Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Ask Zarine

by Sara "Zarine" Jessop

"How do I teach werewolves table manners?"


Oh, honey...

I don't have any experience in training werewolves. Where I come from we kept our dogs outside. However, I have lived in Invictus for several years now and I've lived with both Trent and Daekara, so I do have some experience in the area of teaching resistant, crazed lunatics how to behave properly for brief periods of time.

Change like this does not happen overnight. Well, I mean, unless there is a full moon. So, I suppose firstly you'll want to do this at whatever time of the cycle that werewolves are at their most domesticated, and for goodness sake, don't let them know what you are trying to do! If they get the slightest hint that you are attempting to change them for the better they will very likely run for the hills and then you'll be even further from success than when you started. This would all be much easier and less dangerous if they want to learn, so tricking them into having a desire to become more well mannered is highly recommended. Perhaps give them a small treat when they do well. They will associate that with good behavior and want to improve.

Typically I would start with general manners if they do not possess them. Saying excuse me, please, and thank you, are basic staples of good comportment in any situation. Easy things like keeping elbows off the table, using a napkin instead of their arm, and actually using the flatware instead their hands are all obvious and fairly easy things to learn. They are either doing it or they are not. Make sure that they have these basic things down before moving onto more complex things like multiple forks, big and small spoons, and other things that sound dirty but are legit things everyone should know about table settings.

Adults, much like children, learn by example. Invite people to dine with you who already bear the ability to eat in a sophisticated and refined manner. I would gladly help in this endeavor. In fact, if you have specific individuals in mind, I would gladly host a nice dinner for them at Alchimia Lupinaar. Being in an environment that fosters a more elegant and formal ambiance will make it easier to break old habits, trust me.

Let us remember, I was not brought up to be as I am, I had to learn. And I didn't have the luxury of someone to teach me other than myself. Good breeding means nothing. Plenty of us mongrels have elevated ourselves beyond our so called 'birthrights'. If a dock tramp's daughter can learn how to tell a salad fork from a soup spoon, I'm fairly certain a werewolf, or any manner of creature with the propensity for intelligent cooperation within society, can do the same. It might be more difficult, but anything worth doing often is.

Good luck, my dear, you are going to need it.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Rumors for November 1019

[Across the Realms]

As the chill begins to creep into the bones of all those in the Realms, fall is here and on its icy winds comes talk of a bewinged creature with rounded horns that is supposedly able to breathe blue fire that will never burn out but also never spread. Many townsfolk have started seeking after this creature in hopes of an eternal flame for the winter that fast approaches.

[Blackwood & Folkestone]

The ship known as the Hell's Bucket was seen pulling into Portsmouth harbor in Folkestone late on the 9th day of November. The King and Queen of Blackwood were seen disembarking with Sir Mathias, Lady Mataiya, Squire Seeker, and others of their party/households. All headed home after a long journey for the royal honeymoon.
Freesia, still tight lipped about where they went, was all smiles and only stated that they all needed rest after the long voyage.


Militia patrols around Chimeron Castle increased significantly following the annual Black and White gala. Regular traffic into and out of the castle is largely unaffected, although visitors are occasionally stopped and questioned briefly. The guards do not appear to be looking for anyone in particular, although a few individuals seem to be disgruntled with their duty assignment. Patrols in the city remain unchanged.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What You Missed: A New Be-Gi-Ning

Expedition Report
Location: Gi
Date: 9 November 1019

I met several other adventurers in the Chimeronian countryside to discuss the purpose of our first foray into the world of Gi. After years of war between our civilizations (see After Action Reports dated 27 Feb. 1016 and 31 Mar. 1018), the time has come to broker peace with the Risen Kingdom. I made these intentions clear to my fellow adventurers--several of whom, as it so happened, at very recently traveled to this region of the Realms from far-off lands. Fortunately, discussions of our strategy for dealing with the Risen Kingdom have been ongoing since the most recent Feast of Chimeron, so the departure from military force did not come as a surprise.

An agent of the Subtle Thread (number 40-something) and a “hired mage/guide” (I am unsure of whose employment this individual was working) named Zooklin joined us as we made our way to the portal. Despite being in the underground caverns, the biting wind pushed the first freeze of the season up against our party, and we drew our cloaks tight around us while the remembered sunlight provided little warmth as it hid behind a bleak gray dome of clouds.

… then we entered Gi, and things got even worse.

