Monday, June 17, 2013

Question of the Week - 97

How would you define Honor?


  1. Honor, by the very definition of the word, is a "perceived quality of worthiness and respectability that affects both social and self-evaluation of an individual or corporate body", with corporate body referring to a group not a company. (From Wikipedia)

    To build off that base, and the social construction of how we view honor, it would be the pride (or lack thereof, in negative connotations) in how one holds themselves. A honorable person would do what's right, be a role model for others with their moral standing, show what it is to put aside one's one wants and desires in order to better others.

    To me, honor is "I might not be a good person, and I might do wrong things...but I accept my flaws and do the best I can to help and better others."

  2. I feel like the lack of comments has a lot to do with the fact that everyone defines honor differently.

    For me, I feel that it is someone who, regardless of the backlash does what is right. An honorable person sticks to their convictions, but listens openly to those who disagree.
    Honorable people respect those around them as well as has a level of self respect.

    Honor is something that cannot necessarily be defined.
    Everyone sees it in a different light.

  3. It's When You're Not Under Her......Lol

  4. Loyaly, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, (Honor), Integrety, Personal Courage. Pretty much everything Henry srands for.

    In all hobesty the army values do a pretty good job of getting it right. Honor is mentioned in the LDRSHIP acronym by stating that 'if you live up to the other values in the list you are being honorable.'

  5. I said this a long time ago, in response to the difference between honor and chivalry.

    Honor is an individual's or group's code of conduct among themselves. Whereas Chivalry is a code of conduct on how you (or your group)treat others.

    A better question, to me, is what comprises your own sense of honor?

  6. I dislike the idea that only a "good" person can have honor. Honor is something that is found in ones self, and I believe that evil people can have it as easily as good people.

  7. Honesty is truth in word. Honor is truth in deed. In the same way that honesty does not produce specific words, honor does not produce specific deeds. An honest man has consistency in his words, and his words correspond with what he knows. An honorable man has consistency in his deeds and his actions corresponds with what he believes.

    This is necessarily true: 2 persons can both be honorable and act in different ways. An individual who lives by a warrior's code of the strongest sword is the victor would be dishonorable if he stabbed his opponent in his sleep. An individual who lives by a code of the ends justify the means can stab that same opponent in his sleep and still be honorable if the ends are justified.

  8. Various groups in history have had codes of honor. These include knights and orders you might know, as well as the mob, the military, police, drug cartels, and your local knights of columbus, lions club, etc.

    It can mean anything to anyone, but by and large it's a standard by which a particular group of people measure themselves, and others.

    Within our game, we have IC honor which can be as varied as the above mentioned models, and we have OOC honor which applies to taking shots and following rules, and other aspects of how you play the game. It's important to note the distinction.