Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I Want to Go- A Very Merry Yule at Cecil's Crazy Uncle's Tavern

A Very Merry Yule at Cecil's Crazy Uncle's Tavern
December 17, 2011 (Saturday 12pm) - December 18, 2011 (Sunday 4pm)

The last event of the year. And what a blowout it will be. There is usually some questing for fun. Maybe some tourneys. Some food. And a bunch of drinking, letting loose and socializing! This event has kind of found its own niche as a celebration of the community we call the Realms. If you are looking for a good time where socializing and having fun is the order of the day, this is the place to be!

The event site is broad and spacious and that includes the main tavern area, which has an excellent medieval feel to it. There are some cabins available for staying overnight so you can sleep off the debilitating activities from Saturday night. So come out and hang with the friends you only see on the weekends in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

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