Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On the Order- Order of the Blue Rose

What year was your knighthood formed?
Photo by Casey Lemay
circa 980 (1980)

What does your knighthood stand for?
Our order is primarily an OOC knighthood and has two main goals. First to promote the game through either throwing events or helping others to throw their events. Secondly to train squires and potential squires to both fight safely and throw their own events.

Photo by Angela Gray

What are your tenants?

Knights of the Blue Rose Work Hard:
                        • We find value in putting forth true and honest effort in everything we do.
                        • We find value in service to others and service to the whole community.
                        • We find value in throwing quality events and in helping others to throw quality 
Knights of the Blue Rose Play Hard:
                        • We find value in having fun and contributing to those around us having fun.
                        • We find value in spending time with our friends while also interacting with the 
                           whole of the community.
                        • We find value in the time spent around the fire for its stories and camaraderie.

What is your symbol?
Photo by Angela Gray
Either a blue rose with a green stem and leaves against a black background or a blue rose (just the open flower) against a white background.

Do you have a traditional knightly power?
Yes, a Raise Dead we could use once an event.

What do you look for when selecting squires?
This can vary as it is generally left up to the knights to choose their squires, however often our

knights do confer with each other when considering someone. Examples of traits we consider are: the character of the person, what do they bring to the game, do they have the potential to contribute to the community in a positive way.
Photo by Jesse Gifford
What is your squiring process like?
Our squires undergo a process, a path as we call it and it takes a minimum of three years to complete.  Often other knights take a part in teaching the squire what we feel he needs to accomplish in order to reach the end of the path. Training involves martial arts, marshalling, NPCing, and learning the history of our order among other things. Squires are expected to NPC our events and other's as well, and take turns being an event holder for our event, Tournaments of the Blue Rose.

Photo by Angela Gray

Who is our current Knight Commander?
That is Sir Sean Aengus
Who are are current active Knights?
A: PJ Gray (Sir Pj), (Ray McGuirk,JR.) Sir Radstar, (Jesse Gifford) Sir Mestoph, Matt Daviault (Sir Zula, Retired), Eddie Reed (Sir Qualoth), Kyle Vaihinger (Sir Caspian), Nik Thouin (Sir Corinth), Jason Rosa (Sir Aeston), and Jeremy Grayson (Sir Nighthawk).  As we consider ourselves an OOC order as well, if someone opts to retire their character we consider their new one a Knight of the Blue Rose as well.

Photo by Robyn Nielsen


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