Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bardic Circle: Dinosaurs of Saurabia

The winning bardic from Queen of Hearts 22, performed by Swoop and Pilpus during the Bard Tournament on Saturday, August 15, 2015. 

[Editor's Note: this piece is meant to be in the style of Old Norse flyting, or opponents ribbing each other in verse and rhyme]

Swoop and Pilpus perform


Dinosaurs of Saurabia

By Michael "Swoop" Zajac, Benjamin "Pilpus" Lacasse, and Ethan "Jean Baptiste" Goldman

Dinosaurs of Saurabia, 
Dinosaurs of Saurabia! (x2)

When my team comes out to play you know it,
Take over the field like a Cambrian Explosion
Set 'em up, knock 'em down that's a strike, we bowling
Yell out "Hooray!' when we take home the trophy

Team Hooray dominates every damn battle
See me Swoopin' in like a pterodactyl
Leave you in the woods when I stab you in the back
But my boys in green call that a Chimeron trap


Hooray, we an army hurrah (hurrah)
And we gonn' run our pikes right through ya (boo-ya)
With Pilpus on the mic, there ain't even a fight,
Nice try, checkmate, your queen has been Coup'ed yah!

They say Swoop there is it!
Just call me a caster because I'm a bardic wiz
Say your goodbyes cause you will be missed
Cause' when he spit it on the mic the battle's gonna be his 


Looming over you like a stegosaurus
Annihilating everything that stands before us
Causing carnage in a violent chorus
Cause I got a big ego call me Megolasaurus

Dinos eat messy so it might be gory
When we turn Folkestone into Old Folk Story
Ending all those days of glory
When the white and blue weren't white and boring 

[Editor's note #2: Disclaimer: Swoop would like to request that, should any offense to these lyrics be taken, and in the event that the offended party feels the need to take drastic action, said party should please feel free to scalp Jean-Baptiste first.]

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