Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On the Order- Knights of Garm

What year was your Knighthood formed?
Sir Gideon with Squire Killian
Photo by Jesse Gifford
The Knighthood was formed at Queen of Hearts in 1998

What does your knighthood stand for?
Making the choices, that might not be popular, to cause the outcome that keeps the balance.  This can be done through direct action or subtle manipulation.

What are your tenets?
Maintain the Balance
Kneel before no man or God
Prepare souls for their final destination
Safeguard the gates of Hell
Enforce the laws of the Pantheon of The Greater Gods

What is your symbol?
Did you have a traditional Knightly power, if so what was it?
Transfer wounds - ability to transfer the knight’s negative state unto another via touch.

Sir Nighthawk
Photo by Robyn Nielsen

What do you look for when selecting squires?
This is a knight’s personal criteria, although generally a discussion about the squire is brought before active knights.

What is your squiring process like?
This depends on many factors, such as, the individual personalities involved.  At a Basic level, the knight tries to instill their own understanding of balance  (through deeds or teachings) upon the squire.

Who is your current Knight Commander?
Sir Gideon

Who are your currently active Knights?
Rob Scarlet
Founding (also Ascension War Team):
Blak (Original Knight Commander)
Sir Duncan
Photo by Melissa Fitzgerald

Do you have any interesting stories from your Knighthoods past?

Anything else?
Our Knights may have drastically different methodology and understandings of Balance, but that in itself promotes balance.

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