Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why I Want to Go- Tournaments of the Void 4

Tournaments of the Void 4
October 27, 2013 (Sunday 12pm) - October 27, 2013 (Sunday 8pm)
Event Type: Tournaments

This event has been slowly evolving over time as the eventholder continues to make adjustments and fine tunes the event after seeing what works and what doesn't. This has made for an event that gets better and better each time. This event is also the last opportunity for people to get Order of the List points for this season. If you are on the bubble or have someone close on your heels point-wise, this is one event you can not miss.

Note that there are some special weapons related rules that will affect what weapons you can and can not wield. Check out the listing on realmsnet or get in touch with the eventholder if you have questions.

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