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EHC Spotlight: Interview with Pi Fisher

Interview conducted by Ryan Welch
(Editor's note: one response has been edited for clarity. These changes are denoted by [square brackets].)

What is your motivation for writing proposals?

To make the Omnibus a better document. I don't have very many objections with regards to game balance right now, though I think casters might be a tad too powerful. The document itself could be better written to better present the information it has. I considered trying to do something with necromancy this year to make things cleaner, but I'm hoping for some short meetings instead.

If I remember correctly, you've served on the Omnibus Editorial Committee several times. What, in your opinion, is the difference between the things the OEC can clarify and the things that should go through the EHC process?

The OEC can't clarify rules. If there an ambiguous interpretation of a rule, it has to go to the EHC to be clarified. The one exception I see is when a proposal was passed, and the wording is ambiguous. In that instance, with guidance from the person who wrote the proposal, the OEC can clarify the text. If something is caught a year or more later, or if a proposal has an unintended side effect, the OEC can't clarify those problems.

How do you feel about the wording of a proposal being fixed during the discussion of it during the Player's Meeting or the Event Holder's Council? Do you find it more or less preferable to the OEC editing the text after the proposal has passed?

Depends on context. I'm generally in favour of giving more freedom to the OEC, so I'll often suggest that wording can be fixed by the OEC, but a lot of the amendments made at the meetings impact the rules being voted on, so those discussions should stay at the meetings.

You mentioned game balance earlier. When you're reading proposals, how do you determine if the proposed changes will have a positive or negative impact on game balance?

I have gut feelings about what things are a little too strong and what things are a little too weak. I'm not perfect on this. If a lot of people are currently doing a thing, it's likely too powerful. If hardly anybody is doing a thing, it's likely too weak. I see a higher ratio of casters to fighters than I'd like to see, so I suspect the current magic system is too strong. It's been that way for a few years. I don't see many two paths. I think that means a bow and a weapon shorter than 3'8" don't make up for what you can get from a third path of spells. Given that I think casters are a little too strong, I'd prefer to nerf three paths instead of buffing two paths.

Of course, not everything popular is too powerful. Our game would be fundamentally different if Heal Limb were a spell that most casters didn't have. Heal Limb is an example of a powerful spell at a low circle that should probably stay as it is.

Are there any other proposals this year that are particularly interesting to you?

I'm curious to see what happens with the scalping/death proposals. The undead revamp is interesting, and I have not yet decided how I feel about it. Of course, it might depend on what you mean by "interesting". I don't think any of my proposals are interesting, but I certainly hope they all pass.

For some of the proposals I [want] to fail, it's possible amendments will make me change my mind. For some of the proposals I [want] to pass, I have amendments in mind that I hope are made, and I might vote against them without those amendments. It's not a perfect system.

If you had the power to change, add, or remove anything from the Omnibus, what would you do?

I'd reformat and reorganise it. I guess if you really want to pick a rule change, I'd go with taking Familiar out?

Can you give me one or two examples of what you would do to reorganize?

I have a proposal to take Regional Magic and Alchemy out of the sections they're currently in and make a new section for them. If I had the power to do so, I'd look around more and do a more drastic reorg.

What about Familiar? Why would you take it out?

I've never liked the spell. It's mostly just better buydowns. Now that buydowns aren't as much a thing, it's no longer too powerful, but it's purpose went away.

Before I wrap this up, is there anything you would like to say or talk about regarding proposals?

Nah, I'm good

Thanks for your time

You're welcome

Pi Fisher is an Event Holder and member of the 2018 Omnibus Editorial Committee, as well as the author of several proposals which clean up the Omnibus. To see his and other proposals, visit

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Heroes of the Western Flank-Update

 By Lani "Gwen" Jones

This year at Feast of the Leviathan XXI the Heroes of the Western Flank will be recognized for their service to the community. Now in its fourth year, this organization's purpose is to publicly thank those people who regularly serve as NPCs on quests. The role of the NPC is a vital one to our game: without monsters to kill, the heroes of the Realms would have very little to do. NPCing is accessible to all players, regardless of skill or experience, and it is the way that many players begin their service to the Realms, and still more players continually give back by acting behind the scenes in this manner. Despite the importance of NPCs, we often forget to recognize them for their hard work. Anyone who has served on the Western Flank knows that it can be an exhausting day and those that come back again and again deserve our commendation.

