Friday, May 29, 2020

Home Questing: Task 10

by Christopher "Janus" Donnelly

Here is the form to submit your bawdy limerick:

If you would prefer to send it to me directly rather than uploading to youtube or some other image hosting site, please email it to



Hi all, Janus here and welcome to Home Questing: The Tenth Task.  We’re going to start to mix up the format a little bit going on from here on out.  So I just wanted to give you a heads up on that.  From now on, every week we will either have a new video or the judging results of a previous challenge.  Now let’s get on to this week’s task.

This week, I am challenging you to make a Bawdy limerick.  The cleanest Bawdy limerick wins.  And we are looking for passing for clean, not actually clean.  You have until Friday at noon, which is going to be the new deadline, and your time starts now.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Boff Brawl Semi-Final Match 2

The Winner of the first championship semi-final match was: Tao with Samurai Jack!

Now here is the much anticipated match 2!

Player 1 - Saka. Character, Korra.
"Alright, first up, I've prepared a run-down of Korra's seriously broken capabilities for the uninitiated. If you're familiar with ATLA/LoK canon you can skip the next two paragraphs, and to everyone else bringing the objectively most overpowered fighter on this roster to their fights: You're welcome.

Korra has precise and devastatingly powerful control of large and small quantities of metal, water, ice, steam, fire, rock, earth, mud, and air for a couple hundred feet or more in all directions. She can condense water from the air, and generate and dissipate blasts of fire at will, including from her breath when physically restrained. She's spent a decade and a half dedicated to nonstop martial arts training with the greatest practitioners in her world, including Aang's own waterbending teacher and wife, Katara and their airbender son Tenzin, until her masters judged that they had anything left to teach Korra. Also from Katara comes the useful ability to quickly heal traumatic injuries with waterbending. Mastery of acrobatics, able to propel herself through the air at will using any of the elements, and has the reflexes necessary to weave, deflect, and literally punch her way through barrages of projectiles. Korra's been simultaneously shocked by two cattle prods and come up swinging. She has sufficient strength to steadily lift and hold a average-sized grown man in front of her just with a single arm, and to throw a 200-300 pound man into a bank of metal pipes with enough force to break the pipes open (in both cases, this was unaided by her bending). Almost all of these strengths and skills are far above and beyond what her predecessor, Aang, is capable of. (That crucial detail will be relevant later on.)

So that's her physical prowess. Mentally, Korra fights with both unparalleled righteous passion and collected tactical instinct. Having trained since the age of 4 as the arbiter of peace and source of supreme spiritual and physical power of an entire magical world, she has become adept at processing information quickly and adapting to new situations on the fly. She has faced and overcome familial betrayal, the vitriol of modern politics and media attention, PTSD from countless traumatic experiences, and the consequences of plenty of mistakes. She has gone into fights against foes with unknown skills, weapons, and powers, and taken their abilities in stride as they are revealed. Examples of this including unarmed combat against the first use of electricity in a melee weapon in her world, resisting the control of a person who could psychically manipulate the blood in her body, projecting a 500-foot tall physical hologram of herself to fight, defeat, and purify the literal force of darkness and chaos in her world, and deflecting the energy of a nuclear warhead detonating a couple feet in in front of her to protect herself and another person. She and that person walked away unscathed, but the crater around them was half a mile wide. All but the last of those examples were accomplished without even using her Avatar State power boost.

This will, of course, still be a tough fight, because I'm assuming we're going for combat game/cartoon-style incapacitation here, not actual lethality. (Though this is the Realms, so if we're good with no-consequences lethality, then this fight can be summed up with 4 words: "You can't breathe rocks." None of the other three combatants are strong enough to resist Korra's earthbending, and burying them would only take 1-2 seconds. Aang might try to escape, but wouldn't be able to avoid Korra long enough to tire her out.) Even holding herself in check to avoid killing her opponents, Korra's immense power, dexterity, versatility, ferocity, and strength of will are unmatched. Conveniently, she has decades of experience defeating people and entities significantly weaker than she is without doing any permanent damage.

There are three ways this can go. Aang forfeits and Korra wins, she and Aang put off their inevitable concluding duel and face the other combatants first, or they duke it out from the start. Though Malaki with Aang may try to take advantage of the opening, I think it's most important that Korra immediately strips She-Ra and Lion-O of their metallic weapons, artifacts, and armor so they can't access any of the powers anchored within and try anything sneaky while Korra focuses on her real opponent. Neither target has anything in their skill sets or arsenals to avoid or defend against metalbending, so it's going to happen. Sorry Aeston, swords mean nothing here.

