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Question of the Week and Responses

Question of the Week, Week #4

Hello all! Below you will find the plethora of responses we got to last week's question! You're all clearly fans of our woodland friends and want to show it through your effusive descriptions of why they're meaningful to you! After reading these responses be sure to answer our next question, below!

The question answered here was "What type of animal is most meaningful to your character and why?"

The Falcon, it is a symbol of my early years adventuring in the game and long lasting friendships that transcend nations and knighthoods.

The Fox, Kyara has a dagger to my back send help

Kyara Silverfang
Foxes because, well, yes?

Tao Ya Kang
None, they are all pretty tasty

Duke Syruss O'Leary
I have a fondness for bunnies....BECAUSE I HAVE A SOUL

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin
A bear, well they hibernate in the winter,  I like to sleep when i can.  They like to eat, I like good food. When they are angered, they destroy stuff, I like to destroy stuff... And when relaxed they can be very warm even if it is just their hide that is left over... I like being warm. I  also like their strength and courage and their capability of healing wounds fast :)

The Whale! It's my familiar and it was my first word

Jericho Axelthorne
I would have to say a fox, as that is represented by his heraldry

Ponies.  They're so cute!

Snake dogs (Snogs). Because.

Snakes are special to me because they are the symbol of the people of Zimeya, an awesome group of people who helped guide me when i first came to the Realms

The Skrunk. But also, manatees? The Skrunkatee.

It's a close call between snakes and lions, being a Rhiassan who worships snake gods (and has several pet snakes).

All animals are the best but turtles have a special place in my heart unlike snakes which we all know are terrible.

Cronin the Barbarian
The Bull. Cronin can be stubborn and untrusting of new situations. He is rarely idle between combat encounters and can often be seen pacing back and forth like a bull. He also often decorates his armor and clothing with bull symbols as they are a sacred totem of his people and a boon to warriors and cattle farmers. A constant reminder of the raging bull within all common folk if pressed too hard by their leaders.

Anonymous Tutrtleguy
If it's an animal, then it's a turtle.  A turtle carries everything they need to live on their back, and home is wherever they are.  They also have natural shielding... 

Stag. When we created Acteon as a group we decided on the Stag. It was part of one of our Ooc family heraldries, and it was kind of cool. Over the years it's just become intrinsic. The mythologies within Acteon, the graphic potential of the antlers, just everything. 

Drax Creed
Canis Vulpes (Fox) because they are the mascot of my nation and its patron god of which I'm priest

Minotaur, because it's what I made my coat out of.

Looks like we're getting a little personal with this next question! Please answer it right away!

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10 More Questions - Nataliya Kostenko

10 More Questions with Nataliya "Shader" Kostenko

Selfie by Nataliya Kostenko

1) What achievement either in or out of character are you most proud of?

I’m really proud of Snake Cult/Zimeya and how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished (Queen of Hearts team, two events, lots of fun and friendship, etc.). I really like the group because even though we’re all in other nations and have tons of other responsibilities, our Zimeyan friendship transcends the rivalries and drama of some of the rest of the game and our priority is always having fun. I look to that idea, feeling, and friend group whenever I’m bogged down with other stressors and responsibilities. I think it’s important to remember every once in awhile that fun is a top priority too. 

2) Are you a fighter or a caster? Have you always been? How did you choose?

Fighter! Always. I decided in my youth (and by that I mean when I was in the Oaken Guard) to try to be the best fighter, and I’m not even like a fraction of the way there, so gotta keep fighting. 

3) Have you ever owned an artifact, memento, or magic item that has meant a lot to you, and why?

Nope. Maybe one day I’ll own something cool, but for now all my character owns are a tabard, a belt, and a mug (though those are pretty cool, I guess). 

4) What group of people do you spend the most time with and why?

I spend a lot of time with Ashenmark and a lot of time with Zimeya and the most time trying to smush them together as best I can. 

5) Who is your best friend in character and why?

My best friend is Moriah (Masha) but since she’s not around anymore I’ve replaced her (kinda weakly) with some combo of Kite, Temorse, Asharn, and Eldritch. 

Photo by Jesse Gifford
6) What event or moment had the greatest impact on you as a player?

Hard to pick, lots of good ones. I still remember my first Black and White so well, but there’s also the two champion tournaments I’ve done at Queen of Hearts--those always motivate me to train more and try harder. Another huge impact one would be becoming Huntress First Lieutenant--I’m still trying really hard to live up to that.

7) What event or moment had the greatest impact on your character?

