Friday, February 21, 2020

The Arrival of the BattlePets!

by Jennifer "Isla" Gallagher (photos by View Staff)

At Feast of Creathorne 2020 this past weekend, I was delighted to help the young adventurers that come to Rhiassa Cub Care find and train their BattlePets! BattlePets are special creatures that have elemental abilities and will learn from and protect young children that love them.

First, our young adventurers had to hunt down BattlePet eggs and bring them to the special hatching platform. When they performed the special dancing, it slowly caused the eggs to hatch!

Putting the BattlePets Eggs on the Hatching Platform
Once hatched, each adventurer bonded with a Battlepet. They were delighted with their new friends and set out to name them and give them special name tags!

Young Adventurers Naming Their BattlePets
BattlePets Character Sheets with Names
Once named, the adventurers took to the Battlepet training center to see what element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) their Battlepet took an interest in. They had to assist their BattlePet navigate a fire maze, teach them to fly, jump across boulders, and navigate a sea challenge avoiding octopuses!

BattlePets Training: Going Through the Fire Maze
BattlePets Training: Earth Rock Hopping
BattlePets Training: Flight Training
BattlePets Training: Water Octopus Tag
Once they had completed the training, our brave young heroes diligently worked to increase their BattlePet's abilities by earning power gems through completing challenges. Some of the challenges included painting watercolor portraits of their BattlePet, Building their pet a weapon or a fortress, sculpting a statue of their BattlePet, and creating armor and healing potions for their BattlePets. It was great to see that even if the adventurers didn't want to increase their BattlePet's skills or abilities, all of my young friends really took to bonding with them!

BattlePet Challenges: Building a Bath Tub
BattlePet Challenges: Portrait Painting
BattlePet Challenges: Making Armor
After a peaceful time, the nefarious Team Shadow showed up to challenge our adventurers and their BattlePets!! After a quick dance-off, the Battlepets and the Shadowpets fought valiantly against eachother. The battle was tense, but our young heroes were victorious and ran Team Shadow off.... for now.

Team Shadow Arrives!
Team Shadow and Their BattlePets 
The Dance Off!
The BattlePets Face Off Against Each Other

Thursday, February 20, 2020

What You Missed: Thursday Night Questing 4 & 5

By Kersten “Ypnn” Prince

More than a Few Troubles with Mold

Since I released my guide to our travels through the doors, the scientists have called upon our adventuring group for a new problem: Mold. The door scientist we usually worked with introduced us to another one of these scientists, one who “specializes” in mold, who needed us to collect samples from the mold to make something called a “vaccine”. We were told that this would allow us to not be affected by the increasing mold once we died, a problem that had the potential to stop us from being able to revive our fallen friends.

As we were transported between rooms through the aid of some sort of machine, we learned the following about the various types of mold present in this place: Black mold had a tendency to move slowly but catch easily onto whoever it comes in contact with, resulting in a sticky situation as we had to cut ourselves and our friends free while trying to collect samples. Green mold tends to act in a more active manner, attacking us until we managed to cut it down in a specific but always changing order so that we could collect those samples. White mold tended to be exceptionally quick, flying around the space and harming only those it ran into as it dropped samples throughout the room. And lastly, yellow mold would send spores flying throughout the space, with the only way of keeping the spores in a condition fit for being a sample without being harmed was by catching them on top of shield and pieces of fabric.

While waiting between the transports, we continuously found the mold scientist to be a bit more obsessed with the mold than one would consider normal, and as we later found out this was due to the fact that the scientist was in fact not an actual scientist and got removed from the job. I also had an odd box appear to me from some group called “The Board” that contained a large number of the hope sources that we had found in our previous adventures, which we were able to use to improve OOP’s abilities in casting magic to be able to contain second circle spells. A final bit of information we happened across while speaking to the door scientist again is that the doors, which to my previous understanding had acted as portals between a lot of various places, were actually primarily connected to a place called the “Fortress of Doors”, so I will refer to it as such moving forward.

A few weeks later we were called in again to deal with the mold breaking out of its previous places. With the previous mold scientist having been fired, we met with a new mold scientist who claimed to be working on some fancy education thing called a “Ph.D” for the mold. While also rather obsessed with the mold, this scientist instead focused their fascination into having a machine that would clear a space of the mold. The machine needed time to turn on however, during which the mold would flock to its place to try to stop it, so they needed us to keep the mold away from it. Before turning it on, we had a bit of time to move items around the space to hinder the progress of the mold. During the first of these times, thanks to our previous success with the mold samples, they were able to give us the vaccine thing to keep us from being infested with the mold.

