Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why I Want to Go- SOS/A Very Merry Yule at Uncle "Crazy" Cecil's Tavern

SOS/A Very Merry Yule at Uncle "Crazy" Cecil's Tavern
December 21, 2012 (Friday 7pm) - December 23, 2012 (Sunday 12pm)

Every year this event seems to get bigger, better and more popular. Friday and Saturday are full of questing and Saturday night is THE party to end the year. The rumor mill is saying that the questing this year will be truly epic and on a grand scale; I hear you will not want to miss it. As for the party after, that will depend on who shows up, though Father Yule is likely to make an appearance again this year giving out gifts to those who asked...and were nice. Honestly this event is perfect for letting go and having a good time with your friends.

This event site is excellent for questing; it has woods, trails and a building perfect for dungeon crawls. The tavern is also very nice, though if this event gets much bigger it may become too small. Also, there are cabins for sleeping off the party which is very nice indeed. Note that while this event is a single event, you can choose to only stay and pay for the questing on Friday night.


  1. Also, if you plan to bring young-ones please let the staff know so Father Yule, should he appear, plan for them!

  2. 'Father Yule'? You should be ashamed of your false celebrations of Pagan holidays at a drunken LARP party. People like you are the reason no one takes paganism seriously. You are a disgrace. Good day madam.

    1. Hello. I am the person who throws this event every year. If you have real concerns and are not just a troll posting - you can never tell on the internet - then I hope you take a moment to contact me. I would sincerely like to hear your thoughts.

    2. You can reach me at my first name "dot" j "dot" my last name at gmail.