All heroes who are present at the Feast of Leviathan can submit a form indicating the number of events that they NPC'd. If you have NPC'd three or more events, you'll receive a ticket for each event, and will be entered into the Heroes of the Western Flank raffle. This year's prizes will include swords, pouches, gloves, garb, and two magic items that will last for the duration of the next year. Each item is a token of our sincerest gratitude.

Please take the time to congratulate the raffle winners, and always remember to thank your NPCs.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why I Want to Go - Feast of the Leviathan XXI

By Crystal "Cressida" Welch

I am beyond excited for the Feast this weekend! The Food, the Puzzles, the Games, the Bardic Performances and the View Awards are the best of the best at Leviathan. This will be my third year going and I still remember how much I enjoyed the first two feasts. First off, I have a crazy long list of dietary restrictions and they always WOW me with how much food they make that I can actually consume and thoroughly enjoy. From the starter courses to the delectable desserts, I have yet to be disappointed and I cannot wait to see what surprises they have in store this year. I am also excited for the addition of a dry bar and the open space concept that is being tried out this year. Being able to walk around and spend time with friends, while food is being served on a platter, sounds like a great way to keep socializing without having to stop to feed myself every so often! I can already tell I will not be leaving hungry.

I am also excited to enjoy the annual puzzles and games. I am not much of a gambler, but I did have a lot of fun playing Merchant Barons last year and I am excited to try out the new and improved version. Plus the Gilded Lion Carnival is always a hoot! As a bard, I greatly enjoy watching other bard’s perform and the promise of a staged area this year is amazing! I would go if only to watch the wonderful performances and hang out with fellow bards and bardic fans. You never know what stories will be told or sung at the Feast and it would stink to miss out on a new piece!

On top of the fabulous food, puzzles, and performances, there is recognition for those who have kicked ass this year. I love watching the smiles on peoples’ faces as they win View Awards for all of their hard work. Also I know I voted, so I’d like to see the people I voted for win in person instead of hearing about it after the fact. All of that and more is why I Want to Go to Feast of the Leviathan XXI.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fresh Faces with Justin "Artair" Mitchell

Photo by Robyn Nielsen

1. How did you learn about Realms?

I first heard about it during a pen and paper game I was running. Tonya Pirrone would often reference it and when we had a couple player spots open up Derek and Renee joined the group and finally convinced me to try it out. They even helped me to be fully garbed for my first event.

2. How many events have you been to?

At this point, I have been to at least 20 events

3. Have you ever LARP’ed before? If so tell us about it?

No, this is my first LARP

4. What is your character like? Where are they from? What is their race? What is important to them?

Artair is a calm and collected, yet highly opinionated druid of Gaia who has worked hard to contain the ferocity of the bear within. As a scholar and spellcaster, it is only recently that people have taught him that there is value in the ferocity he has been working to contain. Strongly connected to his God, he tries to follow Gaia’s teachings and the natural balance. He does not focus narrowly on Gaia’s growth and healing aspects but all aspects of the natural cycle. For without predators, death, and decay, new growth and prey would have no nourishment.

Originally from other lands, he was a druid of Gaia who gave himself to the long shift, turning into a bear to wander in nature for the rest of his days. After an unknown amount of years passed he awoke in the Realms, unsure why or how he got here. He has since turned to Gaia and his fellow adventurers to learn about his new surroundings and what his purpose here may be.

Artair is a human who once had multiple animal forms, but since his long shift has been deeply connected to his bear form. He views his forms as gifts of Gaia that, after so many years, have truly become part of him.

