Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Instant Replay: Huntress Guild Word Smash

Competitive Realms From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

How to Play

Competitors are presented with descriptions of two words or phrases. The correct answer is a "word smash" of the two words/phrases (i.e. the end of the first word/phrase is the same as the beginning of the second word/phrase).

For example:

A single piece of lawn vegetation and an insect known for leaping

Answer: Blade of Grasshopper (Select the black text to see the answer. Answers will also be posted at the bottom of this article.)

Ready? Lay on!

Round 1

A fall event popular among new players and dancers and what a Knight of the Realms wears.

Answer: Black and White Belt              


A high level spell that can keep you alive in most circumstances and the elite soldiers of the god Garm.

Answer: Resist Death Knight               


A long weapon that can be wielding in one hand a a small stout race of humanoid.

Answer: Hand and a Halfling


A spell used to protect oneself from enchanted attacks and a projectile thrown by spellcasters.

Answer: Resist Magic Missile

Round 2

A garment denoting one's nation and a competition of singers and storytellers.

Answer: Tabardic Tournament


A nation in constant conflict with the undead and a useful set of tools for a thief.

Answer: Grimlochpick Set


A basic spell used to mend a fighters protection and armor that can always comes back.

Answer: Repair Armored Cloak


A landmark winter event held in Rhiassa and a combat call when struck while holding a sword.

Answer: Feast of the Leviathand on Weapon

Round 3

The goddess of light and a spell that negates special calls.

Answer: Aurora of Protection


A northern nation whose heraldry features a pair of swords and an hourglass and an automaton made of rock.

Answer: Folkstone Golem


A vendor of goods and what is required to cast Ward: Undead and Ward: Enchanted Beings.

Answer: Merchanting


A type of orb used by seers and fortune tellers and the rank of many nation leaders.

Answer: Crystal Ballord

Answer Key

Round 1

Black and White Belt
Resist Death Knight
Hand and a Halfling
Resist Magic Missile

Round 2

Tabardic Tournament
Grimlochpick Set
Repair Armored Cloak
Feast of the Leviathand on Weapon

Round 3

Aurora of Protection
Folkestone Golem
Crystal Ballord

Editors Note: The View From Valehaven does not take any responsibility for the terrible puns in this article.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tournaments of Artemis Results

The Huntresses and their teams this year were:

Aoife leading team Crazy Cats
Bree leading team Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
Charlotte leading team Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd
Cimone leading team Cimone’s Wyverns
Sayeh leading team Rani’s Rolling Rangers
Yppn leading team Team Titan

Tournament Results

Grand Melee
Winner: Rani’s Rolling Rangers

Creative Team Name Competition
Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

1st Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
2nd Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
3rd Place: Crazy Cats
4th Place: Team Titan

Live Risk
1st Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
2nd Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
3rd Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
4th Place Tie: Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd, Crazy Cats

Huntress Individuals:
Single Short
1st Place: Aoife
2nd Place: Bree
3rd Place: Sayeh
4th Place: Cimone

1st Place: Bree
2nd Place: Aoife
3rd Place: Sayeh
4th Place: Cimone

Sword & Shield
1st Place: Bree
2nd Place: Aoife
3rd Place: Cimone
4th Place: Charolette

1st Place: Cimone
2nd Place: Aoife
3rd Place: Bree
4th Place: Sayeh

Single Combatant
1st Place: Aoife
2nd Place: Bree
3rd Place: Charolette
4th Place: Sayeh

Guys Being Dudes
1st Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
2nd Place Tie: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing, Team Titan
3rd Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
4th Place Tie: Crazy Cats, Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Huntress Grand Melee
Winner: Bree

The Gameshow
Winner (Tie): Cimone’s Wyverns, Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing, Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Archery Range:
1st Place: Crazy Cats
2nd Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
3rd Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
4th Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing

Duncan’s Challenge but with People
1st Place: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
2nd Place: Crazy Cats
3rd Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
4th Place Tie: Cimone’s Wyverns, Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Scavenger Skirmish
1st Place: Cimone’s Wyverns
2nd Place: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing
3rd Place: Team Titan
4th Place: Crazy Cats

Queen of the Hill
Winner: Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd

Overall Placement:
6th: Team Titan
5th: Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd
4th: Cimone’s Wyverns
3rd: Rani’s Rolling Rangers
2nd: Crazy Cats
1st: Ya’ Gotta Eat the Whole Thing

And the winner of the Tournaments of Artemis:

Friday, December 6, 2019

Flashback Friday - Previous Posts

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Huntress Guild History

In honor of the 8th Tournaments of Artemis, presented by the Huntress Guild, here is some historic information from the Huntress Guild's past.

