Thursday, August 1, 2019

O'er The Lands of the Realms: Neden

by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Description by Cal "Syruss" Marsden

Welcome friends to the Land of Neden.

Neden has remained almost unchanged since it’s initial settlement with only a few structures rising over the years. However, in recent years since Previous Lord Nymbous took over and now more so under my own regime, we have seen a vast increase in population as well as a rise in structures and habitats.

Braving the wild north you may find yourself weary and in need of rest, we hope should you ever be this far north that you come and visit Neden and enjoy our local customs and delicacies.

Neden Castle is the central hub for the Neden Boys, these are the members that don the Tabard; both petitioner and full members reside here. Recently a small town has been built for some of the non-tabard workers who help keep things running smoothly here in Neden. Now while most of Neden’s workforce is undead there are those who are not and they were clamoring for a small settlement by the castle. They asked for this for two important reasons; first so they did not have to travel far for work and second so that they could be close by when one of the famous Neden House Parties kick off. The Town is called Tavern Town and there you find various restaurants, shops and you guessed it taverns. Also, located right below the castle area is the largest building in the nation, the headquarters of the Neden Kazoo, the local Neden newspaper.

If you start to head South West you will run into Neden’s largest city, Shady Falls, home of the Lord’s Retreat. The Lord’s Retreat is where former Lord Nymbous enjoys his retirement on the peaceful riverbed near our magical waterfall.

Further south still and you will run into a small town which is really more of a merchant's bazzar, Neden Emporium. Here we have the Neden Forge which produces all of Neden’s beautiful weapons and shields, Jean Baptise’s butchery where you can get all your exotic meats, and Priest Z’ bakery home of his famous chocolate chip cookies. There are also many other shops with Magical artifacts, books, and every other odd and end you can think of.

The Neden Emporium also rests upon Neden’s premier watering hole Neden Lake. Neden Lake is also home to the Neden Marina where Darkin of Neden makes handcrafted boats for the Neden Navy. The Neden lake connects to two rivers; The Sneaky River and LTD River. The LTD River is home of the annual Neden Regatta a prestigious race where the winner is crowned Prince of Neden Lake for the Day. There they are celebrated with fancy food, fine drink, and an amazing party.

Neden’s lands, while fertile, only grow during a short harvesting season. Neden utilizes Sir Naj’s portals (located around Neden) to help with distribution of Neden’s goods in order to trade for things the lands have trouble naturally producing.

Three churches currently reside in Neden; The Church of Darkhaven dedicated to the Dark One, the Church of Harlequin dedicated to the aforementioned god, and the Church of Shadow founded by Jayce when our member Shadow ascended to godhood. The Church of Shadow has a soft spot in the hearts of all the Neden boys as it is a direct link to our god brother.

Another Neden attraction is the Neden Traveling Carnival. This is set up in various locations throughout Neden and even takes to the Road to bring you the people challenging games, amazing sites and stories, fun food, and fabulous prizes. If you would like the Neden Carnival to come to your to town let a local Neden Boy know and we will make magic happen.

This is just a glimpse of Neden, for more information on your favorite Neden boys head over to our Neden Welcome Center ( There you can see a local town map pointing out various stores and locations, read some issues of the Neden Kazoo or get to know some backstories of some of your favorite Neden Boys or hire Neden to set up one of their various shops and games.

Hope to see you all soon in the Lovely Lands of Neden.