Our first impressions aligned with what little information we had available ahead of time: that Gi is a barren, desolate world. The grim tragedy of the wasteland was somewhat mitigated by a magical tapestry which Zooklin carried with him--in his own words, it provided a little “bubble of Realms” around it. The phrase invoked memories of a similar artifact hauled across an even more desperate landscape during the Bedlam War, which was an unwelcome comparison.

Agent 37 was present on the Gi side of the portal, and was elated to see us. She was stuck on field assignment duty because her superiors were worried about the contamination she might bring back from Gi if she were to return to the Realms. I know that the Subtle Thread is very precise in its research, so the justification behind her exile did not worry me nor the rest of the pary.

The portal opened on to a path, traversing through what might almost pass for a forest in Gi. As we traveled it, we were set upon by a pack of very large and very hungry wolves. Their presence indicated that the world was not quite fully exhausted, and their large size (physically and numerically) was remarkable. Their resilience and combat abilities were also notable. Further research is required to determine the exact state of the predator-prey food chain in Gi.

Agent 37 told us that she had discovered an abandoned Risen Kingdom output nearby some time ago, and offered to guide us towards it. Our supply of supporting magics was shallow to begin with, and the wards which remained unbroken in the portal (see After Action Report dated 2 Mar. 1019) further hindered our capabilities, but with Sir Tao and his two Seeds of Life serving as our sole source of healing, we pressed on while more wolves were drawn to our path. We passed a landmark which might be generously described as having once been a lake, although its murky surface swirled with mud and death. Across a set of footbridges and over a ravine, we finally reached the destination. A Risen Kingdom flag, battered like our party as we beat back the last of the wolves, hung limply on a pole at the foot of a small hill, watched over by an equally battered barracks. We approached, and opened the door carefully, only to find it deserted (true to Agent 37’s reports). A few forgotten morsels of food sat on a table, and a self-tending fire struggled to keep more than half the hall warm; compared to the wicked world which existed beyond its four walls, the interior was downright comforting.

Zooklin conducted an elemental ritual to expand the influence of his tapestry to surround the building, thus establishing a sort of Realms foothold. Using the barracks as a launching point, we split the party into smaller groups to scout the surrounding area. The previously omnipresent wolves seemed to have lost interest in our existence, although we soon found ourselves in the company of a few large snakes which circled the edge of the tapestry’s aura. I personally stayed behind to provide background information on the Risen Kingdom to a few newer adventurers. Groups returned periodically with various types of materials scavenged from the wilderness, including some thead-like essences which we were able to weave into the magical tapestry to strengthen its effect.

The first time I ventured outside of the barracks was in support of a “twinning” ritual proposed by Zooklin which would connect one of the doors in the hall to the portal, thus circumventing the trek to our newly-established outpost. Unfortunately, the tapestry’s aura did still did not reach much past the outside of the building, and in order to complete the ritual, we needed to travel all the way back to the portal so that we could place a focus near it. This meant that we had no protection against the full brunt of the plane of Gi.

Without the tapestry, Gi’s atmosphere is dulled by an orange haze which shrouds everything in a veil of misery. That same misery is also conveyed upon the air, whose awful stench is so powerful that even a being such as myself--HAVING NO NOSTRILS TO SPEAK OF--is left with an indescribably treacherous taste overpowering the remaining senses. Honestly, I would rather deal with the wolves.

When we approached the portal, we discovered a young woman defending herself against a pack of giant cats (again, the fact that such a barren environment can support so many large predators calls for further investigations). She did not seem to know who we were, and did not shy away from us, so aided her efforts while securing the focus to the portal to complete Zooklin’s ritual. At the request of the woman, who called herself River, we also helped her block off the entrance to the den from which the giant cats were emerging. She was so grateful for our presence (and surprised to see so many strangers) that she offered to show us the way back to her village and introduce us to her family and neighbors. However, she admitted that she should get permission from her father first, and invited us to reconvene with her at a point on the path half an hour later. We took that time to discuss our options for our upcoming audience. It seemed likely that once River carried word of our appearance back to her father, the alarm would be raised and we would find ourselves face to face with an angry mob. Bearing our primary objective in mind, we returned to the agreed upon meeting location only lightly armed and bearing gifts in the form of local and exotic (e.g. from the Realms) resources. As promised, River was also there, and no angry mob was present. We followed her along another path and into her village square, where I was sure we would be ambushed… but were instead greated (apprehensively) by the mayor and River’s father. By my count, the village had three buildings and five citizens.

