Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Why I Want to Go-Feast of Chimeron XXVI

by Lani "Gwen" Jones

Wow! It really is spring isn’t it? You know how I know? It’s time for the 26th annual Feast of Chimeron. Lady Indana and her team are going to be providing the Realms with the finest delicacies the Realms has to offer. And that’s not nothing. I’ve cooked with members of this staff before and their attention to detail is impeccable so I know your taste buds won’t leave disappointed. But food isn’t all this feast has to offer. In fact, the entertainment available to patrons will be just as exciting as the menu.

For starters, small group questing will be available during the day to keep groups of adventurers thinking and working toward the common good. But if an adventure isn’t your speed that day, never fear, because there will Highbridge classes to engage your mind as well. If you need to balance out the rich delicious food you will be eating, perhaps you will find yourself wanting to join the Tea Gathering for the Fae (although you should reach out in advance if this applies to you). From there, maybe you will wander over to the Chimeron Shop or the Chimeron Casino if you have gold burning in your pocket that you’ve been dying to spend. The Chimeron Casino will also be featuring a Stacked Deck Tournament if you are interested in trying to gather some points.

Last, but not least, my favorite part of any feast event is court. This is the time in the community that major happenings, well, happen. You never know what will occur as people gather anxiously waiting for dessert. The moral of this story is that this feast has it all, and you should really make the time to attend such a staple event. This staff knows what they are doing and they are sure to deliver on 26 years of feast holding experience.

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