Definitely joining Ashenmark, it has impacted the majority of my decisions afterwards in a big way.

8 ) What is your most embarrassing moment, either IC or OOC?

I mean, every time I talked to or in front of a pretty lady, but really I don’t feel embarrassment anymore--if I did I’d have to be immobilized by it all the time cuz I do so much embarrassing stuff. 

Painting by Alexa Lecko

9) What is the best piece of advice you'd give to other players?

Laugh off whatever you’re mad or sad or stressed about and try your best to remember that you’re here to do a fun thing with a bunch of people you (hopefully) like. Also drink water and bring warmer clothes with you.

10 ) What is the most important thing you've learned through the game?

To improvise and go off-plan when necessary and that your friends will have your back when you most need them.

BONUS QUESTION #1: Who would you like to see the next interview be with?

Kwido or Twenaria I guess if they haven’t done one already.

BONUS QUESTION #2: Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print

I've never had so many friends!

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Funny Cecil's Photos

Photo by Megan Matulewicz
Party as hard as you want, he will sleep through it.  No really.

Photo by Megan Matulewicz
"I am worried about you, Tristan."
"Have you ever wondered what would happen if we didn't stick to the ground?"

Photo by Michael Zajac
I do believe that's a tree on his head....

Photo by Angie Gray
 I give you.....Hat-inar!

Photo by Angie Gray
This guy doesn't stand a chance..... 

Photo by Angie Gray
In the immortal words of Socrates, "I ate what?"

Photo by Jesse Gifford
Pretty sure there was bacon on that hook....

Photo by Jesse Gifford
 Battle of...wills?

Photo by Jesse Gifford
                                                                "Oh.  He's back, isn't he?"

Photo by Jesse Gifford
"While their attention is diverted, I can activate my plan."

Photo by Jesse Gifford
And now we know why Gwen slept so well.

Photo by Jesse Gifford
Pure majesty

Photo by Jesse Gifford
"They wouldn't let me sleep in the play house.  Jerks."

Photo by Jesse Gifford
"A lot of touching moments"

Photo by Jesse Gifford

"Cecil, basking in the admiration of the party-goers"

What You Missed: A Very Merry Yule at Cecil's Crazy Uncle's Tavern 2 (photos)

A selection of photos picked by different View Staff members to highlight what you missed at Cecil's this year! The snow added to the winter holiday feel, and though it was a deterrent to some, those who made it to site still managed to have an awesome time!

Photo by Catie Crumb

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Jesse Gifford

Photo by Melissa Fitzgerald 

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Samantha Flanagan

Photo by Angie Gray
Photo by Angie Gray

Photo by Jesse Gifford

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An Amateur’s Guide to Healing like a Pro 2

An Amateur’s Guide to Healing like a Pro

(part 2)

By Gerry Chartier

The Alchemist Path

Not all of the Alchemy Path is relevant to the topic of healing, so I’m just going to cover the spells that are.

3rd Circle: Potion of Heal Limb

This spell is barely worth mentioning.  As a 3rd Circle slot, the caster could simply buy down for Heal Limb and get unlimited uses, instead of having limited uses of creating 1-shot potions that have the same effect.  It’s also a prime buy down slot for Repair Item, which I’ll get back to later.

4th Circle: Potion of Combat Raise Dead, Potion of Animate Lesser Undead

For some reason, Alchemists get access to Combat Raise before Healers do.  One less casting for sure, but with the added utility that the caster can prepare the potions ahead of time, allowing them to be used by someone else.  The caster doesn’t even have to be present or even alive in order for them to function.  

There’s also Potion of Animate Lesser Undead, which might be handy to some people, but generally speaking…meh.

6th Circle: Create Potion

Create Potion is a utility spell that allows the caster to create a number of different effects, including Cure Disease, Call the Soul, and another dead-raising mechanic.  Generally speaking, I don’t think it’s vital to any of the major healing builds, and it uses a valuable slot, but it can be worth having in the back pocket, in case unexpected situations arise.

7th Circle: Power Potion

Though not strictly speaking a healing spell, it does become a multiplier, because it grants a reset of one whole path of spells, up to 6th circle.  So, with this spell, a Healer can regain all expended castings of all their Healing spells, minus Cry of Life.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Neden Kazoo December 2017 Issue

A note from Dresden of the Neden Kazoo: not one person has entered both puzzles from any edition for a chance to win a Neden in-house item! I can't stress enough how easy it is to just do a crossword and wordsearch puzzle to get an in-house magic item, which can be made into a real magic item! Whoever enters will go into a drawing at Cecil's, and I'll also be handing out paper copies of the puzzles at Cecil's. Thanks!

