Friday, November 2, 2012

Realms Pick-Up Lines

Mage Pick-Up Lines
-"I can raise the dead, you should see what I can do to the living."
-"I saw you and immediately drank my love potion."
-"Here, drink this."
-"I hear you have a deep pocket."
-"I just cast find the path and it led straight to you."
-"I get bigger after I cast transformation."
-"I may be a three path, but that's not a dagger."
-"You won't get pregnant, I have circle of protection."
-"Ignore him, no one has more protection than a Protectionist."
-"They don't call it seed of life for nothing."
-"Tired of the other guys who can't keep up? I have regeneration."
-"I put the romance in nec-romancer."
-"Ever had a three-way with an undead soldier?"
-"Please, god, let her go out with me."..."Did you just cast intervention to get me to go out with you?"..."Yes, did it pass?"
-"Don't worry, I have cure disease."
-"I can go all night long, I have power potion."
-"Ok, so that last line was horrible, good thing I have second chance."
-"I have to recharge my armored cloak, wanna help me?"
-"Are you also a spellcaster, because you are an enchanting being."
-"I think we'd be wonderful together, I just cast detect magic."
-"Did you cast enfeeble being on me, because I keep falling for you."
-"I'll bring the 30' of rope."

Fighter Pick-Up Lines
"um...wanna have sex?"


  1. Dear Dave,

    You forgot to write something about putting the phylactery in the deep pocket!


    All of the immature ladies from the EH meeting

  2. Okay, I might have cackled horribly.
    But I can add to the Fighter Pick-up lines!
    "Wanna handle my pike?"
    "You know what they say about fighters? Longer reach is better!"
    "I can handle any combo you want me to!"

  3. "Are you wearing your Vision focus? Because I can see myself in your pants right now."
    "Nice wand, let's [censored]."
    "I'll show you a bearded mage."
    "You can put your seed on me all day."
    "You say no, but your Guidance says yes."
    "Baby, I'm no spirit, but I'll commune with you aaall night."

    I may have no life...

    1. Can this now be a bardic tournament? Please?
      It would be the best one ever.

    2. Twen and I had a similar tourney at Mightier than the Sword actually. The contest was to come up with the best addendum to the end of a sentence (like " bed") that could be super sexual or sketchy. It mostly devolved into us talking to each other and ending every sentence with things like "...ladies" and "...if you know what I mean" along with many suggestive eyebrow waggles.

  4. Hey Baby want to merge? You can be my focus.

  5. "Excuse me, but, have you seen my mythril staff?"

    "Would you like to pet my familiar?"