Thursday, July 23, 2020

O'er The Lands of the Realms: Rathkeale

by Jason "Aeston" Rosa

Description by Brendan "Hayden" Lam

Welcome to The Empire of Rathkeale also known as New Rathkeale, the last remnants of a history bygone past. Some quick rules before we tour the wondrous lands that have a deep rooted history inside the timeline that is The Realms!

Rathkeale is a home to those who have none! If you need a place to stay and you don’t rub Emperor Hayden the wrong way then your welcome as long as you don't break anything. And remember to wait half an hour before taking a dip or the sea monsters will get indigestion.

Be understanding of the culture, what seems might be conceived as “EVIL!!!!” to you could simply be someone trying to raise a family…

Freedom of Religion! Don’t be a bigot! Everybody and thing is welcomed! Let’s all have some fun and be civilized in a barbaric kinda fashion!

Have fun at the cost of your own safety… no one is responsible for you unless you got homies so if you walk through a portal it's not our fault if you're trapped forever.

The fauna and foliage are all hostile, Emperor Hayden does indeed have a few screws loose and Necromancy is totally not an evil practice! Also bug Lord Elric if you have any problems. Why you ask? Why not he’s the right hand of the Emperor. What's the point of being a leader if you can’t delegate issues to your trusted aid.

There are other rules and laws but these 5 kinda encompass what Hayden’s vision of Rathkeale should be after taking management of it from Emperor Artex Bluebane; a wild place to be but a place welcoming to many if not all.

To start our journey we start on the peninsula and the city that was built on it, Rock Wood! The harbor city of Rockwood is the main trade harbor for Rathkeale; it is here that most of our exchange and commerce among the Realms occur. A quaint place to get a feel for the mood of Rathkeale as it is filled with Taverns, Bars, Brothels, and more. If you're looking for some fine dining visit the Bone’s BBQ Bonanza! Where the finest blood wine in all the Realms is served. Looking for some armor and wears…? Cassin’s Weapons and the Rathkeale Forge are the nicest stores you’ll find in the far reaches of the Empire some might say the only stores you find in the Empire! And if you're injured or beaten take Misty’s Mist Apothecary to get those wounds taken care off. If you're sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of Rock Wood catch a dingy and if you survive the monster infested waters you can take a quick trip over to Brewerton.

Ahh Brewerton an entire settlement dedicated to the brewing of Blood Wine and fabrication of Kraken Ink! You can take a tour, a sip and maybe even a dip at your own risk of course and feel the culture or couture of the Rathkeale lifestyle. From here you can island hop to some deserted island and meet the local indigenous species. After dancing with the skeletons or rocking out with the banshees you'll make your way to the sword and shield of the empire Videssos and Crucible!

Videssos and Crucible are where the armies and manpower of Rathkeale come from. Here we train soldiers and raise armies. No better place than to raise a family as well strong and eternal bonds! Our captain of the Imperial undead legion Sven Svenson will tell you it's a piece of hel-Heaven on earth! Some say when you come here you never want to leave. It is like a piece of a mythical realm set on our wondrous land. A place where mystical will happen and open your eyes to an entirely new view on the world. But if you resist the temptation of its wondrous training regiments and health care plan then you’ll probably take a trip to Donovale.

Donovale what a small little port city it is. Nice and quaint generally quiet as a ghost town and serves as a tranquil resting ground for weary travelers. This little port city is where products and goods are shipped out to and then transferred via sea vessel to Rock Wood. People come to Donovale to take in the mainland of Rathkeale to see the haunted forests, the tombs where great heroes and the Dishonored are buried; apparently there are tombs and catacombs all over Rathkeale filled with who knows what. It also serves as an eternal resting ground for those waiting to travel to the heart of the Empire. The Castle of Rathkeale where the Emperor Rests till he is called upon again.

The Castle of Rathkeale is a large city sized structure where all major celebrations and experimentations happen. It is here Hayden found his home and his greatest creations. There is not much to say about the castle, it is like any other. It sits upon a large burial ground where warriors and creatures alike have died. It's catacombs and cellars go deep into the reaches of the earth. The security is consistent with a great number of Undead both hostile and friendly; and the Knights of the Silver Chalice, as the Castle also serves as a headquarters of sorts. And to top it all off it is home to an intelligent Dracolich that helps maintain the island and has a hand in the wonderous technological advances in the Empire’s Labs.

That consists of the mainland but there's still more to come! First is the island of Revenant and there's not much to say about it other than what its name represents. Venture here at your own risk. There is a small settlement that remains partially inhabitant on it; It is named Roanoke. It is here that we leave that which we do not want to deal with at the time. There are rumors that the island serves as a Demonic Poison Pot but hey rumors are just rumors right?

Next is the island of Skye, for the most part this island is uninhabited only a large tower was constructed on it. Visit if you wish but we hold no responsibility for your safety if you do. A quick piece of advice, it is said a silvery creature inhabits that island. It tends to not bother anyone but you can never be too careful. Stories say the creature is nothing but a myth used to dissuade visitors; others say it is a creature that will whisk you away to another land familiar yet not...

Finally our journey comes to an end on the island of Vangaurd. Vanguard for the most part remains as a large untouched land of nature. The inhabitants of the Empire visit Vanguard to pay respects and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. On this island a small settlement was constructed. The City of Oden there isn't much to say about this city. There's a small church that was constructed at its center for the church of Chaos, and the entire settlement serves as a military outpost. Surprisingly some people find this land to be a great place to settle down and at times we sell small plots of lands to them for the right price. The island itself has some unique things hidden about it, but with all that was said it is a story for another time...

It has been a pleasure to talk about the wondrous land that I call my home and I hope that those of you who are out there will visit someday. Whether it be a good natured visit or one of war The Empire of Rathkeale will always open its doors!