive the honor of receiving an invitation to visit it is highly encouraged to make every effort possible to attend. Kokyu is home to many of the imperial offices, and is the main hub of government activity. A visit here can be highly educational, and most school aged children visit at least once during their education. 

We sincerely hope that this information is useful and that it will encourage you to visit Teng Hua.