Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why I Want To Go- Folkestone Weekend

Time to hear from Dame Twenaria for the first time on why she wants to go.

Why I Want to Go: Feast of Folkestone

Each and every year for the past few years, the kitchen has served up better and better dishes, each trumping the last.  My stomach isn’t the only one to feel this way, this feast has won Best Feast from the View from Valehaven awards.  Aside from happily gorging yourself, there is the annual auction, so bring your gold.  (it is wholly IC, no cash).  I hear rumors of the Training Pit, a bear pit, and dessert wars. The casino will be going, plenty of character interaction, and sometimes a surprise guest or two.  Who knows?  I just know I want to go!

Why I want to go: Folkestone Questing

The plan is to wrap up the Shadowking Plot.  Players will be facing many challenges from tracking down Jonas Cooke, finding a way to end his shadowy reign, to finding the cure for Shadow Blight, to...wow,  I hope players are ready to be busy, theres an awful lot to do.
This series has become one of the most loved plots.  It has been consistently well written, provides players with many choices, and challenges.  Role-playing, fighting and thinking will be integral.  
After seeing how the other events in this plot have played out, how this story ends is in the hands of the players.  What will you do?

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