Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The View From Vilehaven

Good Guy Campaign Launched
As Reported by I. S. Noop

In an effort to counteract the “coolness” of being evil within the Realms, the Organization of Good Guys has launched a campaign extolling the virtues of being a “good guy”.  At the beginning of the year they released their “Just say no to evil” campaign, but that has been met with derision and apathy.  Even members within the organization called the measure weak and ineffectual.  The new campaign is called, “It’s cool to be a good guy!”
The organization has now planned a series of bake sales to be held in various kingdoms of the Realms.  Along with the bake sales there will be lectures and question-and-answer forums for those interested in the “good guy” way of life.  Topics to be included are “What do you do when they call you a wuss?”, “It’s ok to kill an orc…if the orc swings first” and “White, the other color.”
Grimloch has since announced they are making bake sales illegal within their lands.

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