A few highlights from these encounters that are worth noting: First off, the mold had started mutating. Some of the mold types were merging with others, causing some mold to even be incorporeal with most of us (excluding one friend who in these regions picked up a spell to turn incorporeal) unable to affect it. Second off, I learned that the conga line we had previously encountered within the OOP is not solely the OOP but rather a spirit that it is possible to commune with, with which I was able to revive many of my friends before it vanished again. Thirdly, as we had collected more sources of hope throughout these spaces, towards the end we had counted the sources up to supposedly be just short of how much we needed to energize the OOP even more. Through the course of multiple attempts to find if there was a way to gain the last bit that we needed, my attempt to have my familiar Floof find the path to the source instead resulted in us communicating with “The Board” that had previously spoken to me when giving me the previous source. While we are still quite unsure of who they are and what their exact purpose is, they seem to have quite a bit of interest in our group as they know a lot of what is going on with us. We eventually came to the realization that we had a sufficient amount of source due to a miscount, which has now enabled us to have the ability to charge OOP with a third circle spell.

Editor's Note: Thursday Night Questing is a series of mini events for newbies. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What You Missed: Feast of Creathorne 2020

by Ryan "Orion" Welch

I enjoyed my time at this year’s Feast of Creathorne. The hall was spacious and comfortably warm. The things which I ate were also delicious, although I was a little disappointed that the dinner's side salad offering was so basic when the rest of the menu was well-crafted. With that said, I was impressed by the various meat dishes, which are clearly the stars of the show here.

The questing was also surprisingly enjoyable considering the outside temperature. The monsters which we encountered put up enough of a fight to keep us active and warm, but rarely overwhelmed us. A bowl full of stew also helped keep me braced against the cold air. I did not rejoin the party after the first foray because the sun, which could be clearly seen all day but only lightly felt, quickly dipped below the horizon.

The Physical Challenge was a neat idea. I was immensely grateful that it was conducted indoors. I also had a pleasant time socializing with my feast-goers, and I even had a winning day at the blackjack table, which I often find to be an elusive achievement. I can easily say that I am looking forward to the offerings of Creathorne’s kitchen again next year.

In service to the Realms
Captain Orion Mars, Squire to His Majesty King Alexander Cecil

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What You Missed: Feast of Creathorne 2020 - Photo Edition

Photos by View Staff unless otherwise noted

photo by Michelle LaPlant 

photo by Michelle LaPlant 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Merchants and Vendors of the Realms

On January 31, Ed "Tuilli" Drummon posed the following question to the Realms Facebook Group: 
Hey all! Who here makes stuff for our game? List it here:
List your shop name, your character name, and what you make!

The responses poured in. Here is the compilation of what people are selling in the Realms.
(Compiled by Becky Baron)

Nathan “Avernus” Menard
Wares: Weapons

Daniel “DaniDanger” Oakfellow-Pushee (with help from Janna “Iawen” Oakfellow-Pushee)
Shop Name: DaniDanger’s Apple Treasures
Wares: Apple-based foods, art, found goods

Anthony “Fro” Quintana
Wares: Armor (not chainmail), garb, props, foam weapons

Joshua “Garuda” Barnett
Wares: Bad Decisions

Ethan “Jean Baptise” Goldman
Wares: Jerky

Casey “Karmha Celestine-Cooke” Lemay
Shop Name: Karmha Creations
Wares: Sewn banners, tabards, hoods, cloaks. Leather armor, pouches, masks. 3d printed props. Embroidered things. Pouches, belt accessories, spell props

Becky “Kovaks” Baron
Wares: Leather-bound runebooks, leather-bound omnibuses, weapons, chainmail pouches/coifs, simple leatherwork projects, custom gaming mins

Player Name: Stephen “Laika” Sanford
Wares: Electronics/lighting props, 3d printing, laser cut/etching/CNCing, leatherworking, weapons making, foamsmithing

Player Name: John “Gordon Lightfoot” Rescigno
Shop Name: Lightfoot Leatherworks
Wares: Leather armor and accessories

Kim “Mayumi” and Dennis “Katsuie” Coffey
Wares: Sewn garb, corsets. Props, drinking gourds, implement staves. Weapons. Decorated boxes. Knit and crochet goods.

