Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Animal Companion Competition: Introductions

 With the entry period closed, and the Challenges sent out to the contestants, it’s time to open the first ever Animal Companion Competition! We’re your hosts and commentators, Cressida and Cimone! Join us over the next 5 weeks of challenges as we see these brave and bold competitors take on a variety of challenges - from Stealth to Style, there is something for everyone! Each week we will be introducing one of the challenges while we show off each of the contestants’ unique interpretations of it.  We’ll give our thoughts on their entries and ask you to share yours in the comment section.  At the end of the competition, the final call is yours as we ask the audience to decide who is declared Best in Show!

This week, we meet the competitors and learn a little bit about them.  We have six very talented entrants this year. 

First up (in no particular order) meet Kedol Maas!

Kedol Maas was sent back in time to help protect Janus from a villain. Now that the threat is gone, Kedol Maas has been helping Janus cast a few small spells. When not questing, Kedol Maas often ends up enjoying cuddling various Chimeroneans.

Introducing our second competitor, Cleopatra!

"Henlo! My name is Cleopatra, and I'm Hildie-guard's familiar! I'm a teeny red lion with a black mane and black eyes. When Hildie-guard takes me questing, I usually stick with her. She's what you call a healer, but I'm the one that does most of the work! See, she goes to a hurt friend and touches them and says a rhyme, but actually I jump off her belt and perform CPR and then the friend is ok! Don't tell her though - she thinks she has magic. Leofy and Napoleon, my two lion companions in the picture, do the same thing. But this isn't about them - Hildie-guard chose me to be in dis competition! I'm so excited! I hope to make friends with you all! And if anyone gets hurt, remember that I know CPR! Okay, that's all I have to say. Bye-bye now!"

(Hey, Hildegard here. Now, don't tell Cleopatra or the other lions, but I know about the CPR thing. They, especially she, take so much pride in hiding how they help me, and I just can't spoil their fun. So, if you can, please don't let her know that I know. She's a bit silly and unobservant, so it shouldn't be hard. Thanks!)

Next up, meet Jharru!

Jharru is Aranel's first dragon. He came with her when she left home and was her only friend for a time. He has very strong magical abilities, and supported Aranel while she learned magic. 

Now introducing HelperPink!

DaniDanger of Folkestone tells us, "HelperPink helps defend my ladder, so no one can crawl up onto my bed without permission. She has many arms and can do many things."

Our next contestant (with a video introduction) is Malcom Mallard!


Malcom Mallard is a serious and calm friend, who tends to be very particular and cautious about things, and attempts to act as Bogen's impulse control. But as Bogen is not in much risk of hurting himself at the moment, he is looking for something to do.

And last, but certainly not least, is Aara!

Kovaks says, “Meet Aara, a second-generation time traveling spirit wolf. She or her predecessor have been with me since I was a newbie and have come with me on all of my adventures. Her favorite things are cuddles, table scraps, her glow-in-the-dark armor, and saving the world with her friend. She asked me to add that ‘In the future there would have been a war. We spirit wolves were sent back in time to warn the adventurers of the realms about this war, and from the way things have gone, it looks like we did our job! We deserve to be rewarded with lots of ear scritches, beef bones, and winning contests like this one. If you don't want to vote for me, then definitely vote for my brother, Kedol Maas. He's also a very good boy.’”

And that’s everyone! Best of luck to all of our fearless competitors - we look forward to seeing them show off over the next 5 weeks. Tune in next week for our first challenge: Stealth!