Artair is chiefly concerned with serving Gaia, the natural state of things, and the balance found there. While family and friends are always first in his mind, when they conflict with the natural order he struggles with which side to pick.

Provided Photo

5. What do you remember most about your first event?

I will highlight my first two events since they covered different aspects:

My very first event was Nedengiving. I remember feeling very scattered and nervous. There were carnaval games and a feast including the famed “cranberry sauce” and a tournament of some sort which I watched for a while. The magic system is what really had my initial interest so I started off trying to go 3 path caster right from the beginning. Learning spells was a high priority on my list and a good excuse to meet many of the different groups in attendance.

At the time I was following, what was then, the Shaman path and there were not many in attendance who had chosen that path of spells. Many of the spells were very difficult to find enough signatures for so I had to plan who signed for which spell or I would run out of teachers for the harder to find spells. Happily, I found some very nice people that helped introduce me to the people who could teach the spells I was after.

Each signature I got was a unique experience. Some teachers would sign after a few easy questions, a few required easy but silly tasks, and the best taught me as much about themselves as the spell I was after. I ended up learning 4 spells, (10 signatures!) by the end of the event and felt accomplished for doing so. A few of the more memorable experiences were: learning the “Regional” spell from Vanduke and Jean C’est Magnifique Try Baptise, and a magic marshall quest for “Death Watch” that required me to write and recite a poem about death and meditate as if dead for at least 5 minutes.

My first questing experience came at my second event, UCCT, where we trudged out in the snow to save Yule. It was a very light-hearted quest and had many memorable moments: a great portrayal of Scrooge, a “Charlie Brown tree”, making snow-golems, and caroling. It was also my first taste of realms combat and the speed and pace was quite the surprise compared to the other martial activities I've participated in. I had a lot of fun doing my best to keep my friends and fellow adventurers alive and healed on the front lines. This event was also my first time seeing and participating in ritual magic. When Voraniss called to the spirits out in the field at night, it was one of the things that really hooked me on Realms.

6. What things have helped to make you feel welcome in game?

Having a good support structure through my friends/nation has really been the biggest factor, I have been blessed in this aspect. Other than that, there are a number of people who have gone out of their way to be nice, show me the ropes, and include me in the things that are going on. I won't list them all here for fear of accidentally forgetting someone but they have made a huge difference.

7. What parts of the game do you find most challenging?

Sometimes it feels like the rules of the game are not how we actually play. There are a number of hidden hurdles that you can only learn about by playing and can vary widely from event to event. For example: Armor and weapon construction, combat speed and calling of shots, spell casting and the results you get, and full search, point search vs just saying “search” are all areas where you really need to do it, to learn what is accepted or the norm.

I also at times struggle with the pacing/reward structure of the game as it is so very different from any other game I have ever played. Having never LARPed before, my only comparison has been to similar role-playing experiences I’ve had such as DND, other pen and paper games and online MMOs. There, roleplaying was just as highly encouraged but they all had a very well defined, balanced, and paced reward/leveling structure. That's not to say that it's bad, just that it's very different and takes some getting used to.

8. Do you have any game-related goals (as either a player or character)?

As a character, Artair wants to earn respect as a person who can be relied on and turned to. He also wants to see Gaia and her followers become a more prominent force and involved in more visible ways.

As a player, in my experience, this game is very much what you make out of it for yourself and being inclusive and asking people if they want to be pulled into what's going on really makes the difference, especially for new people!! It's something that I will always strive to pay forward whenever I can because without it I would not still be here.

Since I most enjoy the role of GM/DM at the table top, I also have a long-term goal of throwing my own plot and hosting events, but before that happens I feel I still have a lot to learn about what works and what doesn't, from a player perspective, NPC perspective, and marshalling perspective.