Front page teaser, for full text, click here!

Question of the Week and Responses

Question of the Week, Week 3

Thank you everyone for your responses to last week's Question of the Week. The responses that we got are shared below. Following that is this week's question.

The question answered below is: What are you most looking forward to at Uncle Cecil's?

Friends Laughter and Merriment

Duke Syruss O'Leary
Singing, libations, great food, THE GIFT SWAP,  but mostly spreading Holliday cheer with My Neden Boys 

Jericho Axelthorne
Having never been to it, I'm just excited to go.

Nhadala Kinder of Grimloch
Relaxing with the realms - some of my best conversations happen at Cecil’s. 

Sir Vawn
Stealing some of the bacon ornaments off the tree when Twen's not looking.

Spending time with friends old and new

Giving presents to my friends. It's so hard to keep a secret until then!

Tao Ya Kang
Being able to interact with many people from many different nations in a festive way


Spending time with people who are important to me and drinking responsibly! Ya know, the usual. 

Raynor Skyline
Seeing my pal Chiddic's first experience at the tavern and getting a second chance at 'knight' fight

Celebrating the season with friends and family. 

And now this week's question. We're excited to see what some of you have to say about it!

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Why I Want to Go-A Very Merry Yule at Cecil's Crazy Uncle's Tavern 2: FOR THE SHINE GOURD!!!!1!!

Holy Moly!?!? Is it time for Uncle Cecil’s again already? I am so looking forward to this event and can’t wait to see all of you there! If you are still looking for a reason to attend, let me provide you with some of my favorites, in list form.

  1. Decorating- The best part of the holiday season is decorating, am I right? I’m so excited to help this year, and I can’t wait to really deck the halls with all of you. Truth be told, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to holiday decorating, so I hope you bring an eye for flair and your good spirits and cheer (P.S. I hear there is a poker tournament on Friday night too!)
  2. Questing- This event will feature some fun questing. I’ve had the privilege to participate in this questing as both an NPC and PC in the past, and I can tell you I’ve had fun on both sides of the equation. This crew has a ton of experience showing players a good time, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Imbibing- Not for nothing, but I can’t be the only one who is already excited for the first toast. I look forward to some good natured fun with all of you, and maybe a few rosy cheeks here and there. Please be kind to yourself and others, and enjoy this part of the evening in such a way that your fun doesn’t inhibit that of other event-goers.
  4. Presents- I am super excited to see Pater Yule and also for the traditional gift swap. If you missed out on either of these this year, sad face for you. Even so, watch everyone as they delight in giving and receiving presents and make a mental note next year to get your life together.
  5. Photographs-If this week hasn’t inspired you to be in as many photographs as possible at Yule, I don’t know what will. Say cheese, or Kyntela will do it for you…
  6. All of You- Look, I don’t know what to tell you. I love you guys and I can’t wait to see you this weekend and celebrate all that the Realms has to offer. Please come? Great, thanks, I’ll see you there.

Lots of Love,

P.S. Even though this is double my normal list length, there are still even more reasons that you might be interested in going to this event. Check out for the full event description.

Favorite Yule Memories

"Probably convincing a very hung over Matt B/Cecil that he was urgently needed outside only to have him bombarded by snowballs from every angle.  He was very confused and it took a solid 10 seconds of him yelling at us that he was needed outside before he realized it was a prank."
- Tucker "Temorse" Noyes

"Altana’s was that first Yule after Cecil made her his cousin and she was adopted into the Cecil family.  It felt amazing walking into a Tavern that had her name sake."

Sayeh is being adopted into the Blackheart clan. Tuilli flatted her and woke her up a moment later with a Blackheart favor on her head."
- Alyssa "Altana / Sayeh" Weissblat

"My favorite UCCT memory: UCCT 2012, surprising Cecil with the giant chess piece dedicated to him."
- Becky "Kovaks" Baron

"Honestly,  I dont have a bad memory of Cecil's. Every time I go, I have a fantastic time! I got my full member tabard at Cecil's. Last year I got a star in the gift swap! And every year the food is fantastic!"
- Edward "Redd" Lynch

"One of my favorite memories of Uncle Cecils was the year we were play testing a purposed spell system.  This also happened to be my first event back after a long time away from the game.  I came back to the game to find that the nation I had been a part of had dissolved while I had been away. 