In 2002 the original inception of the Huntress Guild was created by Tanja "Katasha" Johnson. It was her goal at the time to give female fighters a forum to practice together and encourage one another. The following is the original email she sent to the Realms OOC mailing list, on February 6th of 2002.

From: *****
Subject: [OOC Realms] For the female fighters of the Realms (future and present)

First of all, I would like to say that I do not intend the following as male-bashing or anything of that connotation...  

It is a basic fact that there are very few active female fighters in the Realms.  Period.   I have already have spoken to a few of you about an idea that I have wanted to implement for quite awhile now, and so here I am, attempting to put it into gear...

There are many reasons why some women choose not to fight in the Realms, I won't pretend to know all of them.  But what I do know is that often females are either uncomfortable by practicing/ learning from males (and vice versa), don't have the time to learn different weapon combos outside of events after becoming mages or they don't know where to go to get a little direction.  Some may not understand this, but as a female fighter I know that women need to learn a little differently from men.  The center of balance thing, the extra breastages thing, as well as a general lack of arm strength in comparison to men.  I am not saying that we can not fight just as well, only that often it is easier to lose self confidence when my practice buddy Joe Shmo shows me that I need to swing a one hander with straight bicep and forearm muscle, rather than utilizing more wrist and loosened grip (ask me and I'll show you what I mean..).  Time and time again I have ! ! observed during the One Woman at QoH that everyone takes time to stop and show one another some tricks of the trade for different weapon combos that at least one person has never come in contact with before.  We always talk about how wonderful it would be to expand that interaction, but it never happens.  

In regards to all of the above, I intend to offer the services of the Huntress Guild this season...  the Huntress Guild will be a nonofficial OOC group that is comprised of those female fighters in the Realms that wish to make a concerted effort in the development of more female fighters.  The idea behind this is to provide a period of pre-announced time during events (whether it be part of a dinner break, or the hour before the event officially starts, etc.) where a group of us will make ourselves available for fighter practice and interaction.  The practice itself is OOC, so any females who would like to try new weapon combos or get some practice on old ones will have an option.  
This concept is not based on saying who is horrible or who is better, it is based on a need for production and cultivation of those out there who would like a chance to do something different and have not had the initiative or an opprtunity.  There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with fighting with a dagger all day long, but have you ever wanted to learn something different?  Know what to do if you're an NPC or PC and have a polearm thrown your way to use? How 'bout a sword and shield? Florentine?

This is an option.  Use it if you want, or don't.  We'll still be practicing :)

If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, please email me ******
Thanks for your time,

Tanja aka Katasha of Folkestone 

Many years later, in 2011, Alysha "Kyntela" Metcalf relaunched the Huntress Guild for a new era of Realms female fighters. This was her email sent to the OOC Realms list on May 10, 2011.

From: *******
Subject: [OOC Realms] The Huntress Guild

To the women of the Realms:

At the Knights of the Eternal Flame tournaments this past February I was excited to compete against several women in the One Woman tournament. Again this April, at the Coronation of King Cecil, the One Woman tournament consisted of more than just one round. It is rare that the list for this tournament exceeds a handful of sign-ups, yet the tournament season thus far has already shown promise. In my ideal world, the One Woman tournament would have just as many sign-ups as the One Man tournament, or the lines would be blurred altogether and all combatants would compete in a single One Person tournament.

To that end I am resurrecting the Huntress Guild. Tanja Johnson started the original Huntress Guild to encourage women in combat and foster a positive environment for women who wanted to learn to fight. My goal is the same. Myself and other like-minded women of the Realms want to promote combat among women. We recognize many factors that keep women from involving themselves in combat, and strive to overcome the many obstacles that face women who want to fight.

The Huntress Guild is open to all women, whether you’re a fighter or spell caster. Since the practices will be OOC, you can break your weapon restriction. The Huntress Guild will be about achieving personal goals. Whether you’re a fighter whose goal is to learn a new style, a caster who has always wanted to pick up a pike, or anything in between, our practices will provide the environment for you to do so. It will be a place to learn, as well as to teach, and it is my hope that any woman who joins us will take away something positive from every practice.