9. What advice would you give other new players?

Find people to help you on your early journey. There is so much you cannot find from just reading the rules or available websites. You really need to get out there and experience it. Don't dive into getting or making your own armor or weapons. Have someone else help you make them for you, or borrow at least until you really understand what you're up against. This is a community game and no player can survive it completely on their own. Find someone, multiple someones, who will get you back up after combat. Make friends with healers or those who can find you one. There are tons of people willing to help, all you have to do is ask. If you see something you're interested in, go ask about it, and most importantly don't get discouraged if you get turned down a few times. Not every character is a “good guy” or wants to help new players and that’s ok.

10. What have you enjoyed most about the game so far?

All of my favorite moments have been when everyone involved is deep in character, be it dealing with an issue, doing a magical ritual, or having in-depth conversations. Those moments when you just go with it and let your character take you places.

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Rumors for January 1018

[Across the Realms]

There has been a rise in peasants dying by morning. Men, women, children are found dead with a look of abject horror on their faces. Conversely, there has also been a rise in non fatal injuries. Humanoid races are reporting creatures living with injuries that usually result in death. Reports of animals with crushed skulls, impaled in traps, or burned by fire, surviving the experience. Healers have seen a greater need for their services as a result.
The copies of the following missive have spread around the adventuring community: “Unto the Realms, If you have any sort of access to seer magic and are interested in the adventure that is to take place in mid-February, please contact either me (Kara Nithisdottir) or Sir Vawn. Even if you can't attend the adventure itself, you can still help. -Kara”.
Guards of several nations are claiming they have seen a hooded theif sneaking into taverns at night and stealing from the drunk. Others claim they have seen a monster or demon stealing souls of those misfortunate. The name of this would be monster thief is circling as "The Black Dagger" but others insist that name is wrong and refer to the thief as "The Shadow Crow". They also claim that this being is like trying to catch smoke.
Something dark is lurking. One could almost taste it. Something is coming... Something vast, powerful and deadly. There will be no survivors…

[Unclaimed Lands]

The road between North Paradise and Stonewood Borders: A woman's body was found, wearing faded scarlet robes. Her outfit was mainly reduced to tatters, and her pack revealed nothing but torn books: spines ripped off the base and pages stuck in trees or in the mud.
Over the Western Mountains: Rangers and those that make their living by hunting and trading in the Ivory and Iron Kingdom marketplaces have reported much activity seen on the other side of the range. It seems that some group may be thinking about colonizing beyond what the cartographers have on the current Realms map.
Borders around the Great Swamp: People have been coming into taverns and inns, wherever there might be a shelter. Some are wood elves, although a few sassed they were "swamp elves", and most are humans. They claim they're moving on as "the Spiders are moving again" and "rather take chances topside with Strangers" and so forth. One, in particular, is heading to Rhiassa, bearing a book and a white flag.
On the path towards Achoria, a territory of Blackwood: a woman carrying a very old, wrapped sword on her back has been asking for stories and telling older ones in return. She also is teaching those who care to listen to the way to make a sort of tack-bread, good for carrying on long quests. She is also looking for the Misty Hill Mystics.

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2018 View Awards ballot: Best Photo

EHC Spotlight: Interview with Alex Groom

Interview conducted by Ryan Welch

What is your motivation for writing proposals?

The scalping overhauls I wrote up shortly after the scalping proposal failed at last year's EHC. It seemed like a good change to me; I was rather disappointed when it failed to pass, and didn't want to see that change die there.

The death overhaul was the result of a discussion about how Realms treats character death very nonchalantly, and thinking that it might make sense to move to a down/dying/dead system (or, at the very least, have a discussion about it).

The enchant weapon/assassin's blade proposal was the result of considering taking assassin's blade. While reading up on the spells, I noticed that as written enchant weapon can't be used on an assassin's blade arrow.

Unlike last year's effort, your scalping proposals go beyond just changing the name of the condition. For people who aren't familiar with the changes you've put forward, would you mind pitching a short summary?

Scalping Overhaul A changes the mechanic to be time based, and the exact action to remove a soul from a body up to the player. It could still be dismembering a body, but no longer would have to be under this proposal. It also changes the language to be more accurate; the word scalp is removed altogether, and a lot of the language replaced with more accurate terminology, such as soul, soul loss, soulessness, etc.

