Thursday, February 11, 2021

Rumors for February 1021

[Across the Realms]

The Chimeron Militia has been contacting knowledgeable Realms cartographers, geographers, and asking the general public for assistance with tracking down what area is depicted on a patched-together map in their possession. The map was assembled from fragments collected by three groups of adventurers in Earlmont this past weekend. (A reproduction of the map is shown below.)


One of the trash cans at Gabriels tavern in Chimeron is filled to the brim with crumpled up parchment. Anyone reading them would find extensive theories or well..ramblings about colored pickaxes and what purpose they served, especially the purple one that seems to have absolutely no purpose, at least from what the writer proclaims.


A solar eclipse has been observed for a few minutes occurring on January 30th 1021. The cause of the solar eclipse is unexplained and local astrologists are scattering to figure out what had happened.


A group of Adventurers ventured from the Aerie to the Faedraw River, reporting back that there was a village destroyed called Red Water. All scouts who had been sent to explore the area were not recovered, they are presumed dead


Folks who were on the recent quest in the port city of Earlmont may have spotted Viktor trying to bargain and barter with the townsfolk towards purchasing Ferret the fish as a pet.