Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Small Pleasures Bracket - Round 9

Well, a night of questing with the full moon emerged as the victor. I guess you're all a bunch of lunatics. That completes the first set of matches in our bracket and this is what it looks like so far:

So now we're into the matchups between the first set of winners and we'll start to see some really tough contests. This first one I expect to be a doozie.

Option A: Flush toilets on site.
Option B: There is ample parking adjacent to the feast hall.

As usual, vote and debate on Facebook!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Meme Mondays

 by the Meme Team

Friday, September 25, 2020

Home Questing: Task 18

By Christopher "Janus" Donnelly 

Here is my email address: techiemikey@gmail.com .  If you prefer, you can contact me via facebook messenger, discord, phone or any other manner in which you can actually contact me.


Hi all, Janus here and welcome to Home Questing: The Eighteenth task.

This week’s challenge is a little bit different than previous.  This week’s I am asking you to contact me and schedule a time we can have a small 10 minute conversation or so.  You’ll end up doing your challenge during then.

You have until Friday at noon to contact me, and your time starts now!


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Tao's Dealing School: It's Time to Let It Ride

by James "Tao" Murphy

This is a simple game to pick up but can have a pretty deep strategy.

The player puts a chip on each of 3 spots, they may also play an optional bet called pair plus; more on that later. The dealer shuffles the cards and each player and the dealer receives 3 cards. Without looking the dealer discards one of their cards in some set or random way. The player now needs to make their first choice, if they wish they can pull back there first bet or let it ride. The dealer now exposes their first card. The player now makes their second and final decision of pulling back their second bet. The dealer then exposes the second card and pays out the winning hands.

They way to win in let it ride is for your 3 cards and the dealers 2 cards to make some kind of poker hand. Depending on the casino the payout might be different, but some pretty standard payout are:

  • Pair of tens or better each remaining bet is paid 1:1
  • Any two pair 2:1
  • Three of a kind 3:1
  • Straight 5:1
  • Flush 8:1
  • Full house 11:1
  • Four of a kind 50:1
  • Straight flush and royal flush vary greatly but 100-1000 to 1 on these hands is not uncommon

Any hand that only has a pair of nines or less; including hands with only a high card are considered losing hands.

All these examples are if you bet 1 chip on each spot. Most casinos will let you bet more than 1 chip. Because of the 3-bet structure you do need to have more than 1 gold to play in most casinos.

So you look at your three cards and decided if you want to pull back a bet, the dealer shows up a card, you decide again on your second bet, dealer shows the last card and winners and losers are paid/collected.

There is also an optional side bet called pair plus.

This bet is only based on your original 3 cards.

If your first three cards contain any pair (yes even two’s), 1:1

If your first three cards are all the same suit 4:1

If your first three cards are sequential, (2,3,4 or Q, K A, but not K, A, 2) 6:1

If your first three cards are all the same 25:1 is common

If your first three cards are the Queen, King, and Ace of one suite 40:1 is common

Let’s look at a few examples of hands.
                You start with Jack of spades, Jack of hearts, and the 4 of Clubs. This is guaranteed to be a winning hand as it has a pair of 10’s or better. When the dealer asks you if you want to pull back your bet you would indicate no. They expose a 10 of diamonds and a 5 of hearts. Your hand would be J, J, 10, 5, 4. Each of your three bets would be paid out 1:1 winning 3 gold (1 per bet)

                Same example but let’s say the dealer shows the Jack of diamonds, and the 5 of hearts; your hand would be J, J, J, 5, 4. Each of your bets would be paid 3:1 winning 9 gold (3 per bet)

Now if you had bet the pair plus on either hand you that bet would also pay out 1:1 because your hand had any pair.

Another example would be you start with the 4 of hearts, the 6 of spades and the 7 of clubs. This is a terrible hand. You might look at this hand and definitely pull back on of your first bet. The dealer shows an 8 or hearts. Many players would pull back there second bet. But a small miracle happens, and the dealer shows the 5 of clubs. You have made a straight 4,5,6,7,8. Your remaining bet gets paid 5:1! If for some reason you had left your first and second bet out there, then each bet would have been paid 5:1 (15 gold!) but this is pretty unlikely, and most players would make the more conservative play and pull back the bets. (quick math: less than 5% of the time this will happen)

The strategy of this game comes with looking at your first three cards and deciding if there is enough possibility of a good hand happening to leave your first bet and let it ride. Keep in mind your final payout is based on how many bets you “let-ride” and how many you pulled back.

Another strategy that many people use is to use the pair plus as kind of an insurance bet so that if they get a pair less than 10’s they don’t lose anything. (While the main bet loses, the pair plus bet wins so if the bets were the same amount it’s a push)

This is one of those games where you can quickly pick up the rhythm just by watching a few hands.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wayback Wednesday

From Thursday September 22, 2011: a post in the "Fighting Chance" series discussing bois, Bedlam, and the Infinite Dark:

From Friday September 21, 2012: an issue of the Grimloch Tribune featuring the Lead Story: E;ven Ghosts or Elven Hoax?

From Friday September 13, 2013: a 10 Questions interview with Jonathan "Trent" Jessop:

From Monday, September 14, 2014: A How-To Guide on leather mask making by Casey:

From September 14, 2015: part 2 of a three-part series by Gerry Chartier - "Sorcery 101 - Thoughts of a Journeyman Caster."

From Tuesday September 27, 2016: a hard-hitting "I Can't Even" column on the controversial topic of pumpkin spice:

From Friday September 1, 2017: "international Realms Traveler," Rawlin's bardic from that year's QoH Tournaments:

From Thursday, September 18 2018: an interesting piece detailing the making of the Grey Lady costume, a living statue NPC for FolkeWood Questing:

From Tuesday September 24, 2019: the "O'Er the Lands of the Realms" map series highlights the nation of Voraniss:

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Small Pleasures Bracket - Round 8

Wow we had a really close vote last week! In fact, you could say that the doggo option just won by a nose! (pause for laughter) Anyway, here is the bracket so far:

This next round will likely be another close contest, and it has all to do with questing conditions:

Option A: A full moon resulting in a well-lit night quest
Option B: A day of questing with cleared and well-defined trails.

As usual, vote and discuss on Facebook!

Monday, September 21, 2020

View Special Edition: Results from the Emergency Event Holder's Meeting


On Saturday, about 60% of EHs from 2019 and 2020 met to discuss how to move forward with regards to COVID-19.  The resolutions that we voted on have been posted to RealmsNet under the 'Rules' tab.  You can read them here: https://www.realmsnet.net/emergency_ehc .

There will be a virtual Players' Meeting and Event Holders' Council in the beginning of 2021.  Anyone who threw an event this year or threw an event and attended 6 events in 2019 will be eligible to vote at the EHC.  At these meetings, we will not be passing any gameplay proposals, such as changes to spells, as we have not yet had any events with the 2020 Omnibus.  However, if there are proposals related to safety, community, or anything other than gameplay, those will be acceptable.

Until then, there are to be no legal Realms events or any in-person gatherings advertised on the Realms calendar.  At the EHC, where we have the authority to edit the Omnibus if we feel the need to do so, we will revisit this topic.

I'll let you know when I pick dates for the PM and EHC.  For now, have a happy new year.

Yours in service,

Pi Fisher