Scalping Overhaul B has similar language changes, but leaves the mechanic intact. The mechanic in this proposal is talked about in terms of destroying a body to sever a soul from the body.

Scalping Overhaul A exists due to specific objections with requiring players to dismember a body; Scalping Overhaul B exists so that if A fails, we can at least still clean up the language.

How did you come up with the time-based mechanic in the first option?

The time based mechanic was derived from the current 200 scalping blow based mechanic. I wanted something similar, but that wasn't tied to a specific action. Making it time based (with multiple people causing the timer to go faster) seemed like the obvious way to go; it allows for the current action (destroying a body), while also opening up new roleplay options for people who want to more permanently kill a foe but don't want to destroy a body.

In general, what is your process for coming up with proposals?

Generally, it starts with me noticing a problem. Sometimes this problem is an oversight - as was the case with the enchant weapon/armor piercing case - and the solution is simple.

Proposals like the scalping proposals or death overhaul start similarly - I notice some sort of problem, and try to fix it. In those cases though, it's much more complicated than simply making a spell work as intended. A good chunk of both of those proposals came from talking to others, and seeing how they felt about them. At an even more basic level, a lot of my initial discussions are making sure others feel that there even is a problem to solve. Sometimes, something that looks like a problem is actually a solution to a very specific problem that previously existed; other times, it can arise from misinterpretation of the rules. Ruling either of these out is an important early step.

Next, I write a first draft, including edits to the omnibus. This can be a bit tedious, but also ensures that I go through the omnibus and better understand how my proposal would affect the game.

After that, I'll make any edits I think are necessary to the draft and put it up on Realmsnet to get more feedback. This has been especially useful for the scalping overhauls; I've already made improvements to both based on feedback I've gotten from others.

Are there any other proposals this year that are particularly interesting to you?

I tend to find proposals that create discussions about how we want the game to work to be the most interesting. There's a couple of proposals like that this year.
The "breaking restriction is cheating" proposal started a discussion about whether or not breaking restriction leads to dramatic moments or is cheesing the system. There's another proposal to remove a number of spells from the game on a variety of reasons that looks like it might start a discussion about how we feel about PvP right now.

Even some that just look like mechanical tweaks can cause interesting discussions. For example, there's a proposal to make it so that masterwork hammer repairs all armor; this has launched discussions about the place of armor in the game, whether or not repairing it should be something that can be done unlimitedly (like healing), and how such a change could effect the flow of events.

Proposals like these are great because whether or not they pass or fail, we usually learn something about the game that we may not have even considered before.

If you had the power to change, add, or remove anything from the Omnibus, what would you do?

I am going to apologize in advance for giving an underwhelming answer.

I'd probably add a section about NPC'ing. We have sections about attending events and throwing events, and the expectations on anyone who does those things, but nothing about what NPC'ing entails and the expectations of that are. Also, the omnibus never actually explains what an NPC is; this may seem obvious, but we do explain what a PC is (and that seems to be just as obvious to me).

I like that idea! Before we wrap up, is there anything else related to proposals that you'd like to talk about?

To anyone out there who is thinking of proposing something: you should do it. The worst case scenario is the idea will be shot down, and you'll leave with a better understanding of why the proposal wasn't a good fit for the game. You may just spark an important discussion that we didn't even know we needed to have. And you never know; your proposal could very well be a positive change for the game no one had thought of before.

Alex Groom is an Event Holder and the author of three proposals to change the way death and scalping work in the Realms. To view his and other proposals, visit

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

View Retrospective: Proposals

 On Writing Proposals
by Tucker "Temorse" Noyes
[Editor's Note: originally published on January 15, 2015]

This is a short guide to writing proposals that will hopefully help people trying to make changes during this proposal season.  Included is the basic proposal structure that will help you communicate efficiently and concisely.  In doing so you will allow your readers to better understand what you're trying to accomplish and enable them to give you more effective feedback.

