Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Rumors for August 1020

[Across the Realms]

If you Dream, you may recall this from a recent night.

You see a small child sitting on a beach, playing with a sand castle. They add ever more lifelike details with their small hands. The walls are sculpted with battlements and buttresses. As you peer more closely into one of the windows, you feel a sudden, cold splash. The sand begins to slough off the front wall of the castle as the seawater recedes from it. Another wave roars up onto the beach, slamming against the sand castle.  The front wall crumbles and collapses, the foundation underneath washing away. As the child looks up at you with tears in their eyes, the waves engulf the sand castle and it sinks into the ground.


You become aware that you have been dreaming. You still are, and it has been going on for a very long time.

Many of your dreams have included a feeling of weight all around you. This makes sense, considering the sand. But still, you reach out through it, passing the old bones, the crematorium, the book, until you can almost reach the sunlight. You dream up another polyp, and watch it wander away. Your arms don’t get tired, and as your mind wanders off into a deeper dream, you see the conjoined gold circles that were present when you formed, and the blue shadows that stole you away.

Then you wake up. You become aware that you have been dreaming.


Within Idaris, an old man has been asking for anyone who has seen his tide, and saying that he needs to find it before the mountains. 


Several messengers have been complaining that the Prince has been sending too many letters to Tao and demanding haste in their delivery. One cheeky messenger says he had it on good account that it’s just about games so really a waste of the taxpayers money. 


There have been several accounts of a figure that has been described as tattered and crippled, begging in silence. The tatters the broken and the poor are nothing new, but several places have had terrible things occur days after their leaving.


Say weren’t you here last month child, yes, yes you were, how have you been, good, good, care for some more tea. Well let me tell you, that boy finally figured out what he wanted, and the pretty ones just don’t seem to come around anymore. Did you hear about the Bormer boy, turned out the bear was a person, and he is still there, asks the family not to come around none, does not want anything to do with the humans, I wonder if he is charmed, in love, or just stupid; probably a bit of all three. Somebody sometime is going to have to get the bottom of that, of course they would still have to deal with the bear and all. Is that thing still kicking around, would you do me a favor and go burry that someplace, crossroads or something like that would be best. O thank you so much, just don’t get out much anymore. Remember that cake, funniest thing, one day it was just gone, no one saw it leave, but then its just gone, when we asked the baker about it, he said “what cake”. I don’t know why he would lie about such a thing, but there you go, not sure what to think. Grojo? Well he and I had a disagreement, and he took off, I suspect he is around here somewhere, but no idea where. If you see him tell him I would welcome him back no questions asked. I just hope he has not done anything stupid. Well as I said the Blacksmiths wife was not careful enough, everbody knew, but the blacksmith, I suppose, now I heard when she was kicked out, she took a few thing with her that he wants back. Not that it’s any of my business, but if you are going to a bad person, I guess you are just a bad person. That short and tall couple I told you about, they keep buying sweets from the baker for each other. Its so funny to watch them even walk down the street, each looking to make the other one smile, I swear it’s good to be young and in love. Did you come by way of the forest? Just asking cause of all the noises and such, I sometimes get to wondering what is going out there, but I am not the type to go find out. Now Philip, he was the type, he was always off to find adventure, come back with treasure or something weird. I wonder what he got up to, left a bunch of stuff lying about, always giving gifts of the stuff he brought back, have not seen him in a bit. Well don’t let me hold you up, or would you like some more tea?

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

View Special Edition: Emergency EH Meeting and Unofficial Player's Meeting Dates

(The following message was sent to the Realms OOC email list yesterday. It has been reposted here with permission from its author.)


As you are hopefully by now aware, there will be an emergency EH meeting soon to discuss how to react to the small number of events talking place this year.

There has also been a request to add to the agenda a discussion on possible Realms-wide rules for the pandemic, such as mandatory masks or even cancelling all events. So far, fewer than 50% of EHs have reached out to me to express support to add this to the agenda, which is the number needed before it can be discussed at the meeting. If that 50% number is reached at least two weeks prior to the meeting, it'll get added to the agenda. (If it's reached later than that, there'll be another meeting.)

A week before the emergency EH meeting, I'll be hosting an unofficial meeting open to all players, to give players a chance to voice their concerns and suggestions before the EHs meet. This meeting is unofficial, and there will be no binding votes.

The first meeting open to all players will be September 12 starting at 6 PM. The second meeting just for EHs will be September 19 starting at noon. Some more details are on the RealmsNet calendar. These were the first two consecutive weeks without other Realms events taking place, and they also conveniently accommodated the individual requests I received related to scheduling.

As with typical Players' Meetings and Event Holders' Councils, the meetings will end when we get through everything, but RealmsNet asked me for a time, so I picked 4 hours. I'm hoping neither meeting takes that long.

To join the meetings, there are URLs in the RealmsNet event descriptions. A few days before each meeting, I'll email the respective mailing lists with passwords to join the meetings. You should be able to join the meetings via your web browser without needing to install anything.

Yours in service,

Pi Fisher

Small Pleasures Bracket - Round 2

Well the community spoke loudly in the last round. Despite the inescapable horror of watered-down red drink, Realmsies much prefer to pamper their derrières with flush toilets.

This next round might be a little tougher of a decision however:

Option A: Putting on a fresh clean pair of socks after questing all day.
Option B: Going out to dinner break to that amazing restaurant everyone in your group loves.