The Huntress Guild practices will be held during dinner breaks and other periods of downtime at events. We will be holding our first practice at Green and Gold XIII (May 21-22) during dinner break. I invite all women to join us for this inaugural practice. We will have further information and details available at that time, including a list of events we plan on holding a practice. In the mean time, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you,

Alysha/Squire Kyntela

Alysha Metcalf  *******
Jen DeNardis   ******

One more glance back into history - this is the tri-fold pamphlet that Alysha created and distributed to announce the relaunch of the Huntress Guild. The artwork that appears on the cover of the pamphlet was created by Alysha's father, J.S. Metcalf.

This link will take you to a full sized PDF of the pamphlet 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Why I Want to Go-Nedengiving 4: Raising Cans with a Can Do Attitude

by Lani "Gwen" Jones

Nedengiving is this Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited. This has become a must-hit event here at the start of the feasting season and our friends in Neden have really created an environment of fun, revelry, fantastic food, and generous spirit. Such excitement can only be imparted to you in one way: a 3-part Lani-list!

Why should you come to Nedensgiving?

1. To Give: Bring canned goods for a local veteran’s charity and share with those who have shared of themselves. Bring your company and share it with those who want to celebrate with you. Bring some silly and participate in the Neden Carnival. Bring a song, poem, and your thanks and participate in the variety of non-com tournaments that will be present. Bring your mad skillz and tourney it up with your friends. Bring yourself!

2. To Get: Don’t think Neden hasn’t got you covered with some epic prizes for all that you bring! Earn tickets for bringing canned goods and earn them for being an awesome participant in all the fun the day has to offer. You can win some fabulous prizes in the famous Neden auction that will take place (maybe they’ll even have a pumpkin!) You can also win gold at the New Eden casino, or participate in the Stacked Deck Tournament and earn some points.

3. To Eat: Did you really think I was going to leave this one out? Obviously this is gonna be a great feast, and I’m excited to once again work with Naj in the kitchen to bring you a shmorgishborg of fall favorites for you to devour! If you leave this event with an empty stomach, you are doing something seriously wrong.

As a sneak peak, here’s what I’m thinking for the Limerick contest:

There once was a Rhiassan named Gwen,
Who said, “Naj, don’t cook turkey, cook hen!”
Naj said, “Are you crazy, no way!”
So out of the kitchen she stayed--
And the feast was all better again!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Why I Want to Go-Tournaments of Artemis: Ladies Still Goin' In

by Lani "Gwen" Jones

This Saturday I hope you’ll join me at Tournaments of Artemis. This event, for those of you who may be unfamiliar, is a special event that celebrates and encourages women fighters of the Realms on behalf of the Huntress Guild. Each team, led by a huntress, will have the opportunity to fight in new and exciting tournaments and test their martial prowess as well as their ability to strategize and lead. No team yet? No problem! Anyone can reach out to First Lieutenant Shader of the Huntress Guild now to see if there are teams still looking for supporters, or you can show up and be added to a team the day of the event. Want to come out and support, but aren’t feeling up for combat? Cool! We still want you to come and cheer on our teams, and there will be plenty of other entertainment to keep you busy between tournaments too.

This event has been a yearly tradition for me since its inception 8 years ago. What makes this tournament stand out has a lot to do with celebrating the huntresses of the Realms, but even more than that is the sense of camaraderie that I feel both within and amongst the teams as they participate in thoughtfully designed tournaments not seen anywhere else in the Realms. Years of Rhiassan Blitz Ball and Queen of the Hill have taught me that mixing super fun mechanics with hard fights is a recipe for a super fun day. I also love the spirit that makes this event shine--competitors and teammates alike are cheering you on, and celebrating with you throughout the day. I know that this year a great deal of planning has gone in to ensure the highest quality of content will be provided to players, and if you’re itching to fight, and fight hard, regardless of your gender, this tournament is for you. 

This Saturday I’ll be on the field, and I’m really hoping you come too--come for the fighting, for the friendship, and for the fun!

Want to learn more about the Huntress Guild? Stay tuned for a special post later this week!