This should be the meat and potatoes of exactly what you are doing, much like the abstract in a professional paper.  Having a clear concise message will give readers a good idea of what the proposal is all about.

Your rationale should include just that, a set of logical reasons for the change that you are making.  This is where you should identify the problem or area of improvement that you are addressing with your change.  These reasons should be logical and not just “Because it’s cool.”  If more people can identify with the problem at hand, the more people will likely vote for or give helpful criticism of the proposal.  Here you also want to include your reasoning on how these changes will address the problem you have identified.  When you can try to reference specifics from the omnibus and stay away from anecdotal evidence.

Here you should include the specific changes you are making to the omnibus text.  Use the html guide to the left of the text box while you write the proposal to properly highlight the removals, additions, and changes you are making to the text.  This section shouldn’t include anything but the text changes to the omnibus.

Finally after the changes I like to include any relevant notes that might not be obvious changes or any updates I make to the proposal for the sake of record keeping and helping people keep up with the comments.

Make sure you always review your proposal before you submit it, I recommend vetting it through a group of people who may have experience in the area that you're proposing something in (ie. if you changing the Healer path, you may want to have some well known Healers review it first).  This will give you a more polished product to present to the greater public and let you deal with any glaring issues outside the limelight.

And on a final note, although this is more personal opinion, you should always have a good reason for a proposal.  This doesn’t mean taking a “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” attitude, because innovation is a very important part to a thriving game, however proposing things just because you think it seems cool, is generally not a great basis and leads to a lot of wasted time and effort.  Good luck on your proposals this year!

Reviewing Proposals 
by Tucker "Temorse" Noyes
[Editor's Note: originally published on January 24, 2015]

This is a short guide on commenting and critiquing proposals, both online and at the meetings.  This set of guidelines will help you assess and give advice to those people putting up proposals.

In general, there are a few things to consider when reviewing proposals.  First is having decorum throughout the entire process.  Most proposals have had a lot of time and effort put into their inception and creation, so taking a hostile stance against a proposal will likely not help you get your point of view across.  To truly analyze a proposal there are three questions to ask;

Are there any errors within the proposal?  This first question is just assessing the proposal itself.  Are there any glaring errors such as removing a spell from the system that would leave a gap in the path or by changing a weapon material requirement a certain weapon type may no longer function.  These generally are more objective errors than subjective.
Does this proposal fix the addressed problem?  Some proposals aim to fix a problem in the game, others aim to make an improvement to some aspect.  Here we want to question if the proposal actually does this.  For example, if I were to propose we fix Heal Limb, the changes made probably shouldn’t only affect how long Magic Items can be backed for.  This is where we will start to move into some murky areas where both subjective and objective opinions can both be valid.
Is this a good chance.  So finally we ask if the proposal is intrinsically and ultimately a good change for the system.  This tends to be very subjective and where people opinions and outlooks on the game clash.  It is important to keep in mind game balance, not just what is beneficial to ourselves or friends.

Now when we are discussing proposals and asking ourselves these questions there are a few things to keep in mind.  First of all we should try at all time to use objective information as the basis of our arguments.  Now this gets tough because we don’t have any studies or spreadsheets to reference (well, most of us), and a lot of our evidence comes from our experience in game.  That being said it is important to be as specific as possible when it comes to giving evidence and that it is more empirical than anecdotal.  Also for those making proposals is it helpful to remember the importance of compromise and critique.  If there are ten people saying that there is a specific issue with a proposal, it is probably worth looking into.  Likewise sometimes other people are the ones who can come up with major improvements to your proposal, and recognizing when that is can help make your proposal even stronger.

As someone who has a proposal going to the EHC/PM you may also have the opportunity to accept amendments to your proposal.  Anyone may offer an amendment to a proposal, but it is up to the proposing EH (or the Players Rep in case of a Player Proposal), to decide whether or not to accept one.  An amendment is a suggested change to the proposal, generally with the hopes of making an improvement without changing the roots of the proposal itself.