After introducing ourselves and chatting with the mayor, it quickly became obvious that these people had no idea about what had happened to the Risen Kingdom army which had marched through the portal almost two years ago. As far as they were aware, the local militias had been called up and were still deployed in a far off land, fighting a foriegn threat.

After quietly discussing amongst ourselves, we decided that it was better to reveal the truth of our journey to the citizens and deal with the reaction immediately instead of building an entire relationship with these people off of a lie. I had a private conversation with the mayor, whose brother was one of those militia soldiers called up by the Fallen King, and delicately explained my own role in the war to which he was deployed. All things considered, it went better than I expected.

Night quickly fell, turning the cold wasteland into a bitterly frigid one, and we departed the village in order to avoid overstaying our welcome. We debriefed the meeting in front of the barracks fire and debated our next steps, but did not reach any concrete conclusions. Further action is needed in order to define the next phase of our mission. A few more scouting groups briefly explored a few points of interest under the rusty moon, and when they returned, the party evacuated the chilling barracks for the warmth of our own hearths.


We took the first steps on the road towards peace, and having done so, I now feel like there is a real chance for success in our mission. However, we must plan our next moves very carefully-- by revealing ourselves immediately, we have sacrificed any element of surprise which we might have been able to use against the Risen Kingdom. The Fallen King almost has seen what we have done, and we must be wary of the trickery which his minions have shown in the past.

Additional report from Sir Tao
Additional report from Clove
Additional report from Rex Larrysaurus
Additional report from Agent 37

Captain Orion Mars, Chimeron Milita
Sworn Member of the Azure Guard
Squire to His Majesty, King Sir Alexander Cecil

Attachment 1: Report from Sir Tao

Tao the wizard talked to Zooklin, the hired mage/guide when we explored Gi. After some experimenting, he was able to figure out how to make items of power function there. Any items of power that go through the gate are rendered mundane as they are surrounded by kind of shroud. This can be overcome one of two ways. Only one of these will work currently. The way we know is to have the item disenchanted. Once this happens the shroud dissipates, and the item can be reforged. The second would be if we knew the name of the shroud then we could disrupt it, but this would only last 5 minutes.


Attachment 2: Report from Clove

Five adventurers sleep. Thoril and cyrus cause a ruckus in the dreaming at a fae lord's tea party. I weave through a loom to solidify our outpost in Gi while questioning why we're here.


Attachment 3: Report from Rex Larrysaurus

IC: When I got to Gi and found the spells on the ground, like I normally do, one of them let me forget a name. I didn't think about it much, like I normally do, other than maybe it'll be useful for some weird thing later. When we meet the villagers and learned that they try to forget their dead, I understood why I had that spell. It wasn't a useful trick for adventurers. It's just the way things are there.

OOC: Best use of regionals for storytelling I've seen so far. That was touching to me in a way that no other Realms event has been.


Attachment 4: Report from Agent 37

After 252 days since opening the portal from Gi to the Realms, it was wonderful to see the adventurers of the Realms again. They came through the portal they had secured and managed to go from the portal to the abandoned Risen Kingdom outpost without being eaten by the huge wolves. Some of them brought food to share with me. It was nice to eat Realms food again and to not worry about being food. In the outpost, a wonderful warm fire was set up and warm drinks helped to protect us from the frigid Gi air. Special thanks to Clove, Rowan, and Rowan's incredibly helpful Didelphis virginiana in their tireless work on the loom, modulating standing waves to cancel out influence from Gi and avoid detection.

Sapere aude
Agent: 37
The Subtle Thread

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why I Want to Go: Mountain View 2

By Alex “Elouan” Groom

Several years ago, a group of adventurers journeyed into Gau Dring in order to deal with the emerging threat of the Guild. The Guild had built a hidden fortress under the mountain city of Dahm, and Gau Dring asked for aid in rooting out The Guild and ending it’s threat to their nation. However, when the adventurers arrived, they found the city ransacked, members of the Guild slaughtered, and an unknown army looting and ravaging their way through the city. With heroic efforts, the adventurers of the Realms were able to drive this army back into the mountain from whence they came, and several members of Gau Dring were able to construct a barrier to contain the threat.

However, as the years have worn on, the barrier has begun to weaken. Whatever is sealed in there is more powerful than initially anticipated - much more powerful - and will break the barrier soon. As such, Gau Dring has called upon the Realms once more, to delve into the mountain, find out just what is trying to break this barrier, and hopefully deal with the threat that lies at the center of the mountain.

