Monday, November 21, 2011

Question of the Week - 15

This is a multi-part question...

What do you think about eventholders scheduling events on the same day? Is it ok? Does it hurt the Realms or maybe help it? Should the first to post an event "get" the date?


  1. I think throwing opposite absolutely hurts the Realms. It promotes the split(s) that is/are already in our game. If there is going to be a scheduling conflict I think it should be discussed between potential event holders.

    I was involved in two conflicts this year. One was fine, but a bit disconcerting, the other was a slap in the face.

  2. I think its ok if the two events are radically divergent, such as a tourney vs feast event. One of the two events is going to draw the people that weren't going to go to the other event at all anyway. However, I do prefer if people don't overlap events.

    One problem we are currently having is a general decline in attendance so it is really hard for split events to make cap. Such splits were ok in the past when we had large numbers attending events but the climate has changed and I'm not sure events can sustain such splits.

  3. I think that Callin brings up two very good points, however I think there is a solution that helps both problems that people rarely take. This solution being offer to help out. If you think that an event will not appeal to a certain crowd contact the EH, and maybe ask if he would like help (ie. Running a tournament or non-intrusive plot at a feast).

    I feel that more and more the game becomes divided into smaller cliques, and people sometimes do not enjoy certain plots or how certain EHs throw events. And I feel that most of the time when people experience this their first instinct is "I just won't go to this event" or "we can just throw another event." In a community based game like ours I think the key is really to help each other out, rather than being standoffish.

  4. i think that it is very poor form and is not only bad for the game, but is OOC dishonorable to throw an event opposite someone else's out of malice. and yes, it's been done. i think it is unprofessional, irresponsible and tasteless to throw an event opposite someone elses without giving a courtesy call to that other eventholder and seeing if they agree that they are 2 different target audiences or if there is any way that the events can work together. failure to at least talk to the other eventholder is careless, disrespectful to the players who are spending time and money to host events and disrespectful to the game

  5. I'm going to play devil's advocate to Gulliam.

    What about when someone has consistently thrown events that others feel are truly bad. We say if you don't like how an event holder uses their power you should "vote with your feet" but how can people do that if there aren't choices.

    There will always be new players who just want to go to an event or those who only have limited weekends when they can. Should those people only have the option to go to something that is either dramatcially sub par or not ran in a way that is consistent with what is typically done?

    If someone has gotten a preponderence of negative feedback on their eventholding style in the past and has consciously opted not to alter it, in that circumstance I think the person throwing opposite of them would be doing a service to the game.

    I'm not saying this occurs frequently, but I don't think the issue is completely Black & White.

  6. You know whats crazy, Ben Grant actually had an awesome solution.

    If the goal is to reach a target audience and each event (event a and event b) are truly different. Then why not collaborate with each other to throw ONE HUGE AWESOME EVENT that everyone can enjoy?