Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tabards vs. Garb: Are they mutually exclusive?

by Hannah "Nhadala" Blood

Becoming a member of a nation can be one of the single most important defining moments for your character. Nations represent different things for different players, but overall joining a nation has meaning for everyone involved. Part of joining a nation is representing your new found national pride with – dun duh duh dahhhhh – a tabard!

Why the tabard? Well it’s an easily defining factor for any sport – jerseys, shirts and skins, pinney’s (oh god middle school flashbacks). Covering our torsos is the most obvious way to define who we are. Some nations use this to define petitioners vs. full members, NPC’s use this to define crunchies vs. big bads, some nations use this for unity and equalization – but some nations are starting to stray the path from traditional tabards for a more garb-oriented approach. I’m a fan of straying, but honestly my extreme national pride has me torn.

ToC is coming up, and I’ve spent hours looking for garb. Every time I find something I love, I think “why spend this money if my tabard will cover it?” or “what if I lose weight and it doesn’t fit later?” I’ve turned down possibly hundreds of garb ideas because I my tabard is easier, and represents something I’m passionate about  – but I’m starting to realize something. Even if my garb is covered by a tabard, I still know I’m wearing it.

Garb is about fun, creativity, characterization, and confidence. I love my tabard, and would never want to hide it, but just become it’s covering most of a badass corset I bought doesn’t mean I’m not wearing a badass corset. If I want to have a heckin’ awesome garb day, I should just live it up. Who says I won’t use that garb as an NPC later, or go to a ren. fair, or just wear it on my day off? It’s worth it. What’s a waste of money is buying something I’m “meh” about because I think it goes with  my tabard.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I, Nhadala Kinder of Grimloch, am going to try and step up my garb game because ultimately I’m worth it. YOU’RE ALL WORTH IT. Join that nation – wear your tabard and garb with pride – do the thing.

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