Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Stacked Deck

At Grimloch presents: Tournaments of the void we played poker both Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately we did not have enough players to make a full table on Friday. Lord Avandar won more than he lost to Tao heads up, Slade won a three way match, and Lord Avandar ended the night winning the 4 handed tournament. As I did not see Lord Avandar (Or the Spydar) the next day I suspect that he showed only to play poker.
Saturday was a different story, with different winners.
The Blackwood Clontarf Casino put on a 25/30 (25 Blackwood, 30 other) gold buy in tournament with rebuys in the first blind (20 minutes). We had 8 players. There was plenty of action and even had two players having to rebuy in the first 20 minutes!
When Slade went out in fifth place it came down to PJ, Tao, Jayce, and Jinx as the final four. Only the first and second places were wining gold, but stacked deck points were now in play.  About 15 minutes into 4 handed play, Tao moved all in with the smallest chip stack with A 3 off, PJ also went all in for more chips, and Jinx called both the all ins with a suited Ace 7 of Hearts. It was over on the flop when all the cards came up red. Jinx took a 3:1 chip lead over Jayce. At this point the magics that were able to be used to get back into Compton were active and Jayce (and many others) went out questing into the night. It had been agreed that if this happened we would take a break until the danger had passed. When Compton was safe again 
Jayce and Jinx sat down to finish the tournament.
Jayce knew he was at disadvantage and started going all in, forcing Jinx to make 
decisions that could let him get back into the tournament. Unfortunately for Jayce the last hand had Jinx with an A 8 when he only had A 3. The board was no help and Jinx won her first tournament.
This puts the standings at:
1)      Mathias               9
2)      Tao                       9
3)      Jinx                       6
4)      Shadow                6
5)      Jayce                    5
6)      Rillian                   5
7)      Daekara               3
8)      Pheonix                3
9)      PJ                          2
10)   Nova                    2
11)   Mestoph              1
12)   Eldritch               
However things were going to get “Chaotc” in the standings at the next event.  A 30 gold buy in, they played Hold-em, and now there is a new person in the top of the stack! Also three new people added their names to the standings.  First place now has a lot of company. While I was not there to get the play-by-play if anyone that was there wants to add a comment that would be fantastic!
1)      Eamon
2)      Jinx
3)      Meds
4)      Damion Roseblade
The new standings are:
1)      Jinx                                      9
2)      Mathias                              9
3)      Tao                                      9
4)      Shadow                               6
5)      Eamon                                5
6)      Jayce                                   5
7)      Rillian                                  5
8)      Daekara                              3
9)      Pheonix                               3
10)   Meds                                   2
11)   PJ                                         2
12)   Nova                                   2
13)   Damion Roseblade           1
14)   Mestoph                             1
15)   Eldritch                               1
Future gambling:
artisans summer fling: Aug 28-30, Creathorn Hula Girl Casino, table games, poker tournament TBA
Feast of Folkestone Sep 4th, Blackwood Clontarf Casino, Table games, 50/60 (50 Blackwood 60 other) gold buy in. This will start shortly after we all gather and will be designed that it could take 2-3 hours with breaks for court/auction.
Feast of Blackwood, Sep 25-27, Blackwood Clontarf Casino, Table games, 50/60 (50 Blackwood 60 other) gold buy in. This will start at 12:30 and will play to a time limit. (More than 4 hours, exact schedule to be determined)
Feast of Nedan, Oct 17th, TBA
Black and White, Oct 31st, Royal Chimeron Casino, TBA
Feast of Fairhaven, Nov 7th, Blackwood Clontarf Casino, table games, tournament TB A
Order of the list, Nov 14th, TBA, poker tournament unlikely
If you are aware of gambling that is happening at any event, or can fill in details on what is listed,  please let me know and I will include them in these updates.

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