Monday, September 9, 2019

An Update on the Newbie Guide

Friends, it is that time again to talk about the IC Newbie Guide. This guide is an IC look at different nations in the Realms. Since Nations change with the times so does this document. We do our best to track down and get the information directly from the Nations and their leaders. We recognize that these people also live very busy lives and sometimes nations write-ups get outdated. We keep this a living document so leaders and groups can update as they are able. We want to take time to give credit to Carol King and Alex Newbold for helping create the concept and first version of this guide. Also, a special thank you to Mike Palumbo who not only helped get it back running but has been tirelessly helping with the updates as well as hosting the guide on the Southern Wastes personal website ( Without their help, this document would not exist. Another special thank you to all the contributors who gave us the information we were looking for, your contributions are truly the lifeblood of this living document.

We are currently looking at new hosting options that will allow us to make more frequent updates as well as give Mike a nice needed break from doing all the updates himself. More on that later this year.

For now, let's take a moment to talk about what this document truly is. This document is a means to help New players develop a character. We believe “growing” up in the Realms most of this knowledge would be common. However, Newer players are not beholden to know this stuff if they wish to play a New Traveler to these lands. We recognize that there is no substitute for learning things in-game at an event. This is merely an attempt at having a place with information that would be prevalent to newer players.

At first glance, the main page tells you much what this document is about “An attempt to document the known Realms”. To the right, you will notice Tabs, here the Nations that we have researched thus Far appear as well as three other tabs “preface”, “introduction”, and “starting a character”

The preface has a message both IC and OOC telling you overviewing what we are attempting now and what others were attempting when this document first started.

The Introduction is a more in-depth explanation of this guide and what you can expect after reading it.

Starting a character tab was modeled after the starting a character section in the omnibus and the realmsnet guide that came before this one. This is my take on some helpful hints to people collecting gear, creating concepts and what to consider before going to their first event. This section is entirely an OOC message aimed to help newer players.

Next, are the nations Tabs here you will find information on the listed nations. Again, we recognize some may still be outdated or some might have since changed since our most recent updates. If you notice something you want to be updated for your nation please feel free to message us.

The information you will receive from the nations is as follows; An overview of the Nation, A description of the Geography People and life, Information on that Nations Government, as well as a list of the Nations Members.

We are currently looking into creating drop-down tabs for Kingdoms who have multiple nations under them (look for that hopefully soon)

We hope you enjoy this guide, we cherish feedback from the community and look forward to keeping you up to date with changes in the lands of the Realms. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.

In Service to the Realms
Love and Respect

Cal “O’Leary” Marsden
Tucker Noyes

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