Thursday, September 5, 2019

What You Missed In Photos: Folkstone 2019

All photos by Ryan Welch
Friday night casino

Grilling tasty food

The outdoor feast "hall"

Hard at work in the kitchen

Ticket raffle items

Auction items

Folkstone holds court

Sir Maliki prepares to award someone a Fireball

It's Kwido--er, well, Not-Kwido!

Raffle time!

The prince of Chimeron shows off his newly-won armor

Bidding on beautiful jewlery

Gathering for a day of adventures

A pair of well-dressed Teng Huanese folk

Learning the traditional tea ceremony

Meeting with the leader of the Trader's Guild

Elemental spirits met us in a 

Two teams of Yousei prepare to duel

EarthLad! I choose you!

Exchanging stories

Preparing dinner after a long day in the field

The Trial of Water, one of the seven trials we had to complete on Sunday

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