At registration I received a regional that allowed me zombie walk people to me and raise them, all I needed was a banner of the group that both I and the people I would raise were a part of.  Obviously this presented a problem, but some of my old friends were there with a solution.  I was immediately drafted into the Rhiassan malitia and presented  with abanner by Aeston.  This allowed me to raise the only other Rhiassan there, my old friend Morgana.  I know Jason likely just had extra stuff
in his car but it felt like they were waiting eagerly for my return.  I had a blast tromping around in the snow rediscovering an old hobby.  Later that night I had a moment where I realized I sat by myself but was not alone for I was surrounded by my people."
- John "Saxton" Gouthro 

"I mean I usually just drink and chat with friends. And I many small (maybe fuzzy) memories of that. But my first Cecil’s was only two years ago, when we had to learn a magic song to keep enemies at bay. I was still kind of fresh to the realms and shy, but I decided to go for it and sing in front of people. And I sang for hours, many times with Freesia, to keep the enemies back for the questing party. I was always the one who kept singing. At the end of the quest I was presented with the magic songbook. I still have it, and it’s very special to me because I felt like I was noticed, even as someone newish."
- Hannah "Nhadala" Blood

"Dealing craps when I still ran the casino there, with a baby on my arm. One of the girls was the war nanny, and was also trying to learn how to play. So to help her I held the baby for a bit. If the prince ever takes up craps we will know why."
- James "Tao" Murphy

"My one story is that time (two years ago) I dealt Sir Therian a full house, followed by a straight flush in Let it ride. And Sir Will had to joke about firing me.

...also, apparently, The Fae can get mono just like us mortals =p
I went one year when I wasn't feeling 100%; I had a persistent cough, but not really any other symptoms. so I wore a mask and a scarf over my face. Tria decided she wanted to give me a holiday kiss; and joked that a few little germs weren't a big deal.
A couple weeks later I found out it was Mono.... a couple more weeks after that, so did she."
- Jessica "Hope" Osio

"My favorite memory is from last year at Cecil's when there was a snake in the raffle and I really wanted it. Apparently a lot of my friends decided to put my name in for it without telling me. I didn't even realize I had won it until someone handed it to me. It is a good snake and makes me realize how great the friends I have in the realms are."
- Cory "Asharn" Roy

"So last year at Cecil’s (this is actually a story involving you) (( Keith/Saegan- Editor's note.)) when I was down just the support I got, a nice night of poker, doing shots with Jayce, then you pulling me aside passing a bottle of rum back and forth talking about life and reassuring me everything would be alright. Best night by far."
- Greg "Daekara" Falconer

"I think it’s not one specific thing.  My favorite memories are all associated with the gift swap.  Whether it’s seeing the reaction of the people I got gifts for (especially the reactions to their spoof gifts) or seeing the amazing things people have made/gotten for me.  Those are my favorite memories."
- Jesse "Mestoph" Gifford

"It's hard to pick one favorite Cecil's memory; they all kind of blur together at this point. If pressed, I'd have to choose the collective acts of photobombing I've accomplished over the years, with help from many friends and accomplices (shoutout to Kyle/Killian for topping that list, even as a cardboard cutout). Nothing spreads that warm feeling of Yuletide joy quite like sneaking, jumping, leaning, and/or crawling into as many photos as I possibly can. The days following Uncle Cecil's also provide an opportunity for the thrilling "Where's Kyntela?" game as I comb through the event photos. I missed Cecil's last year, and am looking forward to making some new memories (and ruining many photos) this weekend. Watch out Cal/Syruss, I'm coming for you!"
- Alysha "Kyntela" Metcalf

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What You Missed - Trials of the Beyond

[Editor's Note: all photos by Illyana Golden]

What You Missed - Tournaments of Artemis VI

[Editor's Note: all photos by View Staff]

The Neden Carnival provided some entertainment and snacks

Team Respecting Women, lead by Kite

Team Legion of Lupa, lead by Lupa

Team Quinntessemtial, lead by Quinn 

Team Fake Newbs, lead by Nhadala (plus Kite's team and Aeston!)

Team Mongoose Cult, lead by Katya 

Team Snek, lead by Freya

The Huntresses gather to hear important tourney information

Quinn faces down her foe

Nhadala battles it out

Team Thunderstorm, lead by Kara

Kara unleashes her lightening 

Freya guides her teammate through the obstacle course in a team challenge

Team challenge: boulder volleyball

Legion of Lupa and Thunderstorm face off for control of the box

Battling for control of the square

Freya v. Quinn

Congratulations to the winning Huntress, Lupa!