Monday, June 23, 2014

Question of the Week - 150

Do you think combat has gotten too fast?


  1. Nope. I remember PVC combat also being fast it just meant people with more muscle mass was the faster combatants. Now with lighter weapons more people are involved and are more combat effective.

  2. The thing I noticed in most of the "1 on 1 " fighting I see today is people close into each others space and do a fast tapping or sawing and expect all the shots to count. Sawing is not in our game, well I guess if perhaps you had a saw weapon but that would be hard to marshal. They close and in many cases bash into eachother, BUT it is not charging I guess.. sword and shield fights are a shield bash and then bashing bashing each other till some one calls dead. As of late lots of shoulder checks and shield bashed in fights to get it super close and get in those fast tapps.... Weapon materials aside it is a much faster aggressive attack style that is less fun for many players.
    Large scale fighting is still pretty much like it always has been because closing fast and slamming into each other with that fast tappp tapppp does not happen because of numbers in the area...YET.. N/s this year a fighter just ran into the shield wall and started hitting everyone after they bulled it over, another time a line of shields bulled over another red rover style... Especially in tournaments it is happening the aggressive fast attacks and some are countering with fast hard thrusts. I picked on Steve Johnsone a bit on FB because he went home with some bruises this year, I do not doubt he got them but it has been ramping up for 3-5 years now. A few years ago I went home from a questing event with a cracked rib and a bruised stomach from an npc who fought in the fast style.