Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Questions - Jacob "Grebinar" Ruggiero

Jacob "Grebinar" Ruggiero 

Photo by Angela Earle Gray
How long have you been playing?
I've been playing since KoEF tourneys 2011, just over 3 years now. 

How has the game changed since you've been playing?
Comparatively I haven't been playing for too long as others but even within the few years I have been playing I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people participating in tournaments.  When I first started I don’t know if bamboo was really a thing back then but it has been play tested and become a lot more common and has changed the speed of combat quite a bit.

Who have you learned the most from?
Callahan Marsden, since my 3rd event when we first met he has always helped me with numerous things, from fighting practice to awareness in battles, tactics, personal fitness and general shenanigans! But the most important thing he taught me was that no matter who you are talking to you can both learn from them and teach them, and to give everyone a chance because even I was new at one point (still relatively am) 

What was your best moment IC?
Queen of hearts 2013 when I became a full member of Grimloch

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?
I havent really experienced a NPC moment that has really stuck out in my mind and I’ve yet to be an EH but some of my favorite moments as a player is when chaos breaks out and theres skirmishes going on every where around you and every direction you look is an enemy, being surrounded by the battle not knowing who could be right behind is just such an adrenaline rush!

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?
I would like to see a better standard for garb, I myself am trying to get better garb. Also I would like to see more quests that are open ended and have the potential to have multiple groups split up and do different objectives, I've heard stories that it happened quite a bit but because of the amount of PC to NPC ratio's thats not always an option.

Photo by Lina Weldell

What advice would you give new players?
1. you have the potential to be anything you want, never let someone discourage you, if you just put yourself out there and in new situations you can rise to the occasion
2. if there is something you enjoy particularly in the game dont hesitate to talk to oldbies to learn more, they are very often willing to help new players with many things from teaching you about spells combat or sometimes even supplying you with armor
3. no matter what you are fighter or 3-path go to your local fight practices and fight! learning new styles of fighting can help you a lot even as a caster because you will learn how to fight against those styles and be able to defend yourself more effectively
4. npc often, cal always told me NPC every 3rd event that way you can give back to the community and let others enjoy PCing, plus its fun watching the PC's sit there confused not knowing how to solve a puzzle
5. be active, during quests tournaments really any event put yourself out there and get involved!

What do you love most about the game?
the community is what i love most about the game, i've met some of my best friends through this game and ive accomplished a lot thanks to there help, and all the time i see everyone coming together for fundraisers for various reasons and helping each other out when needed. also sitting by the fires at night after quests having some drinks and hearing the stories of past days is always a blast!

Who would you like to see the next interview be with?
I dont know who has been interviewed or not yet so here are some names anthony quintana, mike doherty (his interview can be read here), andy disbrow, paul tilton. 

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
Always stay up late, thats when the best stories are told......and created


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