Take a second to shove the resulting hunk of metal a hundred feet underground, a couple more to imprison She-Ra and Lion-O inside 20 feet of solid rock, and less than 5 seconds into the fight it's already down to Korra and Aang.

Aang is a child. While he is capable of great wisdom and feats of bending prowess, has mastered the four elements, is light on his feet, and can also access the Avatar State, he is small, immature, and has only had a year or less of experience with 3 of his 4 elements. Korra's mastery of water-, earth-, and firebending all handily outstrip Aang's, and her airbending is comparable though admittedly less finessed. Hand to hand, she can match if not surpass his maneuverability and dramatically outclasses him physically. Even ignoring her greater skill, larger depth of experience, and raw bending power, Korra's competitive spirit and fiery passion gives her a huge advantage over Aang's aversion to conflict. When it comes down to combatants of comparable skill going toe-to-toe in a protracted fight, the one with the most grit wins out. This goes double for benders using the same element(s), since their bending is an extension of their personality and state of mind. It might actually take Korra a little while to wear Aang down, and she'll need to watch out for Aang's creativity mixed with Malaki's cunning. She'll fight with caution and dogged persistence, maintaining high ground and distance but prepared to dominate in close-quarters if necessary. This fight would be incredibly destructive and range over a wide area. But Korra is able to maintain a relentless barrage of attacks for minutes without letting up. All Aang will be able to do is deflect, run, and delay the inevitable. The best offense he'll be able to manage is blind backward pot-shots with whatever elements he has within immediate reach. Surrounding himself in rocks and catching his breath isn't an option: Korra is a better earthbender. Taking away Korra's bending isn't an option: Korra is a more experienced energybender and a larger, stronger, more resilient, and more competent hand-to-hand combatant. Aang will inevitably tire and fall to his reincarnation. She is a force of nature unlike any their world has ever seen.

This will get interesting once we have multiple Korras in a fight."

Player 2 - Malaki. Character, Aang.
Hands down this is going to be a tough battle. I would use Aang's high speed and great defense to maintain distance at first. By keeping distance we can make the swords less effective.

While they both have special powers, swords are a tool that need to be wielded to be effective. We would try and disarm She-ra and Lion-o with various bending techniques and then incapacitate them in a stone prison with earth bending.

Korra is a dangerous opponent with many of the same skills... many but not all. Ultimately, she doesn't have the same hate driving her that Osai did, but she is often just as rash. After getting her to act recklessly, we would try to get close and do some energy bending to take away her bending.

Now, Avender has a pack mentality at times, and if he calls in the Thundercats for back up, Team Avatar would roll in, and we would fully utilize Zuko, Toph, Katara, and Sokka. Oh snap! Guess which team has a sword now??? Not to mention a boomerang ; )

Calling in Team Avatar would be a last resort, and only if other combatants did it.

"How one wins is just as important as winning." - Uncle Iroh said this from the sidelines.

Player 3 - Avendar. Character, Lion-o.
My strategy against Malaki with Ang and Saka with Kora will be the same. They are each steady and rational thinkers, so my overall strategy is to hit them from many angles to keep them off balance while my bruisers move in to finish them. First I use the Sword of Omens to summon the Thundercats to the fight. I tell Cheetara, Wiley Kit and Kat to harry them while Panthro uses the thunder tanks a direct assault. Meanwhile I use the sword of omens to discover they're greatest fear and then have Tigra telepathically attack they're mind with that fear. Then I have Lion-o join the fray. While these are each strong opponents I believe that when attacked on all side as well as the mind they will fall.

Against Elizah and She-ra I would also begin by summoning the Thundercats with the Sword of Omens. Wiley Kit and Kat will use there explosive balls and bolo's to disorient swift wind while the rest of the team attacks She-ra. Lion-o and Panthro try wear her down and disarm her. Tigra uses his whip to lash her sword arm. If Lion-o gets in trouble Cheetara can whisk him to safety so he can recover and rejoin the fight. The main goal of the team is to disarm her from the Sword of Power,  once that happens it's Cheetara's job to scoop it up and run. Without the sword She-ra will soon fall.

Player 4 - Elizah. Character, She-ra.
This is a tough one! While going up against those who have the ability to bend all elements seems merely impossible if anyone could handle the challenge it'd be She-ra. I'll reiterate "super-human strength, enhanced speed & reflexes, and near-invulnerability" along with healing, telepathy with animals, and her incredible chief weapon The Sword of Protection. Oh yeah, and her handy companion Swift-Wind.

There's a lot to consider here but I think my strategy for Korra and Lion-o would shift slightly because I believe that Korra and Lion-o share a similar weakness in which they both tend to make rash decisions and act in haste and anger. Knowing that I'd wait for the right moment to strike keeping a healthy distance away but wielding The Sword of Protection to transform into whatever would be needed should anyone attempt to sneak up on me. I'd also likely have Swift-Wind in seeing range to alert me if danger was near.