On an out of character note, I have been working with the event staff for several weeks now, and can say that Gau Dring has some great encounters planned for y’all. Returning to this event will be Gau Dring’s classic reactive monsters. These monsters, while harder to kill, fight in a more theatrical way - staggering from blows, big, exaggerated swings, etc. They also tend to have some of the best costume design I’ve seen in Realms. Having seen these in action several times, I can tell you the effect is really cool, and leads to some really awesome moments.

In fact, costuming all around is quite impressive for this event. I know the staff have put in quite a bit of effort into really differentiating their monsters, and reflecting the character of each NPC in their clothing. Whether it be the malicious Eshkin, or the lowliest of undead, an incredible amount of attention to detail was paid for the costuming of this event.

Additionally, the staff has a lot of content planned for the day, with the intention being to run the event from 10:30AM to 10:00PM. On top of that, there is a wide variety of types of content. There’ll be skirmishes, there’ll be big fights. There will be small puzzles, there will be puzzles that span entire rooms. Along the way, players will uncover scattered documents of all sorts, helping them to piece together the history of Dahm, The Guild, and thensome. I truly think this event has something to offer for anyone who enjoys questing, regardless of which aspect they enjoy.

Finally, this event takes place in Hicks arena, and will use the moving wall system that has been used there several times. Personally, I always feel like this perfectly creates the feeling of navigating a winding cave system, exploring further and further underground.

All around, I am really excited for this event. There is still time to pre-reg, and paid pre-reges get a bonus perk at event sign in. I hope to see many of you there!

Friday, November 8, 2019

What You Missed: Carnage 22 (plus photos)

 by John "Gordon" Rescigno
(*) Photos and captions by Jon "Trent" Jessop
(#) Photos and captions by Sara "Zarine" Jessop 

Carnage Convention is one of my favorite events every year. It gives the Realms a chance to put its best foot forward for the gaming community at large, and do some recruiting for our game. We get a consistent crowd of people who would otherwise not be able to come participate at “normal” events over the course of the year who are always enthusiastic about learning more about fighting, magic, and LARPing in general. But this isn’t about why I want to go every year and why you should come too, this is about the amazing time that you missed!

Carnage takes its course over three sections of Saturday at the convention. Weapon-making, Tournaments, and Quest. The first part of Saturday was our weapon-making/networking section where we answered questions for passersby and invited them to come check out what we were doing and why we were all in silly outfits. We had the Loaner Armor Bin for people to check out and try on some gear, multiple posters about both The Realms and Bicolline, Omnibi for people to peruse, and a great group of people to answer questions about different aspects of the game while Eric and others instructed the newcomers how our weapons were built.

T-Main and Trent help a visitor at the tourist and visitor information counter (#)

Gordon teaches an aspiring student Realma magics (#)

Weapon-making with Rudy (#)

Section two was all about teaching the new recruits of the “Green Mountain Militia” how to safely beat up their friends and especially their siblings with our combat training. We divided them into three groups to better focus on individual coaching in three basic fighting styles: Single Short, Sword and Board, and Five Foot. After we rotated these groups a few times, we pitted them against one another in a series of tournaments. Even some members of another LARP also joined us and took part in the tournaments.

Drike teaches the basics of hand and a half (*)

Why do elves attract all the girls? (*)

Our activities caught the notice of many from far off lands, including this experienced Elf, who taught as much as he learned. (*)

Every year Carnage Con attracts children and families alike who want nothing more than to go on a quest. After dinner, a merchant came to our new recruits with news of goblins who ambushed her, providing exactly that to our intrepid heroes. With Celtrex and Skyler of Creathorne supporting the group of new adventurers against the forces of the Goblin King, who had made off with a treasure chest full of candy as well as the Merchant’s assistant. With the help of some coordinated attacks, some divine magic, and a happy-go-lucky attitude that only our devoted regular Carnage attendees can supply, the Goblin King was defeated, and the candy recovered!

Our generous candy and toy merchant (*)

The Merchant's Terrified Assistant. Don't fret, she was rescued by the Heroes (*)

The Merchant guides the Heroes towards Adventure (*)

Our Happy Heroes with their treasure chest of candy and toys, and also the Goblin Kings head.(*)

Next year, the Green Mountain Militia will be moving to their new home at Mt. Snow, but the same training, questing, learning, and energy will still be had at our new location. Why do I want to go to Carnage for years and years to come? Because of What You Missed this year. The energy at this event is always so pure and exciting as new players and old players come together to try to build our game together for the next generation of LARPers.

