Tuesday, October 8, 2019

O'er The Lands of the Realms: Northern Alliance

by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Description by Zach "Løken" Senchuck

The Tribes: 

Baroven Tribe- The Stag Tribe lives in the southern areas of the Northern Alliance, adjacent to our southern neighbors in Stonewood. This region has the best chance of producing crops and most of its villages are centered around farming during the small window of decent weather we have. The villages tend to grow hardier vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage and the like. They plant things that will survive during the cold snaps that are common at the high altitude much (all) of our nation sits at. Overall the area is still largely forest and snow, but the people in this area have come to expect something that resembles spring and fall and their lives revolve around that expectation. 

Padric Tribe- The Bear Tribe occupies the middle region of the Northern Alliance. This is where dense coniferous trees scatter the landscape. Due to the landscape provided, the people of these tribes tend to make their living hunting in these forests. Much of the timber used to make the small and distant villages scattered all around the Northern Alliance comes from the tall and strong trees of the Padric Tribe. As you get further north the whole region drifts upward as it meets the base of the many mountain ranges found within the NA borders. Not much more needs to be said of this area, the Padric tribe has the largest region, but their people tend to also be the most spread out, if you walk from end to end, you can expect most of the time spent traveling in Padric Tribe lands, and all of it will be thick forest. 

Vargen Tribe- The Wolf Tribe can be found in the most northern areas of the Northern Alliance. They are named as such because, like the wolves of the area, they follow the herds that wander the mountain ranges. The Vargen Tribe doesn’t tend to have settlements like their southern kin do, but they travel with the herd and set up mobile tent campsites as the herd finds an area with adequate food supply. Due to their wandering in and between the mountains this tribe is very used to the eternal winter, one that cannot be escaped due to the extreme altitude of even the valleys found here. There is some comfort in knowing it will never get warm enough to thaw the snow, and the Vargen tribe more than any other has made that snow their dominion. 

Points of Interest

Orion’s Keep- Found nestled high into one of the many mountain ranges inside the Northern Alliance borders is Orion’s Keep. This fortress hosts the Northern Alliance army proper as well as all of the active members who travel in and out of the NA borders on a relative regularity (in comparison to soldiers who spend their time defending the land towards the western flank). This small humble fortress has become synonymous with home for many over the years, and is set to watch over the valley to the south should Fort North Point fall. 

Fort North Point- The Northern Alliances last bastion of civilization before the wilds of the western flank. Despite its relative placement to the mountains in the country, Fort North Point’s real claim to fame is that it is the coldest part of the NA, something the soldiers who get stationed there are quick to tell you, if you ever have the displeasure of visiting yourself you won’t need them to say it however. The wind sweeps through the valley, cutting through any and all layers of anyone staying there. I would urge you to avoid going here if possible, you’re not missing out on much. 

River Point- The place where the river flowing south divides, and all trade ends and begins, River Point. This is the busiest and most famous trade hub in all of the Northern Alliance. Since so many of the people of the NA live in small, self sufficient villages, anytime anyone needs something a little peculiar this is where they would find it. It is not uncommon for villages to send small groups to River Point and back, sometimes just to purchase things, but more often than not to sell their own wares as well. Over the years River Point has gotten more and more crowded, with small winding alleys and streets of merchants everywhere the eye can see. Some of these merchants may be more settled and have their own building, but many set up shop out in the streets just the same. The bustle of the city seems to never die as new arrivals of people happen at all hours of the day and night, and since this is where all the wares of the Northern Alliance seem to end up, there is no short supply of candles, lanterns and oil to keep the whole city lit up year round. Many of the places in the NA have their own draws, but I urge you to visit River Point at least once in your life, it is unlike any southern city I have ever seen, and while I have nostalgia from visiting throughout my childhood, arriving to River Point at night for the first time is a magical memory i’ll never forget. 

Church of Joseph- While the religion of the nation is that which worships The Diety herself, Theoseph created a church to honor the God of Wisdom from the Stonewood Pantheon here in our lands. 

Fjellskygge- This small mining village is tucked into the base of one of the mountain chains. Those who are looking to find where much of the mining in the Northern Alliance is found need not go any further than here, if you are looking for a sword made of NA Iron, this is where it would be mined, refined and forged. Unsurprising that perhaps the most famous blacksmith to ever be produced from the NA grew up here. It is to be expected that, like many mining towns all across the Realms,  the people who make their living here are gruff and at times unfriendly. But the comradery is strong, and the people are in no short supply of pride for their work. 

The Lost Temple- This is the holy site Lord Otik stumbled upon that inspired him to unite the tribes under one banner, outsiders are not to go here without escort, but should you make arrangements, the walls inside depict the story of our goddess, and is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 

- By Løken Destevaul