Friday, December 21, 2012

Blast From the Past - Part 11

Before the ease of the internet, the voting for the View From Valehaven awards was done with ballots (the View would mail these out by post to all the subscribers) that people would have to fill out and hand/mail back in. A lot of the categories have changed significantly. Here we get to take a look at one of those early ballots from the 1993 season. This past year saw the re-inclusion of Most Intimidating, maybe we'll be able to add more in upcoming years.


  1. We should add abunch of these back in.

    1. I think these are awesome additions. NPC grunts getting recognition is a great step. Especially since we have a 'single NPC role' award, remembering your crunchies is important. As well as some of the more major crafters in the game. Recognizing the skill and time being put into those is a positive in my book. And most honorable just makes sense.

      Best group to play grunt NPC's
      Best garbmaker
      Best foamsmith
      Best armorer
      Most honorable (rules not character)

      Roleplaying of magic- separate healer from mage.
      I like the separation of a 'mage' and someone who is a support healer. I think there different casting styles and playing.

      These are interesting but could do with or without.

      Best group for staying In Character
      Most inspiring leader
      Most arrogant

  2. All of those are great catagpries