Monday, October 21, 2013

Question of the Week - 115

"For the 2013 season only, all characters who were in existence (first attended an event) before February 2nd, 2013 are allowed to have up to 18 spells, making a legal build following the rules of the current Omnibus."
This was the grandfathering rule for 2013. What was your initial reaction and how do you think it's played out this year?


  1. My initial reaction was "Did we just break the Realms?"

    As time went on I saw the benefits as well as the drawbacks play out. I think the positive outweighed the negative, though. Thus far folks have taken a harder look at the magic system as they attempted to "Rohde-Father" their spell books/characters. Personally, (with Delinde) I would just look at the changes in the paths that affected me and go from there. Now, I am looking more closely at the whole system as I make my choices.

  2. My initial reactions was, "This is awesome!" I think it played out very well. I think it is good to give fighters the opportunity to learn spells as well as casters. This rule also helps people who don't go t many events. I have three paths of spells and was only hitting about 6 events a year so it was taking me a very long time to change my spells. And Because of this I have convinced other people to come back to the game. I think over all it was very positive.

  3. My initial reaction: i saw an opportunity for every player to mix things up not just spell casters but every player.
    What did I see this season: I saw a good number of players change things up and have a renewed fun.. I also saw some players that got their spells using spells and not knowing how the system work very well and had to be shown a good amount of things up and to including how that specific spell worked.. I think for the most part it was good but in retrospect I would not advise it again. Well not for a long time and then perhaps have better prerequisites...

  4. I found it to be a positive. I enjoy changing up my character, but only tend to do it when I can make a wholesale change quickly. it caused me to actually look at our spell system as a whole rather than just at my spell list, and I learned a lot. like did you know we have a protectionist path? crazy! I would be pro doing this again, or something similar.

  5. Great question!

    I will start by saying I voted for and strongly supported this version of grandfathering and still do. It didn't make any sense to me why 3-paths could remake their characters each year but no one else could. I haven't seen any significantly negative consequences and it did seem to get a number of people who weren't spellcasters previously to try the system.

    The one change I will propose next year will be to limit it so that each player gets to tweak one character that way. That proposal is up on Realmsnet now if you have opinions on that, rather than hijacking this thread. ;-)