Jason and Jennifer Rosa
Shop Name: The Gilded Lion
Wares: Custom Realms-themed board games

Player Name: Arthur “Aiden” Granger
Shop Name: Mercenary Market
Wares: Chainmail jewelry, armor, adornments. Weapons, EVA props

Cal “Syruss O'Leary” Marsden
Shop Name: Neden Forge
Wares: Plastidip shields, weapons, and throwing weapons. IC spellbooks. Barrels and decorative hydroflasks.

Maryanne “Shalindra” English-Betie
Shop Name: Oddities and Commodities
Wares: IC spell props (counters, bases for implements, timers, lights, painted boxes), EVA foam hair clips, caster gloves, horns. Character commissions.

Megan “Ayuchi Kyomi” and Steven “Therian” Matulewicz
Shop Name: Realms Outfitters
Wares: Clothes, questing accessories, feast gear, armor, jewelry, leather goods, homemade canned goods.

Andy “Shean O'Quinnlin” Disbrow
Wares: Ceramic stuff, heavy wool cloaks and stuff, wood stuff, beers, wines, and meads, leather stuff, and more.

James “Tao” Murphy
Wares: Dessert bacon, mug rental, tea/cocoa/noodles, casino stuff, OOC magic item cards

Sam “Sivf” Sherman
Wares: Chainmail dice jewelry, leather working, chainmail, soon: IRL metal forging, felt familiars.

Lynna “Nova Starr” Gallo
Shop Name: Starry Knight Brewery
Wares: Mead (Must be 21+)

Eren “Tazzia” Pils-Martin
Shop Name: The Oddities Shop
Wares: Sewing, crocheting, leather work, props. Mostly custom orders.

Jen “Vandoria” Cloutier
Shop Name: Vandoria's Vestments
Wares: Sewn garb including shirts, pants, cloaks, hoods, jerkins, dresses, jackets, tabards, heraldry, etc.

Sara “Zarine” Jessop
Wares: IC Tavern at big weekend events, with boozey and non-boozey drinks, table games, cheese, cigars, and fireside entertainment.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Heroes of the Western Flank 2019 Thank You

Rhiassa's mission in recognizing the Heroes of the Western Flank yearly at Feast of the Leviathan is to call attention to the fact that our community is wholly dependent on acts of service from one another. NPCing is one of the most basic and most important aspects of that service and no questing, a staple of our game, could possibly exist without those who come to events purely so that others can benefit from their time and labor. This is why we ask our patrons to fill out a Western Flank survey each year so that we can, in some small way, thank them for their efforts. We would like to recognize the following individuals for having served on the Western Flank throughout 2019 as indicated on the surveys they completed at Feast of the Leviathan XXII.

Aaron Metzger (Rel)
Adrian Cronin (Cronin Barbaria)
Alyssa Lee (Umbra)
Andy Disbrow (Sir Shean)
Arthur Granger (Aiden Penclaw)
Becky Baron (Kovaks)
Benjamin Lacasse (Pilpus Finnigan)
Brookelyn Gingras (Rowan)
Cal Marsden (Syruss)
Chelsea Paige (Sir Senna Sirrion)
Chris Donnelly (Janus Kiltra)
Danielle Guimont (Elizah)
Dave Hayden (Luc-Dubors)
David Rubenstein (Tirvanel)
Devon Power (Aranel tel'Sgiathatch)
Gregory Falconer (Daekara)
Ian Pushee (Bright)
Jacob Ruggiero (Mogar)
James Murphy (Tao Ya Kang)
Janna Oakfellow-Pushee (Iawen Penn)
Joey Chipman (Ruthade)
John Rescigno (Gordon Lightfoot)
Joseph Sims (Rillan)
Justin Boyce (Bjorn Starseeker)
Justin Mitchell (Artair)
Katrina Hull (Rekees)
Kayla Lovern (Wynn)
Kelsey Miranda (Mel)
Kyle Yazinka (Killian)
Liz Butler (Matiya)
Mackenzie Garbos (Rani Valley)
Megan Matulewicz (Kyomi)
Megan Williamson (Cimone)
Melissa Metzger (Aymise)
Michael Zajac (Swoop)
Nataliya Kostenko (Shader Jarlsberg)
Neil Kusleika (Eldritch)
Nicholas Bold (Arthur of the Wyvern College)
Nick Quadrini (Raynor Skyline)
Paul Tilton (Grindin)
Pi Fisher (Alpacasaurus)
Renee Booke (Kindrianna Athame)
Sarah Fournier (Evie)
Sean Finn (Eamon)
Stephen Sanford (Laika en'Naur)
Tim Suitor (James Swift)
Tom Gallagher (Avendar)
Travis Wilcox (Sir Elwin O'Bearikin)