Thursday, July 30, 2020

Why I Want To Go: RealmsCraft Questing 2 - A Pond of Ice and Faerie

By Patrick "Viktor" Morgan

Why I wanna go? Youse kiddin me right? Alright lemme give ye de run down ‘ere!
So I might be new around ‘ere but I gotta tell ya, the news about Chimeron travels far ‘n’ fast like a horse with a magic missile up its-.
They’s gots all kinds o’ mess goin on like.. All de freakin time!
But hey, dis time dey’s got frozen lakes. Now I dunno if youse’s been ta ya window durin’ dis Great Plague™, but it’s hotter than Volcanrok out dere! Now me? I’m covered in fur! Any chance ta cool down is a great idea! Surely I ain’t alone dere.
Dey’s got deir militia’s goin undagrounds right nows and dey’s sendin’ a bunch o’ us in, in small groups at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm n 6pm.
I’m on de four o clock squad so hopefully de teams before me n mine don’t get lost down there and we gotta come back up with their dumb skulls.
Now, this Great Plague™ has been a killer fer folks like me who live on de road. Ain’t no income aint no food in youses belly. I fer one am happy ta get some action fer the first time in months!
Side’s, any chance ta make new pals is always welcome, so ye goin’ too? Might as well ey?
I hear de cake in Realmscraft is great! Let’s just hope there ain’t no freaky dragon portals or nottin!

Listen. Quarantine is a pain in the butt, we know this. This darn plague has cancelled so many amazing events and stopped us from seeing our friends and family and enjoying our summer, from hitting each other with sticks, having good food and camping under the stars.
Now me, I’m an introvert and new to Realms with not a lot of money in my pocket to attend such things but I hold a deep need to roleplay strange creatures and swing sticks just as much as anyone.
I’ve been quite happy to sit at home with my introverted self and play Minecraft. Now you go ahead and tell me there’s a Minecraft event I’m down. But a Minecraft event with my Realms pals and a chance to play my newest character and show off my hardcore parkor skills? I’m down! (haha I’m kidding I suck at Minecraft parkour!)
Not only that but this event is FREE! Yeah you heard it FREE!
Let me get this straight for ya.
- A safe environment at home.
- Chat with your fellow Realms pals that we all miss
- FREE event!
- Playing video games with said Realms pals
- Questing, Tomfoolery and Shenanigans to be had
How could you not be down for this?

I hear a lot of folks say Minecraft confuses as a new player them, but as someone who’s played this game since its Alpha, I can tell you that the game has updated so much that you get help where it’s needed by the games own system, and for those who know the game its very easy to ignore. You could easily pick this game up if you’ve never played before and those that have it’s easy to teach new players. If you’ve never picked up the game before I can assure you, you’d have enough skills to play this event in like less than an hour!

Quarantine has been hard on all of us, and seeing all our events getting cancelled, seeing one pop up that’s not only safe, but free and in a very loved game, you’d be missing out for sure!
One more thing, as someone who’s been playing this game a long time, making an adventure map like this takes TIME. Time, Effort, blood sweat and many tears as the in-game enemies destroy your hard work cos you forgot to turn back into creative building mode after testing that one thing… It happens more often than you might think… Yeah that’s experience talking… Ahern- These folks of RealmsCraft have made something fantastic and I am personally incredibly excited to see how this goes. Hope to see you there too!