Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Oh My Omens 1

 In three nights you have three dreams, each dream is different, and you can barely remember it the next day. 

After the first night, you remember the sound of twinkling crystal, the smell of fresh bread, this scene:

and nothing else. 

After the second night you remember a child's laugh the strobe of lightning in the distance and this scene:

After the third night, you wake with the taste of old milk and feathers in your mouth, and this image crisp in your mind:

And as you rise to tend to your necessaries, there comes a knock at your door. Staving off the call of your bladder you answer the door, still bleary eyed, and before you stands 5 youthful adventurers. A brawny steel suited fellow. A lithe wiry haired waif. A jaunty hat thoughtful type. A mashup of a thing. and some guy who must be named Bill, you're sure of it. 

Bill speaks for them all. "We've been sent on a quest to find the Oracle of well..this hovel. And we know it to be you. Our last Oracle told us you would have our answers. Can you tell us how to save our home?"

You know their words to be true. You do have the answers, your words will invariably lead them to save their town, your dreams were the omens for them. But what do you say? 

Answer in the comments!