Additional Photos by Sara and Jon Jessop:

Sign-up sheets, pamphlets and omnibuses on the info table (#)

Our fearless event holder Trent enjoying the first Sunny day in the History of him running Carnage. (#)
And yes, that is snow on the mountain behind him, fortunately made by a magic machine and not naturally occurring.

A father and son fight for Tourney postion (*)

On the right is Seth, an experienced adventurer from a far-off land (*)

A father and daughter fight in the tournament (*)

Drike and Lupa demonstrate hand -and-a-half (*)

Father and daughter fight in the tournament. I'm seeing a family-based theme here (*)

The Carnage Dads fight in the Tournament (*)

Trent handing out awards from the tournament. They were well-deserved! (#)

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Why I Want to Go - A New Be-Gi-Nning

by Lani "Gwen" Jones

This has been an amazing fall of questing events and that trend is certain to continue this Saturday at the latest in the Risen Kingdom’s plot line, A New Be-Gi-Nning (Where players go to the lands of Gi - did I mention that I love puns). Risen Kingdom plot by Rua Thar Cinn has been a mainstay in the Realms for the past few years and what’s really impressive to consider is that everything that’s happened up until now, the Iron Road invasion, working with The Resistance, all of those moments and quests were only chapter one of this story. This weekend players get to see the launch of chapter two and already I’m excited to see what’s in store for all of us in a new world that the Realms will get to explore.

Throwing a multi-year consistent plot is one of the best things a group can contribute to the game and one of the difficulties in doing so is finding ways to make things new and interesting event after event. Rua Thar Cinn has always expertly risen to this challenge and this event seems like it will be no exception to that trend. I’m extremely interested in their new M.A.R.K. mechanics which use QR codes around the site to convey in-depth information to the players. How event holding teams innovate is one of my favorite parts of this community and I can’t wait to see how it works here. If you’re coming to this event make sure you found some way to make your smartphone covered or built into a prop so you can participate in this new mechanic!

Apart from the M.A.R.K. system, all of the usual mainstays of Rua Thar Cinn event holding are sure to come together to make this quest an amazing one. Hopefully you remembered to submit your story shard so you can have a personalized interaction with the plot and of course the customization that comes from Trappings of Civilization will be in effect as well. Personally I’ll be helping to guard the Western Flank while all of you embark on this journey but I can’t wait to hear the tales you’ll tell of your first visits to the lands of Gi.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What You Missed- Black & White 2019

by DJ “Varrmagn” Sapienza

As a small preface, Black and White holds a special place in my heart - It was my very first event and the event where my nation, Voraniss, made its debut. It is one of the must-hit events on my calendar, and there's no shortage of reasons!

I was lucky enough to travel with friends, and as soon as we disembarked from our wagons, we crossed paths with some new adventurers and began running into old friends even before we could register with local Chimeronian authorities. One of my favorite things about Black and White is the variety of people to be found in attendance. This year, in particular, there seemed to have been noticeably more newer faces than I recall seeing at any one gathering of the Realms' heroes.

Once inside we were immediately greeted by a small, but ever-growing and changing spread of foods to sample. The kitchen staff managed to keep a decent selection of dishes rotating on and off the tables, while always making sure some reliable staples were on hand. Some of my favorites were the banana bread, and some of the mini quiches that I was able to get fresh when they were first brought out. And I know several others rather enjoyed the pork parfait that was brought out later in the evening. The only thing missing was the famous poisoned punch, perhaps someone complained to the King for he deemed it an unwarranted risk to serve the deliciously dangerous refreshment this year.

Forgive me if I'm mistaken as a relatively new player, but I noticed a little heavier emphasis on tickets this year. There were either new, or more advertised opportunities to add to your ticket horde than I noticed in my previous years, and it seemed to encourage people to engage in some fun activities they otherwise might have skipped. While not many of them appealed to me personally, I really like the idea and I look forward to seeing what is offered next year. 

The auctions were as popular as ever with a small assortment of crafting supplies, pre-made goods, some foodstuffs and decorations, and the venerable mystery boxes and other odds and ends. I know Voraniss was able to pool some tickets to win ourselves a bottle of beard oil that had a pine scent such that I couldn't help but think of Yuletide. Some of the higher-end items included a variety of adult beverages, a tidy handful of event entry certificates for thrifty adventurers, and even a rather fetching stained glass feather Evie was very happy to bring home!