For Aang I think moving in strategically and closing distance as soon as possible would be the best option as I'm confident in She-Ra's ability to strike him down and also defend herself from any elements he tries to throw at her using her Sword of Protection. (Protection is literally in the name!)

Similarly to last time, if at any point she was overwhelmed she would call in Swift-Wind, fly off, heal and return to the battle.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Meme Tuesday

by the Meme Team

Friday, May 22, 2020

Home Questing Task 8: Results

by Christopher "Janus" Donnelly

Hello and welcome to Home Questing: The Eighth Task.  This week the task was to make a spell that can be added to the spell system and the judging criteria was a combination of the most creative, useful, and balanced spell.  So let’s get to the submissions:

From Cressida is a spell that you might get caught up in:

Circle of Entrapment (4th Circle)
Uses: 3 Uses - Verbal: 20 words, repeated continuously, stating purpose of spell - Material: 15-foot white rope, or less - Active: Continuously hold rope while repeating verbal - Caveats: Circles, Suspension

This spell creates a barrier that traps living and undead creatures making it so they can not physically pass, affect, or attack. In addition, no magic of any kind can pass through the barrier in either direction. A single spellcaster with multiple castings, or several different spellcasters, can combine Circle of Entrapment spells to make a larger one. If multiple spellcasters join their circles together, the result is a larger circle that can potentially hold more powerful beings. The spellcaster may decide to break their own circle whenever they choose by uncrossing the rope. The spellcaster can do this even if the circle was cast with other spellcasters.

From DelHemar is a great way to catch up with your friends:

Sending (3rd circle)
Uses: 2 Material component: a slip of paper with your message on it. Verbal: 10 words

Allows the caster to magically send a 30 word message to another player on site. The message should be handed to the magic martial (or nearest npc to deliver to the martial if none is available) The spell does not guarantee rapid delivery, but the martials and npcs will do their best to ensure the message does reach its intended target, either verbally or in writing provided they are on site.

And from Janus is a spell about a boon at a location.

Beneficial Ground (4th circle) Uses 1.  Verbal:20 words and an explanation.  Material: 30 foot rope, or less. Active: Lay the rope on the ground.  Caveats: Circles, suspensions.

When casting the spell, the caster may cast any sash spell they have learned into the rope and it affects all of the people in the circle at the time of casting, but only while they are within the circle.  A person who leaves the circle has the spell suspended until they return to within the circle.  The spell can not be recharged without using another casting of Beneficial Ground.

Of course, for something involving experimental spells, I needed a person who is used to explosions happening in their face and outside the box thinking, so I brought in Thoril as a guest judge.

1st (5 points) DelHamar: A very unique spell as the Realms does not currently have a spell that allows one to pass information to one another directly save for the all mighty intervention and its usefulness can not be understated in regards to sharing information during open world events or split party quests. The one downside being as you said the unreliability in speed of the message being passed.

2nd (4 points) Cressida: Very good spell and I have seen casters make cages with ward enchanted being and CoP's my only critique being that I would raise it to a higher spell level due to the nature it can be combined to form a larger area and also affect non enchanted entities.

3rd (3 points) Janus: I find this spell to be quite useful in regards of versatility and being able to stretch out the uses of certain spells such as armored cloak and protect the soul. On that same point I do worry what it could do to quests in which focus on possession effect or control effects and the majority of a group can have protect the soul from a single casting. Again though I do love this spell.

Thank you so much for that Thoril.  Now, for my reviews:

1st (5 points) DelHemar - This sending spell is balanced for it’s level, is a unique way of conveying information, and is conditionally useful.  I actually could potentially see myself taking this spell, but not as an automatic pick.

2nd (4 points) Cressida - This is a useful spell, and is essentially the ward: enchanted of the circle world.  The issue I have for it is that it would be a thing for fighters to be aware of. 

DQ’d (0 points) Janus - His spell is fine...but urgh, he’s been bugging me too often.  Give me a break.

And After the point for participation, that brings us to 11 points for DelHemar and 9 points for Cressida.

So, let’s look at how the full standings are going (I’m just going to list people with more than 5 points this week):

DelHemar - 80.5
Cressida - 56
Laika en'Naur - 20
Aeston, Areni, and Gwen - 18.5
Bart - 11
Iawen - 11
Saka - 10
Vawn - 10
Luc-Dubois Coupant - 9
Osa - 8
Kwido - 6

Remember, the top 5 people will get a prize.  I can’t wait to see you on the field again.

