Monday, March 25, 2013

Question of the Week - 85

What do you think of events that switch format part-way through the event, such as a tourney event that turns into a quest event or a quest event that turns into a feast? What if it was an unexpected switch?


  1. It seems cool, but some switches might be more bad than good... Switching from Feast to quest might leave you with some people unprepared if they dressed up or didn't bring all their gear to a feast... Switching from quest/tourney to feast by surprise would probably be cool, but you'd have to make sure to cover your dietary restriction bases and it might make a tourney seem too expensive...

  2. I love tournaments with a potential quest in the evening. It would rock harder if, say, people throwing the tournament were going to "announce the winners" and then plot broke out, and they were all like OH NOES can you kind, strong, awesome adventurers clean out these bad guys before we announce the winners? We'll totally give you adequate prep before hand!

    ^ Then you can have either the feast part or give people a dinner break, and then when PCs come back "prep" them with info or trail snacks and water or something, have your night quest, then at the end have a heartfelt speech thanking people for the help in clearing out the bad guys and then hand out the tournament awards.

    Bonus points if you finish by midnight. :-D

  3. I like events that involve multiple components, such as a feast that has tournaments or questing going on during the day before the main courses start coming out. I can't think of anything I've attended recently that switched formats suddenly or as a surprise, but depending on the situation it could be fun. I wouldn't say no to a surprise feast!

  4. im actually throwing a event that is a casino and tournies on friday night and questing the rest of the weekend. i think having something for everyone to do is the key factor for making sure everyone has fun. too many events now a days are just tournies and lets face it not everyone plays this game just for tournies.

  5. I remember long ago going to Queen of Hearts where we showed up and a quest broke out. Tourneys were stopped as we dealt with the plot. It did not go over well. At all. In fact, most of the players were ready to walk out and tourneys were resumed. In this case, especially with QoHs, players put a lot of time and prep into the event before the event even starts (such as preparing bardics, new weapons, etc) and having those tourneys not thrown negates that time spent. Also, players came expecting a huge tourney and didn't get it.

    Personally I like it when plot breaks out at a tourney or feast event. As long as the originally advertised event type still happens. People go to an event expecting one thing and if something else replaces it expectantly it can be upsetting. That doesn't mean you can't throw the unexpected at the players.

    There can be a disconnect between what the players are expecting and what the characters have to deal with.

  6. I'm also throwing a somewhat mixed event with tourneys and some questing, *cough* ON APRIL 6TH! *cough cough* and definitely enjoy events with a variety of attractions myself. I usually have a hard time deciding what to do when I generally want to do everything, but that's a pretty good problem to have! :)

    Unexpected switches...I can definitely see being less than awesome. I'm pretty good at playing things by ear, but even so it is tough to have to switch gears (mentally and physically) when you weren't expecting it at all. I could see some unexpected switches being situationally awesome though, as people have pointed out above.

  7. Bad guys dont stop being bad because nations are throwing tournies, or feasts. Juss saying.

  8. I love mixed events.
    I love variety at events.
    I also love when one plot plays nicely with another plot. Tournament in the afternoon, then feasting? Sounds great to me.

    I will admit that I get very cranky when my feasting gets interrupted.

    ~Quinn / Pavis

  9. I agree with Chelsea but I aldo understand Dave. At an even such as QoH, it does not make sence that plot could just walk in and mess everytging up.

    Coldspings is the walled captital of Rhiasa (spelling?) and, it is not far IC from the WoH site. QoH its self is made up of at least two large armies compeating against one another. Combine those three (minimum) IC forces together in one relatively small spot and no bad guy should be able to sneak up on anyone.