For those of us attending the EHC/PM it is extremely important to come prepared.  This means looking over and reviewing the proposals before showing up at the meeting.  Every year there are a lot of complaints over how long these meetings take, but oftentimes this is due to the fact that many people who attend haven’t looked over the material they are going to be discussing.  If you have any questions or major concerns about a proposal we have a great forum to discuss theses things over on, and if you are uncomfortable posting there most people making proposals wouldn’t mind a private email or message asking for clarification.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What You Missed - Stacked Deck Final Table

by James "Tao" Murphy
Photos by Emily "Kara" Murphy 

What you missed at the Stacked Deck event:

Lots of good food, like seriously, we had too much, people brought stuff home some really amazing stuff (all in crock pots!).

Many games of chance and skill were presented, some cribbage, some checkers.

Return of both the craps table, and the roulette tables to join the Clontarf Casino traditional Let-It-Ride and Blackjack.

Not one but two poker tournaments, we ended the 1018 season and opened the 1019 season on the same day (congrats to Sir Trent for being the early leader in 1019)

And for the final tournament of the 1018 season:

Belle was first 
The straight she wanted 
But several hours in 
She was thwarted

Gordon was next 
With his Jack Queen 
But aces won out 
Kind of mean

Rubarb all in 
When he hit his eight 
But the ace with a jack
Sealed his fate

Rillan was unlucky 
Ace jack vs ace nine 
When the nine hit 
The opponent was fine

Trent with few chips 
Moved in with Queen Jack 
But the King Queen called 
And that was that

Runaris tried to double up 
All-in with king seven 
But the board had an ace 
And he was out at eleven

The final ten 
moved to one table 
the players to play 
as best they were able

Evita was first off 
her Queen ten hit trips 
but Queen Jack played 
and she lost all her chips

Rorin was next 
unlucky with big slick 
Ace Jack had called 
and hit the jack quick

Jack made a move 
with ten five suited 
but when the king called 
he was booted

Zatarra moved in 
but his king got the blues 
when the big blind called 
and hit trip two’s

Karmha's queens fell next 
She’d been on a rush 
but by the river 
she lost to a flush

Daekara had lasted 
all the way to bubble 
but King 10 vs King Queen 
and he was in trouble

Therian looked down 
Pocket sevens for the fight 
Pairs are strong pre-flop 
But Ace Ten ended his night

Mathies lasted 
All the way to Third 
But sixes lost to King Jack, 
His final word

Many hands later 
Two diamonds and a jack 
The stacks had shifted 
Vawn fighting back 

Avendar led out 
A min of a bet 
Vawn considered his hand 
His course was set

He went all in 
His game on the line 
Avendar to consider 
Was his hand fine?

He had seven eight 
The eight he had matched 
But the jack to consider 
A plan was hatched

He called the all in 
It was kind of chancy 
To end the tournament 
His odds he did fancy

Vawn's big bet 
He had gone in on a draw 
Diamonds would be good 
But his stack would fall

The turn was a four 
The river a six 
Both were red 
But hearts were the pips

Avendar had won 
A mighty feat 
The prize delivered 
The game complete 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Meme Mondays

By The Meme Team

Welcome to our new Monday feature in the View, Meme Mondays!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Humanizing the Realms: Toryn "Toryn" Vazquez

Queen of Hearts 2017

1. What do you do outside of the game? What would you like to be doing? (Work, school, etc.) 
Outside of the game, I'm a Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide. I'd much rather be a full-time Oncology student. I'm also a musician, and have an album recorded and released with my last band.

2. What hobbies do you enjoy other than LARP?

Well... Music is a huge hobby of mine. My personal goal is to play every instrument in the world at least once, and I have a good number already under my belt. I'm also an artist, but stopped in rust at the moment. I'm a big Gaymer; RPG's being what makes up most of my gaming experience.