Home Questing: Task 9

by Christopher "Janus" Donnelly 


Here is the form to submit your pet or stuffed animal dressed up like yourself:

If you would prefer to send it to me directly rather than uploading to youtube or some image hosting site, please email it to



Hi all, Janus here and welcome to Home Questing: The Ninth Task.   Last week we asked you to create some unique spells and we did receive them.  This week we are going in a more light-hearted direction.  Please submit a picture of yourself along side with a picture of either your pet or a stuffed animal dressed up to look like yourself .  The most accurate wins.  You have until Tuesday at noon, and your time starts now.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Boff Brawl Semi-Final Match 1

Boff Brawl has been upgraded to Championship Turbo Edition and the fights are sure to be even more epic during these upcoming four semi-final and one championship fights to determine who is the Ultimate Boff Brawl Champion!

Without further ado here is Match 1:

Player 1 - Raynor. Character, Finn.
Raynor and Finn both function very well together, we’re both human sword-fighters who are childlike and grew up in harsh lands, there is no hesitation stepping into this fight and we are in sync immediately. Our strengths combined, we are now made unstoppable. Now, onto our opponents.

Skeletor is an evil lich who uses magic and mind powers against his foes. Luckily for us, Finn has vast amounts of experience dealing with liches and has advanced mind-protection techniques from his time in the Land of Ooo. He has defeated worse liches before. Plus, Skeletor is pure evil and never wins. Plus as the most evil character it is likely he would be the first one attacked by the group. Radstar and Raynor can make up later.

Next, Aang. While Aang might seem a formidable foe, he is inadequately prepared against Finn. Both began as 12 year olds in their respective series, but by their conclusion Aang is still 12 three seasons later, while Finn has grown and is 17 by the conclusion of his own show. Finn can defeat Aang with the most dangerous weapon of all - knowledge. Finn experienced puberty - look out Aang, that one's a doozy! Is Aang prepared to learn that his parents aren't as great as he imagined? I don't think so! You might also think that Finn wouldn't fight Aang because he isn't evil - but by abandoning the world when they needed him most, he is directly responsible for thousands of deaths, including the near-complete elimination of his own airbender tribe. Aang is evil enough to be eliminated.

Lastly, Jack. Another sword fighter, valiant and prepared against Aku, his own dark nemesis. While in another universe they might have worked together, in this universe Jack is controlled by Tao. All we need to do is aim for the knees (might be strong on Jack, but I'm sure Tao would flinch for at least a second!) and that's the opening in an otherwise fairly even match. And if Jack isn't evil, Raynor can at least convince Finn that Tao is evil. He has taken large sums of my gold through unfair games! The house always wins! Can't go back to the past on that one, Jack.

Player 2 - Radstar. Character, Skeletor.
Using subterfuge I would have them all take one another out for me.

Player 3 - Freja. Character, Aang.
Aang has a slew of talents at his disposal, but most importantly he has incredibly high flexibility. He is able to think quickly on his feet and use the best strategy for a situation. This combines with his ability to easily bend any of the four elements to make him very difficult to predict. He has relatively high hand-to-hand skills especially used in concert with his bending. His air bending lets him escape from tight situations by simultaneously knocking his opponents back and rising above the battlefield to strike from above. He would try to keep his distance from opponents, relying on bending to make ranged attacks. His air bending makes his fighting style very fluid and defensive, focused on turning aside or dodging enemy attacks and counterstriking. And, if all else fails, Aang has the Avatar state—an incredibly powerful form that can wipe out entire armies in seconds. This would, however be a last resort as it only occurs when Aang is in true danger. His greatest weapons are his versatility and mobility.

Player 4 - Tao. Character, Samurai Jack.
The sword swings rightly
Honor guides its deadly blade
Betrayal possible

Skelator once found, He Can be sneaky,  is the first match I look for. The blade strikes bone as well as flesh. While they that control this unholy beast is my measure in experience; the might of the mountain will not fall to dust and bones. Get them in the open; dismantle them, one bone at a time.
Finn, half a team, strong morals, week shoulders, not an easy match. While I feel some conflict, I have seen his actions and deeds. The deeds that he so often has to go and fix; Never alone, always with friends. He cannot clean up his own mistakes alone. The person who decides the how and the where is cleaver, smart and a very valuable part of a team; But, alone? with no friends? he shall fall.
Aang, this will break my heart, but the Aang I know does not have the concentration to follow through, present a large wild beast and they will be too distracted to be effective. This pilot I know less of, expect more surprises, unusual strategies, but their inexperience will be there downfall. While I respect the person, in combat they are still a little too fresh.

Vote on the poll on Facebook and debate on behalf of your champion. The winner of this match enters the final championship round!