Vote on facebook to determine the winner!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Meme Mondays

by the Meme Team

Friday, August 7, 2020

Home Questing - The Fifteenth Task

Here is the form for you to submit your slogan for the war against the Risen Kingdom:

If you would prefer to send something to me directly rather than uploading to youtube or some other video hosting site, please email it to


Hi all, Janus here, and welcome to Home Questing: The Fifteenth Task.  This week we are asking you to write the best slogan for the war against the Risen Kingdom.  You have until Friday at noon, and your time starts now.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

View Special Edition: Regarding the Emergency EH Meeting

(The following message was sent to the Realms OOC email list earlier today. It has been reposted here with permission from its author.)

Fellow members of the Realms,

On Monday, an emergency EH meeting was called to discuss how to react to the serious issue of the number of legal events that are likely to be thrown for the calendar year 2020.  Since then, the required number of EHs have reached out to me to express their support for such a meeting, so I will be organizing one.

From reading posts on Facebook, I've come under the impression that there are many people who are not EHs who would like to have their voices heard on this topic.  To that end, I will also be organizing an unofficial meeting open to all players, including event holders.  This meeting will not have any binding votes, but it may influence the minds of event holders as they go to the official meeting.

On Monday, I'll be announcing times and (virtual) locations for both meetings.  If you have any requests for when they are scheduled, please reach out to me privately before Monday to let me know.  While I can't promise to act on everyone's requests, if a lot of people are all busy on the same day, I'll try to avoid that day.

Your Administrative Meeting Organizer,
Pi Fisher

What You Missed: RealmsCraft Questing 2 - A Pond of Ice and Faerie

IC: After action report, Vee Woodson:

This is the second report I have written regarding a quest, bear with me if I start to wander. To start, we were in a tavern. Always a good spot to begin, the tavern. Though this one was a bit odd, in that there were no tables, chairs, or even a bar… It did however, have some unusual features; chief among them being a banner workshop. A good deal of banners were made and put on display, showcasing the abilities of the Realms quite well. More importantly though, was the arena, something I believe every good tavern should have (take note Zarine, they can be multifunctional). Toah, Viktor, Kwido, I, and a surprisingly familiar face from across the sea, Gep, all met up and decided our best set up for our upcoming quest. I had a surprising number of potions on me, to the point that I could not wear my normal heavy armor without breaking them. As such, I was relegated to the role of healer. One healer amongst three fighters and a full mage, not the best set up, but we were determined to make it work. With our plans thus laid, we followed Orion out to the forward camp. Upon arrival, we received our briefing. It was rather… brief, all things considered. The lake was frozen over, and a tunnel had been opened to get underneath. We were being sent down to locate the problem and if possible, fix it.
Upon descending into the tunnels, we quickly found a room of skeletal warriors with weapons in surprisingly good condition. Making quick work of them, we were joined by Larrysaurus who had missed the carriage to camp. Feeling emboldened by the appearance of a second healer, we pressed deeper into the caverns. Reaching the main cavern, we encountered a Fae named Fern. They came over to try and save the fish frozen in the ice and recruited us to aid in this endeavor. Fern promised us Potions of Fishy Freedom and Potions of Gill Generation in exchange for gathering the materials and help in freeing the fish. It was at this point that I noticed Toah was missing and not responding to shouts. With this in mind, Kwido and myself split from the main party in an attempt to find our missing compatriot.
We found a frozen alcove that required us to jump from platform to platform. Any time we missed our jumps, we quickly found ourselves breaking through the ice and submerged in icy water. After more than a few close calls, we found our way into an antechamber with more skeletal warriors. Kwido and I were coaxing them out one by one, taking time to heal up between each fight. Then the archers came into play… their bows set fire to us, and in an attempt to extinguish myself, I made a break for the river. Unfortunately, I did not make it in time and burned into unconsciousness.
This next part was relayed to me after the fact. While Kwido and myself were moving through our athletics competition; our compatriots had found a trader who sold hot rocks. How he found his way down into the caverns, I’m not quite sure. However, those hot rocks proved invaluable as the other party used them to melt the ice covering a crystal in the trader’s cavern. Gep dove into the water and destroyed the crystal, costing him his life. With no healers present, the trader was asked to retrieve his body and keep it safe until one could be procured.

After bringing myself back; Kwido, Larry, and I found another crystal in the cavern that had resulted in my death. After destroying it, we made our way back to the main chamber and proceeded in the same direction as the main group (who had managed to find Toah). In following them, we found the body of Gep and brought him back. He filled us in on our way back to the main cavern, and we found everyone… well, not hale, but alive. After topping up, we found our way to the last sub cavern. There, we navigated a series of floating icebergs over a freezing river and found our way up to the last crystal. When we destroyed it, we had an intense urge to vacate the premises… This urge was further backed up when we reached the main cavern to find it flooding. Thinking quickly, we made a break for our entrance, only to find it had filled in with gravel. Fortunately, there was a smaller tunnel that we used to escape as the water rose. Upon reaching the surface, Orion greeted us and bid us to see the lake as it melted.
We’re still not exactly sure what caused those crystals to form and freeze the lake, but at least it is seemingly back to normal.

This was a great fill in, in my opinion, for an actual quest. It brought all the elements you typically find in the Realms; with combat, puzzles, and athletics all being tested and rewarded. Obviously with Covid ruining in person events, this was a fantastic way to bring the Realms into your own house. The design of everything was absolutely fantastic. During the first RealmsCraft event, I was a little concerned when I saw a sparsely decorated tavern… but the rest of the set blew me away. The builders deserve all the credit in the world for what they built and coded, the idea was brilliant, and altogether the atmosphere was perfect. As someone who loves building and designing structures in Minecraft, I found myself repeatedly distracted by the details placed into each area we were in. Altogether, it was an excellently designed and put together quest.