Friday, November 16, 2018

The View Retrospective: Kathy's Bardic Circle

Scan by Jeremy Grayson. Originally published in The View From Valehaven, 2nd Ed, Volume 3, Issue 5. June 2006.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Why I Want to Go -Order of the List Invitational 7

by Keith "Saegan" Cronyn

Why do you play the game? What lured you in?

Did your parents bring you in? Were you a theater kid that liked Lord of the Rings, and the idea of improv got you? Were you a D&D kid that just wanted to take it a step further? Maybe you had some friends that said they loved it, and you just went along for the ride?

I don't know. But I'll tell you how it happened for me. When I was a young 4th grader, my dad brought me along one night to play Shadowrun with his coworkers. He promised me characters and adventure, and roles. Elves and machine guns. Ninjas and dragons. You know, the good stuff. My wild imagination lead me to believe we’d be playing in some warehouse, that was set up in a way that was not unlike a paintball course.

Imagine my surprise when we sat around a table, rolling dice.  And yet, there was love. I fell in love with role playing. Absolutely, unabashedly, unrelentingly in love. It was formative. And I've never turned back.

Later, perhaps sixth grade, I discovered LARPing because my best friend’s uncle was dating someone that played the Realms. He showed us the swords, and we spent hours in the backyard hitting each other, with little concept of the rules.

Later yet, high school, my friends played Realms in their backyard, running mini quests almost every weekend, until eventually those mini quests lead to real events.

I took some time off for college, but then after that I felt a longing to adventure, and I found my way back to the Realms.

All stemming from that one seed of imagination that was some weird paintball warehouse in a child's mind. A seed that has grown into a savage hunger for combat and adventure.

What's more, I look for the challenge. I look for the moments where I feel like I could win, but there is a strong likelihood that I'll get beaten. The best fights for me are the fights I have no business winning. The rough part being the more fights like that I win, the harder it is to find them.

Enter Order of the List. Now while this has been a wild tangent, the truth of it is, it's all lead up to why I want to go to Order of the List. The answer; it's the best place for me as a fighter to go if I want to challenge myself. It's the best place to go if I want to spend my day getting roughed up, beat down, and challenge myself to stand back up again.

It's the best place to go to see the pinnacle of fighting in our game. It's the best place to go to learn how marshaling should be done. For the competitors of order of the list it's the culmination of a seasons worth of hard work, fighting in tournaments, going to practices, making weapons, and doing whatever it takes to hone their skill.

Why should you go if you're not one of those competitors? Well you can watch. You can gamble on them. There are newbie tournaments to participate in if you're new enough to the game. This year the order is doing a donation bucket for Wreaths Across America, which they intend to match donations too.

I hope to see you there, cheering on your favorite fighting, filling the stands. It should be a good day.

See you on the field

Keith “Saegan” Cronyn

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

From the Editor's Desk - Welcome to View Staff!

The View staff would like to welcome three new editors - Renee Booke, Ryan Welch, and Hannah Blood-  to our ranks!

Renee "Kindrianna" Booke
A talented writer, Renee has made her mark on the View as a contributor through her regular submissions of poetry and fiction. Always well-received, her pieces bring a creative and dramatic touch to the body of View content and are a refreshing change of pace from our regular features. Hailing from a prominent nation of role-players and questers, Renee will bring a unique voice to the staff and we are excited to work with her.

Photo by Casey Lemay

Ryan "Orion" Welch
As a regular contributor to our "What You Missed" series, Ryan has demonstrated his talent for writing and attention to detail time and again in the quality of his work. Descriptive and complete, his pieces are always a good read. His gathering and self-publishing of monthly rumors is a great initiative and important service to the community. As an active quester and member of a storied nation, Ryan brings his own perspective to the staff and we are eager to see him grow in his new role.

Photo by Dave Harvill

Hannah "Nhadala" Blood
Having contributed a variety of submissions over the years, Hannah has consistently demonstrated her ability to produce well-thought out and well-written work that time and again proves to be popular with all of our readers. As someone possessed of a strong voice, we look forward to her perspective in our regular features such as "Ask the Editor" and we look forward to the many other ways her ideas and initiative will add to the View.

Photo by Casey Lemay

The support of each of  these people has been invaluable to the View in the last few years and it brings us great pleasure to welcome them aboard!
- Jen, Lani, Keith, and Kelly

Friday, November 9, 2018

On This Day

Once again on this Flashback Friday lets take a look at what was published on the View in years past on this date!

2015 - An Atypical View

The Silent Scribbler took on the idea of monster weapon immunity, pulling no punches... er... slashes.

2012 - Happenings on the Emerald Path

Nuptials, birth announcements, and more important happenings within our community were announced this day.

2011 - What You Missed - Feast of Blackwood II

To say you missed just a little bit of snow would be an understatement. Here are a few pictures from the event.