I did not take to the dance floor myself seeing as I had already been enjoying the company of close friends and old comrades elsewhere, but I know the dancing was enjoyed by many. It is a great draw and something some adventurers really look forward to, and I even spoke to some people who joined in for the first time. (Those ticket opportunities really worked on some folks!) Even the unexpected attendance of some... Emissaries from The Strangers caused only a slight disruption to the merriment of the evening.

But, Black and White is not just a time of festivities and fun. When that many adventurers gather together, there is bound to be some more serious business afoot. And some of the business was rather serious indeed.

Laika had arranged for a Gods' Moot. Heroes of all faiths gathered to hear the reading of Garm's letter to the Realms, and to decide upon our response while brave warriors took turns keeping some unwanted visitors, including the infamous Blue, from harassing the rest of the assembled heroes. Garm, having been freed by our own hands some months back had delivered an ultimatum - That us mortals were to be his agents in re-balancing the pantheon. He had instructed us to choose a deity and end their worship and existence in perpetuity. It took quite a bit of magic to sort out the details before we could reach any sort of consensus and in the process giving those in attendance a rather unexpected vision.

Lako called upon his deity Harlequin to reveal the truth of the situation, and we were shown a lush oasis in a barren desert. There was a stone at the oasis, and 8 animals drinking. They were strong and healthy. Then we saw bedlam approaching in utter darkness to envelop the oasis, but a powerful lion fought it off in a blinding light only to reveal even more animals at the bastion of life. But with more creatures to sustain, the oasis provided a little less nourishment to each one and they appeared to be less hearty than before. The more animals in the oasis, the weaker each one became. We were left to draw our own conclusions from the vision, but it became clear that action was needed. Nobody wanted to get splinters from sitting on the fence of indecision.

There was a debate, and a great many voices were heard, but there was an overwhelming agreement that Rexan should be the one to go. Being a god of deceit does not garner much sympathy. Nor does being the cause of such great hardship for the Kingdom of Chimeron as he has done in the recent past.

The decision was announced and confirmed later that evening at court where many nations backed the decision of churches and pledged their assistance to Chimeron in their ongoing quest to eradicate Rexan and his followers. But while that may have been one of the more dramatic pieces of business to play out before the Crown and guests, it was certainly not alone. Sir Bright was made a Knight of the Realms. Our fellow adventurers Aiden and Lako were praised for their commitment to immersive crafting within our community and brought into the Order of the Peacock. Laika continued to have an accomplished day, being made a Knight of the Crown after winning the title of Champion earlier. High Priestess Kindrianna announced that the Church of Vandor would begin seeking out a Champion for the tough fights ahead. And a minor, but perhaps most loudly applauded item brought before the court, Aymise convinced King Cecil to rescind his banning of poison punch, bringing back a favorite tradition of Black and White.

All in all, it was a wonderful time, more than worth the voyage to attend. Black and White is always a balancing act of celebration and merriment, with the more serious business of trying to sort out some plans for the coming seasons. This year, in particular, the balance seemed ideal. Whether it be the excitement of court and the ball, the indulgences worthy of a full-fledged feast, or even the good-natured company of friends; there was never a moment to call dull. I am very much looking forward to seeing what the event has in store for us next year, and cannot wait to find out what favorites they give us more of, and what new things they introduce!

Friday, November 1, 2019

What You Missed: Echoes of Ragnarok V: Photo Edition

All photos by View Staff

The heroes fight their way through the viking forces to get to the portal to Asgard

The first of the secret Asirunes is created on a holy tapestry

Clay elementals ready to attack the adventurers

The heroes start hacking their way through a dense jungle

Mixing flowers and sap to make antitoxins to survive the jungle

Building the first of the divine structures to channel holy energy back to Asgard

Decoding and creating the next Asirune 
A newly forged bone dragon joins the fray in Helheim's Norlundscape battle

Transporting the obelisk that was built to channel holy energy

Heroes create their Aspect Tiles that will help form the new Asir 
Players furiously saw firewood to help keep the encroaching glaciers at bay

The arctic henge is being constructed according to the aurora borealis

The battle in Nivelheim is not going as well as in the other worlds of Norlundscape

Dire bears and wild jotun join the side of the heroes in Jotunheim

Sailing across the ocean in a makeshift boat and contending with sea serpents

Timing the movement of a boat to slip past the dangerous waves

The battle in Nivelheim is reaching its dramatic apex with reinforcements from the other worlds
Cleansing the corrupted tiles so that the god Dio can be reborn as Vivant

The heroes fight clay monstrosities to recapture the energy they've stolen

A shrine is lit during the ritual to create the new Asir, Crow