3. Favorite meal, dessert, and drink?  

Sushi is my favorite meal. The Fruit Pie my grandmother used to make... that will always be my favorite dessert. Non-Alcoholic preference is Unsweetened Iced Tea. Alcoholic preference is Malibu and pineapple juice, but also that one drink I had at Feast of Grimloch. You know the one.

4. If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would it be? Would you bring anyone? I'll be going to Puerto Rico to visit my Aunt in May, so if I have to choose a location other than that, I'd probably travel to Ireland. I wasn't really able to learn much about my Irish side for most of my life, so I'd love to do that. I'd probably take my father, PJ, with me. It'd be a nice little adventure.

Are you working on any life goals that you’re willing to share? 
No. :D

6. Favorite outfit other than garb? 

Jeans, Tank Top, and a nice Button-Up Shirt. I'm also wearing a black hoodie most often. I often forget it isn't actually my skin.

7. Do you have any professional or personal skills you’d be willing to talk about? Professional Skills: I've been in Nursing for 7 years. I know a thing or two.
Personal Skills: I can play any instrument I touch.

8. What drew you to the realms, and what keeps you there?

My father, PJ, brought me into the realms 14 years ago. The details are blurry, but I remember being a little shit at my first event. I threw a single short into the air... and it came down to pipe Henry Giasson in the face. He might've been upset, but I wasn't sure. I was too busy being an 11 year old. A few things keep me coming back event after event. 

My friends; I've met so many amazing people, and the idea of being able to spend a weekend with them excites me so much. 

Roleplaying; Playing someone who isn't me, but is like me is fun. Interacting with the other characters of the Realms, and questing with these characters is enjoyable. 

My nation; It took me so long to get where I am. Fighting with the same group of people year after year for 13 years has finally paid off. Though my character has only recently received his A, I've always felt like part of the family.

9. Favorite movies/shows/books?

The Lion King is my favorite movie. I don't often watch TV, but when I did, Charmed was my favorite show. My favorite books are the Inheritance Series. (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance)

10. If you happened upon 3 wishes, what would they be? (Wishing for more wishes doesn’t seem to work...) 

I wish for the world to always be at peace. I wish happiness for every living creature. I wish long and fulfilling lives for all of my friends, my family, and every stranger I've ever met, or will ever meet.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why I Want to Go - Stacked Deck Finale

This is a hard event for me to write for, I’m not going to hide it. I’m hardly a maverick, a card shark, or even a gambler. But the stacked deck is set up fairly similarly to Order of the List, and I understand that. It’s about passion, and competition. It’s about getting the best of the best together to prove themselves.

It’s about the game.

We all attend events for different reasons. I may rely on that theory too much, but it’s true. We all have fantasies and roles we want to fill. Excelling at gambling is really important to some of our players, which becomes evident when you see them staying up after a long night quest to compete in tournaments while the rest of us, get to enjoy drinks, socialize, and go to sleep.

Fun fact: gambling in the realms is a huge factor in stirring our community economy. We have all these neat and interesting types of gold, and the stories behind them, because of the people that move money. We have these stories because of the people that run casinos, play in them, win, collect, and spend gold.

This event is their champions circle, and if you have friends playing in there you should come out and be their cheerleaders. I mean, maybe not in the same way that you would at another event. I think some of those kids would get pretty mad at me if I started yelling their name and waving crazy signs at them while they were trying to focus on the cards. However, a simple “You got this,” can go a long way, or just offering to grab your friend a snack while they’re playing. Have confidence in your friends, and support them.

Beyond that, I’m told there will be a bunch of other games for people to play and enjoy, so I’m sure you’ll have ample opportunity to be engaged with your friends outside of the tournaments. Personally, if I have an opportunity to be around my friends, I like to take it, and we don’t really get enough of realms time in the winter. This sums up the real reason why I want to go to, to be with my realms family, and support my friends who’ve worked hard all year to be a part of this tournament.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a safe and fulfilling 2019 from all of us at the View!

- Jennifer , Kelly, Leilani, Keith, Renee, Ryan, and Hannah