Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Queen of Hearts IV, August 1997

[Editor's note: photos from; captions mostly by Alex, staff Oldbie-in-Chief]

Couples Tournament!

Folkestone's first door shield, AKA, Milo's shield.

The Eclipse, marshaling and fighting.  Also, Sir Callin arching.

Sir Muriel, Sir Mahkta, Sir Pyr, the Fox, and Sir Lucas!

Sir Shane and Sir McKrye as the Chess Queen

No blades, no bows, leave your weapons at the door.

Wasn't Veros a cute kid?

Southern Fighters!

Trent, always with the sun glasses.

Team Anne!

Sir Pyr knights Sir Gonf as Dame Muriel looks on

Team Bluestar!

When the Marshals Guild had tabards

Lorner, without the robe of the Arc Magi

One Woman, fierce as always!

Sir McKrye, hitting on Sir Mahkta

Rhiassan Live chess - an institution

These tabards are still in use today

Rhiassans and Queen Meg during court

How long has Wil had that shield anyways?

Old Rhiassan friends, including Da'oud when he still had hair (and was an elf)

Tournament results, from the October 1997 print View