Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why I Want to Go- Rhiassa Presents: What Lurks Beneath III

Why I Want to Go- Rhiassa Presents: What Lurks Beneath III: The Will of the Wind

Rhiassa Presents: Queen of Hearts XVIII
December 3, 2011 (Saturday 12pm) - December 3, 2011 (Saturday 7pm)

This is the third part of a continuing series of full-blown quest events. In the past these have been exclusively quest events with no tourneys or other non-questing components included...and that's a good thing. That is not to say there has been no fighting because past events have been filled to the top with stuff to fight. Speaking of the past, the event write-up provides a history of the previous events in the series so people who have not participated before can catch up on the plot and what has come previously. This should be a good, solid quest event.

The event is currently full since the site requires a cap of PCs. However, I am sure they would be fine with getting some more combat NPCs if you are looking to help out the Realms or just looking for something to hit (check with the eventholder before simply showing up).

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