Monday, June 10, 2013

Question of the Week - 96

Events have a required minimum time of 6 hours. Do you think this is too long, too short, or about right?


  1. I feel like half a day's worth of entertainment is not too much or too little. Usually events start/end within the time most folks are looking for something to do.

  2. My first thought on this was that a six hour event can be substantial enough, as long as it actuall fills the time.

    However, after more thought-- I don't know whether there's a minimum threshold. What's wrong with a shorter event, if people have fun?

    I think my conclusion is that events should have as much content as advertised, and other than that I don't care if an event is 2 hours long or two weeks long.

  3. I've been of the opinion that events should be at least 8 hours long for some time now.

  4. I think 6-8 hours is acceptable. CAN you have a meaningful event in less than that (2 hours was suggested). Perhaps. But the minute you do that, you open the door up for a weekend event, and 12 magic items being released with 12 new EH's. Don't even THINK of telling me it wouldn't happen. (ok, you can think it, but you know that I'm right).

  5. I think the minimum should be 6 hours. Any more then that and you are looking at having a dinner break. Anything less than 6 hours and I start debating on the drive. I want to drive only as much as I play or more. So it takes me 2 1/2 hours to get to Kingston, NH. That's 5 hours driving total. I wouldn't go for a 4 hour event. It's just not worth the gas money.


  6. TL:DR:

    Leave it at 6 hours. Leave it at 30 people.

    Long version:

    One of the ‘strengths’ of our system is that it allows anyone to be an event holder.

    Any player can decide they want to throw an event.

    They don’t have to be part of a corporation or committee, or go through a mentorship program, or get approval for their event ideas or plot or anything like that.

    They simply need to have six hours of content, and get 30 people (including staff) to attend.

    This system has an incredible amount of creative freedom. We can create worlds, characters, races, powers, new spells and even re-write the system itself for ‘our’ specific event. You won’t find that anywhere else that I know of.

    Every year, the calendar gets more and more full.

    This year, there are a record number of events that are overlapping/running opposite other events.

    Every year, it seems to me that the quality of the events goes down.

    Fewer and fewer EH’s put in the effort necessary to make their event really good or memorable. Questing has practically vanished from the schedule. Heck, rumor has it at least one event seemed to do nothing but invite the Order of the List to run the event for them, and rumor has it the EH didn’t even provide snacks and water!

    I don’t think it is a good idea to lessen the ‘restrictions’ for becoming an EH to even less than it already is. If an EH has an idea for a two hour plot, let them team up with someone else, or be part of a ‘convergences’ style event to run their idea.

    -Carrie Dolph